New Zealand Influenza Symposium The inaugural 12 November 2014

The inaugural
New Zealand Influenza Symposium
12th November 2014
Tamaki Campus, The University of Auckland
for those interested in influenza and influenza immunisation delivery in NZ
Mihi, Welcome
Session One: Setting the scene
Chair: Loretta Roberts
Flu in the NZ context, the burden of disease, changing viruses
Sue Huang, ESR
Overview of the current NZ influenza immunisation programme
TBC, Ministry of Health
10:30am- 10:45am
Morning tea
10:45am- 12:45pm
Session Two: The International context
Chair: Karen Green
Global influenza epidemiology and burden, including the pandemic threat Marc-Alain Widdowson, CDC
An overview of Vaccines and vaccine effectiveness
Mark Thompson , CDC
Influenza ecology
Richard Webby, St Judes
12:45pm- 1:15pm
1:15pm- 2:45pm
Session Three: Influenza vaccination service delivery
Chair: Michelle Kapinga
Occupational health vaccination: ethics and evidence
Heath Kelly, ANU and VIDRL
The strengths and challenges when seen from the service delivery end
Views from the stakeholder perspective
2:45pm- 3:00pm
Afternoon tea
3:00pm- 4:15pm
Session Four: Challenges and looking forward
Chair: Lance Jennings
The broad context of flu and looking wider e.g. public health interventions Michael Baker, University of Otago
Evaluating influenza vaccination promotion in NZ context
Michelle Kapinga , NISG
Vaccine safety
Helen Petousis-Harris , IMAC,
The University of Auckland
4:15pm- 4:50pm
Panel discussion
Invited speakers
What are the major challenges currently with influenza/ vaccination schedules?
What are we doing well?
What do we need to do better?
4:50pm- 5:00pm
Summary and conclusions from the day
Lance Jennings