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ULTREYA October 2014
Message from Lay Director
Cape Breton East Richmond Cursillo Secreteriate
Lay Director
Rick Alexander
Spiritual Director
Fr. Patrick O’Neil
Associate Sp. Director
Fr. Duaine Devereaux
4 Day
Brian Murray
Pre Cursillo (woman)
Marie Burke
Pre Cursillo (men)
Web Master
Rose Henry
Post Cursillo
Nina MacDonald
Post Cursillo
Irene Gillis
Edna Aucoin
Wanda Rose
Eskasoni Rep
Sandra Clark
Leo & Viola Penny
Krista Kavanaugh
Our Three Day Weekend….a great weekend, a life changing experience, or both.
Oftentimes when I think of the end of my three day weekend, what most often comes
to mind is that I was a toddler, just learning how to walk. If I had been satisfied with
only learning how to stand, with an occasional step, then my journey would surely
have been a very short one and not very productive or uplifting. The same is true for
my Cursillo experience, my fourth day experience: from my hesitant toddler steps, to
my childhood steps, to my manhood journey, I have carved out many mountaintop
experiences with my best friend Jesus by my side. I doubt that I could say this
without living this life changing experience of Cursillo and all the many ways my life
has been blessed because of it. DeColores and God Bless….
Nov 7 - 9
Young Women’s Challenge
Nov 21 - 23
Young Men’s Challenge
If you are feeling a calling or have some time to commit to a
vacant position let us know ☺
Any questions…please send to [email protected] and the
Sydney-----Tasty Treat Grand Lake
Sydney River----Kenny’s Pizza & LA
Hair Design
New Waterford---Former McSween’s
School of Leaders
At the present time , our leaders school is in a state of
rest, so to speak, as we strive to make it as attractive
and as interesting as possible for you so that you will
want to attend and learn more about this wonderful
movement. Hopefully, we will be able to get back on
track in the coming months. Don't think of it as a
school but rather as a place to come to be with like
minded people who want to share the gift of this
beautiful Cursillo with each other. If we all share our
gifts, our Cursillo experience, then together we will
make the best that it can be.
Next Ultreya
Nov 27/14
5 day Celebration
More info to follow ☺