The Friday Letter Edition No 86 Friday 24 October 2014

Saint John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy
part of Saint Robert Lawrence Catholic Academy Trust
The Friday Letter
Edition No 86
Friday 24 October 2014
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Sunday October 25th is the end of British Summertime.
Don’t forget to put the clocks back.
A prayer for winter
We give thanks for the blessing of winter: Season to cherish the heart.
To make warmth and quiet for the heart. To make soups and broths for the heart.
To cook for the heart and read for the heart. To curl up softly and nestle with the heart.
To sleep deeply and gently at one with the heart. To dream with the heart.
To spend time with the heart. A long, long time of peace with the heart.
We give thanks for the blessing of winter: Season to cherish the heart.
Saint John Houghton wins Bronze School Games Award
Saint John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy has been awarded Bronze School Games
The Sainsbury’s School Games Mark is a Government led awards scheme launched in 2012
to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their
school and into the community. It has been awarded based on
the following:
PE hours
School Sport Opportunities
Numbers of young leaders supporting activity within
Number of competitions within school and against other
This is a fantastic achievement for Saint John Houghton and the hard working PE
Department of Mrs Joslin, Mr Warden, Mr Ritchie and Mrs Taddeo.
CAFOD DAY (Report by Mrs Forrest)
Last Friday members of the Justice and Peace group led a series of workshops to raise students’
awareness of the work Cafod does. It was a very busy day and the students joined in all the activities
with great enthusiasm.
The workshops included a Fairtrade session
where the students were split up into different
countries; some were highly developed
economies and others developing ones. They
then had to make paper bags, the richer countries
having plenty of paper, glue and string etc. with
the poorer countries having few resources. It was
interesting to see how soon the students realised
the inequality involved especially when they tried
to trade for materials. The workshop in the
Gym involved activities which helped the
students understand how to save water and the
difficulties people have in accessing clean water
in many countries. Another workshop was a
board game which raised their awareness about the problems people face in emergencies such as
flooding. Hand painting and drawing gave the students the opportunity to think about what they could
do to support the work that Cafod does. This session also involved a quiz about Cafod’s work. Finally the
dance workshop in the morning was based on the
students, working in pairs, learning a routine
whereby one was a charity worker and was
involved with helping a person in need. There
were some very thoughtful and expressive
performances by the students. The afternoon
dance workshop was a very energetic Zumba
session led by Lorraine Powell, one of our parents
who very kindly gave up her afternoon to help us.
I would like to thank the wonderful girls in the
Justice and Peace group who worked so hard to
make the day a success and for their work
throughout the year, so thank you:
Elizabeth, Ella, Amy, Kathryn, Georgia C and Georgia R, Megan, Meghan, Francesca, Lucy, Lizzie,
Molly, Lorley and our Year 11’s, Merrin, Milla,
Sarah and Jess. Well done all of you!
I would also like to thank Miss Bailey and Mrs
Hartharn and the Fairtrade group for all their
work and support on the day. Thanks also to
Rachel who helped and led reflections
throughout the day.
The day was about Cafod but it was also about
educating our young people about the needs of
others and I think this was, to a great extent, a
success. Hopefully as a result of the day some of
our Year 8 students will join us on Wednesday
lunchtimes in Room 27.
Message from Kevin at the Canaan Trust
Thank you
Everyone at the Canaan Trust would like to express our
sincere appreciation for the kindness and generosity
shown by the pupils, parents, and staff of Saint John
Houghton through the magnificent Harvest Festival
Collection. It is through your thoughtfulness and
kindness that the Trust is able to respond to the need of
those in the community who have become homeless.
Chaplaincy News
Rachel would like to thank The J and P Team and Fair-trade Group for organising a wonderful CAFOD
day last Friday. Be giving of yourself to others: “Happiness lies in giving ourselves away. We need
to be open and generous because if we withdraw into ourselves we run the risk of becoming self centred and no happiness will be found there since 'stagnant water becomes putrid'.”
Oasis Team dates:
Please read the letter sent out to you this week and keep it safe. Dates for your diary: 10th
November Aerobic Session in our school hall 3.15pm - 4.15pm. Please return the reply slips. Oasis
Team Christmas Party 17th December 3.15pm in our school hall. (More information to follow). I am
looking forward to collecting your posters after half term. Keep your eyes on the noticeboard to see
your Group for Acts of Worship for Year 7.
Team Chaplaincy:
Thank you for all your support. Next half term we shall be working towards delivering a Tutor Act of
Worship. Our next meeting is on 11th November 2014. Please pray about your invitation to Lourdes
2015 Pilgrimage.
Year 7 Trip to Beauvale:
Please return your reply lists to our school office for this special visit to Beauvale Priory. Thank you.
Rachel's Hero of The Week: all who sponsored Mrs McCarthy in her recent half marathon. Well
done and thank you Mrs McCarthy.
