For the Week of 26th October 2014 This Was

For the Week of 26th October 2014
Right: Elder Monte and his wife, Monema
presenting a large quilt, hand-sewed by Sue
Gooch from the Quail Springs congregation at our annual Missions Seminar last
This was the final week of a series of programmes
to celebrate PP’s Golden Jubilee year, bringing to a
climax 10 months of events (and many more of
planning and preparation, covered in prayer). The
celebrations were splendidly executed and well participated. I want to share with you my personal
perspective in this editorial and invite you to submit yours which we can share in our publications
or with our Facebook group.
Monday 13th October, 2014: When the table
layout for the Golden Jubilee Grand Dinner was published in Focus last Sunday, I messaged my guests
and attached the table plan. Nat and I invited our
extended family (sister Lily, sister-in-law Katherine
and brother-in-law Tony), former member David
Cheong and his wife Lee Eng, our overseas guests
Sam Thang from Myanmar, and elder Monte and
his wife, Monema from Quail Springs, USA made up
the table.
It was a pity that my brother Bee and his wife were
out of town, but glad that my in-laws were able to
grace the occasion. My brother Bee was one of
the young people who prepared the ground, visited Bible correspondence students and even spoke
at a gospel rally when the church was meeting at
Polly Lee's home. We are thankful that David accepted our invitation and that Lee Eng even took
a half day off, so they could be present early. Sam
told me that he could not come, but the second
time I asked him, he agreed and made time to
come. Of all our missions partners, I am of the
opinion that Sam holds the promise of the most
fruitful and impactful work in Asia. We are so happy
that Monte and Monema could represent the Quail
Springs congregation on our Jubilee.
This Was
The Week That Was
A Personal Reflection
Tuesday 14th October, 2014: Thanks to the
miracle of modern technology, I was able to receive positive confirmations from everyone the next
day, including elder Monte Stephens from USA.
We have enjoyed a long and close relationship with
Quail Springs, ever since they supported the A. L.
Harbins from the formation of the PP church.
When the Harbins returned home, they joyfully
took over our support. Even though they did not
know me, they believed in me, supported me and
encouraged me to continue on with this work.
During this time, they not only sent 3 elders to visit
us (Lionel Walker, Robert Rowland and Jess
Vanhooser) but also their pulpit minister, Ronnie
White. They also sponsored a mission trip by our
Chinese congregation to Taiwan, gave us a hefty
no-interest loan of US$400,000 and sponsored my
family’s 6-month sabbatical in USA.
Even when we were fully self-supporting, we maintained a close and ongoing relationship with many
of the Quail Springs leaders. At our 35th Anniversary, Nelson Eubank, missions chairman and his
wife, Penny were with us to celebrate the occasion
and led in the “loan burning” (dissolution of our
debt) ceremony. Then at our 40th Anni-versary
when we installed our first elders and deacons, elder
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Right: At the Golden Jubilee Grand Dinner on 17th
October, the ladies of the church got together and
honoured sister Nat with a surprise plaque, gifts and
album of love notes from many sisters at PP.
We thank God for His blessings for half a century as we
concluded our 10-month long Jubilee celebrations last
Sunday. We invite reflections and resolutions on our
Jubilee from members.
Send them to
[email protected] We will use them for Focus
and the Facebook ppcoc and friends group.
Our hearty thanks to our elders, deacons, awareness,
staff and members for all the work and hospitality that
you have joyfully shared to make our Jubilee a memorable
and significant event. We hope the momentos given
at the dinner and last Sunday will be a reminder of our
blessings and God’s faithfulness.
Please see deacon Patrick if you would like to borrow
the set of 2 DVDs of the videos taken at the Golden
Jubilee Grand Dinner on 17th October 2014. Those
who were present for the homecoming and have
indicated that you want the DVDs may also collect your
free copies from him. Please freely copy and distribute
these disks.
