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4-Vs – EPM, BI Practice Competency
BI Tool
Data Quality
Data Mining
Knowledge Management
Balanced Scorecard
Corporate Reporting
Budgeting, Planning,
Forecasting and
Data Management
Data Integration
Data Management
Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Implementation
Basel II
Costing Analytics
Network Analysis
Production Reporting and
Compliance Reporting
Reporting & Analytics on SCOR
Sales and Marketing
Anti Money Laundering/ KYC
Revenue Assurance
Supply Chain Analytics
Customer and Product Analytics
Asset and Liability Management
Retail Customer and Product
Customer: Acquisition, Churn
Management, Segmentation,
profitability, Lifetime Value
Business Intelligence
Service Offerings
Financial MIS
Risk and Regulatory
Reporting and Analytics
HR Analytics
Inventory Management Data
BI-EPM Overview, 4-Vs Offerings
Business Intelligence (BI) applications are decision support tools that enable real-time, interactive
The SAP EPM solutions offer comprehensive functionality for Strategy management, Planning and
Consolidation, Profitability and Cost management, Financial Consolidation, XBRL publishing, Financial
Information management, intercompany reconciliation, Spend performance management, Supply Chain
performance management and many other emerging areas.
Enterprise Solutions
Rapid Deployment
Services / Accelerators
Business Analytics , Budgeting, Planning
Upgrades and Rollouts
24*7 Application Support
SAP Co-Innovation Solutions
SAP BI BPC Tools,Acclerators
Testing Services
- Hyderabad
- Australia
Head Count
- 50
Center of Excellence
Proven Methodologies
- Implementation
- Support
- Upgrade
Technology-Industry Matrix, BI Group
Core Skills
Technology – Industry Matrix
BI Group – Core Skills
Tools and Accelerators
Key Customer services/capabilities,
• Case Studies
Technology – Industry Matrix
Industry - Technology
Real Estate
Oil & Gas
Health Care / Medical
October 13
The BI Group – Core skills
Skills in:
• Planning & Consolidation : SAP BPS, BPC 7.5 & 10.0 & Integrated Planning
• ETL : SAP BW,, Data stage, BO Data Integrator, SAP HANA, HADOOP
• Reporting : SAP BW, Business Objects, EPM - BPC
• Database: Oracle, DB2, Sybase, SAS, SQL Server
• Data Mining: BW, APO
Training: Rolled out BI-BPS-TPM, BI-CRM, BI-BPC Top-Down & Bottom-Up training &
demonstration and methodology courses on specific vendor tools. Staff certified in DW
and DM products and methodology
Industry Models/Resource Expertise for FMCG, Retail, Banking, Manufacturing,
Pharmaceuticals, Oil &Gas, Healthcare & Medicine
Methodology CMMI compliant integrated Data Warehousing and Data Mining
October 13
Tools and Accelerators
• Templates across various phases of the project lifecycle
• Knowledge repository for leveraging across projects along with BPC,BO,BW Training Videos
• Identified Subject Matter Experts for Industries and technology areas
• Special Interest group for collaboration
• Centre of Excellence for Proof-of-concepts and research
• POC BO (flash needed)
• End User Training
October 13
Useful Tools and Accelerators
Project Work Plan
Implementation plan for SAP BI project based on best practices
Report & Dashboard Specification
Template incorporating best practices to capture report/dashboard specifications
Business Content reports
List of best practice Business Content reports, relevant for organizations, based
on implementation experience
UAT Templates
UAT specification templates
Project Management templates
Project tracking and exception reporting templates (PMC)
Training docs
Training material for various class of users of the system
Technical Design templates
Technical design documents for standard cubes and custom ETL specifications
SAP BW Go-Live checklist
Checklist based on best practices to ensure smooth transition from realization to
project go-live
Interfaces templates/BPC Input
Specification templates for interfaces to systems other than ECC & BPC
Business User sample input templates
Interview Questionnaire template
Templates for requirements gathering through User Interviews
October 13
4-Vs Customer Services / Capabilities
4-Vs Systems have developed several Consulting and Co-Innovation solutions :
• FMCG Giant (PepsiCo, Unilever, Alamrai Group)
- Sales, Trade Promotion Cost (CRM-BPS) , Profit and loss planning
- Company level KPIs reports & dashboards such as turnover, PBT,Creditors
Debtors etc
• Leading Confectioner ( Cadbury, Nestle)
- client & Brand profitability
- Mixed scorecard to showcase variances
- Complete integration of APO,BI,ECC & CRM
• Leading Advertising agency ( DDB Bahrain, JWT Bahrain)
- Integrated pricing solution involving ECC,BI,PPM & BPC
- Integrated planning solution to manage resources staff cost and provide better utilization
- Complete integration of APO,BI,ECC & CRM
• Leading Financial Institution (Bank of America, SABB)
- Data warehouse re-design Analytical (highly complex) -> Operational (simplified)
- Implementation/innovation of Version dependent hierarchy BPC 10.0,white paper
• Leading Retail Giant (Abunayyan Group, Lulu, Planet Retail, Religare Wellness)
- Implementation/innovation of stock-ageing by FIFO logic for independent store and warehouse
- Gross Margin analysis and Supply Chain Operations reference (SCOR) EPM Dashboards
• Leading Real Estate sector (Marvel Realtors, ALHANOO)
- Sales funnel analysis (Inquiry -> Quotation -> Order), dashboard company level
- Implementation/innovation of sales representative scorecard with real time data & dashboard
Co-Innovation Products : SAP BPC – CRM –TPM
Integration (PoultryUSA)
Integration BPC-BI-CRM-TPM
4-Vs System’s Co-Innovation initiative
• Allows companies to do Top down &
Bottom up TPM Cost Planning with
• Ability to extend the model to
demand planning (SCM), P & L
planning etc.
