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Uplifting Critical Communities by Revolutionising Key Ministries
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August – September 2011 News Letter
Dear prayer partners and Brethren,
Please receive brotherly greetings from your brethren from Cup of Cool Water, Burundi.
Assisting the impoverished
One of the worries that widows and orphans who met the missionaries Hazel, Marjorie and Allan
during their visit in Burundi last April was that they are not able to provide themselves children with
copy books, uniforms and school fees. This
is true because a number of orphans are
compelled to interrupt their studies due to
extreme poverty. CCW was able to
purchase more than 700 copy books, 100
pens and 144 pencils and distributed them
to 79 orphans.
‘Thank you for having thought about our
case by providing us with school materials.
May God bless donors and your Ministry,’
they said
Charles (Right), CCW director handling copy books as
donation to one of the destitute orphans thanks to financial
support from Rev. Dr. Tony and Rowena Sargent
Missionary Hazel handling a cover for a baby
to one of marginalized four families who
benefited goat donation in Kirundo province
‘Thank you Muzungu (the White) for your
love and concern. Please, keep remembering us’
One of the female goat donated to the
one of the marginalized last April got
already a baby. The life of the
beneficiary is improving and hope is
taking place slowly as they said.
Cup of Cool Water
Uplifting Critical Communities by Revolutionising Key Ministries
BOX 1941 Bujumbura Burundi
Tel: (+257) 79 951 467
E-mail: [email protected]
CCW purchased 15 goats which were distributed to 21 families from 6 provinces. We are planning to
establish a farm were we can be able to multiply goats, chicken, pigs and cows in order to help many
poor fighting against malnutrition and under nutrition. This is a long term project. We may start with
goats, then chicken and so on as the Lord and His people provide. Our Sister Hazel is aware that a
number of orphans she met are suffering from eyes sickness as a consequence of under nutrition.
Others are dying early because of Kwashiorkor and related diseases. We thank God as we have
already a big property which can be used for that purpose.
Trauma Healing and reconciliation seminar
CCW was privileged last august to have missionary Hazel
Joining our local reconciliation team as an international facilitator. She fitted in as if she had been
always with us. Her personal experience, her servanthood spirit and herself were a blessing to
participants and to us.
‘There are12 years that I visited Rwanda for my first time. There was lot of woundedness because of
the genocide that took place there in1994. There are much pains in countries that experienced tough
situations. Is there hope for such people and countries? Rom 15:13.
Let us know that God provides us hope through Jesus Christ.
In these 3 days of the seminar, we will exchange ideas in order to
understand the problems that are happening in our areas and lives.
We do have pains that we are suffering from; we are going to learn
together on how we should get out of it! Whenever there is love
between people, something good takes place. This way, from the
love between God the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit was born a
human being. God created a man from which different people of
different ethnic groups were to be born (Act17:26).
Imagine if we all resemble to one another. We could get bother! of it.
We are all equal to God. And, if we are little different it is because
our God is the God of diversity. Look at the world, the |nature around
us! It is made of differences. White and black people, we all have
same blood. If our skin is white, it is just meant to cope and adjust
with the climate which is very cold (Europe). Likewise, the black
skin is meant to cope and adjust with very hot areas. God placed us with different families, ethnic
groups, and race? Countries so that we may be able to identify and locate ourselves.
God would like us to love one another (Rom.12:10).Things are worse as they are because something
wrong happened. The sin that destroyed everything. We are influenced by our society, family and
environment (milieu) that we are living in. We are going to find out and know the source of bad things
we are experiencing. Let us be willing, open our ears and heart to learn new truths.’
By Hazel, in her introductory session. She was interpreted by Charles.
Cup of Cool Water
Uplifting Critical Communities by Revolutionising Key Ministries
BOX 1941 Bujumbura Burundi
Tel: (+257) 79 951 467
The view of widows attending a seminar
on 24-26 August 2011
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Family photo of participants
. Why widows as target? It should be noticed that widows (and orphans) are the most hurt and destitute
within Burundian society. Not only are they suffering from the consequences of the loss of their
beloved ones because of ethnic divisions and cyclic civil wars but also they are abused and overlooked
by the society, expropriated from their properties and denied their rights.
Here are some of their testimonies at the end of the workshop:
“When I became widow I had 3children. I decided myself not to have relationships with other men
although I am still being young. In fact, I avoid quarrelling with their wives. I was impatiently waiting
for this seminar that gave us an opportunity to be encouraged and valued. We are becoming giants
sited with princes!” A participant
“ I had hate rage against my neighbour who used to abuse me. I could not even say: hello to her.
