Jan. 16, 2014
6381 Mt. Lehman Road, Abbotsford, BC V4X 2G5 604.856.5083
Principal, Mr. Abby Chan
M-M-Making Learning Fun
Welcome back! Two weeks is a long time for a school aged child, but the time with family and quiet reflection is priceless. We hope it
was a restful time for you and your family!
As we head away from Winter (I hope), consistent daily routines and expectations at school and home can help students organize their
day, minimizing disruptions and increasing time on task for learning. Students comfortable with routines are more likely to multitask
and incorporate what they have learned to new situations.
Learning can be fun at home too. You can help support the learning at school with some multisensory, hands-on ideas and make
spelling review fun:
• M&M’s Trade-Off. Give you child as many M&M’s as are on his spelling list. Let him study the list. Then quiz him on the words.
For each word she misses, she has to give back an M&M. She gets to ear the M&M’s she keeps for spelling words correctly.
• Bell spell. Place a bell in the center of the table. Let your child ring the bell each time she spells a word correctly.
• Missing Letters. Draw blanks on a chalkboard or piece of paper. Fill in a few of the letters of a spelling word. Challenge your child
to fill in the blanks to finish the word.
• Alphabet Spell. Buy some alphabet soup dry pasta noodles. Let your child spell each word using the noodles. For extra fun, glue
the letter words to a plate. Or cook them up! Let him eat his successfully spelled words.
• Unscramble Spell. Make individual letter cards for each word. Scramble the letter cards on the table. Let your child unscramble
them to spell each word.
Your child will love these games even more if you offer small prizes. Raisins, a kiss or hug, ten minutes added onto bedtime, etc.
Abby Chan
Kindergarten Registration
Registration for Kindergarten students at Mt. Lehman begins at 9:00 am on Monday, January
20th. Parents of children who have children entering Kindergarten in September 2014, AND
who live within the Mt. Lehman School catchment (or have siblings already attending our
school) are encouraged to register as early as possible to allow us to begin planning,
programming and staffing for the following school year. For more information regarding
registration procedures and/or out of catchment registrations, visit the Mt. Lehman school
website ( Registration forms are available in the school office.
Mr. Chan’s Christmas PresentI guess he was a little too naughty this year…
School Needs:
Our Grade 6/7 classroom has been playing the
electric guitar non-stop at recess and lunch. Is
there someone who would like to donate a BASE
Guitar so they can start jamming with the new
electric guitar?
Recycling Reminder
Just a reminder that you can donate your
"return for refund" containers to Mt. Lehman
Elementary. The funds raised go to our
Grade 6/7 class to reduce the costs of the
big field trip, hoodies and other things to
make the Grade 7 year memorable.
Thanks for your support!
New Photo Galleries & Information
on the School Website
Scan the school website’s QR code to your
smartphone or iPad to access our school website
for new information and photo galleries. Our
website is updated weekly, so check it out!
December’s Perfect
Attendance Winners:
Layten Toffan-Hammond
Bryson Simpson
Sophie McClure
Jordan Pass
Georgia Phillips
Kale Shead
Madison McDonald
Jaylee Armstrong
Upcoming Dates:
January 20
Kindergarten Registration
Westzone handball Gr. 6/7
at Bradner
JumpStart Assembly
January Birthday Party
(Cathy Cook provides cupcakes)
Westzone handball Gr. 4/5
at Matsqui
MRC – Skating (whole school)
Mad Science (after school)
Aboriginal Meeting & Pizza Day
Chess Club (after school)
January's Virtue
of the Month:
Determination is when you focus your energy on a task and
stick to it until the end. It’s when you use “I Will” power to do
something when you would rather not, or it isn’t easy.
Even when it’s hard, or you are being tested, you STILL
keep going.
We practice determination:
When we learn to ride a bicycle or learn to skip
When we finish our homework that is due tomorrow,
even if you’re tired
When we keep practicing to be good at handball or
When we help our parents clean up the house first,
even if it’s more fun to go play
Roar Card Winners:
Hannah Petker
Bliss Wakelyn
Lauryn Palfrey
Ella Berry
Natalie Voogt
Kyra Gronau
Maartina Konrad
Benji Bangura
Literacy Matters Abbotsford Reading Challenge
Literacy Matters Abbotsford is holding their 3rd Annual Community Literacy
Challenge from January 26-February 15. We are challenging everyone in
Abbotsford to read for 15 minutes a day for 21 days and have a chance to win
prizes! See the Mt. Lehman website ( for more
See the school website for more information. (
Star Search
Every once in a while here in Abbotsford, it
stops raining. One of the best things about being
in Mt. Lehman is …you can see a lot of stars at
night! A few years back, I wanted to share what
I learned about stargazing with my school aged
children, so we learned the constellations by
putting up glow-in-the-dark stars in their
bedroom (they were all sharing one bedroom),
starting with the Big Dipper (Ursa Major).
Every couple of weeks I would add another
constellation or two, until their ceiling was
almost like camping outside under the stars in
the summer. It’s always a little strange (and
pretty cool!) to know that kids have been hearing
stories about the same stars for over 4000 years,
from Plato to Copernicus to
Did you know that ancient astronomers could
tell when to start planting season by looking at
the stars?
Here’s how you can start an extraterrestrial
Skiing at Manning Park Resort
Looking for something to do on a Pro-D Day? Grab your friends and family
and come on up to Manning Park! Students receive 50% off lift tickets,
cross country trail tickets, and Polar Coaster tickets on Pro-D Days at
Manning Park.
Pro-D Day specials will be offered on January 17, 20, and 24;
February 7, 20, 21, and 28; and April 4 (note: Mt. Lehman only has a Pro-D day on February 21)
February Family Gathering
When: Feb. 6, 2014
Time: Dinner at 6pm (dance to follow)
Where: Community Aboriginal Centre
3277 Gladwin Road
Abbotsford, BC
Cost: Free
Come and join us for a fun night of Aboriginal Dance
at the Mamele’awt Community Aboriginal Centre.
Grab a pair of binoculars and an air
mattress. Put on a warm coat. Look for the
moon. Check out the edges of the moon and the
craters. If it’s a full moon, it will be bright!
Moderate: Jupiter is the next easiest to find
with they naked eye. It’s in the Eastern sky and
it’s the brightest star after sunset, but a pair of
binoculars or a telescope will show it to be a
planet. Arguably most exciting planet that’s easy
to find. Look for dots on the planet…that’s the
shadow of one of their moons.
Hardest: This is the only chance of the year to
find Mercury if the weather cooperates. On
Sunday, it’s in the South-Southwest, 5 degrees
(4 fingers at arms length) above the horizon, 30
minutes after sunset.
If you want to borrow a telescope or binoculars
to see the stars, see Mr. Chan.
Happy Stargazing!
Welcome Back to all the Families of Mt. Lehman. Hope you had a relaxing and fun Christmas Vacation. We have already had our
first PAC meeting of the year and thank you to those that were able to come out. We are looking for someone to decorate the
school for Valentines, if this is something that you would like to help with please let me know, I'm always around. Our next PAC
meeting is February 11th at 9:15. If you are able to attend please do come out we will be discussing, among other things, what to do
for some of our art projects and we will be starting to Prep for the fall fair. Many hands and ideas make for light work. I would
also like to extend an official PAC welcome to Ms. S, she will be with us until June, we hope you enjoy your time with us.
Carryl Peters
PAC President
[email protected]
NEXT PAC MEETING: Feb. 11, 2014 AT 9:15 AM
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