Wednesday, October 22, 2014 at 7:00pm
Shire Hall, 332 Picton Main Street, Picton
7:00 pm: Planning Public Council is holding a public meeting pursuant to Sections 34 and 53 of the Planning Act with respect to the
following applications:
Consent and Rezoning File No. B41-14, B48-14 - Ann Wardrop, Michael Deegan and Ruth Wilson - 48 Smiths Bay Avenue Lot 14 RCP 102 in Ward 8 (North Marysburgh) - to permit two lot additions.
Consent and Rezoning File No. B45-14, B46-14, Z35-14 – Margaret and Leslie Roebuck - 75 Trumble Lane - Lot 116 RCP 26,
Part 1 47R5396 in Ward 6 (Hallowell)- to permit creation of new building lot and related rezoning and to create a right-of-way.
Consent and Rezoning File No. B22-14, B23-14, Z19-14 - Kyle Roblin - 421 Partridge Hollow Road - Part Lot 18, Stinson Block,
Plan 1, Ward 7 (Hillier) - to permit creation of two new residential lots and related rezoning.
Consent and Rezoning File No. B20-14, Z21-14 - Wager Farms - 1191 D South Big Island Road - Part Lot 8, Concession South
Big Island, Ward 10 (Sophiasburgh) - to sever surplus farm dwelling and accessory buildings and related rezoning.
Consent and Rezoning File No. B14-14, B15-14, Z15-14 - Henk Huigen - 600/622 Highway 62 - Part Lot 4 an 5, Concession 2
Military Tract, Ward 6 (Hallowell) - to permit a lot addition and to create a right-of-way for an existing well and related rezoning.
Have your say: Anyone may attend public meetings and make verbal or written remarks either in support of or in opposition to the
proposed applications. Guidelines and instructions on outlining making a deputation are on the municipal website or by contacting the
Clerk’s Office.
Appeals: The Ontario Municipal Board may dismiss appeals (in part or in whole) put forward by a person or public body who has not
made a verbal submission at a public meeting, or made a written submission to the Corporation of the County of Prince Edward, before
the decision was made.
For more information: If you wish to be notified of Council’s decision with respect to any of these applications, a written request must
be submitted to the address below.
The Corporation of the County of Prince Edward
Planning Services — Commission of Engineering, Development and Works
Location: 280 Picton Main Street, 2nd Floor, Picton, ON K0K 2T0 / Mailing: 332 Picton Main Street, Picton, ON K0K 2T0
Telephone: 613.476.2148 / Fax: 613.471.2051 /
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