~ Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time ~

~ Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time ~
Please pray for:
OLQM Finance Council
Contact information:
Father Sreboth
[email protected]
Bob Brouillard
[email protected]
Randal Beesley
[email protected]
Frank Gitschier
[email protected]
Dana Libby
Carol Viscardi
Michael Gormley
Matt Gnacinski
Richard Viscardi
Lucienne Printy
John Linehardt
Barbara Racich
Robert T. Dorsey
Robbie Redmond
Mary Nell Pecot
Linda Brouillard
Hartman Family
Elaine Viscardi
Patricia Weaver
Margie & Ray Fulton
Betty Hudson
Jim Volin
Dcn. Jim Labadie
Mellie Fischer
Cathy Bruton Wheat
Bob: OLQM Liaison MCPS
Oct 25 & Oct 26
Nov 1 & Nov 2
9:30 AM Edward Phillips
Ken Hutchison
Bobby Spotswood
Herbert Boswell
4:00 PM Damato Family
John Starr
Shane McKenny
Carmine Roberto
Anthony Walley
9:30 AM Tom & Cindy
Men of OLQM
Shane & Michelle
9:30 AM Sam Allen
Ben Allen
Sam McCracken
Jeremiah Martin
Randal and
Michelle Beesley
Men of OLQM
Montgomery Area Adoration Chapel
Call Priscilla Berry, 288-3292.
Committed adorers needed:
4-5 AM.
3-4 PM.
Prayer Partners Needed:
1-2 PM.
Looking at Jesus Face-To-Face: The Montgomery Area
Adoration Chapel is a wonderful opportunity to bond to
Christ in a unique way. Committed adorers and prayer
partners are needed. To bond with Christ for an hour a week
is to anticipate an eternity in heaven. Jesus will never be
outdone by any sacrifice needed to participate in this
opportunity. We have absolutely nothing to lose and
everything to gain.
Mass Intentions For The Week
Eucharistic Ministers:
Oct 25 & Oct 26
Nov 1 & Nov 2
4:00 Priscilla Berry
Bob Brouillard
9:30 Daniel Phillips
4:00 Randal Beesley
Michelle Beesley
9:30 Jane Bruton
Nov 8 & Nov 9
Nov 15 & Nov 16
4:00 Jamie Damato
Jamie Damato
9:30 Karen Franklin
4:00 Priscilla Berry
Bob Brouillard
9:30 Daniel Phillips
Weekly Tithing Report:
Budget for year: $208,000.00
Budget year to date: $168,000.00
Needed weekly: $4,000.00
Year to date: $177,191.14
Collection for last week: $3,092.00
Building the Future: $390.00
Thank you for your generosity!
For Your Information: to always be an informed Catholic,
please, consider: EWTN.com; CatholicCulture.org; Catholic
World Report.com; Lifesitenews.com & USCCB.org
(official website of the American bishops).
Sat, Oct 25
Sun, Oct 26
Mon, Oct 27
Tues, Oct 28
Wed, Oct 29
Thurs, Oct 30
Fri, Oct 31
Sat, Nov 1
4:00 PM, OLQM Parishioners
9:30 AM, Dot Thomas
8:15 AM, Ranea McKenny
8:15 AM, Ed Tomczak
8:15 AM, Maya Gould (L)
8:15 AM, David Roybal
6:30 AM, Novena Mass for Unborn
9:00 AM, (Draper CF),
Why be silent in the church?
In church our predominant behavior should be to adore
Jesus. So, respectful silence in church enables us to focus on
him. He is already physically present in the tabernacle. The
evidence is the lit sanctuary lamp. Now, if we want to talk to
parishioners, we are disposed to whisper one line:
"I'll talk to you in the vestibule."
This week’s Sanctuary Candle is for
Lia Patterson.
40 Days for Life begins September 24. To sign up for
hours go to 40daysforlife.com/montgomery. Please fast
and pray to end abortion. Contact Mary Ann Gould at
334 868-7475 or Jeanne Paxson at 334 221-1140.
Sunday, October 26, 2014
November 9th - Sunday Social Muffin Mania!