However, I am released from the hate rage thanks to the teachings of this seminar. I even talked to my
neighbour this morning. Also, I used to over-look myself but now I am delivered and I am happy!” A
We continue get positive feedback from some of them.
Overall, the seminar was very successful and we – local facilitators- have never experienced such
deliverance among participants.
CCW run another similar seminar for youth in Bujumbura Suburb on 7-9 September in collaboration
with a local association for youth which mobilized participants. This area is known to be the most
dangerous because of killings between people from opposite political parties recorded there since the
last democratic elections of October took place. We were fearful for it was scary to run a seminar
there. We asked God to provide security for us sometimes before the seminar took place.
Cup of Cool Water
Uplifting Critical Communities by Revolutionising Key Ministries
BOX 1941 Bujumbura Burundi
Tel: (+257) 79 951 467
E-mail: [email protected]
The previous day, on 6th night, I (Charles) had a
dream under which I had a phone call from
Missionary Hazel. She told me’ Charles, I am
sending you this equipment which will protect you
from bombing while in ministry’. I felt happy and
confident. On 7th, I shared the dream with my
colleagues and we concluded that it was God’s
confirmation for our protection.
We went there and run the seminar peacefully and
successfully. We never heard again about new
killings and fire guns after the seminar. We thank
God for that. We thank you too as it was proved
that you do support us not only materially and
financially but also spiritually.
Ezekiel during a devotional time speaking to 50 participants
I Ruziba- Bujumbura- conference Hall
on 7-9 sept. 2011
Mbabazi Clinic project
CCW staff have been reviewing and adjusting Mbabazi Clinic project. In fact, prices of building
materials are increasing day by day. There is almost one year since the project was done. Our current
currency is becoming valueless. Things are becoming as such because Burundi is recently part of East
African Community. Hence, we decided to use metallic sheets for roof instead of concrete cover. The
concrete roof would cost a lot of unexpected and not provided money. We decided to increase the
number of rooms so that the clinic can accommodate many services to serve the sick more effectively
than provided before. We maintained the original budgeting - same amount. Our Engineers have been
working on the plan the are two weeks ago. Once they finish their work, we will send you the adjusted
and detailed plan for advice along with the list of needed materials and equipments.
Office Facilities
Cup of Cool Water was able to purchase a second
hand desktop which is much better than the very
old one we had thanks to your general ministry
fund donation. Also, we were able to pay for
transport, communication, office material and other
office expenditures.
Cup of Cool Water
Uplifting Critical Communities by Revolutionising Key Ministries
BOX 1941 Bujumbura Burundi
Tel: (+257) 79 951 467
E-mail: [email protected]
However, we are still being in need of a laptop. It can be helpful for us to catch up with report writing
and save time while in mission in the countryside.
Burundi is experiencing a shortage of power on national level. Not only there is lot of power
interruptions but also there is a lack of it. Three days can pass without having it at all. Or it can be
available for five to ten minutes or to one hour at most then it goes off. This hinders our work. We are
thinking about finding an alternative to face that situation. The use of solar energy seems to be
appropriate, secure, cheap and long-lasting. We need prayers from you, as usually.
Following up the beneficiaries of our ministry
We held three meetings with widows and orphans whom benefited from our small capital to run small
income generating activities. This was to help them establishing an association and a social solidarity
cash box to be able to work together and fight poverty. We plan to make a similar follow up for the 30
widows who attended the seminar in Kirundo last august and for all our beneficiaries allover the
Prayer Items
Continuously thank God for His goodness to us and pray for one another as prayer partners
so that God continue strengthening and guiding us in our ministries
Pray for the widows who attended our seminar on trauma healing and reconciliation so that
they continue healing and be able to work to support their family
Ask God to provide for necessary means so that we continue running seminars for the
traumatized and torn apart individuals from all over Burundi
We pray continuously for you as you are committed and willing to help providing our poor
and sick people with a clinic
Pray for us as we are still being in need of office facilities, power sources and means to
establish a farm to keep domestic beasts to assist the impoverished and the hungry
We are thankful to you for having supported our ministry in order to uplift our critical and destitute
widows and orphans.
May God abundantly bless you as you are bringing love and compassion to the poorest.
Charles NDIKUMANA, Director
Box 1941
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