My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect
in weakness… For when I am weak, then I am strong.
2 Corinthians 12:8-9
These sections of verses written by the Apostle Paul in
the New Testament are some of the most profound words
on the topic of what empowers a person. The context is
Paul speaking about his weaknesses and although he
never identifies the ‘thorn in his flesh’ he admitted that
his flaws were very real. He struggled, as we all do, with
weaknesses and frustrations of all kinds. But he also knew
the secret of how God can turn weaknesses into strengths
when we’re honest with him. The power that Jesus Christ
offers us through faith is immeasurable. However, walking in faith can seem like an uphill battle. It’s important to
test ourselves to see if we’re in the faith, for it is there that
the promise to turn our weaknesses into strengths lies. As
Paul reaffirms in his prayer for the Ephesians (1:18-19)…
that you may know the hope to which he has called you,
the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people,
and his incomparably great power for us who believe.
Matthew Stackhouse
1. Praise God for protection from wild weather last week.
2. Pray that the Year 12s will do their very best in their
HSC exams.
3. Continue to pray for enrolments and for
the exec staff as they make plans for
next year.
Tuesday 28th Oct - State Tennis Gala Day
Monday 3rd Nov - Yr 9 IST Excursion
Tuesday 4th Nov - Yr 10 Exams Commence
Tuesday 4th Nov - Immunisations for Year 7 and 9
Wednesday 5th Nov - HSC finishes at Charlton
Friday 7th Nov - Yr 12 Retail Studies Excursion
Friday 7th Nov - Yr 3/4 Primary Cricket Skills Day
Friday 7th Nov - Kinder Orientation Afternoon (1 of 3)
Friday 7th Nov - Yr 10 Last Day
Tuesday 11th Nov - Yr 9 Exams Commence
Tuesday 11th to Thurs 13th Nov - Yr 10/11 Camp
Friday 14th Nov - Yr 9 Geography Excursion
Friday 14th Nov - Kinder Orientation Afternoon (2 of 3)
Monday 17th Nov - Yr 9 IST Excursion
Thursday 20th Nov - Yr 4 Graduation Assembly
Friday 21st Nov - JS/MS Orientation
Friday 21st Nov - Kinder Orientation Afternoon (3 of 3)
Welcome to Week Three, Term Four 2014.
I feel that I am only just now putting my feet on the ground
after returning from Leave. And then during the holidays
my Dad had a fall. He went to hospital and had internal
injuries including kidney failure. Hospital staff were wonderful but were unable to help him due to his age and failing condition. He was moved to the Hospice at the Calvary
Mater where he stepped into eternity on Saturday. He lived
a little longer than predicted and we were able to spend
some time with him before he died. I have felt so loved
and supported by the Staff of Charlton, my Church, family,
and friends, as well as the Charlton PA. It is so important to
have a team of people around you at these times.
Change is always with us and a death in the family, a
divorce or separation, or a work redundancy is always
around the corner and we must be prepared.
How do we do that?
• Financially we should never put ourselves into a
position where the mortgage or rent takes our full
double wage (if we are lucky enough to have two
• It is important to have an Insurance Policy for loss
of wages due to redundancy or illness. It may seem
a lot when you are trying to pay all of the other bills,
but it becomes critical in a life emergency.
• Life insurance is also helpful so that in the case of
your death your partner or spouse has enough money to cover the mortgage and other costs associated
with sudden singleness.
• Talk about the possibility of death and dying and disability so everyone knows what the others are thinking. Having Dad in hospital for so long we are lucky
to have had some of the hard conversations. Don’t
think that by talking about complex and sensitive
topics that you are somehow jinxing yourself. That’s
not so.
• Think spiritually about death. Of course it is permanent and eternal. There’s no coming back. The
body is the vessel for the soul and I know that when
Mum and I watched Dad stop breathing we became
very aware that although it was Dad’s body we were
looking at, it was no longer my Dad and her husband, because his spirit or soul had left that body
and had moved into eternity. As Christians we put
our eternal hope in Jesus who was able to overcome
death and live again, as He now does with his Father, God, in the place the Bible refers to as Heaven.
I’m so looking forward to catching up with my Dad,
Grandparents and other people of the Faith who are
waiting for me. I know my eternal destination. Anyway, it’s something worth talking and thinking about.
• We must accept the reality that change will occur in
our fast-paced and increasingly complex world. We
must develop resilience and patience. We must help
our kids to know that things change; houses, cars,
teachers, jobs, relationships. But that is OK. As long
as we love and are loved and find our security in the
important things like God and family, we are able to
manage a certain amount of change.
Of course, not all change is bad. There are good aspects
too; a wedding or engagement; a bouncing baby addition
to the family; a new puppy; a change of career; or a new
way of looking at life.
As I said in my previous Newsletter and as Vicki alluded
to last week, it is liberating to be thankful in all circumstances. The good comes and the not so good arrives but
we should never be so comfortable or selfish that we don’t
expect the bad things and we don’t appreciate the good
things. Our children need to know that life is full of ups
and downs and the way in which we approach those highs
and lows will impact the type of life we live and the kind of
person we become.
I Thessalonians 16 Celebrate always, 17 pray constantly,
and 18 give thanks to God no matter what circumstances
you find yourself in.
That’s what I am going to do. But I need your prayers and
support. Let us know if you need ours.
We wish to acknowledge the following students; Amy
Koenen, Laura Barry, Chelsea Low and Louis Jarasius
(pictured above) who organised a staff breakfast as a fundraiser for Safe Haven in the Philippines.
