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A position has become available for a student in the 3rd or 4th year of their commerce degree, majoring in
Actuarial Studies.
An internship worth $16,750 (tax-free). Being awarded a UNSW Co-op internship is an outstanding addition to
your resume and an excellent opportunity for you to gain experience prior to graduation. The successful
applicant will receive:
- a 24-week full-time placement beginning in January 2015 (date TBC) at PwC offering 'real-world' industry
experience, which is recognised on your UNSW AHEGS.
- fortnightly payments while on placement, during which time the intern must be enrolled as a full time
student at UNSW in a commerce (single- or double-degree) program.
More information about the industry placement requirements can be found in the ITE Guidelines.
Applicants must be a permanent resident or Australian citizen and a full-time student currently enrolled in a
commerce program (single- or double-degree), majoring in Actuarial Studies. You must have achieved a credit
minimum in all courses and overall WAM. Some industry experience is preferable. Having met the academic and
experience requirements, successful applicants are largely selected on their personal skills and motivation.
If offered the internship, you must be prepared to:
- work 24 weeks full-time at the sponsor;
- be enrolled in an internship subject worth 12- or 18-units of credit*; and
- study a maximum of two subjects in Semester 1 2015, which may affect your program completion date.
*UOC awarded to this internship subject will not count towards your degree, but will allow you to keep your
enrolment status as a as a full-time student at UNSW.
Application forms are available at www.coop.unsw.edu.au/news/vacancies/downloads/coopapp.pdf. The
application form must be accompanied by a short CV describing your industry experience.
Completed applications and CV must be received at the UNSW Co-op Program office by 3.00 pm Thursday 23
October 2014. If you are shortlisted you need to be available for an interview the week starting 3 Nov (TBA).
Visit our future students and current scholars FAQs sections of our website for
other information about the program. If you have any further questions on the
Co-op Program contact our office (details below).