• Ability to connect to any non-account
Info-Cube at BW thus increase of
spectrum for Planning &
Planning, Budget & Consolidation, Analytics for a US Banking giant
Client Background
The client is one of the leading financial institution in US with its offices in Asia Pacific, with an extensive country
wide banking operations.
Client Issues
• Lack of stability & performance in existing Data warehouse
• Lack of an operational BW Data-warehouse for Planning & Consolidation
• Performance & design issues in existing BO Crystal reports.
• Maintenance & performance tuning of existing Analytical BW on which all reporting & dash-boarding is done
Solutions Delivered
• Design and development of operational data warehouse with simplified data models
• Removal of code blocks and reduction in no. of ADB (average daily balance) data sources
• Smart re-usable data model with semantic partitioned objects (spo”s) in BW, lob and aggregate models
in BPC
• Leveraging EPM Connector for dash-boarding on standard and cpmb cubes
• Move & Collapse logic, Version dependent hierarchies
• BO 4.0 Upgrade
Client Benefits
• Planning at Company level with a simplified easily maintained & generic data warehouse
• BO Crystal reports performance & output quality improved through BO 4.0 upgrade
• Complex Code blocks at ODS level & copies of ADB data sources present in analytical BW system
removed in operational BW through usage of logical partitioning of data at Infopackage level
October 13
SAP BW, SAP BO Implementation for a leading paints manufacturing firm
Client Background
The client is one of the leading paints manufacturer in India and an established leader in the Industrial Paints
Client Issues
The client was looking for a solution that could cater to the decision support requirements across the enterprise
and at various levels within the organization.
• Data for analysis stored across multiple applications and excel sheets
• Silos of information for decision support, leading to frequent mismatch in reported KPIs
• Performance impact on core ERP system on account of reporting/analysis requirements
Solutions Delivered
Resource employed its DW Implementation methodology for implementing this project. The solution was
deployed using SAP BW. Reporting and analysis was carried out using the Web front end which allowed the user
to customize report formats according to their requirements. The project was implemented in a Phased manner,
with the resource's firm responsible for implementing Phase 1 of the project. Phase 1 of the project focused on
Sales Analysis, including Sales, Accounts Receivables & Phase 2 on Management Cockpit & BO Dashboards
The following were key steps in the approach that was followed:
• Identification of the KPIs and parameters for analysis across functions and levels
• Design of the system to cater to these requirements based on SAP BW technology
• Construction of system – ETL, Info cubes, reports, BO Universes & Dashboards
• Implementation, training and change management procedures
Client Benefits:
• Streamlined reporting/analysis environment. Users could focus more on analysis, rather than data collection
and consolidation
• MIS Reporting load has been taken off the ERP to a large extent
Performance Measurement framework for a FMCG giant – SAP BW, SAP BO
Client Background
The client is one of the largest cola manufacturers in India, with an extensive country wide manufacturing setup
and distribution network.
Client Issues
• Lack of standardization in current management reporting framework
• Extensive use of spreadsheets for storing valuable reports and data exposing corporate data to security threats
• Huge manual effort in preparing, circulating, updating and maintaining reports
• Quality of data captured across systems, multiple master data issue
• Absence of tool for analytical reporting
BI Framework devising consisting of Technical Architecture and an Enterprise wide performance measurement
framework of KPIs encompassing strategic, tactical and operational measures for the client. As part of the
assignment, also drew up the BI roadmap and investment plan to set up the BI infrastructure.