The students were challenged in their Christian Life Studies class to organise a project that would bless or serve
either an individual or a group. Students displayed initiative, teamwork and an enthusiasm for serving others and
should be congratulated on their excellent efforts.
Mrs Casey
In the lead up to the International Children’s Games,
schools from around Lake Macquarie were invited to celebrate “50 days to go” by participating in the Schools’ Torch
Were you at the Movie Night end of Term 3?
A student put her pink iPod in the pocket of her fold
up chair. Her chair was gone at the end of the night
and she has not seen her iPod since.
If you have fold up chairs, please check if there is
an iPod in the pocket. If found, could you please
return to the College Office. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
The relay started in Warners Bay and ended at Speers
Point Park. Claudia Martin and Nic Goodwin represented
Charlton for our leg of the relay. Year 4, 5A and 6H were
the support team, providing cheers for the relay runners
(and other path-users). After the relay a short presentation
was held, where the runners were presented with a certificate (Charlton cheered the loudest when our school was
called) and the ICG official song was performed.
Afterwards there was a mini-carnival, with performers,
free tattoos and an inflatable slide. Students enjoyed being part of this event and are looking forward to seeing the
games in December!
Miss Farleigh
Friday 17th October, 2014
Charlton cleaned up at the CSSA Triathlon once again this
year! We took our largest team ever (18 students all up
from Years 6 to11).
Here are some of the outstanding results:
• Tom Roberts; 2nd in Opens Senior Division (500m
swim, 15km Ride, 4km Run)
• Mitchell Roberts; 3rd in Intermediate Division (300m
swim, 10km ride, 3km run)
• Mitchell Roberts, Emerson Monk and Tom Roberts;
2nd in Opens Team Division (they also finished 2nd
last year in the intermediate division!)
• 9th place finishes for Bethany Stafford (Juniors) and
Lane Frith (Intermediate) out of around 30-40 students and competing in their first ever triathlon!
• Top 10 finishes for Gregor Aitken, Mitchell Scott and
Luke Gibbons in the Junior team division (300m
swim, 5km ride, 2km run)
• Top 10 finishes for Lane Frith, Felix Connelly and
Matt Randall in the Intermediate team division
• Top 10 finishes for Alex Roberts, Tom Aitken and Axell Gross in the Primary division
It was such a great day! Two years ago we only had ONE
student enter (Tom Roberts) and now we have top 3 placings!!
On behalf of the College community we express
our thanks to all who participated in the Working
Bee last Saturday. It was a good turnout and we enjoyed fellowship with each other and great food. A
variety of projects were undertaken and a lot was
achieved. It was a great day’s work.
Wooo Go Charlton!
Mr Warren
Congratulations to the following students:
College Captains: Thomas Roberts and Dana Gill
College Vice Captains: Thomas Graham and Nicolle
Year 12 Prefects: Nathan Smith, Tegan Leary and
Clara Gill
Year 11 Prefects: Zac Casey, Brodie Scott, Jack Jeffery, Felix Connelly, Grace Perrim, Brydie Gray, Ebony Weaver and Paige Copp
Year 10 Prefects: Anna Hayes, Chelsea Low, Olivia
Josifovski, Wilson Tweed and Jasper Connelly
Wednesday 22nd October, 2014
On Wednesday 22nd October our class celebrated International Wombat Day with a fun and educational theme
day celebrating all things wombat!
Once again Charlton Christian College has been asked to
participate in the creation of Christmas Hampers for local
families. Over the next 6 Weeks we will be asking for appropriate hamper donations. All donations will be greatly
welcomed but each week we will have a theme to give you
some ideas.
The theme for this week will be ‘Yummy Treats’. This might
include; chocolates, lollies, biscuits, chips, soft drinks etc.
Please ensure all food donations are fresh and in-date so
that someone’s Christmas will be a little brighter. All donations can be left with Mrs Charlton in the College Office.
Thank you in anticipation of your generous donations.
Jenine Graham PA
The students completed challenge activities about wombats including number codes, trivia, a scavenger hunt, origami and a cloze passage. Mr Feeney had the honour of
cutting the Wombat cake under the watchful eye of Mrs
Skuthorpe and the class then enjoyed the chocolate cake
We learnt that wombats are muscular herbivores, have a
backward facing pouch and have square-shaped scats.
Unfortunately wombats are now endangered animals and
need our protection. So please put this date in your calendar for next year and let’s do what we can to raise the
profile of the wombat!
Mrs Hartgers, Wombat Supporter
We would like to remind parents that Term 4 Statements have been emailed home. If you have not received a Statement for your Term 4 account, please
contact the College Office to have another sent to
Children and adults need physical activity every day. Activity helps build better bones, muscles, joints and helps
maintain a healthy weight. Physical activity can also reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some
cancers. Get active anyway you can. Some easy ways to
add physical activity to your day can include:
• walking to the store, the school or the playground
instead of using the car
• allowing time for children to play outdoors
• park the car away from the shops
• get off the bus one stop earlier
• don’t use the remote control
• plant a veggie garden
• take the stairs instead of escalators or lifts
• schedule regular time each week for your family to
be physically active together (e.g riding, swimming,
• limit technology to no more than two hours per day.
Catalogues are now available and include some
great Christmas ideas!
If you’d like to place an order, please take your
completed Order form with payment to the College
Office by: Friday 14th
Mrs Ruth Everett.
Library Technician.
November 2014.
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