THE GRAMMAR WORD 23 October 2014

23 October 2014
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From The Headmaster/CEO
“You’ve got everything except one thing:
madness! A man needs a little madness, or else
he never dares cut the rope and be free.”
The 1964 movie ‘Zorba the Greek’ received
seven Academy Award nominations, winning
three. A famous scene in the movie shows
a young man learning to dance. As a boy
growing up in Perth I had the pleasure of a GPS
education and was well skilled in a traditional
academic program and in various sporting
endeavours. However, my education in the
Arts was somewhat lacking and I am thrilled
that our programs are much stronger than in
the Dark Ages of my school days. ‘Zorba the
Greek’ may call it a “little madness” but there
is so much to be gained through an education
that provides a strong emphasis on the arts.
Our young men gain so much through the
development of their creative talents in music,
art and drama at Ipswich Grammar School.
Last week I had the pleasure of attending our
jazz evening and being thoroughly entertained
by our talented musicians and staff. Many
favourable comments were made by the
audience concerning the growth and evolution
of our music program. Congratulations to our
young musicians and to the many talented
staff guiding them; Mr Gary Neaves, Mr Ian
Feltham, Mr Adam French, Mr Leon Wensley ,
Mrs Lissa Sullivan Ward, Mrs Bronwyn French,
Mr Adrian Roll and Miss Flora Wong. At the
time of writing preparations were underway
for our Ensembles Evening and I am sure it
will be another impressive night of musical
This week we have a similar opportunity to
celebrate the giftedness of our talented art
students. I look forward to this week’s Art
Exhibition and seeing the quality of the work
on display. Congratulations to all involved.
Yours sincerely
Mr Robert Henderson
Ipswich Grammar School’s Agriculture and
Horticulture Department was awarded first
place in the annual Ipswich City Council
Excellence Awards in the Environment category
and second place in the Student Outcomes
category. The students won the award for
their work in revegetating Wallaby Ware
Park, Brassall and Smith Park, Woodend.
Congratulations to Mr Brown and his students!
On 24 October a number of students and Dr
Browne will be in the audience of a forum
focussing on what it is like to be an early
career medical researcher. The forum will be
moderated by Professor Ian Fraser, developer of
the cervical cancer vaccine and will be held at the
Translation Research Institute, Dutton Park.
[email protected]
There are still a few places left for Year 9 and
10 students that wish to participate in the
[email protected] programme at St Lucia on
27 November. The day will feature the new
documentary ‘Stem Cells Revolutions’, the
opportunity to ask Stem Cell researchers to
answer any questions they might have and also
an interactive tour of the stem cell laboratories
at the Australian Institute of Bioengineering and
Nanotechnology. Interested students should see
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Mr Martin in room S1.
Congratulations to Mr Brown and the Year 11
and 12 Agriculture and Horticulture students
who gained training competencies in the last
week of Term 3. Seventeen students now have a
nationally accredited Statement of Attainment
in Operating and Maintaining Chainsaws and
Quad Bike Maintenance and Operation. Mr
Brown has done a lot of work in setting up these
opportunities, delivered through Rural Training
Queensland. They will be provided every two
years for Agriculture and Horticulture students.
The InspireU Indigenous Science Camp, run
by The University of Queensland is a brilliant
opportunity to ‘step into’ the shoes of UNI
students and experience the types of activities,
research and studies they do. At first I thought
it was specifically for perspective UNI students,
but as I soon found out it was more about
encouraging Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander students to think more about their
future and how UNI can open doors. As one of
the first guest speakers alluded to on the first
day, it is all about taking opportunities and that
is exactly what the science camp provides for
“Opportunity”, this was the key word that
UQ and their ambassadors expressed. In the
week that I spent at Stradbroke Island for the
science camp, I meet 16 other students from
all over QLD who all showed an interest in
science. We were given the opportunity to study
phytoplankton and zooplankton though hightech microscopes, as well as studying flora and
fauna biodiversity in different environments.
While at Stradbroke, we stayed at the UQ
Research Centre in Dunwich, where we met UNI
students who have travelled all the way from
America just to study here. We were also met
by one of the traditional owners of Stradbroke,
he introduced us to his land before participated
in cultural actives such as spear and boomerang
throwing and showing us traditional medicines.
As the week of activities concluded, we made
our way back to the mainland to the Queensland
Institute of Medical Research at Royal Brisbane
Hospital, where we were given the opportunity
to meet and observe scientists studying
mosquitoes. We finished up the day with our
last activity which was finding the antimicrobial
effects of the traditional medicines found on
Stradbroke Island.