October is dedicated to Mary, along with the month of
May. Typically we pray the rosary each day. Sunday and
Wednesday are for the 5 Glorious Mysteries. Monday &
Saturday are for the 5 Joyful Mysteries. Tuesday & Friday
uses the 5 Sorrowful Mysteries. Thursday utilizes the 5
Luminous Mysteries. To pray the Mysteries on these
respective days is to use one or more of the 5 senses &
imagine being present for the specific Mystery. This
enables the Mysteries to come alive. The Mysteries can
then become photographs of Mary's remembrances of her
Son Jesus to us.
Mass Attendance: annually each parish counts at each Mass
during the month of October, every man, woman, and child.
These counts are registered weekly and then at month's end
are sent to the Chancery in Mobile. This enables the Archbishop to see where his priests can be best assigned. The
counts also indicate demographics. Aberrations occur when
parishioners fail to attend Mass at the parish in which they
are registered. Aberrations also occur when Catholics fail to
register in a parish and become "roaming Catholics".
Accurate numbers are essential, especially as we rely
evermore on priests from other countries.
Holy Water Urn contains water blessed by a priest. Usage
of holy water invites God's blessing on the person using it.
Blessed water is a symbol of spiritual cleansing. Its use is
advised in moments of physical danger & against temptations
from spiritual enemies. Holy water is recommended for use
in the home. The Catholic Church uses holy water in all
blessings. It's a common practice to dip one's fingers in holy
water & reverently make the Sign of the Cross as one enters a
Catholic Church. Those who weekly clean the sanctuary let
the priest know when the holy water is running low in the
All Saints Day is November 1. It is a holy day of obligation, except when it falls on a Saturday or Monday. Since
this year it falls on a Saturday, the holy day obligation to
attend mass is dropped. So, there will be no vigil mass on
Friday (October 31) & on the morning of November 1
This solemn feast originated in the West in 609, when Pope
Boniface IV dedicated the Pantheon to the Blessed Virgin
Mary. At first celebrated in Rome on May 13, Pope Gregory
III (731-41) changed the date to November 1, when he
dedicated a chapel in honor of All Saints in the Vatican
Basilica. Pope Gregory IV later extended the feast to the
whole Church. The purpose of the feast is to honor all the
saints, even those unrecorded, in a common feast.
Book of Revelation is taught every Monday, excluding
federal holidays, in the parish hall at 9 AM with a repeat
class at 6:30 PM. Classes will end in early December.
Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church
is taught every Tuesday in the parish hall at 6:30 PM. This
class enables us to know & explain our Catholic Faith.
Classes end in late March.
Time, Talent, Treasure: annually we pledge all 3 to Our
Lady Queen of Mercy Parish. At this time, please, search
your soul as you look at Our Lord in the Blessed
Sacrament or on a crucifix. Then, in the near future when
the forms are passed out, be generous. Let us continue to
build up the Body of Christ in our parish. We consist of
100 households with 160 people. Each weekend another
60 people attend Mass here. Some of them give to OLQM
of their treasure.
Ordinary Time: is either 33 or 34 weeks each calendar
year. We ponder the three years of public ministry of our
Lord Jesus Christ in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, &
Luke. The Catholic Church is on a three year cycle on
Sundays. In the first year, we examine our Lord's three
years of public ministry in the Gospel of Matthew. In the
second year, we do the same in the Gospel of Mark. And,
in the third year, we examine the Gospel of Luke. In this
way, we look at our Lord's three years of public ministry
from three different "camera angles", as we avail our self
of these three "photographers".
Sign of Peace, as we recollect courtesy of Pope Francis I,
is the opportunity to quietly share the peace of Christ with
someone next to us at Mass. This is a brief opportunity, as
it has morphed from exchanging it with more than one
person around us. Also, again, it is not meant to be
All Souls Day is Sunday, November 2. This feast commemorates (remembers) the faithful departed in purgatory.
It was begun by Abbott Odo of Cluny in his monasteries
in 998. The feast was gradually adopted by the whole
Church. Pope Benedict XV granted all priests the privilege
of offering 3 masses on this day: 1 for all the poor souls,
another for the Pope's intentions, & a 3rd for the intentions
of the priest. This began during World War I (1914-1918).
If you would like your loved ones remembered at each of
the masses in November, please, write their names on the
cards to be found in the vestibule. Then, return these cards
in the collection, church office, or to the priest or deacon.