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Movie Discussion
P.S. I Love You
“Sometimes there’s only one thing left to say.”
After the death of her husband, Holly Kennedy is lost
and unsure of how to live without him. When a series
of letters begin to arrive after his death, they give her
the guidance she needs to walk forward with her life
towards her dreams.
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Programming Suggestions
This discussion guide is designed to facilitate educational programs after viewing the film P.S. I LOVE
YOU. Its purpose is to generate discussion based on social issues found within the movie and for
program participants to reflect on themes that may be pertinent to them. Therefore, there are no “right”
or “wrong” answers to questions in this guide.
The discussion facilitator may choose to utilize one of the following activities as a means of
developing discussion:
• Explore Study Abroad Opportunities - Invite someone from the Study Abroad Office to come in
and share about opportunities for students to study abroad during their time at the university.
Some topics to have them cover might be locations offered, cost, financial aid options, courses
and credit hours offered, and deadlines to apply.
• Create a bulletin board of Ireland to tie in with the movie. Be sure to include some of the
country’s history, what it is known for, and locations to visit while traveling there. You might
even ask if there are students in your community who have Irish backgrounds and ask them
for assistance with the project.
• Create a Dream Board. Ask residents to submit one of their life dreams to you, with or without
their name, and design a bulletin board to display them. You might also tag the board with
pictures of designer shoes to tie it in with the movie.
• Invite a speaker in to talk about the importance of communication in various types of relationships.
Have them share ideas such as how to listen, come to a compromise and not walk away angry.
An important consideration in choosing any facilitation option is that all students have an opportunity
to participate. Be aware that many of the topics addressed in the film are not often talked about in
public settings. Students who attend the program may have varying degrees of comfort level with the
• Plan a Karaoke Night – Call in a company or rent a machine and invite residents to sing their
hearts out to their favorite tunes. Give prizes such as best singer, bravest singer, best artist
interpretation, and most creative dance moves.
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• What themes and important messages did you find in the movie?
• Do you think that arguments like the one between Holly and Jerry in the beginning of the movie are common between couples?
What were some of the most frustrating pieces of that argument? Were they communicating well and
understanding one another? What is the importance of communication in a relationship?
• Do you think it is important to have a plan for life? Why or why not? How does one plan for all of the “what ifs” in life?
• What do you think caused the stress that Holly felt during her argument with Jerry? Why was she always questioning when
their life would start? Had their life already started?
• Do you think that it was wise for Jerry to take out a business loan with a friend without discussing it with Holly?
What is the importance of discussing major life decisions with a partner? What kinds of decisions should be discussed with a life
• What were Holly’s greatest fears? What do you think caused them?
• What do you think kept Holly from reaching the goals she had set for herself? What is keeping you or could keep you from
reaching your personal goals?
• Holly was concerned about making mistakes in her life. Should we live our lives avoiding mistakes? Are mistakes always a bad
thing? Why or why not? What mistakes have you made in your life up to this point? What did you learn from those mistakes?
How will what you learned impact you in the future?
• What did Holly bring to the relationship between her and Jerry? What did Jerry bring to the relationship? Did they have a good
• Why do you think both Holly and Jerry’s parents were unhappy about their marriage? What caused those feelings? What did
Holly and Jerry prove to them? Have you ever dated someone whom your family did not approve of at the time? Were they
right or wrong? Share your experience if you feel comfortable.
• Holly hid away from the world when she first lost Jerry. Was that a good way to handle her grief? What is a good way to handle
grief? Does everyone handle grief in the same way? How would you help someone close to you cope with a loss? What do you
think would help you most if you lost someone close to you?
• Jerry’s funeral was a tribute to him and his life. What do you think you would like your funeral or memorial service to look like?
• How do you think you would respond if you received messages from a loved one after they died? What did they do for Holly, both
good and not so good?
• Holly’s friend told her that married people make each other feel bad all the time. Do you think that is true about
couples? If so, what do you think causes that to happen? How can couples learn to treat one another better?
If you have secrets to success in this area, please feel free to share with the group.
• What did you think about the relationship that Holly had with Daniel throughout the movie? What benefits did
their friendship have on them both throughout the movie? Do you think men and women can be friends? Can
they maintain those relationships even when they start dating someone or get married?
• There came a time when Holly had to pack up Jerry’s things and give them away. What possession(s) of yours
would you want people to keep with them to remember you?
• Why do you think Holly’s mother seemed so against the letters and how Holly was acting when she received them?
Were you surprised when you found out her role in the distribution of the letters?
• What did Holly learn about her mother later in the movie? Were they really that different? How did their relationship
develop over time? How have your relationships with your family members changed over the years?
• Discuss the relationships that existed between Holly and her friends Denise and Sharon. Do you have friends
like them? What qualities do you look for in a friend?
• In the letter that Jerry wrote to Denise, he told her that she and her husband John should do what they want
when they wanted because life was too short to wait. What does this message say to you?
• What was Holly’s reaction to the news of her friends getting married and having children? Did her friends have a
right to expect more from her?
• What would you say about Holly developing a relationship with Billy?
• Discuss and reflect on the following quotes from the movie:
- “It is a privilege to grow old with someone” (Daniel to Holly)
- “If we are all alone, then we are all together in that too” (Patricia to Holly)
- “Sometimes I mean nothing when I say something. Something is never nothing, it is always something. Most of what I say is nothing, it is just something to say.” (Argument between Holly and Jerry)
- “You have to have a plan. You cannot act like everything is just going to work out by itself.” (Holly to Jerry)
• What would you have done if you were Holly when…
- Jerry sent her on a trip to Ireland?
- She realized she was involved with Jerry’s best friend Billy?
- Everyone tried to tell her what to do to get on with her life?
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Discussion Questions: