Business Plan 2015 – 16

Business Plan 2015 – 16
OUR VISION Fostering Excellence in Physiotherapy | Physiotherapists actively making a difference
OUR ROLE The Physiotherapy Board is the statutory body which sets standards, monitors and promotes competence, continuing professional
development and proper conduct for the practice of physiotherapy in the interests of public health and safety.
How we work
The Board will be:
Kaitiaki: Custodial
We take our responsibilities seriously and are protective of
Kōrerorero: Engaging
We will engage with our stakeholders as we value their
Takatū: Adaptable
We acknowledge that we need to plan and adapt to meet
future needs.
Whakamārama: Accountable
We are proud of what we do and take a quality assurance
approach to how we do it.
The Board are supported by the Secretariat who operationalise the work of
the Board. The Secretariat is led by a Chief Executive who has responsibility
for the overall management of the organisation. The Chief Executive has the
authority to establish Advisory Groups, and to provide advice as required.
Main areas of focus
Accountability to our Stakeholders Stakeholders are confident in what we do
and actively engage with the Board.
Regulating for a Future Workforce Physiotherapy workforce regulation
supports a flexible, responsible and sustainable workforce.
Regulatory Performance The Board takes a quality assurance approach to the
work it does.
Organisational Performance There is a high performing organisation to support
and implement the decisions of the Board.
What we plan to do
Jeanette Woltman-Black
Chief Executive
Focus on our customers | Continue to improved our website | Maintain active presence internationally |
Consult on proposed recertification changes | Review Post Graduate Scope | Implement proposed Binational practice thresholds | Analyse complaint trends | Develop a Workforce Plan | Evaluate return to
practice programme |Continue the collaborative New Zealand Graduate Longitudinal Study | Benchmark
Board performance against other RA’s | Review internal registration systems and processes | Develop new
scopes | Explore methodology for identification of risk to the public | Maintain stakeholder engagement |
Continue the workforce survey | Develop a framework for skilled overseas applicants | Review use of
clinical simulation | Plan in place for high risk clinical activities | Complete a successful external financial
audit | Implement a planned approach to sharing of resources with other RA’s | Develop Board performance
indicators | Review complaints and notification processes and systems |
Implement a Quality Assurance Programme
Janice Mueller