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It’s all about results marketing, sales & first contacts, all from a single source - unique!
For us, marketing, sales, branding and
corporate identity means to be highly resultoriented, process-focused and based on
"easy-to-use techniques”. The aim is to
increase the success rates of our clients on
their first marketing step into Singapore and
Asia - whatever we do, we strive to offer our
clients easy-to-implement solutions at a fair
price! appario is the only marketing
consultancy in Singapore offering marketing
design, sales training and first business
contacts from a single source - this is truly
unique! Our market studies, webpages,
newsletters, Facebook pages & content,
presentations, flyers, logos, videos etc. are
state-of-the-art and our sales trainings
support your employees in selling the
product. We integrate your sales approach
into your client relationship management
systems and we motivate - all in all, we
streamline your sales process from A to Z.
And if you like, we can connect you and the
German-speaking business community in
Singapore - all our clients will be presented
on, the worldwide
most popular German-speaking business
webpage in and for Singapore!
Sales &
Strategy we work
out your
Design we design
An international approach based on
German know-how at a fair price! get professional marketing & push your results
Contacts &
follow up we present
your business
on one of
the most
platforms in
and support
you in
getting your
first reliable
JIA Advisors
Whatever we design, webpage, online shop and much more, we make
sure that you have direct access to your software, allowing you to manage
your own content! This saves you precious time and lots of money!
The latest technology coupled with great style!
a flavor of our work – interested?
We manage your
newsletter and your
Facebook content - if you
like on a regular base –
whatever we do, we focus
on entertaining content
and great design!
Starting from SGD 8,750
Online Shop
Social Media
& Newsletter
Consulting &
Starting from SGD 3,150
Social media
set up
Logo design
Market studies
Latest design
Latest design
Newsletter set
Sales &
Paypal etc.
Incl. Google
Flyer design
CRM support
Easy to
Easy to
manage on
your own
Social media
aditus - Online
All appario clients will be presented on for free!
appario - professional marketing tools
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The world’s first German-language
online business platform in and for
Singapore. A network-group and
expert-directory on doing business
in Singapore - the business
network connecting Singapore &
Every business is welcome to join
us - all appario clients are
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included in our service. Benefit
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aditus - the local touch when
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appario Pte Ltd.
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Lars Culmann relies heavily on his 20+ years of experience in client-facing advisory and
sales roles at some of the world’s top financial institutions and in the manufacturing
industry. “Sales, marketing and advisory is really all about understanding common goals
and putting the client first". Already having worked extensively in sales and advising in
both the United States and Europe, Lars made the move to Singapore in 2007 as Head of
Private Banking with HSH Nordbank, establishing their private banking office and gaining
valuable local knowledge in the process. Since then, he has been based in Singapore,
working with BNP Paribas, specializing in wealth management. The move from practicing
to training others and setting up his own business was a logical next step, “The beauty of
his service is that it flows naturally from a good, intuitive sales and marketing approach.
Many times a company's weak points stem not from a lack of talent, but from a poor
understanding of client needs and views”. With his hands-on marketing approach, he
brings these in-line, while giving businesses concrete techniques that will immediately
improve their results. On top of this, Lars’ passion has always been great design. In 2013
Lars and his team innovated and set up, the most popular
German language business webpage and network in and for Singapore.
you might wonder - how do they know?
“Lars’ work is impressive. I contacted him to get
involved in his German speaking business
Network aditus-singapur. His work is highly
professional and creative. His ideas always
translate into tangible results!” Fabian
Hoffmann - CEO Europcar Singapore
“The moment we started having discussions
with the team at appario regarding our existing
website, newsletter campaigns and marketing
materials, it immediately became apparent
that we were not at the cutting edge of user
friendliness and effective communication,
which should have been generating both a
pragmatic and stylish effect which our
consumers can relate to. It also became
apparent that we were paying too much.
Lars and his team are always open and honest
and I know that if I ask a question, I will always
get honest detailed feedback and a solution
that I can really work with and which is cost
effective. Clearly in this day and age there are
unbelievable technological solutions and easily
accessible marketing materials. However, the
question is: who can you trust and who can
deliver - from designing the spec to final
product? The logical answer is, without a
doubt: appario.”
Udo-Thomas Westphal Managing Director, ISC Far East Pte Ltd
“Mr. Culmann helped us
immensely by providing
access to his extensive
network and in-depth
knowledge about
Singapore – the result
being an efficient, smooth
founding of our subsidiary.
Much appreciated was his
continuing support and
advice even after
completion of the set-up.”
Gerd Klaasen - CEO,
“We have been working with
appario for several years,
cooperating in the Asian
markets with a main focus on
Singapore. Aditus has helped
significantly in establishing
Gehrmann Solutions Insurance
Brokers with all relevant issues
from the start of our business
activities. We are very grateful
for all the support we
continue to receive.” Karsten
Gehrmann - CEO, Gehrmann
"The guys from appario deliver high-quality marketing services
that really hit the mark! We can highly recommend appario
and Lars’ aditus-singapur network” Denis Kronenbitter Business Development Manager, MBS Logistics
“Lars Culmann‘s creative marketing ideas and
recommendations regarding design implementation speak
for themselves.” – Christian Guese - Vice President Europe
Desk, BNP Paribas Personal Investors
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