Christ Lutheran Church Yuma Lutheran School October 2014

Reaching Out With the Good News of Jesus Christ to all Generations
October 2014
October is Pastor Appreciation Month!
Christ Lutheran Church
Yuma Lutheran School
Martin Luther calls pastors,
“Angels of God” and “Princes of the
King of Kings”.[1] Since October is
Pastor Appreciation Month, I
thought it would be good to check
up on ourselves to see how we are
doing caring for our pastors!
Romans 10:14, 15 tells us, “How,
then, can they call on the one they have
not believed in? And how can they
believe in the one of whom they have not
heard? And how can they hear without
someone preaching to them? And how
can they preach unless they are sent? As
it is written, ‘How beautiful are the feet
of those who bring the good news!’”
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David Toensing, Director of Music
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Pastor Appreciation Month
Pastor’s Letter
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severely condemns those who
despise it. He says, ‘He that despiseth
you despiseth Me’” Luke 10:16[2]
Paul said of his role as a pastor:
“Who serves as a soldier at his own
expense? Who plants a vineyard and
does not eat of its grapes? Do I say this
merely from a human point of view?
Doesn’t the law say the same thing? For
it is written in the Law of Moses: ‘Do not
muzzle an ox while it is treading out the
grain’. Is it about oxen that God is
concerned? Surely He says this for us,
doesn’t He? Yes, this was written for us,
because when the plowman plows and
the thresher threshes, they ought to do so
in the hope of sharing in the harvest. If
“It was He who gave some to be
apostles, some to be prophets, some to be we have sown spiritual seed among you,
is it too much if we reap a material
evangelists, and some to be pastors and
harvest from you? If others have this
teachers, to prepare God’s people for
from you, shouldn’t
works of service, so that the body of Christ right of support
all the more?” I
may be built up.” Ephesians 4:11-13 we have it
Corinthians 9:7—
“For we do not preach ourselves, but
12 And, “In the
Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as
same way, the Lord
your servants, for Jesus sake.” II
has commended that
Corinthians 4:15
those who preach the
Luther said, “I certainly
gospel should receive their
hope you will have enough
living from
Christian understanding to
the gospel.”
know that the ministry of
I Corinthians
the Gospel is neither our
property nor the
And again,
property of any
Luther says: “It
human being, not
is necessary to
even of an angel. It
impress on people
belongs to God, our
at large that all who
Lord, who has
would be called
purchased it with
Christians owe it to
His blood, has given
God to consider those
and instituted it for our
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salvation. Therefore He
The Good News
October 2014
Vince Harman
Mark Johnson
Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
With the arrival of October comes the
beginning of fall and, hopefully, cooler
temperatures. And if the displays in many
stores were your only guide, you might be
led to believe that Halloween is the focus of
this time of year, or at least one of the most
important things to think about. But, while
Halloween may be fun and a huge source of
revenue for stores and other retailers, its true
importance is minimal at best.
However, there is another event that
gives us another, more important reason to
remember October 31st. As Christians, and
especially as Lutheran Christians, October
31st is remembered as the day in 1517 that a
thirty-three year old university professor
named Martin Luther wrote ninety-five
theses as a challenge, or invitation to debate
the practice of indulgences, and posted them
publicly on the door of the Castle Church in
Wittenberg, Germany. Then, due to the
relatively recent invention of the movable
type printing press, relatively good postal
and road systems, the theses were carried to
all parts of the Christian world within
weeks. Because of the storm of controversy
and feelings of independence that Luther set
off by this invitation to debate, and all that
came after, we remember this date as the
beginning of the Protestant Reformation and
often call it Reformation Day.
Although there had been several attempts
to reform the church before Luther came
along, God gave him exceptional abilities
and raised him up at the right time to
attempt true reform in the church; an
attempt that eventually resulted in a
breaking away from what became known as
the Catholic Church by the reformers who
later were known as Protestants.