We encourage you to go to PPCOC
and Friends group on Facebook for the many photos,
greetings and accolades from Christians all over the world,
like this one from Craig Tucker: "There are those times/
places/people in everyone's life that will never be
forgotten and the memory of becomes increasingly
vibrant as time passes; PPCOC's 50th Jubilee was one
of those time/places/people! The beautiful brothers
and sisters of PPCOC has taken up residency in my heart
and will forever remain. Please extend my love for all
and my eternal prayers for each".
This morning, brother Charles Pang will preach the fifth
lesson of our current series “Walking on Water”, Seeing
the Wind. In the evening, deacon Vincent Lim will speak.
We will be publishing a full account of our 2014 Jubilee
Missions Sunday gifts next week as a matter of
accountablity and public record. Members who have
not given or wish to make an additional gift may do so
today. Please use the Missions Sunday envelopes at
the ushers' trays.
Men to Serve today and next Sunday
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Call to Worship:
S. Leader:
Shepherd’s Prayer:
Call to Worship
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Opening Prayer:
S. Leader:
Closing Prayer:
Proverbs 22:6
Proverbs 22:8
Deacon Peter Lim
Alvin Tjipto
Jim Kawi
Elder Tan Beng Chuan
Charles Pang
Elder William Wong
Kenneth Kuek
HI Team
Henry Kong
Andy Cheang
Deacon Vincent Lim
Tan Yiu Huat
Deacon Lim Swee Aun
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Richard Leow
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Deacon Peter Lim
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Elder Tan Beng Chuan
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Henry Kong
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Deacon KC Cheang
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Jojo Ramos
Deacon Lim Li Chhoan
PPCOC's Vision: By God's grace, our vision is to be a vibrant, growing community of Christians where every member
ministers to one another. Equipped by committed servant leaders and dedicated care teams at home, and passionate
mission interest groups and partners abroad, we steward our resources responsibly for God's Kingdom.
Sunday, 26th October 2014
7:30am Shuttle Bus Service
8:00am First Morning Assembly
Preacher: Charles Pang
9:30am Missions Sunday
11:00am Second Morning Assembly
1:15pm Shuttle Bus Stops
Evening Assembly
Preacher: Deacon Vincent
Wednesday, 29th October 2014
7:30pm “Discerning the Disciplines”
- Notes are on our website
Sunday, 2nd November 2014
7:30am Shuttle Bus Service
8:00am First Morning Assembly
Preacher: Deacon Swee Aun
9:30am Bible classes for all Ages
- Notes are on our website
11:00am Second Morning Assembly
1:15pm Shuttle Bus Stops
Evening Assembly
Preacher: Jojo Ramos
8am Worship:
11am Worship:
6pm Worship:
Mission Fund
Total Contribution
Please Pray For:
Travel mercy and safety for my boss – Lordes Paguio
Safe travel and return for all overseas guests
– Joel Madiki, Teck Su
My family here in Singapore and back in Philippines
– Orniel
World peace and the various races to live harmoniously
– Fook Weng
Safe travel back to the Philippines. Wedding plans and
provisions – Cristo Paul
David Dass’ family. Kola’s family and health. My company
and boss’ family – Kumar
Continued spiritual growth of the Filipino group especially
our behaviour towards each other – Linda Malana
My parents and my father-in-law to know the truth
– Widianto
God's grace upon PP for the next 50 years
- Henry and Nat
Thank God for:
Brother Motsinger’s sermon – Phyllis Ng, Maribel Cammayo,
Gloria Bilbao, Lezel Tan, Ehpril Cammayo, Lolita
Cataggatan, Arniel Orejudos, Clarita Simon, Violy Mariano
Elder Monte’s sermon – Patrick, Henry and Nat
PPCOC for your guidance and love – Phyllis Ng
The successful great Jubilee night dinner – Ehpril Cammayo
All the blessings and his protection, grace and mercy for
me and my family especially to my aunt Lyn
– Amelyn Allauigan
The wonderful time of fellowship and hospitality of
members of PPCOC – Joel Madiki
Our guests and visitors. May the good Lord bless them as
you have blessed us at PPCOC – Teck Su, Weng Keongs
Good fellowship at the Jubilee’s dinner. Watching over Wee
Hong Cheng’s chemo treatment this past week
– Julie Wee
My mother’s recovery from her fall and may the Lord
continue to watch over and protect her– Ron Tong
Receipt No
3RsF 1968
Robert Rowland was here to preside over the appointments. Last year, elder Tom Gooch and his
wife Sue joined our 49th Anniversary activities, and
now the Monte Stephens. It would not be a stretch
to say that all that PP has accomplished, was by
Quail Springs, through us.
