SPARKS Corvallis, Oregon Rotary Club

Corvallis, Oregon Rotary Club
President Charlie Owen, Vice President Susan Poole . Secretary
Meredith Jung, Treasurer Sara Ingle, President Elect Selina Marshall
Web site:
Serving Corvallis since 1923
October 23, 2014
, 2014
Dr, Steven Zielke,
“The OSU Music program”
Brag for a Buck
Sara announcing
her 50th wedding
Biff acknowledging
his GT’s
endorsement for
Coming Programs & Events
10-30 Adam Celeste “ My experience as a
Rotary student in Thailand”
11-6 Scott Rueck OSU Women’s Basketball
11-13 Yvonne Fasold, PhD “Rosie the
Charlie announcing “The Polio Plus
Program” to help finish Rotary’s goal
of eliminating polio world-wide.
Our club goal is to raise $1.00 per
year of membership from each club
11-20 Larry Mullins, CEO Sararitan Health
Services “State of Samaritan and
care reform”
11-27 Thanksgiving - no meeting
12-4 Becky Strandberg & Freda Vars, OSU
Folk Club “65 years of service and still
going strong”
Review these great upcoming
programs and invite a friend to one that
may interest them
10-16-14 Program
Wit & Wisdom
Al Mukatis “A
photo journey
through Namibia”
Nice presentation and a
good geography lesson.
If you don’t understand how you could
both love a sibling and want to wring
their neck at the same time, you are
probably an only child.
People say money is not the key to
happiness, but I always figured if you
have enough money you can have a key
Today, the vast majority of the world is poliofree.
Nearly 80 percent of all polio cases are
concentrated in just one country: Pakistan.
Last Week
The two other remaining polio-endemic
countries, Afghanistan & Nigeria, continue to
show progress.
Nigeria has decreased polio cases by 87
percent and Afghanistan has recorded
only 10 cases of this devastating disease.
We Can End Polio Now
ak er
Our spe nd his
atis a
Al Muk usan
wife S
I’m proud to be a taxpayer. But I
could be just a proud for half the
Trust everybody, but cut the cards.
2 unsuccessful attempts at
the drawing
Customer to a waiter. “What’s my
offense? I’ve been on bread and water
for almost an hour.”
Red Badge Members:
Send me a short bio and I’ll publish it to help you
complete your Red Badge requirements.
Call or email me, I have a simple form for you to fill
541-745-2020 [email protected]
Service Above Self
Is it the Truth
Is it Fair to all Concerned
Will it build Good Will and Better Friendships
Will it be Beneficial to all Concerned