Sundays Have You Joined a Bible Study Yet? Reformation Sunday October 26, 2014

Have You Joined a Bible Study Yet?
Sundays (9:30 & 11:00 am)
Sunday School for Children and Youth (9:30 am): Children and youth ages 3 through high school. The
nursery is available for children under age 3.
Lutheranism 101 (9:30 am): This 8-week course is required for people who are new to the Lutheran
Church and wish to become members of Holy Cross, or a great refresher course for current members.
(New Member class begins Nov. 2.) Leader, Igor Skrastins; Room 102
Paul the Apostle (9:30 am): A study of the Apostle Paul, who initially set out to kill all Christians, but
became God’s messenger of grace and hope through His son, Jesus Christ. We will explore Paul’s early life, his conversion, and later missionary trips to preach the Gospel to Jews and Gentiles. Leader, Carol
Darby; Room 120
Five-Week Bible Study Series: On Sunday mornings from Oct. 5 - Nov. 2, we will offer special classes.
Our children and youth will also be studying the same lessons. Leaders, Vicar Jeffrey Meinz; Hiller Hall
(9:30 & 11 am) and Pastor Dave Hall; Fireside Room (9:30 am)
† Oct. 5—Trusting God Completely (based on Philippians 4:10-13)
† Oct. 12—Savings for Harvest and Famine (based on Genesis 41)
† Oct. 19—God Owns It All (based on Psalm 24:1)
† Oct. 26—More Than Enough (based on Exodus 36:1-7)
† Nov. 2—Our Financial Peace Declaration (based on Psalm 24:1)
The Gospel of Luke (11:00 am): The book of Luke was written to give a precise record of the history of
Jesus Christ's life. Not only as an historian, but also as a medical doctor, Luke paid great attention to
detail, including dates and events that happened throughout the life of Christ. Leader, Del Dudden;
Room 102
Financial Peace University Classes
A biblically-based stewardship training assisting members in handling all of the resources God has given us and
then spreading the approach to the community and ultimately impacting the world.
Sundays, 2 pm—led by Neil and Elda Ridenour in Hiller Hall
Sundays, 5 pm—led by Jon and Vicki Heinecke in Fireside
Mondays, 9 am—led by Ron and Bev Smith in Fireside
Mondays, 6 pm—led by Richard and Christy Brown in Room 120
Tuesdays, 6 pm—led by Kevin and Becky Diekelman in Room 120
Wednesdays , 6 pm —led by Pastor Doug Brauner in Hiller Hall
Thursdays 9:30 am—led by Pastor Doug Brauner in Room 102
Fridays, 10 am—led by Vicar Jeffrey Meinz in Room 120
Wednesdays (6:00 pm)
Children of the Day: Join us for Beth Moore’s study on 1 & 2 Thessalonians. The Holy Spirit shines
brightly through you. Grocery shopping, strolling through the park, grabbing coffee—you are never
without His light. Sign up at the Ministry Center. Leader, Stephanie Schell; Room 102
gods at War: What keeps us from truly following Jesus is that our hearts are pursuing something or
someone else. Behind the sin you’re struggling with, the discouragement you’re dealing with, the lack
of purpose you’re living with is a false god that is winning the war for your heart.
Leader, Randy Morley; Fireside Room
Pastor’s Bible Breakfast: 6:00 am. Leader, Pastor Brauner; Village Inn, Austin Bluffs & Academy
Men’s Bible Breakfast: 6:00 am. Leader, Matt Grunenwald; Wade’s Café
Women’s Bible Breakfast: 6:30 am. Leader, Connie Bond; Village Inn, Palmer Park and Academy
Reformation Sunday
October 26, 2014
A warm welcome to all as we gather as God's people to worship the Lord. We ask both members and
visitors to please fill out the pew card located in the pew rack in front of you and pass it to the end of
your pew at the time of the offering. If you have no church home, we invite you to worship with us
again. We are very happy that you joined us this morning.
PRAYERS: Upcoming Surgery/In Hospital/New Prayer Concerns: Larry Bloom; Jim DeCasper; Hayden,
nephew of Jeff Cluver; Mary Langan, daughter of Don & Marcia Paulus; Jim Waldron; Linda Meadows;
Continuing and Recovering Health Concerns: Sue Oltmann; Deanna Waldron; Marion Reeder; Shana
Bowen; Dottie Carver; Family & Friends: Andre Andrade, husband of Sonja Andrade; Wayne Bartsch,
brother of Beverly Argo; Shirley Krupa, friend of Roy & Pat Howard; Eric Trickey, son-in-law of the
Frielings; Danny Nickerson-Jamieson; George Constandine, father of Nita Summers; Family of Faith;
Iglesia Santa Cruz; Betesda, Honduras; Pastor Ricardo Hidalgo & our brothers & sisters in Pucallpa, Peru and down the Ucayali River; Chronic Health Concerns: Hilde Bobenmyer; Janet Stiegelmeyer, sister-inlaw of Karen Bartlett; Angie & Teri Vasquez & family; John Garcia; John A Garcia; Hannah Skrastins,
granddaughter of Igor & Kathy Skrastins; Gordon Harvey; Janet & Randy Scofield, mother & stepfather, of TJ Nunley; Jeanne Fields, aunt of TJ Nunley; Ron Hanson, friend of Arlene Herrmann; Christina Davis, daughter of Wally Fox; Sylvia Pihl; Wally Fox; Kyler Diasio; Bill Gernand; Jim Paterson, father of William & Ruth Paterson; Wilma Krumland; Bob & Lois Ducett; Deb Huddleston; Shirley
Hayes, mother of Deb Decker; Chase Casperson, nephew of Newlene Laib; Rik Hoover, husband of Linda Hoover; Kathy Achterberg, sister-in-law of Linda Hoover; Freda Skinner; Cheryl Williams, daughter
of Rob & Susan Boyer; Otto Krueger; Bill Griffin; Jerry Kent; Diane Gerow; Mildred Masters; Jeannie
Olsen (Prayer requests will be listed for 4 weeks unless the church office is otherwise notified to extend the time.)
We pray for these military families: Andy Schell, Jake Bruder, Joshua Guy, Jonathan Moss, Andy
Weiant, Spencer Lohse, Trei Fleming, Christopher Luoma, Christina Lopez-Moncada, Edwin Lockhart,
Tavares Hamilton, Nick Costello, Scott Odell (If you or any member of your family have been affected by deployments, please call the church office so we may include you in our prayers).
CHRISTIAN SYMPATHY is extended to the family of Joyce Gesling, who passed away recently in
Texas. Her memorial service will be at Holy Cross on November 22 at 11 am.
ALTAR FLOWERS are given to the Glory of God by Nicholas Bettner and Don & Peggy Winter in loving
memory of Katie, beloved wife, mother and daughter.
ACOLYTES 8:00 am
9:30 am
11:00 am
Joshua Bares, Emma Kenline
Gabriella Miller, Larissa Snoddy
Hannah & Heidi Baker
Sierra Rodewald, Cordelia Hecker
Mya & Ashley Putz
Regan Ogilvie, Wyatt Breaux
available from an usher. The Hearing Assistance Devices can be used anywhere in the sanctuary.
AUDIO SERMONS may be downloaded off of our website ( click on Worship)
Free CDs of the sermon can also be ordered from the office at 596-0661. Specify which date you desire.
WI-FI is available in the church. The password to access it is 4gvns1NN3R.
Please: No food or drink in the Sanctuary and turn off cell phones.