International Workshop on Children's Acquisition and November 5, 2014

International Workshop on Children's Acquisition and
Processing of Head-Final Languages (CAPHL 2014)
November 5, 2014
Laboratory for Developmental Studies Harvard University
William James Hall 1550 at 33 Kirkland Street, 02138 Cambridge, MA, USA
Registration & Coffee
Session 1: Acquisition of syntax
Shenai Hu and Maria Teresa Guasti
Production of relative clauses in Wenzhounese
Anna Gavarró, Maya Leela, Luigi Rizzi, and Julie Franck
Setting the OV parameter: an experiment on Hindi-Urdu
Mine Nakipoğlu, Melike Hendek, and Begüm Avar
Learning Complementation in Turkish
Coffee Break
Session 2: Interpretation of cues during parsing
Akira Omaki, Tessei Kobayashi, and Jeffrey Lidz
Cue reliability in the acquisition of Japanese case markers
Susanne Brouwer, Deniz Özkan Göktürk, and Aylin Küntay
Verb-based anticipation during language processing: Turkish and Dutch
Yuki Hirose and Reiko Mazuka
Interpretation of the Role-ambiguous Prosodic Cue in Children and Adults
Lunch & Poster Session
Session 3: Verb acquisition and parsing models
Anurag Rimzhim and Letitia Naigles
Use of Morphosyntactic Markings and Number of NPs in Verb Acquisition in
Lucia Pozzan and John Trueswell
Limitations of real-time sentence processing shape grammar acquisition:
Comparing verb-initial and verb-final languages
Coffee Break
Session 4: Semantic Interpretation
Susan Kalt
Directional suffixes in child Cuzco Quechua
Ercenur Ünal and Anna Papafragou
Acquisition of Evidential Morphology in Turkish: A Production-Comprehension
Vasfiye Geçkin, Rosalind Thornton, and Stephen Crain
The interpretation of disjunction and negation in Turkish: A comparison of
children and adults
17:30-18:30 Group Discussion: We will form four small discussion groups under each
session name and groups will finally gather to report main issues discussed.
2 Posters
Mineko Shirakawa: How Japanese-English bilingual children process morphological case
markings in the head-final language under the influence of the head-initial language
Ayumi Matsuo, Sotaro Kita, and Letitia Naigles: Children’s use of morphosyntax and the
number of arguments to infer the meaning of novel transitive and intransitive verbs
Duygu Özge, Berna Uzundağ, Deniz Özkan, Aylin Küntay, and Jesse Snedeker: Children do use
verbal morphemes for thematic role assignment
Jidong Chen and Yasuhiro Shirai: The acquisition of head-final relative clauses in Mandarin
Annette Herkenrath: Listening to head-final subordinated constructions in bilingual and
monolingual Turkish
Masaya Yoshida and Suwon Yoon: Two cases of incremental parsing in Korean: conditionals
and relative clauses
Vasfiye Geçkin, Rosalind Thornton, Michael Iverson and Stephen Crain: Bilingual children’s
interpretation of sentences with before and or
Friederike Voß, Mila Vulchanova, Pia Knoeferle, and Hendril Eshuis: The influence of visual
actions and information structure on ambiguous pronoun processing in German children
Camilla Hellum Foyn, Mila Vulchanova, Friederike Voß, and Rik Eshuis: Ambiguous pronoun
resolution in Norwegian (SVO) and German (SOV): A comparison