A Traditional, Egalitarian, & Fully
Participatory Conservative Synagogue
Rosh Hodesh
1 Heshvan 5775
October 25, 2014
Bar Mitzvah of Dov Ushman
15 Jamesbury Drive ▪ Worcester ▪ MA ▪ 01609 ▪ 508-756-6204
To Congregation Beth Israel!
Aviva Fellman, Rabbi
Annelise Ocanto, Cantor
Deborah Fins, President
Parashat Noah
October 25, 2014
1 Cheshvan 5775
Triennial (Genesis 8:15-10:32):
Etz Hayim p. 48; Hertz p. 31
Haftarah (Isaiah 66:1-24, 23):
Etz Hayim, p. 1220; Hertz p. 944
Haftarah ~ Dov Ushman
The Congregation is invited to a Kiddush luncheon
sponsored by Wayne and Suzan Ushman in honor of
their son Dov's Bar Mitzvah
Ta Sh’ma with Rabbi Fellman!
Come and Learn a bissel of Torah!
Starting Wednesday, October 29th
First Week’s Topic: What is a Mitzvah?!
It’s more than just a good deed…
Wednesday mornings from 9:45-11am
@ Eisenberg Assisted Living Residence
631 Salisbury St., Worcester
(and again)
Wednesday evenings from 7:30-8:30
@ Congregation Beth Israel
The Auxiliary of the
JHC Paid Up Membership
Luncheon And Card Party
Tuesday, November 18, 2014
11:30 AM at the JCC Auditorium
RSVP by November 6th to
Roberta Kunen
As you may already know, on December 13, 2014, Congregation Beth Israel will be
hosting a coffeehouse featuring musical performances, silent and live auctions, and
a Raffle of Themed Gift Baskets. The event promises to be a lot of fun and will help
to raise much needed funds for BI educational programs.
If appeals for auction items donations and sponsorship did not inspire you here is
one more chance for you to make a difference - make a Themed Gift Baskets to
contribute to the raffle. The baskets’ raffles have been highly successful in previous
fundraising events here at Beth Israel. It is always so surprising how creative
people can be and people really “get into” the Themes. We hope everyone will
attend the event and the gift baskets give you another way to contribute.
To contribute a basket, here is all you need to do:
• Decide on a theme for your basket (see below for ideas)
• Call Inna Chernyakova at 508-868-0421 or email [email protected]
with the theme of your basket so we can list it on the program
• PLEASE only brand new/unused items in the basket
• Deadline for baskets is Monday, December 1st. Baskets will on display at BI
lobby and available for the raffle about 10 days prior to the coffeehouse
on December 13 .
• If you cannot get to BI to drop it off by Monday, December 1st, let Inna know
where/when it can be picked up
• If you want to contribute and don’t have time to make a basket, you can
make a donation earmarked for a basket and we can make one for you!
Sara Schweiger
Paula Sommer
Paul Martin
Richard Silverman
Liz Baker
Harriet Doronne
Bob Medlinsky
Joel Baker
Roberta Epstein
Deb Fins
David Etedgee
Eliot Sommer
Bonnie Silver
Joan Gaffin
Alan Yaffe
Alan Stoll
Steve Wolfe
Barry Epstein
Irving White
Ed Siff
Richard Silver
Parviz Shirazi
David Seidenberg
Ronald Silver
Ruth Margolis
Howard Fixler
Sharon Yaffe
Arnie Wensky
Maxine Garbo
Joel Kaufman
Anna Krendel
Bob Golden
Phyllis Spatrick
Richard Rudnick
Carol Kaufman
David Kravitz
Merna Siff
Bernie Rotman
Bunny Callahan
Alan Harris
Nina Stoll
Leon Sebag
Elaine Baskin
Victor Saffrin
Jay Aframe
Aviv Jerbi
Jacob Aframe
Yitzchak Golshirazian
Ya’akov Golishirazian
November Calendar
1st – Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat at the
Hanover Theatre
7th-9th – Shabbaton w/Ron Wolfson
14th-16th – NERUSY Leadership Convention (Chapter Board Only)
21st-22nd – Shabbat in Shul
26th – Turkey Dance
Coupons also accepted!
The next book club meeting is scheduled for Tuesday,
October 28, 2014 at 7:40 pm at home of Inna Chernyakova, 9
Herbert Road, Worcester. We will discuss The History of Love
by Nicole Krauss. To read more about the author and the
book go to
For more information about the book club contact Inna at
[email protected] or (508) 868-0421.
Become a Service Leader at BI:
Learn How to Daven Maariv!
Explore the maariv (evening) service
with Cantor Ocanto through the
musical settings (nusach) of weekday
and Shabbat. Learn the liturgical
background and festive tunes
associated with these two different
services. Completing this class successfully will enable
you to lead a Shiva minyan and weekday and
Shabbat services.
What a wonderful mitzvah and contribution
to our community!
First class begins:
Wed., October 29, 2014
6:15-7:30 p.m.
(Includes Minyan at 7 p.m.)
In the Chapel
Future dates :
November 5, 12, 19
December 3, 10, 17
For more information, contact Cantor Ocanto at
[email protected] or 508-756-6204
Community Events
Rabbi Fellman will be teaching a class on Jewish Parenting
What’s Changed? What’s Still the Same?
Fri., October 24, 2014
30 Tishri 5775
7:00 am Morning Minyan
5:35 pm Candle Lighting
6:00 pm Kabbalat Shabbat
Sat., October 25, 2014
1 Heshvan 5775
Bar Mitzvah of Dov
9:00 am Shabbat Services
1:30 pm Afternoon Services
6:33 pm Shabbat Ends
Sunday, October 26, 2014
2 Heshvan 5775
8:30 am Morning Minyan
9:30 am Shelter Meal
7:00 pm Evening Minyan
Wed., October 29, 2014
5 Heshvan 5775
7:00 am Morning Minyan
4:00 pm PaRDeS
6:30 pm Hebrew High
7:00 pm Evening Minyan
Thur., October 30, 2014
6 Heshvan 5775
7:00 am Morning Minyan
7:00 pm Evening Minyan
7:30 pm BI Board Meeting
Fri., October 31, 2014
7 Heshvan 5775
7:00 am Morning Minyan
5:25 pm Candle Lighting
6:00 pm Kabbalat Shabbat
Monday, October 27, 2014
3 Heshvan 5775
8:30 am Morning Minyan
4:00 pm PaRDeS
7:00 pm Evening Minyan
Sat., November 1, 2014
8 Heshvan 5775
Federation Shabbat
9:00 am Shabbat Services
1:30 pm Afternoon Services
6:24 pm Shabbat Ends
Tuesday, October 28, 2014
4 Heshvan 5775
7:00 am Morning Minyan
7:00 pm Evening Minyan
Sunday, November 2, 2014
9 Heshvan 5775
8:30 am Morning Minyan
7:00 pm Evening Minyan