Many things led to Luther posting the
ninety-five theses in 1517. After a narrow
escape from death during a lightning storm,
Luther had changed from studying law to
first becoming an Augustinian monk in 1505
and then a priest in 1507. His superiors at
The Good News
the monastery soon recognized his academic
abilities and directed him to begin studying
for his doctorate at Wittenberg University
the next year. In 1510 he went to Rome and
was disillusioned by what he saw there,
especially the mechanical faith and the
corruption he witnessed. This experience
added to the spiritual restlessness that
Luther had been experiencing for some time.
He was deeply aware of his own sin and his
absolute inability to earn God’s favor on his
own, though many in the Church taught
that a person could be saved, with the help
of God’s grace, by doing things that would
be right in God’s sight. Even when
forgiveness was pronounced to him, Luther
wasn’t calmed because the church’s stance
was that a person had to be truly sorry for
their sins to be forgiven. Luther contended
that it was difficult, if not impossible, for a
person to be sure that they were truly sorry
and not just fearful of hell.
After earning his doctorate in theology,
Luther taught at Wittenberg. In 1515 he
began teaching on Paul’s letter to the
Romans and it affected him deeply. He
wrote, “My situation was that, although an
impeccable monk, I stood before God as a
sinner troubled in conscience, and I had no
confidence that my merit would assuage
Him. Night and day I pondered until I saw
the connection between the justice of God
and the statement ‘the just shall live by his
faith.’ Then I grasped that the justice of God
is that righteousness by which, through
grace and sheer mercy, God justifies us
through faith. Thereupon I felt myself to be
reborn and to have gone through open doors
into paradise. The whole of Scripture took
on a new meaning...This passage of Paul
became to me a gate to heaven.”
Then, with the support of several
colleagues, Luther began to speak out
against corruption in the church. He
criticized the worship of relics and the
supposed blessing or reduced time in
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October 2014
What’s Your Plan?
‘For I know the plans I have for you’, declares the Lord, ‘Plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give you a hope and a future’. ~ Jeremiah 29:11
Last month in chapel we talked about
trusting God’s plans for our future. It’s not
always easy to see the plans He has for us,
so it is important that we trust that He will
help guide us and put people in our lives to
show us His way. Following God isn’t
always easy, but He has given us His word,
the Bible, to help lead us back to Him. I
pray that the Holy Spirit guides you to read
His word and follow Him; He has great
plans for you!
The year is flying by! We are almost
through the first quarter. Report cards will
be sent home the week of October 13th and
Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held
October 23rd and 24th. Also in October we
will be testing the students using the Iowa
Test of Basic Skills (ITBS). Our students
have always performed well on these tests
and we look forward to seeing the results.
A Ministry of Christ Lutheran Church
Angie Schiller
The Fall Festival is coming up! It takes
place on October 31st and is held on
campus. Please plan to join us for fun
activities and great fellowship. Our PTO
spends countless hours preparing to make it
an enjoyable evening for everyone! Invite
friends and family as this is a community
event. Contact the school office if you need
more information or are looking for a way
to help.
Thank you for keeping Yuma Lutheran
School, the staff and the students in your
prayers. We know that He has a great plan
for this place and thank Him for a
congregation that shows us so much
At this point in the year, God has blessed our school and church community with 358
students! We welcome each family into the Christ Lutheran Church and Yuma
Lutheran School community.
The School Board has reviewed the budget and found that we are right on track with our
budget and expenses. Our fiscal year begins on July 1st and ends on June 30, so we are
1/4 of the way through our budget year.
The School Board also reviewed our entire School Improvement Plan in accordance
with the accreditation requirements. Principal Schiller presented all the items that the
visiting Accreditation Team determined needed attention. These items are very
important to our continuing accreditation for the upcoming 5 years. YLS will also send a
progress report to the Accreditation Team with dates of completion of each item and
keep them apprised of our progress in addressing the issues.
The YLS Board also approved the school’s Tuition Payment Policy which was presented
by Angie Schiller.
God’s Blessings
Dave Cummins
YLS School Board Chairman
The Good News
October 2014
A Ministry of Christ Lutheran Church
In Mrs. Kist’s and Mrs. Mullins Pre K
classes were jumping feet first into
fall! We’ll be taking our first field trip to the
pumpkin patch, learning about how
pumpkins grow and what happens in
fall. The kids are all talking about
Halloween and what costumes they’ll be
wearing. We’ll also be learning all about fire
safety and prevention, as October is Fire
Safety & Awareness month. We’ll look
forward to seeing you all at our Pre K fall
festival booth, Crazy Ball Toss. Be sure to
stop by and say hello!