Solutions Delivered
Tried and tested BI/CPM Methodology and Data Warehousing Phase Zero methodology to carry out the
The following are key steps in the solutions
• Interviews and Workshops with Top Management, Business Users to identify and define KPIs
• Linkage of KPIs to strategies and initiatives, design of scorecards
• Mapping of KPIs to various source systems to identify gaps in data capture
• Constructed BW Infocubes, BEx Queries, BO Universes, Dashboards, Adhoc reports in Webi & design of BPC
Models & Input templates with optimized script logic.
• Defining Business Intelligence Roadmap, Investment Plan
Client Benefits
• Performance Measurement framework designed for all levels of the organization
• BI Technical architecture in line with business requirements
• BI implementation roadmap for quick wins and long term growth plans
• Master Data Management strategy
• Analytics with top level reports & dashboards for both beverages & snacks sections
October 13
SAP BW, BO Implementation for a major Cement & Real Estate firm
Client Background
The client is one of the leading cement & real-estate firm with its operations in Asia-Pacific
Client Issues
The client had an issue in Costing (material & activity cost) & analytics on cost per ton of cement produced
Major issues that the client was facing:
• Cost Audit Reports (CARR) for deriving cost per tone of Cement produced
• Company level business health analysis & dashboard on Turnover, Production, Dispatch, Creditors, Debtors
& Profit before Tax
Solution Delivered
• Interviews with users to identify and prioritize MIS reporting requirements
• Design of the SAP BW system to cater to these requirements construction of system – ETL, Infocubes, reports
Universes & Crystal reports, Dashboards , Implementation and training
Client Benefits
The client gained the following benefits on account of this project streamlined reporting/analysis environment :
• Users could focus more on analysis, rather than data collection and consolidation, reduced cost per ton of
cement produced & hence increased profitability
• MIS Reporting load has been taken off the ERP to a large extent
SAP BW, BO, BPC Implementation for a Major Real Estate firm
Client Background
The client is one of the leading real-estate firm with its operations in Asia-Pacific
Client Issue
The client had an issue in analysis of sales representative performance & sales funnel
Major issues that the client was facing:
• Sales representative scorecard reporting & sales funnel analysis (Inquiry -> Quotations -> Orders) reporting
& dash-boarding
• Company level, Profit Center/Plant level sales , profit & loss & demand planning
Solutions Delivered
Employed DW Implementation methodology for the project.
The following were key steps in the approach that was followed:
• Design of info-cube on top of orders, billing header, billing item & partner function extractors, design of BEx
query for Sales representative scorecard & dashboard design in BO
• Design of LOB & Aggregate Models for planning, EPM Dash boarding on CPMB & standard Info-cubes,
input template cum reports on sales planning & profit & loss planning
Client Benefits
The client gained the following benefits on account of this project streamlined reporting/analysis environment with
effective sales representative performance tracking, Inquiry -> Quotations -> Orders (Sales funnel) analytics &
dash-boarding, sales planning - forecasting & profit & loss planning thus leading to overall business growth &
SAP BW - BI Roll- Out, Upgrade & Support for a Bathroom & Kitchen
accessories giant
Client Background
The Client is a global manufacturer of bath & kitchen products & is a lead supplier of toilet & kitchen accessories
across US, Canada & Mexico serving major industry verticals like hospitality, institutional as well as individual
end user demands. Company's overall average turnover of $750 million last 5 years.
Client Issue
• Report, ETL performance
• Data visibility issues
• Lack of reporting structure/analytics for logistics
• Lack of Inventory spend analysis
• Lack of Gross Margin analysis for Sales, Finance & Costing
• Lack of P& L, Sales planning model (in SAP)
Solution Delivered
4-Vs Systems employed its DW Implementation methodology for the project.
System white wash & fine-tuning technique used to improve & optimize data load & reporting performance
Identifying gaps in existing Info-cube designs & fine tuning the same for better analytics visibility
LDW implemented to analyze various freights levied on various stock keeping units (sku)
Successful Upgrade to EhP1.
Client Benefits
Gross Margin analysis could be done by customer for all the three areas sales, finance & costing on the basis of
yearly top – selling SKUs. Up-gradation to EhP1 led to inclusion of high end reporting & dash boarding through
Business Objects.
Chief Executive Officer
email :[email protected]
Website : www.4-vs.com