Patrick and I enjoyed lunch with Jhun Ma, Babes
and their sons, Jeb and Jacob who touched down
early in the morning. They ministered to the church
in Tuao, Philippines who have just celebrated their
9th Anniversary a week ago. The congregation
was started by the efforts of MARCH (Medical Missions) with the sponsorship of Dorothy Tay, who
leads our Filipino Fellowship. Under the watchful
care of Chito Luis, the work blossomed and grew
under the passionate ministry of Jhun Ma and
Wednesday 15th October, 2014: Coincidentally, my monthly slot for chapel at SIBI fell on our
Jubilee week. I took the opportunity to share a
brief history of PP and made the point that the Jubilee was only possible because of God's faithfulness, a point that we have emphasized at every
anniversary. Even if we have accomplished anything that the world may recognise as success, if
we do not credit it to God, we not only build in vain
but are in the same position as those whose labours
were not recognised by Christ in Matthew 7:21-22
("Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, did
we not prophesy by thy name, and by thy name
cast out demons, and by thy name do many
mighty works? And then will I profess unto them, I
never knew you: depart from me, ye that work
In the afternoon, I was at a specialist clinic awaiting
the results of a second CT scan. This matter has
been the focus of my prayers, seeking strength to
accept whatever God will allow. I was not hopeful
that there would be any improvement and wondered how I would get into the Jubilee spirit if the
CT scan delivered bad news. I left this matter in
God's hand, and He mercifully showered me with
more than I ever hoped for. I joyfully accepted
this as the best Jubilee gift I could ever wish for.
Thursday 16th October, 2014: The Monte
Stephens landed at Changi Airport in the wee hours
of the morning. We renewed our friendship at lunch
which we enjoyed with Winston Bolt, Joel Madiki
and his wife Ruth. In the evening, we joined June
and Ramesh and introduced Monte and Monema
to a seafood dinner at our favourite Jumbo Restaurant.
We were missions partners with Winston Bolt when
the island of Batam was being jointly developed by
the Singapore and Indonesian governments. God
blessed our close working relationships which resulted in a Bible college, active church and outreach
programme to all of Indonesia. I appreciate the
fact that Winston cut short his annual fund raising
trip in USA to join us for the Jubilee celebrations.
Joel Madiki is a graduate of Belfest Bible College in
Northern Ireland and has a growing work in
Kakinada, India. He is the only local preacher we
know of in India who is working towards self-support. PP has sent the Hearing Impaired and VBS
teams to assist in this solid work in the passionate
and capable hands of Joel.
Friday 17th October, 2014: This morning, I had
the great pleasure of meeting Craig Tucker at my
office, and getting to know him better over a cup
of espresso. Craig is the capable hands-on chairman of New Life Behavior International, a life-changing ministry that has circled the globe and is now
offered in many languages. I took the opportunity
to tell him about Sam Thang and the 75 children
under his care, hoping to interest him in connecting with Sam and taking the ministry into Myanmar,
by first teaching it to Sam's children, many of whom
are in the college age group.
In the evening, Nat and I left for the Golden Jubilee
Grand Dinner before 6pm, but were told by the
ushers when we arrived, that all my guests were
already there! Elder Beng Chuan spared no effort
nor expense in making sure that everyone who
could be there was present. The staff spent much
time tracking down old members, sending out invitations and making calls to leaders of other congregations, former inactive members, members
who transferred to other congregations and
churches, even members whom the church have
disciplined. Everyone, except those who were out
of town or declined our invitation were present.
