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The Revd. Suzanne Pattle, MA, The Vicarage, Smugglers Lane, Colehill
01202 883721
The Revd. Lorraine McGregor, Tapiola, Marianne Road, Colehill
The Church Office, Colehill Lane BH21 7AB (Telephone 841677)
is open daily from 10.00 am until 12 noon
If you wish to book the Church Centre or have any other enquiry, please leave a message on the
office answer phone, or on
, in the Centre post box or with the office staff
Sunday 26th October
Bible Sunday
8.00am Holy Communion
9.30am Parish Eucharist
6.00pm Choral Evensong sung by
Quintus Imperfectus
Monday 27th
Electrical PAT Testing
Tuesday 28th
8.00am NO Morning Prayer today
10.30am Organ Practice
Wednesday 29th
8.00am Morning Prayer
10.30am Holy Communion – MU corporate but
anyone is welcome! Coffee afterwards.
11.30am Centre Rendezvous
7.30pm ‘Faith in the Community’
Session 4: Revd. Pat Southgate talks about
‘Routes2Roots’ – a local charity for the homeless.
7.30pm Public Meeting in Colehill Memorial Hall
regarding boundary changes.
Thursday 30th
8.00am Morning Prayer
Friday 31st
8.00am Morning Prayer
7.00pm NO Choir Practice today
Saturday 1 November
11.00am-2.00pm Table-Top Sale
in Church Centre
Next Sunday 2nd November
All Saints Day
8.00am Holy Communion
9.30am All Age Worship with Holy Communion
Matt & his team are coming to sing
Choral Evensong TODAY at 6.00pm
It would be really good to see a few more
people at this ‘not to be missed’ event.
We’re so fortunate to have Quintus
Imperfectus willing to sing for us on a regular
basis so please come.
The church throughout the world & for Justin
Welby as he leads the Anglican Communion.
The church in South Sudan – for Bishop Peter
in the Yambio Diocese & our link Deanery,
Our Diocese - Bishop Nicholas, Bishop
Graham & Bishop Ed.
Our Ministry Team – Suzanne, Lorraine, John,
Alan & Mac & our Lay Pastoral Assistants –
Hilary, Val, Jill, Barbara, Freda & Daphne
Give thanks for the work of Pastor Robert
Jones with the Wimborne Food Bank
Those who work in our local community,
particularly at St.Michael’s Middle School,
Hayeswood First School & Colehill First School.
Georgina Weston, receiving
St. Michael’s Cross today
Peace & reconciliation in Iraq, Syria, Libya,
Israel & Palestine (especially in Gaza),
South Sudan, Nigeria, Ukraine & Russia
Countries affected with the Ebola virus & for
the efforts of those attempting to bring the
epidemic under control.
The sick & infirm & others in need:
Sheila Spenceley, Paul, Linda Thompson,
Janice Penney, Brian Watson,
Derrick Wollen, Audrey Follet, Elaine Walker
Coral Roberts, Anne Corrigan
& Joan Woodward.
RIP: Ida Johnston Bill Douthett
& Joan Wootton
Christmas Market 2014 – Saturday
November 29th, 5.00 – 7.00 p.m.
A list of those who have signed up so far to run
stalls is on the board at the back of church.
There is room for plenty more! In particular,
could someone run the bottle stall (in lieu of
Lorraine) and the St Michael’s Kitchen stall?
for the whole community
The proceeds from all stalls will go to church
OPEN Wednesdays
11.30am – 1.30pm
We would be very grateful for:
Centre Rendezvous
- Good Food & Good Company!
 any toys/games/books/puzzles which
your children or grand-children no longer
Electrical PAT Testing
Monday 27th October
 any second-hand cook books, cooking
pots, storage racks, mugs, aprons etc.
Every piece of portable electrical equipment we
use here is inspected and tested by our
electrician once a year. They are then added to
a list of “approved for use” electrical equipment.
There is a sticker on each plug to show this has
been done and when checked.
Monday the 27 th October is the date set this
If you have any electrical equipment at home
which you may use here bring it along for
The electrician will check it out and add to the
list – and add a nice sticker to your plug.
As well as this yearly test it is important that you
make a visual check of any electrical appliance
before use. Things like broken or bare wires –
loose leads in plug tops – or damage to the
appliance itself will tell you not to use that
Also if you use any electrical equipment outside
an additional trip switch (RCD) must be used.
They are in the roller cupboard.
If you have any questions or would like any help
to get your electrical equipment here please
give me a call.
Thank you.
Eric Jones 01202 880152
 any small plastic trays (the sort fruit are
usually sold on by supermarkets but not
ones which have had raw meat on them.
Please give these directly to Jill
any home-made jams/marmalades/
chutneys etc. for the St Michael’s
Kitchen stall
The three schools in the parish and the
cubs/brownies will be invited to sing carols with
the community round the tree whilst the chair of
the parish council turns on the lights. The
Market will open as soon as these are over – at
around 5.10/5.15 p.m.
There will also be a competition for children,
with 1st/2nd/3rd prizes for two age-groups –
details to follow later.