Mrs. Stuebs’ 5th grade class made a goal
of answering 10,000 math problems in IXL
and would receive a popcorn party. Just
after three short weeks we have
accomplished our goal! Great job 5th
8th grade has begun their weekly trek to
the Yuma Community Food bank to fill
back packs for students throughout Yuma
County who are not always sure where their
next meal is coming from. The class fills
several hundred backpacks each week.
Please join the 8th grade pray for the students
who receive these backpacks – pray for jobs
and security for their families, and that they
will know the peace and security that only a
relationship with Jesus Christ can offer. We
give because we have received so much!
The YLS PTO meets
every 2nd Wednesday
of the month at 3:30pm
in the school office.
Surround Care for
those who attend is
offered free of charge!
Join us as we plan
events and fundraisers
for our school!
The annual PTO sponsored Red
Apple and Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie
Dough Fall Fundraiser
was another huge
success! The
students raised over
$8000 for our
school! Thank you
to the PTO for all
your time and
effort to make
this happen and
to the all the students who
worked hard to raise the money!
Crusaders’ Cook’s Night Off
Each month the PTO of YLS will be sponsoring a restaurant takeover, where a portion of
the proceeds will be donated to YLS.
This month we will be heading to
Wednesday, October 15th
4-closing (around 8pm)
Patrons must provide a coupon to benefit YLS (will be provided as the date approaches)
They are donating 10% of sales under $1500.00, but once we reach $1500.00 in sales they
will donate 15%.
The Good News
October 2014
“I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall
continually be in mouth. My soul shall make its
boast in the Lord; the humble shall hear of it and
be glad. Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us
exalt His name together. I sought the Lord, and
He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.
They looked to Him and were radiant, and their
faces were not ashamed.” ~ Psalms 34:1-5
What is your face covered with? What do
people see when they look at you? When you
walk down the street, and people catch your
eye, what do they think of you afterwards?
Do they see someone who is sad… happy…
worried… relaxed… smiling… grumpy…
friendly… etc? You might say it depends on
what kind of a day you are having…and that
may be true. But if we carry our relationship
with the Lord with us we will have a
radiance to our appearance. This is not a
‘look’ what we can do on our own or with
make-up but through God we can show
people that we have Jesus in our life. The
good thing about having this radiance from
God is that we can give this sunshine to
others as we CARE for them sharing our
faith. We should each strive to have that
relationship with the Lord that allows us to
turn our lives over to Him TOTALLY…
trusting that no matter what we are facing,
we know that He is with us…and the look of
radiance and peace in our lives is ours to
Have you ever visited someone and when
you leave your life has been changed? You
were the one that was taking the time to stop
by, and then you are the one to be blessed!
As I visit people from CLC, this happens a
lot! (It is the best way to spend an hour…we
should all do it regularly!) Whenever I stop
by Joyce’s she is always so enthusiastic about
everything, especially the Lord. I feel like we
both are radiant! She can just have been in
for more tests on her back, had to sleep
sitting up that night, and yet she will
exclaim, “I am so blessed! God is so good!”
She just glows the love she has for the Lord
and often shares her faith with others. Helen
is someone else who has the light of God
shining from within. Her health doesn’t
allow her to be away from home very much
so she spends her time studying the Bible,
digging deep into scripture and thick books!
