TIGER RAG October 2014 The Official Magazine of

October 2014
The Official Magazine of
The New Zealand Paper Tiger Owners
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Who’s who?
Mark Hatch
06 758 7577
[email protected]
Vice President
Scott Peterson
021 207 3193
[email protected]
Bonnie Johnstone
06 7582002
[email protected]
Jamie Sutherland
06 759 4655
[email protected]
Team Wellington
Lynley Manning
Glenn Syman
04 3889522
[email protected]
04 4791160 / 0274321526
[email protected]
Your details here?
Chris Reid
06 870 9982
[email protected]
Robin Connor
04 5626376
[email protected]
Team Taranaki
Stuart Taylor
06 7588901
[email protected]
Mark Bell
09 480 7636
[email protected]
Waikato/ BOP
Richard Dent
Stuart Taylor
Hawkes Bay
Scott Pedersen
Jim Moore
John Tattersall
Upper SI
Bob Preston/
Dave Shaw
Central SI
Harry Dawber
Lower SI
Murray Grimwood
Area Representatives
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[email protected]
06 758 8901
[email protected]
021 207 3193
[email protected]
06 348 8182
[email protected]
04 562 8975
[email protected]
03 546 6887
[email protected]
03 33238137
[email protected]
03 465 8318
[email protected]
What’s Inside:
Who’s who? .............................................................................................. 2
Area Representatives ................................................................................. 2
What’s Inside:........................................................................................... 3
Disclaimer ................................................................................................ 3
About the Paper Tiger and the NZPTOA ........................................................ 4
Life Members of the NZPTOA ....................................................................... 4
Editorial ................................................................................................... 4
The President’s Report ............................................................................... 5
2015 Paper Tiger Nationals – Napier ............................................................ 6
NEW ZEALAND MASTERS GAMES 5th/6th/7th February 2015 ....................... 10
Events – for your calendar ........................................................................ 11
Aunty Doris’s Recipe Spot ......................................................................... 11
The Publicity Officer’s Report .................................................................... 12
Family Notices......................................................................................... 14
Area Rep’s Reports .................................................................................. 14
Buy - Sell - Swap - Lost - Found ................................................................ 17
Cover Photo:
Finish Line : Tigers on the Bay 2011 : Wellington – photo Rachel Leatham
The opinions expressed in this magazine are those of the contributors and not necessarily those
of the NZPTOA, its executive, committee members or editors. Publication of maintenance
techniques or modifications should be weighed against generally accepted procedures (and
good common sense) and the NZPTOA should not be considered an authority in this area. The
mention of products, service procedures or service organisations herein does not constitute
endorsement by the NZPTOA, the Tiger Rag or its editors.
Nationals – Napier Sailing Club 13th to 17th January 2015
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About the Paper Tiger and the NZPTOA
The Paper Tiger is a catamaran designed by Ron Given of New Zealand in 1968.
It is widely sailed in New Zealand and Australia. Class rules allow hull construction from
plywood, kevlar, fibreglass or carbon fibre. The boat is suitable for home built construction. The
rig features an aluminium mast with a fully battened sail. Class rules allow adjustable
downhaul, outhaul, kicker and lower forestays. This provides a wide sailing envelope over a
range of wind and sea conditions. Optimum sailing conditions are 5-25 knots. Centre boards
and rudders can be retractable.
New Zealand Championship Regatta's have been held since 1969. Trans Tasman Interdominion
regattas are held between the top 10 sailors from each country.
The NZ Paper Tiger Class is governed by the NZ Paper Tiger Owners Association (NZPTOA). The
class is affiliated to Yachting New Zealand. There are area representatives throughout New
Zealand who can assist you in, joining the class
and providing technical support and encouragement. For more information visit the website at
Life Members of the NZPTOA
Ron Given
Ian Maclennan
Terry Valder
John Thomson
Glenn Syman
First of all – apologies for the great delay in getting this mag out. We have been a little distracted.
Many eyes are looking to the regatta program – there’s a full program in place so you have options for your level of
participation. Please plan to hit as many of these regattas as you can, these offer great opportunities in the build up to
the Nationals and Internationals. And it’s also great to have time and an excuse to catch up with fleet members from
other regions.
There are a lot of people putting a lot of work into making these regattas happen – thank you to all involved, we
appreciate you.
The Nationals are certainly coming up quickly – the Napier team are, as usual, doing a grand job in getting ready for us.