Harvest Festival:
Thank you letters for Emmanuel House and the Canaan Trust have been received. Thank you for
your generosity.
Please remember: Father John Martin who is recovering from illness, thank you.
Super stars this week are: Grace Lee, Bridin Retallick, Olivia Cuomo and Peter Smith.
Well done to our Headgirl and Headboy Merrin Shelton and Luke Moore for leading our school, it
was a pleasure to give you a £5.00 WH Smiths voucher this week
Ready to Learn at Saint John Houghton
The English Department would like to praise Miss McCready’s
Year 9s for their beautiful books.
Mr Curtis would like to praise his Year 7 class for their beautiful books and their erudite
essays. A special mention should go to Julia Wodnicka for her detailed essay.
Mr Thomson would like to praise Matt
Watson, Ellie Corden, Madeleine Fletton,
Jasmine Woolley and William Baldwin for
working well in lessons.
Mrs Folan would like to praise Patrick Hurt,
Chris Brown and Jade Quilty for their really
good effort and mark for controlled
assessment in English Literature.
The English Homework Club is open to all students every Monday. An English teacher will be
there to help students who want to complete work or need help with certain English topics.
Maths Department
Mrs Nash would like to thank
members of 9KN for an amazing
act of worship this week - 'You
don't have to be a superhero to
love your enemy'
Mrs Nash wishes to praise the following Year 9 students: Liam Knighton, Lewis Wiltshire,
Lyka Lorenzo, Thomas Rotherham, Louise Farmer, Jessica Smith, Nicola Lewis and Lorna
Mr Long wishes to congratulate the following students and classes:
Maths Year 7 set 2 for a great start and consistent hard work this term;
Maths Year 8 - For great effort - Annie Doherty, Grant Fenton, Shona Gibbons, Brandon
Hotter, Tyler Marshall, Erin Niblett, Martyna Popek, Rebecca Robinson.
Maths Year 9 - For consistent effort - Olivia Bainbridge, Ethan Buttigieg, James Kells, Chris
Sheppard. For improved effort over this term - Sophie Mycroft.
Maths Year 11 - for extra effort in booster sessions - Tom Andrews, Edith Knighton, Amy
Morley and Joe Owen.
Miss Bailey would like to congratulate the following people for being ready to learn in RE:
In 10x, Olivia Borste 10HB for exceeding her target grade in her recent Philosophy
assessment and Trinity Smith for achieving her target grade. Also to Destiny Jade-Blake for
working hard for her assessment and being desperate to know her result!
In 10y, Nicole Barnby, Lilly Cawley, Lydia De Gioia, Isabelle Marchewka, Eleanor Rhodes
and Evie Taddeo for exceeding their target grade and Isabella Corten-Southern and Molly
Griffifths for achieving their target grade.
In Year 9, to Harry Scarisbrick-Dixon for achieving his target grade on his recent morality
assessment. Well done on your hard work and effort.
Mrs Brambell would like to congratulate the following students in Year 11 who met or
exceeded their GCSE target in the most recent end of unit test:
Matt Cragg, James Rhodes, Amelia Hurst, Tiffany Smith, Daniela Loffreda, Rachel Tooley,
Charlotte Bird, Frank Hemingray, Ben Widdowson, Vienna Burns, Louis Smith, Simon
Rotherham, Isaac Smith, Lucy Stanton-Lynch, Amy Morley and Liam Martin.
In Year 10, the following students exceeded their end of year 11 target in the most recent
end of unit test: Anouska Ekemere, Tara Hall, Antonina Schofield, Elizabeth Varley and
Jasmine Woolley. Well done!
Mrs Brambell has seen some beautiful work recently in RE books, but wants to congratulate
the following students, in particular, in Year 9 for their superb artwork on Evil and Suffering:
Luke Kemp, Jacob Gregory, Harry Wilshaw, Sophie Mycroft, Connor Heatherington, Billy
Patton, Darwin Summers, Bradley Stafford, Evie Beaven, Jane Biles, Elizabeth Rimmer,
Megan Derrick and Georgia Clarke. Your work is exceptional, well done!
Congratulations to Emma Dipper and Amy Emerson in Year 10 who met their end of year 11
target in a recent end of unit test and to Olivia Sharpe and Megan Derrick who had RE
Praise Postcards sent home this week for gaining 5 stickers for beautiful work in beautiful
books. Well done!