When you visit her you can’t help having
The Good News
CARE Ministry Leaders:
CARE Ministry Coordinator
Twylah Wahl—343-2724, [email protected]
Church Service CD Ministry
Dorothy Doyle—819-0445
Funeral Luncheon Ministry
Nancy Pendleton—257-6257
Greeting Card Ministry
Lillian Furrow—750-2491
Health Services Ministry
Penny Esmeier—580-2341
Meals Ministry
Shelly Pensky—344-4694
CARE Baskets
Kay Krahling—562-743-6898
Military Ministry
Mona Kaczmarczyk—341-0253
Prayer Shawl Ministry
Carrie Petersen—210-3138
Flo Humann—726-8001
Prayer Network Ministry
Church Office 726-0773
[email protected]
Helen Norris—341-1927
your faith strengthened—because of her
knowledge, but also because of her trust in
the Lord for everything in her life. She has
the radiance that is talked about in Psalms
34:5 and is an example of God’s peace. At
the ladies brunch on the 20th Joan shared the
projects that are being worked on at CLC…
the making of the coin bags for the students
at YLS and the dresses that are being sown
for underprivileged girls. As she shared this
information with us in attendance she had
the radiance of the Lord shining brightly
through her reflecting her faith. You could
tell she loved doing these projects and using
the talents that God had given her! Dottie
Brewer recently was given a new heart valve
at the young age of 80 plus. Amazing! When
I visited her in the hospital as she laid in the
bed, with tubes abounding and a large mask
on her face, you could not miss the fact that
she had that same radiance shining! Her trust
in the Lord and His will gave her this
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October 2014
opportunity to add years to her life…and she
went for it! WOW! Each of these women
have had different faith journeys including
personal losses, health issues, and other
challenges…but their love of the Lord shines
brightly through them for others to see their
spiritual happiness. The New Kings James
version of the Bible states as a subtitle for
Psalm 34 the following words ‘The
Happiness of Those Who Trust in God’ how
true of those who shine for the Lord…as
they get their ‘fuel’ from God above as it is
proclaimed in the scriptures for all to read!
Taking a walk today you might encounter
someone with a face filled with shame. With
guilt. With self-absorption. With selfcenteredness. With anger. With get-outtamy way looks. With hurt. There is a lot of
pain in the world…a lot of loneliness and
depression. We need to reach out to the
people afflicted with these challenges.
Society needs to be more accepting of these
individuals and make it a priority to provide
more services for them. We as Christians can
pray to God for his CARE-ing in their lives.
God does see their faces too. He says, “Look
to me. Only with Me living inside your heart
can your facial expression change. It can
shine. It can beam. It can radiate my love.”
These thoughts were written in a book,
“Words of Life,” by Linda Winter-Hodgson,
as she explored Psalms 34. Do you have
someone in your life that wears a face like
this? Never give up on praying for them…
sharing your faith. CARE. Let your radiance
for the Lord shine continually on them.
CARE. Ask other Christians to pray and
shine their sunbeam on them. CARE. When
you meet someone with a hurting face…look
into their eyes. Make contact. Show them
Jesus in you. If you have an opportunity…
witness to them, trusting that God will
provide you with the right words to say. You
could be the person that can help their ‘game
face’ in life. CARE. May the radiance in
your faith shine through…as the words of
the children’s song goes…
Mona and Dave Kaczmarczyk and the
Military Ministry committee have been very
busy planning
upcoming events for
this ministry. On Sat.
Oct. 25 a church
picnic honoring the
patrol families at
CLC and YLS will be held from 3-6 pm…
with fun and activities planned for all ages.
There will be a jump house, adult and
children games, crafts, face painting, live
music, door prizes…and the main event will
be a dunk tank! Hamburgers and hot dogs
will be grilled, beverages provided, and the
CLC members attending are asked to bring a
dish to share. On Sun. Nov. 9th the annual
Veteran’s Day luncheon will be held in the
Activity Center after the 3rd service. We
will be
honoring all Armed Service Veterans. It is
always a privilege to honor our veterans. It
is all about the CARE-ing!
The Good News
This little light of mine
I’m going to let it shine
This little light of mine
I’m going to let it shine
This little light of mine
I’m going to let it shine
Let it shine…let it shine…let it shine!
To God Be the Glory!
CARE Coordinator
Shawls and prayer bears are available to
anyone who could use a “hug” from CLC!
They have been made and prayed over by a
variety of women that meet in the winter
months as a gift of love and comfort,
coordinated by Flo Humann. Just contact
the church office if you would like pick a
shawl/bear for someone. Watch for the
startup date for this ministry to begin again
this fall. Recently a thank
you was received for a
prayer shawl that had been
delivered…and the
message said, “Thank you
so much for the beautiful
wrap...and for your prayers
-they are really needed. It
is all about the CARE-ing!
