WELCOME TO Churchtown Mennonite Church

Churchtown Mennonite Church
2327 Main Street, Narvon, PA 1555 610-286-7405
Worship service available by phone # 1-717-488-1018
Nelson Bowman
Clair Good
Philip Hollinger
Kenny Horst
Randy Brubacher
Nelson Rutt
994 Newswanger Rd, Ephrata, PA
97 Millstone Drive, Denver, PA
1732 Weaverland Rd, East Earl, PA
120 Whitetail Pass, Morgantown, PA
3030 Best Road, Morgantown, Pa
159 Ridge Avenue, Ephrata, PA
Vol. 19
Oct 26, 2014
No. 29
And it came to pass the same night, that the Lord said unto him, Arise, get
thee down unto the host; for I have delivered it into thine hand.
Judges 7:9
Sunday School
Devotions: Gary Eby
Next Sunday's Devotions: Shawn Brubacher
Gideon's Victory
Judges 7; 1-7, 9-14, 19-22
Teacher Raymond Brubacher
Offering today: Building Fund
Offering next Sunday: Churchtown Med. Assistance Fund
Offering last Sunday District Brotherhood Fund 1,407
Attendance last Sunday: 90
Worship Service
Message Bearer Clair Good
Pray for Next Week’s Message Bearer Randy Brubacher
Host family today Phil & Linda Hollinger
Host family next Sunday Jimmy & Loiuse Zimmerman
Oct. 28,
Ladies morning on Tues. at 9:30 A.M. Part 7, Chapter 16-17.
Oct. 29,
Mens meeting wed. eve at 7:30p.m.
Oct. 30, Cloyd Good
Living Waters Youth committee is offering to help people with there fall
clean-up, if you know of someone that needs help. Clean up Date is
Nov. 8. Please Contact Anthony Hahn at 717-445-4359
Thought for the week
Sin may be hidden from other, but never from God.....