It would be terrific to have a huge turnout, and from all divisions of the fleet - newbies to long term PT addicts. Please
book your leave and accommodation early. And remember to send your entries in smartly.
From there the NZ Teams for the Internationals in Sydney at Easter will be selected. We are intending to fill the
container with 20 boats and Mark Hatch is already underway in organising this. He has advised that Maersk Line have
confirmed they will assist again next year which is terrific. The more boats we take the better the cost breakdown is for
all. Accommodation is also being organised also. More details will be advised closer to the time.
We intend sending out an update before Christmas, so please send in your reports, photo’s, gossip etc.
See you on the water.
Glenn Syman
PT 2922 Unplugged
Lynley Manning
PT 2800 one fish – two fish
Page 4
The President’s Report
While the rest of us are contemplating the new season team Wellington is racing in their winter
series. I caught up 10 of them coming off the water a couple of weeks ago. They had just
finished 2 races back to back on a bitterly cold Saturday afternoon. Once the wind chill was
taken into account the temperature was zero. The conditions looked tougher than the Brass
Monkey and Frostbusters combined. Great turnout, plenty of team spirit and a lot of happy
Stuart Taylor has finalised dates and venues for the North Island Grand Prix and Freshwater
Series this season. We have the Horowhenua Cup, Ngaroto, East Cost Champs and the Sir
Peter Blake Regatta before Christmas. The East Coast Champs provides the opportunity to
prepare for the Nationals. Full details will be published on the web site shortly.
Preparation for the Nationals and International selection trials is well underway. Dates are 13 th
– 17th January 2015. The Notice of Race and Entry forms will be posted onto the web site this
month. Westshore Motor Camp are offering a discount on their camp, cabins and motel units
for us. It would pay to start making bookings as January is always a busy time. The Ross
780’s and Hartley 16’s will have their nationals at Napier at the same time but will be racing on
a separate course.
The venue and timing for the Internationals has been finalised. This year the contest will be
held in Sydney and run out of the Kurnell Cat Club on the southern shores of Botany Bay. This
will be a good sailing venue with predictable breezes. Our plan is to take 20 boat team to
Australia and we are currently working on shipping logistics and sponsorship. We will be firming
up details this month and will send out an update by the end of August.
NZPTOA membership fees for 2014-2015 season will be due in September. We will send out
reminders by email with banking details to allow direct crediting to simplify the process.
Congratulations to Sel Petersen who turns 65 on 10 th August. While I doubt he has any
intention of retiring we will all get to start paying his wages. Sel has the privilege of joining
the ranks of the Great Grand Master’s which means he still has to be in the top 10 to be in with
a chance of winning this division.
Thanks to Lynley Manning and Glenn Syman for putting together this edition of the Tiger Rag
and to Robin Conner for updating NZPTOA web site.
Mark Hatch
PT3075 Bad Boy
From Genesis: "And God promised men that good and obedient wives would be found in all
corners of the earth."
Then He made the earth round...and He laughed and laughed.
Page 5
2015 Paper Tiger Nationals – Napier
2015 Paper Tiger National Championship and Selection
13th to 17th January
Napier Sailing Club
Notice of Race
The Organising Authority is the Napier Sailing Club Inc.
West Quay, P.O. Box 12048, Napier.
The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing.
For protests where a rule of Part 2 or Rule 31 is alleged to have been broken an arbitration
hearing will be offered prior to any formal hearing.
Yachting New Zealand safety regulations part 1 will apply.
Boats may be required to display advertising chosen and supplied by the Organising
The regatta is open to all boats of the Paper Tiger class that comply with the class rules and
who are current financial members of the Class Association.
Eligible boats may enter by completing the contest entry form and sending it, together with
the required fee, to Nationals Sailing Week Regatta, Napier Sailing Club, P.O.Box, 12048,
Napier or by
Emailing the contest entry form to [email protected] and depositing the
required entry fee into the following bank account 03 0698 0040708 00 and providing the
following details Particulars – Boat Name; Code – Sail Number; and Reference –
Helmsperson Surname
Completed entries and fully paid entry fees must be received by Friday 9th January 2015.
Late entries, accompanied by the contest entry fee plus the late entry fee may be accepted at
the race committee’s discretion until 1700 hours Tuesday 13th January 2015.
To be eligible to compete each competitor shall be a financial member of a club recognised
by the competitor’s national authority.
