Marie Curie Post-doc Positions in Germany 2014/2015 : “

Marie Curie Post-doc Positions in Germany, Template Marie Curie Post-doc Positions in Germany 2014/20151:
“Expression of Interest” for hosting Marie Curie Fellows
This template should be used by institutions interested in hosting post-doctoral fellows within the Marie
Skłodowska Curie fellowship programme. Hosts should be located in Germany.
1. Interested institution (legal person):
Universität Bayreuth
2. Institute/Department:
Polymer and Colloid Science (
3. Position, scientific requirements, topic, discipline*:
Post-doc Position in the field of Polymer and Colloid Sciences, Material Sciences and Engineering
Scientific requirements: PhD in Natural Science or Engineering Sciences. The fellow should have
leadership abilities and international experience in teaching and/or research.
Topics: Strong interdisciplinary topics are welcome in the field of Macromolecular Chemistry, Physical
Chemistry, Materials Engineering, Inorganic Chemistry, Theoretical Physics, Experimental Physics,
Biopolymers, Biochemistry and Material and Process Simulation (see keywords below).
*Please tick: (according to scientific subject areas, defined by the German Research Foundation)
Life Sciences
Natural Sciences
Engineering Sciences
Social Sciences and Humanities
Macromolecular chemistry: Polymer Synthesis, Functional Polymers (e.g. antibacterial, responsive), Nanomaterials,
Advanced Processing, Supra-molecular Materials, Combinatorial Methods, Organic Electronic Materials, Semiconducting
Polymers, Organic Solar Cells
Physical Chemistry: Micromechanics, Meso-scale Characterization, Interface Structuring of Polymeric Systems, SelfAssembly, Macromolecules, Hybrid Systems, New Functional Materials, Optically Active Materials, Noble Metal Nanoparticles,
Interface Interactions in Polymer Systems
Materials Engineering: Polymer Processing, Biopolymers, Functional & Stimuli Responsive Polymers, Polymer Assemblies for
Life Sciences, Organic und Hybrid-Photovoltaic-Device Physics, Bio-inspired Polymers, Material Processing
Inorganic Chemistry: Inorganic Colloid Chemistry, Polymerization Catalysis, Metal Nanoparticles, Porous Materials, Solid
State NMR, Structure, Dynamics and Function of Biomolecules using Physical Modeling, Complexes and Coordination
Polymers, Spin Crossover
Theoretical Physics: Continuum Description of Polymer Systems, Biofluid Simulation and Modelling, Molecular Structure and
Dynamics/Density Functional Theory, Polymer Dynamics and Self-Assembly
Experimental Physics: Magnetic Colloids, Optical Spectroscopy of Solids, Microscopy Techniques, Electronic Processes in
Organic Semiconductors, Cellular Biophysics, Polymer Dynamics/NMR, Transport in Living Matter and Complex Fluids
Biopolymers: Structural Biology, Solution NMR, Protein Aggregation, Metabolite – Macromolecule interaction, Biomacromolecular Interactions and Conformational Changes, Signal Transduction
Material and process simulation: Phase Field Models, Colloids, Nucleation
Biochemistry: Structural Biology: Crystallography of Bio-macromolecules, Signal Transduction
Deadline of the next call for proposals for Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships: 10
September 2015, 17:00 Brussels time
Marie Curie Post-doc Positions in Germany, Template 4. Contact person: (name and e-mail address)
Melanie Pöhlmann
[email protected]
Phone: +49 921 3914
5. Deadline** for considering interests by postdoctoral applicants:
For the next MSCA Call deadline 10.09.2015
To ensure an efficient and successful preparation of your proposal please contact us as soon
as possible but not later than ~ May/June 2015
**Please consider that the preparation of a Marie Curie proposal requires some time. Fellow and supervisor have to agree on a project and training opportunities for the fellow. If you want to extend your expression of interest to the second deadline in 2015 (September 10), just leave this column open.