In Dr Landy's Science lessons, the following students are making great progress this
Year 11 Jakub Matecki
Year 10 Olivia Horspool
Year 9 Peter Murphy
Year 8 Charlotte Ball
Mrs Jinks and Mr Riley would like to commend the following students for being
Ready to Learn in the MFL department this week:
Year 7: Amy Wren
Year 8: Cavan Lane Phoebe Wyatt William Andrews 8
Year 9: Charlie Sewell Hayden Hefford Sean Keogh Anna Pancisi
Year 10: Shyla Soszynski
Year 11: Aleisha Hodgson
Mrs Jinks would like to congratulate Eileen Kelly in Year 11 for her outstanding piece
of extended writing in French. A lot of independent research helped make the piece
Art, Design and Technology Faculty: Ready to Learn
Art and Design
Miss Jenkinson is very impressed with the quality of the
homework projects that have been submitted this term. There
is some exceptional outcomes.
Well done to 8ST who are working well on their bug drawings
and have been very focused and ready to learn.
Food and Catering
Students showing they were ready to learn in Food this week
include, Anna Pancisi for her continued effort shown in class
discussions, Lucy Pavlou and Elizabeth Rimmer for their
continued hard work and effort to complete amazing
Trinity Smith and Liberty Shelton proved last week that they
were ready to learn when creating their sweet Choux Pastry
delights, the class were so proud they took the Choux pastries
for a tour around the school!
Bake Off News!!!!
The great SJH Bake Off has been launched; please bring in your entry forms to Mrs Mowat
ASAP to collect a design criteria leaflet. (See poster at the end of this letter).
Product Design
GCSE Product Designers have been building on their sketching and presentation skills, the following
students have shown a huge improvement in their designing skills:
Feargal Barber, Lewis Siara, Guy Sharp, Freya Windridge, Olivia Horspool, Niall Cunningham, Cian
Conroy, Megan Keily, Matthew Laurenti, Quinn Reaside, Neilum-Rose Wilson, Szymon Basista,
Lewis King, Mason Bramley, Anouska Ekemere and Sacha Sheridan.
Examples of their fantastic work will follow when they’ve completed it.
GCSE Electronic Products students have made good progress with their controlled assessment. Most
of the students are ready to start manufacturing their PCB’s after the half term break. A few
students have really stood out with their excellent design work, these are: Lewis Bainbridge, Paddy
Cameron, James Brennan, Natasha Lavery and Isaac Smith. Excellent work, keep this up.
Humanities Department
Mrs Hartharn would like to congratulate the following students on
achieving their target levels on their most recent assessment:
7AR - Nicholas Bradley, George Brady, Neobe Buttigieg, Ciara
Harnett, Constance Keetley, Rhys Windridge.
7 MP - Elise Hayes, Poppy Leask, Kayleigh Owen, Joseph Wilton, Julia Wodnicka.
8LMC - Joe Boyle, Tamzin Evans, Chris Hodson, Evie Miller, Robert Smith, Sarah Wolverson
Mr Quenby wishes to commend all of Year 7 for working extremely hard in Music. They have all
been focussed, prepared for the challenge and he is extremely proud of them! They have had a
Fantastic first term.
Physical Education
Mr Warden wishes to praise the following who achieved or surpassed their target grade in
the Year 10 G.C.S.E PE end of unit test:
Will Baldwin
Lewis Siara
Jaymie Halford
Sam Duckett
Lewis King
Will Baldwin
Niall Cunningham
Well done to the following students in Year 9 Rugby this week:
Peter Murphy
Chris Shepperd
Jordan Snarksi
Will Collings
Alfie Arnold
Jonathan Lee
Liam Knighton
Well done to the following students in Year 9 Football this week:
James Kells
Bradley Stafford
Cole Hamer
Will Tomkins
Sean Keogh
Well done to the following students who achieved their target grade in the recent
Controlled Assessment in G.C.S.E PE:
Alicia Clarke
Tom Andrews
Grace Teasdale
Amy Morley
Rachel Tooley
Sophie Webster
Amber Smith
Daniel Body
Well done to the following pupils in Mr Ritchie’sYear 10 GCSE PE group who scored highly in
the end of unit test:
Steph Siara A*
Ethan Aldous A
Isabella Lee A*
Lewis Hayes A
Tara Hall A*
Erin Bowmar A*
Congratulations to James Brennan, Daniel Goodwin, Patrick Hurt, Amber Smith and Leah Wattam
who came out with Distinction 2* grades and Lewis Barratt, Chris Brown, Frank Hemingray, Oliver
Leadbitter and Isaac Smith who achieved a Distinction 2 grade in their ICT Technical assessment this
Thank you
I managed to run the 13.1 miles of the Great
Birmingham Run last Sunday and I am so grateful for
you all your kind words of support and
encouragement. Please be assured they kept me
going on the final difficult two miles. My time was not
a fast one but at least I achieved what I set out to do.
To date I have managed to raise £1500 for Bone
Cancer Research Trust but it’s still not too late to
go to
text MCCA71 £5 to 70070.
Half Term
Half term begins today and school opens as normal on Monday 3rd November. Your children have
worked very hard and I wish them and the rest of your family a restful holiday.
Best wishes
Yours sincerely
Joan McCarthy