We are away now until the end of October so will,
hopefully, be able to finalize the List of Stalls
when we get back.
Garth 01202 882242
Congratulations to Daphne and Emily Jones,
John and Jenny Spatchet and to Rod Chapman
who were awarded their Aldhelm Certificates at
a service at Wilton Church last week
Message from Sheila
Heartfelt thanks to everyone for the support
given over the past twelve months. Your muchneeded prayers, home visits, transport to
hospital, trips out for Gordon, telephone calls,
all very much appreciated.
Bless you all.
East Dorset District Council is proposing to alter
Colehill’s boundary, which, if it goes ahead, will
rip the heart out of the Colehill community.
St. Michael’s Church, the Vicarage,
St. Michael’s School, the Reef, the War
Memorial, Beaucroft School, Colehill Sports &
Social Club, Colehill Cricket Ground & the
Horns Inn will no longer be in Colehill but in
I am starting to collect items for one large and
two smaller hampers. There is a list at the back
of church with ideas for contributions. Please
sign your name against the item you would like
to give,or add your own idea. Please make sure
that items have a “use by/best before” date that
extends into 2015, and place in the box at the
back of church. We shall start selling raffle
tickets on Sundays from mid November, so it
would be helpful to receive items by Sunday 2nd
November if possible.
Any queries contact Liz White 840270.
The proceeds from our lovely lunch and all the
beautiful cake baking amounted to £792 of
which £455 will go to the Christian Aid Sudan
Appeal and £337 to Church Funds. In addition
there was an anonymous donation of £300 for
the Sudan Appeal
Please can members of the congregation save
their glass jars this week for a craft activity I am
hoping to run with the children as part of the
All Age Communion next week –
2nd November. (hopefully this will not compete
with the needs of St Michael's kitchen!). I will
need about 20 - please either leave them at
the back of church during the week or
in the office in the Centre.
Many thanks
It really is important that you tell EDDC that
you OBJECT to these changes. Please email
your comments to
[email protected]
There is a Public Meeting in Colehill
Memorial Hall this WEDNESDAY 29th
OCTOBER at 7.30pm. Please attend if you
Lots to buy. Refreshments. Raffle. Soup and
Rolls. We urgently need prizes for the Raffle.
Please bring with you or leave in the box at the
back of the Church. As usual, any help would
be greatly appreciated.
Some help is also needed in the setting-up and
clearing-up. Please speak to
Daphne about that.
All the money raised will go to
Church Funds.
Please put your women’s NEW pants for
Ugandan orphans in the box provided at the
back of church or cash in the pot!
This is our Christmas Appeal this year for all
members of the congregation to support if they
so wish. We hope you will!
Thanks in anticipation. Val & Di
Last year some people asked me about the
white poppy I wore on Remembrance Sunday. I
explained that they were issued by the
Peace Pledge Union as a symbol
of resisting the drive to war. Some people wear
them alongside the red poppy to show respect
for the fallen as well as opposition to war as a
way of trying to solve conflict.
Some of you expressed a wish to wear one
yourselves so I've ordered & bought a lot more
this year! If you would like one contact me on
01202 693837 or [email protected]
Sharen Green
Helpers needed for assistance in serving
refreshments on Remembrance Sunday
AFTER the Act of Remembrance at the
War Memorial. It is intended to offer hot
drinks and cakes (cakes supplied and served
by the uniformed organisations in aid of the
John Thornton Young Achievers Foundation)
before the uniformed organisations go into
church for a short 'Peace Service'.
Please speak to Daphne or Suzanne if you
can offer help. Thank you.
Carers are people who look after loved ones
with an illness or disability in their own homes.
It can be a very lonely and stressful life,
although carers usually take great pride in their
careful attention to the needs of their loved one.
The Wimborne Carers’ Group is a joint
church/Prama initiative which meets at St
John’s Church, Leigh Road on the third
Friday of each month and offers carers an
opportunity to chat with others in the same
situation, to enjoy coffee and home made cake,
listen to a relevant and uplifting speaker, and
share information. If you think you could help to
run the group by making a cake, or by coming
along to be a listening ear, then please contact
Mary Morris on 01202 883421 or
[email protected] for more information.
NEDRA wishes to express her thanks for
thoughts, prayers & support following the sad
loss of her father in America.
Have you bought your Christmas Cards yet?
Just a reminder that the cards that we have
been making in aid of South Sudan will be
available again next Sunday – 2nd November
Lots of Christmas cards ( £1.50 for a pack of
5) and also the usual Birthday cards,
Congratulations, Blanks etc.
Come and take a look.
They will be at the back of church on
November1st so that those attending the
8am can also have an opportunity to buy.
Thanks - Jill
at St. Catherine’s RC Church Hall
On Saturday 15th November, St. Catherine’s
Church is holding its Annual Scripture Study
Day with the title ‘ Christ the power of and
the wisdom of God’ from 10.00am to3.00pm
Canon Kenneth Noakes will lead.
All welcome. Booking essential £5 per person
Please contact
Denise Darmody 01202 888046
or on [email protected]