Presentation of Fall 2014 CSE 197 INTERNSHIPS

Presentation of Fall 2014
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Short presentations on Amazon (Washington), BlueBeam (Pasadena), GoPro (Silicon Valley),
Intuit, Pacific Gas & Electric (San Francisco/Silicon Valley), Profits4Purpose, Salesforce (SF),
Sony Network Entertainment (San Francisco) , and Yahoo! (Silicon Valley) Internships
Amazon “Amazon
Fulfillment Technologies” by Troy Campbell
BlueBeam “Studio Dashboard” by Panayiotes Kakleas
GoPro ”Hero4
Automated Testing Harness” by Linda Shih
Intuit “Turbo
Tax Online” by James Lee
“Information Technology” by Olivia Castañeda
“Middleware Operations” by Maria Joseph
“Web Development” by Jungyoon Chung
Salesforce “Software Quality Analytics ” by Joe Xunzhe Xu
Sony Network Entertainment “Automation Framework” by Sharon Chung
Yahoo! “Ads and Data Software” by Kevin Xiankun Zhang
WHEN: Friday, October 24, 2014 @ 3:30pm - 6pm
WHERE: CSE (EBU-3B) #1202 on first floor lobby
TOPICS include:
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to get an internship
 How to get hired
 Interview tips
 What to do on your First Day at Work
 Meeting your Manager and your Mentor
 Working individually and as a Team
 UCSD classes
 What I knew and learned
----------------------------------------------------------------------------If you have any questions, contact Susan Marx ([email protected])