October 2014
Dear Brothers and Sisters in
As we welcome October and
cooling evening temperatures, we
are also welcoming our winter
residents back from
their summer
journeys. We hope
your summer
months were filled
with fun times
spent with family
and friends, and
travels to new and
exciting places
along the way.
We welcome you
“home” and look
forward to hearing
of where and how
you spent your
time away from
your Yuma
One of the church’s summer excitements
happens every July when several members of
our church including youth take a trip to
Canada to spend a week teaching children
about God’s love for all people of the eternal
life we have because of the life, death, and
resurrection of Jesus, our Savior. For many
of these children it is their first time to hear
of God and His love for
everyone. Each year,
upon their return, they are
excited tot alk about the
children they have spent
seven days with and how
eatger these children are to
hear of Jesus. I wonder if
these teenagers reliazed
that they spent that week
as missionaries? As
Christians, we are all
evangelists, and as such,
Jesus gave us The Great
Commission: “Therefore
go and make disciples of
all nations, baptizing them
in the name of the Father
The Good News
and of the Son and of
the Holy Spirit, and
teaching them to obey
everything that I have
commanded you.” Matthew
For the majority
of us, our “world”
is our everyday
home, school,
workplace, and
activities. We are
actually witnessing
everyday of our
lives, in the way
we speak and act in
circumstances. If
we are observed
praying before
eating, or even just a
kind word and a
smile to someone when it’s not expected, all
these little things that we probably wouldn’t
give a thought to, may be seen by an
unbeliever to what God’s love can do to give
the Holy Spirit the opportunity to work in
saving another soul. So often we are known
by actions even more than words.
I remember the first time we attended
Christ Lutheran Church—
the warm welcome we felt
made us want to come
back ;that this would be
our “new home.” Then, as
we were walking to our
car, we saw the sign by the
gate that read “You are
now entering the mission
field.” It had such an
impact on me from that
day to this! My prayer is
that my eyes will always be
open to see an opportunity
and to have a voice to
speak from my heart.
October 2014
“Give us aid against the enemy, for the help of man is worthless. With God we will gain the victory, and
he will trample down our enemies.” ~ Psalm 108:12-13
All church and school families are invited to come and honor our current and past military
families and thank them for their service. The cost for both events is a dish to share!
WHEN: Saturday 25October2014, 1500-1800 hours (3pm-6pm for the
civilian folk)
WHERE: Activity Center area at Christ Lutheran Church
WHO: EVERYONE! Military families are the guests-of-honor.
EVENTS: Jump house, adult and child games, door prizes for everyone,
crafts, face-painting, live music, lots of food and drinks, and the main
event—The Dunk Tank!
WHEN: Sunday 9November2014, 1230
WHERE: Activity Center at Christ Lutheran Church
WHO: EVERYONE! Armed Service Veterans are the
EVENTS: Posting of the Colors by the Boy Scouts, Potluck-style food, slide show, P-O-W/
M-I-A Remembrance Table, Flag Retirement by the Boy Scouts
Bring your friends and family to the
Annual YLS PTO Sponsored
New Day: Tuesday
New Time: 7:30pm
New Location: AWC Starbucks
Young Adult Small Group, for the
“college age group”, meets every
Tuesday night. Our weekly study is
titled, “10 Pressures Facing Young
Adults”, which generates excellent
conversation every meeting.
Hope to see you there!
We appreciate everyone’s patience
as we continue to develop the
picture directory for the church.
We expect the book will be ready
after the first of the year.
There will be games sponsored by
each class, food will be sold for a
nominal fee, and lots and lots of
candy to go around!
Friday, October 31st
Watch for times to be
Tickets will go on sale in October. Watch
announcements for more details!
Candy donations: bags of candy are needed for
prizes. Please bring your donation to the church or
school office.
The Good News
October 2014
Sunday Morning Bible Study at 9:30am. We
welcome high school students to the Church
Conference Room to continue our discussions
about “Young People in the Bible”.