The camp proved to be as the name suggested
‘InspireU’, after the week on camp, the other
students and myself realised that university isn’t
as daunting as everyone thinks but for me to
say that is biased, so I recommend this camp to
any and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
students to experience it for yourself.
Take your Opportunities and open as many
doors as you can.
Mitchell Michael
Year 12 student
Sports & Activities
The Ipswich Triathlon Club is hosting training
sessions in preparation for the upcoming Triathlon
Queensland All Schools Race at Kawana Waters
Sunday, 9 November. Training will focus on
building strength and speed for distances specific
for Met West qualification.
• Saturday, 25 November: Race distance
• Saturday, 1 November: Race distance timed
• Saturday, 8 November: Transition practice and race simulation
• Sunday, 9 November: Race day
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All sessions are conducted at Silkstone State School, Molloy Street, from 8am-9am. Sessions are $10
each and TQ membership is not required for the first three sessions.
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The Chairman of the Board of Trustees
together with the Headmaster
cordially invite you to our annual
Ipswich Grammar School
to be held at
Ipswich Grammar School
Darling Street, Ipswich
Tuesday, 18 November 2014
6.45pm for 7pm
After formalities, a light supper
will be served in the courtyard
Please RSVP to email
[email protected]
or by telephone
07 3813 9600
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Semester 1,
2, 2014
Bus Fare
• Does your child attend a school
outside the Brisbane City Council
• Does your family spend more than
$22/week* on fares to and from
school (* $17/week if you hold a
concession card)
• Does your child travel on a
publically available bus not owned
or associated with the school?
Students with
• Does your child have a
verified disability that requires
transport assistance to and from
• Has your school’s learning
support teacher assessed your
child’s travel capability rating as
‘semi-independent’ or more
Visit our website to see if you qualify for financial assistance to
help with the cost of transport and
apply at by 31
May 2013.
31 October,
Late applications cannot be accepted.
Does your child have a verified disability that requires transport assistance
to and from school?
Has your school’s learning support teacher assessed your child’s travel
capability rating as ‘semi-independent’ or more dependent?
Visit our website to see if you qualify for financial assistance to help with the cost
of transport and
31 October,
apply at by 31
May 2014
Late applications cannot be accepted.
PLEASE NOTE: This rebate does not apply to students using the Doyles and Stonestreets charter buses.
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26th Nov 6:30pm - Mark your calendars
Parents Supporting Sons, Parents Leading By Example, Parents Engaged
with School
Plato once said “Of all the animals, the boy is the most unmanageable”. An interesting observation
which feeds into the roles we have as parents, teachers and mentors to the men of grammar. Whilst
taming boys would be a mistake providing encouragement, guidance and support as they grow into
manhood is the domain of parents, carers and educators. A great opportunity to share in your son’s
journey is by being part of one of the support groups within the school. Support groups are
associated with many of the GPS sports and have more intensive periods of involvement for 8 to 10
weeks or can cover activities which are spread across the school year. The umbrella to all these
groups is the P&F .The P&F provides a different avenue for parents to be involved in their son’s
education and school life.
The P&F forms a vital part of the IGS Community with major aims and objectives:
To provide guidelines, support and promote support groups which come under the umbrella of
the P&F;
To promote the interests and spread knowledge of the aims of Ipswich Grammar School;
To foster and promote the interests of students at the school.
To represent the viewpoint of Parents’ and Friends’ with respect to the School’s aims and
Education does not stop and start at the school gates and the P&F is a vital bridge which links the
school community providing the relationship between school and home, parents and sons and
parents and staff. The P&F is keen to expand upon its educational, consultative and fundraising
objectives. As well as supporting your sons schooling, it is also an excellent mechanism for meeting
and engaging with our families at IGS.
Parents and friends are invited to come along and see what the P&F if about at the AGM being held
on Wednesday the 26th Nov commencing at 0630pm in the Staff Room. Not sure about filling a role
and the prerequisites, details are can be found on the web at or speak with a current office bearer.
Positions which are elected each year are President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. If you
wish to nominate for a position please fill in details below and email to the current Secretary , Lesley
Barthelme at [email protected]
I ____________________________ wish to nominate for the position of:
(Insert Name)
President / Vice President/Secretary/Treasurer (Please Circle positions you wish to stand for)
Nomination accepted by: ____________________
Signature ______________________
Date: ______________
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