Page 6
Required fees are as follows:
Contest Entry Fee of $160.00 to be paid by 9th January. (Entry fee also includes prize giving
meal and regatta towel)
Late Entry Fee of $30.00 will be charged. ( No towel will provided.)
Tuesday 13th January 2015
From 10.00 to 17.00 hours
Measurement and inspection:
Tuesday 13th January 2015
From 10.00 to 17.00 hours
Briefing and welcome:
Wednesday 14th January 2015
0900 hours
Racing schedule:
Wednesday14th January 2015
3 races back to back.
Thursday 15 January 2015
3 races back to back.
Friday 16th January 2015
3 races back to back.
Saturday 17 January 2015
2 races back to back.
The scheduled time of the warning signal for the first race of the contest each day is 11.00
On Saturday 17th January no warning signal will be made after 15.00 hours.
Boats will be weighed and other measurements taken to ensure boats meet class rules and
safety regulations. Any sails not previously signed will also be measured.
A safety declaration is to be completed at registration. NB a safety check may be made on
any boat at any time during the event.
The sailing instructions will be available after registration on Tuesday 13th January 2015 at
the Napier Sailing Club.
The venue is the Napier Sailing Club, West Quay, Ahuriri, Napier. The sailing area is on the
waters of Hawke Bay.
The courses to be sailed will be Triangle / Windward Leeward and beat to finish at the top
Rules 44.1 and 44.2 are changed so that the Two-Turns Penalty is replaced by the One-Turn
Page 7
Five races are required to be completed to constitute a series.
(a) When fewer than 5 races have been completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of
her race scores.
(b) When from 5 to 9 races have been completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of her
race scores excluding her worst score.
(c) When 9 races have been completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of her race
scores excluding her two worst scores.
Unless otherwise directed by the Organising Authority, all competing boats and equipment
shall be launched and retrieved from the Napier Sailing Club ramps.
Except in an emergency, a boat shall neither make radio transmissions while racing nor
receive radio communications not available to all boats. This restriction also applies to
mobile phones.
Prizes will be given as follows:
A Division 1st,2nd,3rd.
B Division 1st,2nd,3rd
C Division 1st, 2nd,3rd.
Woman’s division 1st.
Junior,Master,Grand master,Great Grand master 1st place only.
Most improved.
Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See rule 4, Decision to Race.
The organising authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury
or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta.
For further information please contact:
The Manager,
Napier Sailing Club,
P.O.Box 12048,
Phone 06 835 3811.
[email protected]
Paper Tiger
Chris Reid
(06) 870 9982
021 790 990
[email protected]
Page 8
2015 Paper Tiger National Championship and selection trials
13 to 17 January 2015
Napier Sailing Club
Organising Authority:
Sail Number
Napier Sailing Club (Inc)
West Quay, Ahuriri
Hull Colour
P.O. Box 12048, Napier
Boat Name
Skipper/ Crew #1
First Name
First Name
Male / Female
Male / Female
Date of Birth
Date of Birth
Yacht Club
Yacht Club
Phone - Work
I agree to be bound by the Racing Rules of Sailing and all other rules that govern this event. I understand that yacht racing has inherent risks and
dangers that are beyond the control of the organizing authority. I understand that neither the organising authority and its officers, members and servants
nor other persons assisting with the conduct of the regatta accept any responsibility in respect of any injury or loss to person or property that may be
sustained by reason of participation in the regatta or howsoever arising in connection with the regatta.
I agree to the use of my photograph(s) and other relevant information in any event publicity and in the ongoing promotion of New Zealand yachting. I
agree to the Organising Authority and Yachting New Zealand holding the above information for the general administration and well-being of the sport,
and for them to retain, use and disclose the information to affiliated organisations and any other persons or organisations that Yachting New Zealand
believes will further the interests and objectives of Yachting New Zealand. I acknowledge my right to access to and correction of this information. The
consent is given in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.
Helmsperson’s Signature (Parent or Guardian if
under 18)
Crew’s Signature
Enclosures (if stated as required to be presented in Notice of Race)
Entry Fee
Proof of Club
Proof of Class Assn
Office Use
Entry Fee Paid
Cash / Cheque / Eftpos
And don’t forget accommodation:
Page 9
Extra towels No below
$ amount to be advised
NEW ZEALAND MASTERS GAMES 5th/6th/7th February 2015
Notice of Race
The organising authority is the Wanganui Sailing Club.