High School Youth Group meets every Sunday
night from 6-8pm in the Church. All those in 9th
through 12th grades are encouraged to attend as we
continue our lesson on “Open Doors-The Best is
Yet to Come”, and enjoy God-pleasing activities
too! Invite your friends to join us!
Our October Act of Service will be taking down tables and
chairs from the Military Picnic!!!
In addition, this Group LOVES home-cooked meals so if you would be
willing to provide dinner for a Sunday night for these hungry young men
and women, please call/text Liz Thompson or Matt Dusek.
1 Tim
***Follow Christ Lutheran-Team Youth
Ministry on facebook, twitter, and
instagram now***
Any questions, comments, concerns,
problems, answers, solutions, or
confessions please call Matt Dusek
(928-304-8336) or Liz Thompson
The Good News
Junior High Youth Group meets every
Friday night from 6:30 to 8:30pm in the
Activity Center. All those in 7th and 8th
grades are encouraged to attend for
activities and the lesson titled “A Year
with Jesus.” Bring your Bible, snack-type
food (due to later meeting times), and
gym shoes! Invite your friends!
Our October Act of Service will be setting
up tables and chairs for the Military
Picnic held on October 25th!!!
Please note…this
Group will not meet
on Friday, October 31st
due to the Fall
October 2014
Bert Morgan
Harry, Susanna, and
Dean Hitchcock; Gary
Wahl; Alex and Max
Schiller; Matthew Bell
Patty Larson
Ray & Sheila Thompson
Keith & Brenda Dennis
Dottie Doyle and Pat
Michelle Morgan
Shelly Hook, Brenda Dennis, MarySue DePuy, Lois Korth, Vicki Freund
8 Isaiah Schlechte and
Gregory Harbolt
8 Kelly Keithly
11 Amanda Rubida
11 Dan Geszvain
Rex Pope,
Mona & Dave
8 Kelly Keithly
9:30 Keith Dennis
11 Dan Geszvain
9:30 Rex Pope
8 Karsten Hanson
8 Jim Hanson
8 Hannah Knutson
and Wyatt Knutson
8 Bill Esmeier, Sr.
8 Al Schutt
Bill Esmeier, Jr.,
9:30 Bruce Paulsen
11 Lilly Lammel and 9:30 Bill Esmeier, Jr. Ann Tennant,
Grace Torok
Lloyd Sunderman
11 Dave Cummins
Dave & Sharon
11 Elend Hudson and 11 Lloyd Sunderman
Kathy Ray
Jacob Gettings
8 Elyse Sheppard and
Dallas Wilson
11 Eden Newbold and
Emma Singer
The Good News
9:39 Mark Hutsell
8 Randy
9:30 Richard
Patty Larson,
Barb Shank,
Dwylia Hamilton
8 Bill Esmeier, Sr.
9:30 Steve Watkins
11 Lloyd Sunderman
8 Al Schutt
9:30 Bruce Paulsen
11 Dan Geszvain
11 Jason Geszvain
October 2014
Gregory Harbolt
Jennifer Gump
Romie Koopman
Ruth Kukuk
Chris Schiller
Brittany Chavez
Matthew Hansen
David Toensing
Lily Wait
John Lemon
Bev Beyeler
Ryan Hinrichs
Barb shank
Dylan Simms-Andrade
Jasmyne Brown
Sue Hanson
Thomas Wilson
Grace Hepburn
Victoria Mendivil
Bailey Pope
Lois Sunderman
Jason Geszvain
Curt Weber
Sarah Grosskreutz
Ian Hanson
14 Claude Charrois
Daniel Padilla
Dylan Wilson
15 Jay McMullen
17 Wyatt Knutson
Clarice Leas
Judy Toensing
Dave Winters
18 Peyton Ahlstrom
19 Danny Winters
20 Blake DeWitt
Laurina Larson
21 Jeanette Arce
Judi Hipp
Dale Huska
Janett Hutsell
Thomas Schultz
Corey Teigen
23 Faith Bailey
Carter Gettings
Kyle Gettings
Helen Norris
24 Robert Wright
25 Susan Sanno
27 Laura Aldridge
27 Billy Morgan
Joseph Nelson
28 Frank Dowden
Connie Wedemeyer
29 Doyle McCurley
Alex Wilson
Andy Wilson
30 Gerry But
Linda Nelson
Jaxson Schiller
31 Lloyd Sunderman
Baptismal Birthdays
Richard & Joyce Campbell ~ 26 years!!
