Dates for Week beginning Monday 27th October 2014

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Dates for Week beginning
Monday 27th October 2014
Mon Oct 27
6.30- 7.30am Early morning Prayer meeting
Tue Oct 28
9.30-12.30pm Art Club
NO Trinity Tots (half term)
Thu Oct 30
Fri Oct 31
7.00pm start
Sun Nov 2
NO Tea & Toast (half term)
Screening of Nefarious
10.00-10.30am Prayer + Refreshments
10.30-12.10pm Morning Service + communion
Speaker: Phil Johnston
Monsters Inc 1 Strongholds
11.10-12.10pm Children & Youth ministries
12.10– 12.30pm Refreshments
On (date)
Nefarious: Merchant of Souls
is a hard-hitting documentary that
exposes the disturbing trends of modern
day sex slavery. From initial recruitment
to victim liberation and -everything in
between—the previously veiled
underworld of sex slavery is uncovered.
Nefarious exposes the nightmare of sex
slavery through the eyes of both the
enslaved and their traffickers. It captures
the gripping and triumphant testimonies
of survivors in order to galvanize hope
and vision. Screening: Friday 31.10.14 in the Upper Room
at Trinity, starting at 7pm. Don’t miss out!
News & Notices
Find us online:
Office hours: Tues / Thurs (9.30am-1.00pm)
26th October 2014
9.15-10.00am Cornerstone Café
Submissions to be sent to Lia by Wednesday 1.00pm
[email protected]
Trinity Centre, Ifield Drive, Crawley, RH11 OAQ
Tel: 01293 552244
10.00-10.30am Prayer / Refreshments
10.30-12.10pm Morning Service
Speaker: Phil Johnston
‘Chosen to Bring’ part 4
11.10-12.10pm Kids + Youth ministries
12.10-12.30pm Refreshments
A warm welcome to Elim Church Crawley
If you are with us for the first time you are very welcome. We
hope that you will feel at home and find being with us
Please fill out the information slip overleaf if you would like
us to keep in touch with you and hand to one of the
stewards. If you have an urgent enquiry please speak to one
of the leadership team:
Phil Johnston
Richard Burgan
Dave Norcross
Diary Dates
Nov 4
CAP Money course at Trinity 8pm
Nov 8
Regional Ladies Day, ‘Rebuild the Ruins’ at
St Albans, 10am-4pm
Nov 29
The Messiah, The Church and Israel
Dec 6
Encounter Seminar 9.30am-5pm
Martin Gaunt
David Dickson
All other enquiries: [email protected]
A new parking regime exists that should not affect you
as a church member or visitor. Non Church cars left
after 9.00am during weekdays will be at risk.
Please continue to display sensitivity to pavements and
driveways if parking outside the church car park.
The next CAP money course will run on
4th, 11th and 18th November at 8pm in
the church. Please see Norman or
Sheila. Course and materials are free.
Harvest Collection for Open House
Throughout October we are collecting harvest gifts for Open
House and Easter Team. They particularly welcome tinned
and dried foods, long life milk, tea, coffee, biscuits. Also
items for personal cleanliness, deodorant, soap, toothpaste,
shampoo etc. Please place your contribution in the box in
Reception. Harvest gifts will be taken to Open House on
Thursday 6th November.
Sat 29th November. These Christian conferences will give
you a deeper understanding of the relationship between the
Messiah, the Church and Israel. Tickets cost £24.
Contact Howard Stern or see the church website for further
Monsters Inc
In November we will teach on how to
recognise destructive thoughts and
use biblical truths to overcome them
(Strongholds, Fear, Rejection,
Anxiety and Insecurity).
Crawley Street Pastors initial Training Modules Roles and
Responsibilities’ Modules One and Two will take place on
Sat 11th Oct at Elim. Register your interest by completing
your details in the Events section or speak with Frances
Every year, women from Elim Churches in the South come
together for an inspirational and uplifting day of teaching,
worship and fellowship.
This year, focussing on the words “they will rebuild the
ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated” in
Isaiah 61:4 promises to be another great day.
See the website or contact Elaine for further details.
Connection Groups
Encounter Seminar on Saturday 6th
December 9.30am-5pm. Are you
interested in living life free from fears
and experiences of your past? Do
you want to impart that freedom to
others? Then this is the perfect
event for you.
Connection groups meet in various homes
on different days and times, please
contact the group leader to confirm. Our
Connection groups have the aim of
helping people build their relationship with
God, each other and people in their world.
We do this through prayer, studying the bible and holding
events to which we can invite our friends.
If you are interested in being part of a Connection group
see the Connections board in reception.
After 1st December Lia will not be in a position to
produce the Notice sheet anymore. If anyone would be
interested in taking on this creative and very rewarding
job please contact Pastor Phil. Training can be
Street Pastors
Finance Update September 2014
Ministry Gift Aid donations
Group Leaders
Gift Aid rebate
Langley Green (ladies)
Town Centre
Teresa Tagarsi
David & Laureen Eaton
Bode & Magdalene Meduoye
Alan & Irene Gaunt
Paul & Christine Norcross
David & Anna Searle
Jone Vosloo & Sara Brown
Offerings and other income
Total Ministry income
Total Ministry expenditure
Building Fund balance
Firstfruits 2014 balance
Mortgage outstanding