Officer of the Day is Mr Tony Brown
1 Rules
The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing 2013
Sailing instructions will be available upon registration
2 Eligibility and Entry
To be eligible to compete the competitor shall be a member of a sailing club or a financial
member of a club recognised by yachting New Zealand
3 Fees
As per Masters Games registration
4 Schedule
Thursday 5th February
Briefing will be held at 10:00 and
First warning signal not before 11:55
Three races back to back
Friday 6th February
First warning signal not before 11:25
Three races back to back
Saturday 7th February
First warning signal will not before 11:40
Three races back to back
No racing will start after 15:00
Prize giving will follow after racing on Saturday
5 Classes to sail
All classes are welcome
6 Sailing Instructions
Sailing instructions will be available on registration on Thursday 5 th February or on line from
August 4th 2014 at Master Games website
7 Venue
Venue will be held on the Wanganui river.
8 Disclaimer of liability
Competitors participate in all races entirely at their own risk. The organising authority will not
accept and liability for material damage or personal injury.
For information contact Stewart Thomas Club Captain
PH 06 3447503 CELL 027 289-5611
Email [email protected]
Page 10
Events – for your calendar
Regional/Freshwater Date
Muritai Yacht Club
Horowhena Cup
25-26 October 2014
Ngaroto Yacht Club
Paper Tiger Regatta
15 - 16 November 2014
Napier Yacht Club
East Coast Champs
29 - 30 November 2014
Torbay Yacht Club
Sir Peter Blake Regatta
6-7 December 2014
New Plymouth Yacht Club
New Plymouth Regatta
14 - 15 February 2015
Turangi Yacht Club
Paper Tiger NI Champs
28 Feb – 1 March 2015
Evans Bay
Wellington Centreboard Champs Regional
14 - 15 March 2015
Lake Taupo Yacht Club
Lake Taupo Regatta
14 - 15 March 2015
Sailors greetings
Attached is the calendar with event dates for both the Fresh Water and Grand Prix series for the
coming season. Please mark up these dates on your calendars/fridge and I look forward to
catching up at the Horowhenua Cup, to be hosted by Muritai this year. There is an unfortunate
clash on the calendar this season with The Mighty River Power regatta (Lake Taupo) being held
on the same w/e as Wellington Centreboard Champs (Wellington’s nominated regatta for the
Grand Prix Series). As a class we are not involved with the organisation of these regattas and
from what I understand there is very little chance of these dates changing. This could
potentially split the fleet so we will likely put out a news bulletin prior to the event to let you
know where the majority of the fleet are congregating.
Stu Taylor
PT2989 Whispering Jack
Aunty Doris’s Recipe Spot
Shot Glass Snacks
A quick and easy idea for nibbles.
Line up your shot glasses
Plop a spoonful of dip into the bottom of the glass
Jam in a few vegetable sticks – carrot, celery, capsicum
Add a couple of tomatoes on a wee kebab stick
Variations are endless
Page 11
Choose your weapons wisely.
Fast Paper Tiger Sails available in two options:
Stratis $1650 + GST (ex Auckland loft)
Dacron $1515 + GST (ex Auckland loft)
Contact Andy Pilcher – [email protected] | www.doylesails.co.nz
The Publicity Officer’s Report
We repeat:
This position is currently vacant, and vitally important. Rowdy has done a supreme job of
setting up an excellent network and now we need someone to pick this up and keep it moving
Rowdy has set up a beaut facebook page, and an email group to contacts at organisations such
as crew.org, sailworld etc for the various communications he sent out. From this has come a
feature in the Seaspray magazine, and of course on the TV One News spot during the Nationals.
He was also involved in getting the Boat Show stand off the ground.
So it’s all pretty well set up and ready for you… Please give this serious consideration; this could
be your year to do your bit for the fleet. Please contact a member of the exec with your queries.
Page 12
Page 13
The next generation of Paper Tiger sails and suspension tramps.
Brett Linton
Linton Sails, PO Box 14594, Wellington
Phone: (04) 348 8447 or 027 487 1611
Email: [email protected]
Family Notices
It’s with much sadness that we farewell Wendy Syman. She lost her battle with cancer on 5
September, peacefully in her sleep. She was the real worker during our several years as
NZPTOA Secretary/Treasurer, and a great supporter of the class. We’ll all miss her at future
Area Rep’s Reports
Hawkes Bay
Busy winter for the guys here in Hawkes Bay. Busy sorting out the up-coming Nationals to try
to make sure we have the best regatta possible. Hope the weather plays ball and we have lots
of eager participants.