I can recall our spectacular 45th Anniversary when
over 400 were present at the same Ban Heng Restaurant at Harbourfront. This time round, twice
FOCUS is published weekly by the Church of Christ (English-speaking) meeting at 347 Pasir Panjang Road,
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the number were present, spanning filling both banquet halls. The church recognised the service of 4
of her 5 staff: Barnabas, Annie, Patrick and Henry
who cumulatively have chalked up over 130 years
of service. Our ladies diligently prepared a scrapbook of love notes in a surprise honour to Nat for
all she has done to support the church and her
husband, for the past 50 years. We have recorded
2 DVDs, one with videos of all the programmes and
another that captures the excitement, joy and
laughter of the evening. The first DVD was given
free to those who requested it at our 50th Homecoming. If you would like to borrow any of these,
please see deacon Patrick.
Saturday 18th October, 2014: We had over
100 members and overseas guests at the Jubilee
Missions Seminar conducted by Mark Hooper. This
is the highest number for any one-day missions
seminar we have ever conducted.
Many, especially overseas guests, expressed how
they enjoyed the day's session as it was very beneficial for their churches.
In the evening, taking advantage of the over dozen
leaders from all over China, about 50 persons enjoyed dinner and a special session together, organised by the China Missions Interest Group at the
home of elder Adrian Teo.
Sunday 19th October, 2014: At our Jubilee Sunday, the air was thick with joy, thanksgiving and
celebration. I observed how elder Winston choked
back tears as he worded the prayer at the morning
worship. Hong Ngee later told me, her husband
was deeply touched by God's grace and faithfulness through the years. Our Homecoming speaker,
elder Monte also find it hard not to shed tears of
joy as he spoke at the Homecoming, when he observed the fruits since the Lord tasked Quail Springs
to help a helpless young congregation, some 50
years ago.
At the 9:30am annual Missions Seminar, many of
our overseas guests brought with them plaques
and gifts for PP to commemorate the occasion.
From a lovingly handcrafted quilt to plaques and a
wooden replica of our Jubilee logo, they were gratefully received and displayed at the auditorium that
At the buffet after the homecoming, Mee Geok approached me to express her great joy and profound gratitude for PP, our leaders and the growth
we have received from the hand of God. She went
on to tell me how she was recently invited to give a
presentation on the medical profession by a sister
congregation older than PP, but observed that they
are still about the same size, 50 years later.
I pray that PP will never take God’s faithfulness and
blessings for granted. Before I left that evening, I
sat down with my former Four Seas College’s student Andrew Barjanahor who is now working in
Medan, Indonesia. His sister who is stationed in
Jarkata thanked me for the invitation and burst into
tears. She explained that the church there used to
have a building like PP’s and a growing membership. But because of false brethren who divided
the church, today the congregation is fragmented
and stunted.
God has indeed watched, protected and prospered
PP for the past 50 years. If the Lord delays His
return, I believe that our current elders with the
leadership will do much more. Let us all with a grateful heart renew ourselves to be united and zealously serve together for God’s glory.
- Henry Kong
It has been a long time since SIBI offered a weekend course,
especially targeted at PP members.
We urge all who can, to be present:
Effective Bible Study
Grasping God’s Word
Come join the SIBI-Singapore students as they begin a journey
of understanding all about the Word of God. It will be a stepby-step journey into the basic tools and principles that can help
anyone become an effective Bible student. We’ll look at questions like . . .
Are we really able to understand this thing called the “Bible”?
How do we know what is meant for us?
What do we do with all those different kinds of books and letters?
Do we treat them all the same, or are they to be read and treated
What are the five basic steps that can help anyone get a grasp on
what the Bible is saying to us?
Come join us as we take a look at a book never meant just for
scholars and the educated, but is a love letter that was meant to
be read and understood by anyone and everyone who is willing
to take the journey.
Classes will be in the SIBI classroom beginning on Friday, November 14th for just 3 weekends.
Friday evenings from 7-10pm, Saturdays from 9am–
12noon, and Sunday afternoons from 2-5pm.
Instructor: Dean Brandi Kendall.