Joseph & Judy Amoral ~ 55 years!!
Rick & Corrine Sellers ~ 41 years!!
13 Bob & Alice Leuty ~ 13 years!!
20 Andy & Marilyn Lammel ~ 13 years!!
26 Bill & Grace Hepburn ~ 7 years!!
27 Kevin & Rebecca Gettings ~ 13 years!!
Ron & Nicki Werner ~ 7 years!!
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September 11th
The Good News
October 2014
Colossians 4:3--4 “Pray also for
me, that whenever I open my
mouth, words may be given me
so that I will fearlessly make
known the mystery of the gospel,
for which I am an ambassador in
chains. Pray that I may declare it
fearlessly, as I should.” Ephesians
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worthy of double honor who
minister to their souls, to do
good to them, and to provide
for them. Moreover, God will
give you sufficient means for
the purpose.[3]
“Now we ask you, brothers, to respect those who
work hard among you, who are over you in the
Lord and who admonish you. Hold them in the
highest regard in love because of their work. Live
in peace with them.” I Thessalonians 5:12—13
“remember your leaders who spoke the work of God
to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life
and imitate their faith. . . .Obey your leaders and
submit to their authority. They keep watch over
you as men who must give an account. Obey so
that their work will be a joy, not a burden, for that
would be of no advantage to you.” Hebrews 13:7
& 17
“And pray for us, too, that God may open a
door for our message, so that we may proclaim the
mystery of Christ, for which I am in chains. Pray
that I may proclaim it as I should.”
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purgatory given. He also opposed the sale of
indulgences. In this practice the popes, who
claimed to have authority over a “spiritual
treasury” containing the merits of all the saints
of the past, could direct that some of these
merits could be applied to individuals in order
to reduce their time in purgatory. Some people
thought that their indulgences also involved
the forgiveness of their sins.
In 1517 a Dominican monk named Tetzel
was indirectly authorized by Pope Leo X to
raise money to help fund the rebuilding of the
basilica of St. Peter by granting indulgences to
everyone who contributed to the project.
Tetzel even had a catchy jingle to help the
fundraising: “As soon as the coin in the coffer
rings, another soul from purgatory springs.”
The sale of indulgences was popular in
Luther’s region and he saw how easily people
were misled by the claims of quick and easy
paths to salvation. And so Luther came out
with the ninety-five theses as a challenge to
The Good News
(Shared in the circle of his friends—a little
tongue in cheek humor.) “To begin with, (1)
he must be apt to teach; (2) he should have a
good head; (3) be eloquent; (4) should have
a good voice; (5) a good memory; (6) should
know how to stop; (7) should be industrious
in his work; (8) should hazard life and limb
in his work; (9) should let himself be plagued
by everybody; and finally, (10) he should
patiently bear the fact that nothing is seen
more easily and quickly in preachers than
their faults. A preacher who has a hundred
virtues obscures all with one fault.”[4]
Scripture quoted from the NIV
Luther’s quotations from “What Luther Says”
[1] Volume II, pp 923 & 924
[3] Volume II, p 939
[2] Volume II, p 926
[4] Volume III, pp 1109 & 1110
debate the practice of indulgences. Among the
theses he held that the true treasure of the
church is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, not the
merits of saints, and that no pope had the
power to release souls from purgatory. Luther
said that God’s forgiveness could not be
bought or sold since He offers it freely through
faith in Jesus Christ.
Luther’s protest against Rome, in an effort
to reform the church, was the spark that
touched off a multifaceted religious and
political explosion that no one could control
and that took decades to calm. It is Luther’s
commitment to, and his wholehearted
emphasis on, the full and complete forgiveness
of a person’s sin and their reconciliation with
God by God’s grace through faith in Christ
alone that sparked the Reformation and what
we remember this October 31st.
Your partner in ministry,
October 2014
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The Good News
October 2014