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Cross country round up Law, Policy and Implementa7on Chemicals management system Na7onal Drinking WQ standards Water & Health Transbounary water agreements Water & Strong IJC Borders True partnerships with First Na7ons Public Trust / Fiduciary duty Water & Equity Making the Federa7on Work for Water Water & wealth Water & Climate Pricing Internalizing externali7es Build resilience to extreme weather, flood and drought Principles A ci7zen-­‐centred vision •  Accountability •  Transparency •  Inclusiveness •  Equity Thinking like a watershed •  Integra7on •  Adaptability A conserva7on ethic •  Precau7on Why the EU WFD? •  Ambi7ous •  Priori7zes ecological integrity •  Requires management at the scale of the river basin •  Enforceable – progress is monitored •  Par7cipatory •  Economic approaches encourage efficiency and full-­‐cost accoun7ng •  Flexible and adap7ve