Week of: September 4-7 What are we learning this week? Homework

Week of: September 4-7
What are we learning this week?
Spelling-CVC (Long “i”), test Friday
Math-Place Value
Science-Changes of your
Reading- Daily 5 Structure
Grammar- Nouns (common and
proper), which nouns need to be
Writing-Narrative Writing, focus
on bold beginnings, meaty middles,
and epic endings.
Spelling Words
CVC (Long “i”)
List 1: drive, nice, mice, nine, hike
List 2: climb, strike, alpine, sublime, surprise
Sight Words: five, while, white, give, live
*Every spelling list will have 5 words that
demonstrate the pattern for the week and 5
sight words. Students will be tested on the 5
pattern words, the 5 sight words, and 5
words that I will create using the same
pattern. The student’s list (1 or 2) will be
determined by a pretest on Monday.
Example: Pattern word- nice
Word I create using pattern- like
Homework sheets (if one is passed out) is due the next day
Math facts can be practiced with flashcards or on the
Read 20 Minutes/ Practice math facts up to sums of 18Project
Respond to Edmodo question/Read 20 Minutes/ Practice math
facts up to sums of 18.
Place Value Worksheet/Read 20 Minutes/ Practice math facts up
to sums of 18/Review for Spelling Test tomorrow.
Spelling Test today!
During your 20 minutes of reading, take a look at how authors
start of books in interesting ways, such as with a question, sound,
interesting statement, or a interesting fact. We’ll be taking a
look at how authors capture a reader’s interest as we begin
writing our own “BOLD BEGINNINGS” in our daily narrative
Classroom/School Happenings
*Upcoming Dates
Sept. 3- Labor Day (No School)
Sept. 7-Spelling Test (long I sound)
Sept 13- Curriculum Night
Choose 1 session 6:00-6:45 or 7:00-7:45
You will be able to sign up for a Fall Conference
September 14 Picture Day!
September 22 Happy Birthday, Jacob
September 26 Early Release Day
Sneakers: Please make sure students wear or have sneakers
on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for PE.
Please place the following in your parent newsletter from the clinic.
Any student with a medical condition should have a careplan on file and if needed, medication on hand in the clinic to
treat them. Careplans have been sent home and should be filled out and returned to school. If your child develops a
medical condition or has any change in his/her medical history during the school year, please notify the clinic.
A number of students who wear flip flops to school are experiencing injuries such as stubbed toes, twists and strains.
These types of sandals are not protective to the foot nor are they supportive. Additionally, many break during the day
and students must leave instruction time to make phone calls to parents. If at all possible, a sandal with a back may
prevent some injuries and if you wish your student to wear flip flops please keep an extra pair of shoes in their
Students are NOT to carry medication to school. Medications are to be brought to the clinic by parent or guardian and
a medication administration form is to be completed. Please note that COUGH DROPS, SUNSCREEN, AND EYE DROPS
Students who are sick at home should not be sent to school. Forsyth County School Policy notes that a student is not
to return to school until fever, diarrhea and/or vomiting has stopped for a full 24 hours, without the aid of
medication. Prescribed antibiotic medications for communicable diseases, such as strep throat, are to be given for 24
hours prior to returning to school.
Thanks for all you do and enjoy the extra day this weekend!
Patricia Garza R.N.
Spelling Activities
1. 3-D Words- Use Play Dough or clay to sculpt your spelling words.
2.ABC Order- First write your spelling words in a list. Then write them again in alphabetical order.
Finally, write them in reverse alphabetical order.
3.Across and Down Words- Write each of your spelling words across and then down. See the example
below. Example: teach
4.Acrostic Poem- Choose one of your spelling words. Write an acrostic poem for that word. You must
also illustrate your poem. Example: fly
Fun in the sky
Laps around clouds
Yes! I’m free!
5.Adding My Words- Each letter has a value. Consonants are worth 10 and vowels are worth 5. Write
your spelling words. Then add up the value of each spelling word. Examples: said 10+5+5+10 = 30 there
10+10+5+10+5 = 40
6.Bubble Letters- Write each of your spelling words in bubble letters. After you finish, color your words
with crayon or colored pencils.
7.Colorful Words- Write each of your spelling words. Write each letter using a different colored pencil.
8.Connect the Dots- Write your spelling words in dots. Then connect the dots by tracing over them with
a colored pencil.
9.Create an Activity- Can you think of a really fun way to practice your spelling words? Then go for it!
Be sure to explain your activity so that I can share it with the class!
10. Fancy Letters- Write your spelling words. Then write them again using fancy letters.
11. Goofy Spelling Story- Write a goofy spelling story using each of your spelling words. Be sure to
underline your words as you use them. Illustrate and color your story!
12. Hidden Words- Draw a picture and write your words in the picture. Try to hide the words!
13. Letter Writing- Write a friendly letter to a teacher or friend using each of your spelling words.
Underline the spelling words that you use in your letter.
14. Make Some Music- Write a song or rap that includes your words! Share with a friend or family
15. Newsy Words- Use old magazines, catalogs, or newspapers to cut out letters. Glue the letters down
on a piece of paper to spell your words. *Helpful Hint: Cut out lots of extra letters. Store them in a Ziploc
bag for future use. This is a huge timesaver!
16. Other Handed- If you are right handed, write your spelling words using your left hand. If you are left
handed, write your spelling words using your right hand.
17. Practice Test- Take a practice test. Have your Mom or Dad ask you to spell your spelling words.
Write them on a list. Check your practice test and correct any missed words. This would be an especially
good activity to complete on Thursday night.
18. Spelling Steps- Write your spelling words in a pyramid shape. Start with the first letter. On the next line, write
the first two letters. On the third line, write the first three letters. Continue until you have written the entire word.
Example: them
19. Rainbow Write- First write your words using a pencil. Then trace over your words with a crayon. Then trace a
second time with a different colored crayon. Finally trace a third time with another different colored crayon. Trace
NEATLY and you will see the rainbow!
20. Scrabble- Use Scrabble tiles to spell out your spelling words. For a little extra math practice, figure out the
value of each of your words!
21. Scrambled Words- Fold a piece of paper three times lengthwise (making three long rectangular columns).
Write your words in the first column. Then write them again with the letters all mixed up in the second column. Put
your words aside. Come back later to unscramble your words. Write the unscrambled words in the third column.
22. Silly Sentences- Write silly sentences that include your spelling words. Underline your words.
23. Spelling Flashcards- Make a set of flashcards to practice your spelling words. When you look at your
flashcard, read the word and then spell it out loud. *Example- there t-h-e-r-e.
24. Spelling Poem- Write a poem using several of your spelling words. Underline the words that you use.
Illustrate your poem. You can write any kind of poem that you like.
25. Squiggly Spelling Words- You are going to write your spelling words two times. First write in regular letters.
Then write the words again in squiggly letters!
26. Type ‘Em- Type your spelling words on the computer. Make each word have a different font. You can even
email your words to me at [email protected]
27. Word Search- Make a word search puzzle using your spelling words. Use the Discovery School’s online Puzzle
Maker http://www.puzzlemaker.com/ . Then find your words!