On a more fun note our golf rivalry is hotting up. After a very successful weekend in Taupo this
time I managed to wrestle the trophy off the Percy's for the first time. It will be all on again at
the end of the month in Waipukarau for the next instalment where I am sure they will be keen
to get it back. On a sad note John Beavis has sold his boat and will leave us one down for next
season, hope he stays in touch. I am off to the US for work for a few months so will miss the
start of the season but will see you all in Napier for the East Coast Champs on the 29th and
30th of November and the Nationals 13th - 17th January. Let’s all get motivated for a hard
competition, and to put together the best team possible to get the chocolates over
in Aussie next year.
See you there.
Scott Pedersen
PT 3109 Sabre
We are all looking forward to the new season and all the events in the North Island scheduled
so far. There are two more that are available in Wanganui.
The Masters Games for over 40 men and over 35 women is on 5th to 7th February 2015 and we
would like to see more than the six paper tigers that sailed last time. Note that the 6 th is a
Page 14
Public Holiday and you have Sunday to travel home. There will be camping available at the
venue or at other sailors properties nearby.
Registration is through this link http://www.nzmg.com/
The Wanganui Regatta is on 21st and 22nd March 2015 with details posted on the Sailing
Wanganui website closer to the time. It does not clash with other events that we are aware of
and it is the official Central Districts Regatta this year.
There are rumours of repairs being made to various paper tigers during the off season and
some shiny new parts that will grace some tigers in our local fleet.
We look forward to meeting you all at some of the events scheduled in the coming season and
good luck with the winter maintenance.
Jim Moore
PT 2868 Hot Gossip
This year’s Evans Bay Winter Series has been providing some testing conditions, unlike the
balmy days and light winds often experienced in recent years. 11 boats have so far contested
the series. After 6 races, Rowdy Leatham leads with 2 wins, Andy Brown has been producing
consistent results for 2nd and Remy Thomassen holds 3rd place overall including 1 win (…shout
the bar!!). The series runs fortnightly until August 16th.
A few boats have been getting attention in the sheds over winter, with Brett Gawn’s “Sundae”,
Jane Thomassen’s “Pom Puss” and Murray Gibbons’ “Bird Brain” all rumoured to be looking
smart for the upcoming season. The Wellington fleet remains strong, with around 20 boats
likely to be active this season; 11 at Evans Bay and 9 at Muritai. Unfortunately, Colin Rankin
has hung up his sailing boots for the time being, with PT 3107 “Agent Provocateur” heading to a
new home in Auckland.
If anyone is looking for a boat builder, Scott Barker is back on the tools full time. Now if we
could only get him back on to a PT as well…..
John Tattersall
PT 600 “If Only”
Page 15
Take a look at the PT Station 2 in Vectorworks drawing and answer the two questions.
Are you interested in a kitset project for making hulls quickly from CNC precut foam sheets?
Five parties prepared to invest $300 required to get a professional designer started.
Hulls will be light and within 2 mm of an agreed shape as defined by a spreadsheet.
Would suit people wanting to replace their existing heavy or weak hulls and reuse good gear.
Project goals, and personal responsibilities will be defined.
Joke: Guess which boat was on top when Tiger Lily got holed inside the garage?
Hint: The Tiger Lily photo is wrong.
No Joke: Scavenger is now a mono hull and parts are being redeployed from the wreckers garage.
Why: Bounced up a bank, over two fences and landed on a millionaires driveway.
Observation: Both cobbled together boats broke their recycled JT2 masts at the same place, in quite different
Fix: Internal carbon fibre space frame made from broken Ice Hockey sticks.
Actually not having either mast rigged to the hulls would have been a preventative measure.
Hulls inside the shed even better.
Page 16
Best regards
pp Jacqualine Ball
Glamourous Secretary serving Canterbury NZPTOA members for this season only.
Buy - Sell - Swap - Lost - Found
There are often ads for Paper Tigers who need to be re-homed on tradme
There is a shortage of good boats. If you know of anyone who is considering moving their baby on suggest they place
an ad on our website, or contact your Area Rep.
Next deadline is very soon
Send it is now, we will be sending an update before Christmas.
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