City of La Puente
Information Technology (IT) Management and Support Services
Issue Date: October 24, 2014
November 20, 2014
One (1) proposal original
Five (5) proposal copies
One (1) digital copy
City of La Puente
c/o City Clerk’s Office
15900 E. Main St.
La Puente, CA 91744
Jonathan Nih, Management Assistant
[email protected]
City of La Puente
The City of La Puente (“City”) is currently soliciting proposals for the operation of Information
Technology (“IT”) Management and Support Services for the City. All interested parties are
invited to submit a proposal to the City, in accordance with the enclosed specifications. The
submittal, consisting of the original proposal, five (5) additional copies, and one digital copy
marked, IT Management and Support Services Proposal, must be received no later than
4:00 p.m. (PST), Thursday, November 20, 2014, at the address listed below.
City of La Puente
Attn: City Clerk’s Office
15900 E. Main Street
La Puente, CA 91744
NO FAXED or EMAILED PROPOSALS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Proposals received after the
deadline will not be considered, regardless of postmark. Bidders are responsible for having
proposals deposited on time, at the specified location, and assume all risk of late delivery.
Time is of the essence and any proposal received after 4:00 p.m. (PST), on November 20,
2014, whether by mail or otherwise, will be returned unopened. The time of receipt shall be
determined by the time stamp in the City Clerk’s Office.
This RFP and any addenda are available on the City’s website at To
receive a printed or email copy of this document or any technical assistance, please contact
Jonathan Nih at (626) 855-1500 or [email protected]
The City reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals submitted.
Execution hereof is certification that the undersigned has read and understands the terms and
conditions hereof, and that the undersigned's principal is fully bound and committed.
Company Name:
Mailing Address:
Street Address:
Remit to Address:
Vendor Website
(if applicable):
Request for Proposals – Information Technology Services
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City of La Puente
The City of La Puente (hereafter the “City”) is seeking proposals from experienced and
qualified firms to provide the City with Information Technology (IT) management and
support services. The selected firm will provide IT management and support services
under direction of the City’s Director of Administrative Services. The Scope of Services
is described in a later section of this Request for Proposals.
The proposed term of the contract is for an initial term of five (5) years, with two one (1)
year extensions to be exercised at the discretion of the City based on vendor
performance. The maximum term of the contract, including any extension terms, is
seven (7) years. The selected firm will be required to execute a Professional Services
Agreement with the City.
The City, incorporated in 1956, is an established suburban community located in the San
Gabriel Valley, 20 miles east of Los Angeles. La Puente has an estimated population of
over 40,000 and overall land area of 3.5 square miles. The principal land use is singlefamily residential in nature. The City of La Puente’s legislative responsibility is to provide
public services to residents living within its jurisdictional boundaries. These services
include public safety, recreation, parks and maintenance of public roadways.
La Puente is a General Law city operating under the Council-Manager form of
government. The City has a five-member City Council which is elected at large and
serves staggered, four-year terms. The City Council appoints the City Manager and City
Attorney. The City Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the City and
oversees all City departments and functions.
La Puente operates primarily as a "contract city" utilizing agreements with other
governmental entities, private firms and individuals to provide most municipal services
to the community. The City has approximately 25 full-time employees.
Current Technology Conditions
The City operates on a Windows 2008 R2 platform, which was refreshed in 2013. The
City operates both wired and wireless networks. The majority of the City’s servers and
other critical network equipment are located at City Hall in a secure area. There are
approximately 50 personal computers and laptops, 20 printers, and 9 servers. The
City’s Community Center and Senior Center facilities are interconnected to City Hall
using a Verizon provided fiber uplink.
Several Citywide software systems are hosted externally. Internal systems include
Document Management, File and Print, and Financial system. IT supports the Council
Chamber audio and video. Windows 7 64-bit, MS Office 2010 and other desktop
applications are also supported by IT. External systems not supported by IT are the
City’s website, Recreation Program Registration, and Citation Processing. The City has
a 3COM VCX VIOP telephone system, which is currently being updated and replaced
with Mitel VOIP.
Request for Proposals – Information Technology Services
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City of La Puente
Existing equipment and software includes the following:
3COM Switches (being replaced by HP Procurve)
Cisco Wireless Controller and Access Points
Watch Guard Firewall
MX Logic Spam Filter
9 Servers
2 Domain Controllers
1 File
1 Mail
1 End Point Security
1 Print
1 VM Host
The primary desktop and server software includes:
Windows 7 64-bit
MS Office 2010
MS Exchange
Questys Document Imaging
MS Server 2008 R2
MS SQL 2008
Tyler Technologies Incode Enterprise Financial Management
Current/Planned IT Projects
The current network infrastructure is in need of replacement. While still stable, the
network architecture and equipment is sub-optimal for the City’s needs. In addition, the
equipment is nearing the end of its useful service life and requires upgrading. It is
anticipated that a separate contract will be established to review the network
architecture, make recommendations on the selection of new equipment, and install the
Request for Proposals – Information Technology Services
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City of La Puente
Strong emphasis will be placed on the vendor's ability to provide excellent technical
skills, a strong customer service focus, excellent help desk staffing skills and
methodologies, and customer service-oriented deployment. A template Professional
Services Agreement can be found in Attachment “A.” The following provides a general
overview of the services to be provided to the City.
Network Administration Services
Scope of activity includes all City network equipment including switches, routers,
firewalls, access points, and cabling infrastructure: primary installation and
maintenance of all network equipment; primary maintenance including regular
analysis, routine configuration changes, and installation of patches and upgrades;
monitoring and alert notifications to vendor staff for failure or potential failure of critical
equipment; alert notifications to designated City personnel in the event of failure;
manage and store network configuration information; maintaining WAN and LAN
networks; maintain documentation, including policies and procedures.
Server Administration Services
The Contractor shall manage computer systems and networks, including application,
database, messaging, file and print and other servers and associated hardware,
software, communications, operating systems necessary for the quality, security,
performance, availability, recoverability, and reliability of the system. Additionally, the
Contractor shall ensure scheduled preventive maintenance for equipment is properly
and promptly performed; maintain the maintenance records on the equipment; develop
operations, administrative, and quality assurance back-up plans and procedural
documentation. The Contractor shall also setup new users and edit or remove existing
users on server; focus on server performance and capacity management services.
Configuration management, including changes, upgrades, patches, etc. Support of
specialized software products as it relates to the server(s) and associated hardware.
Management of user logins and security. Coordinate repair and maintenance work with
contracted repair vendors and ensure repairs are conducted in a timely fashion. Monitor
server performance and capacity management services. Notify designated City
personnel in the event of failure and provide 24x7 on-call support.
Desktop Administration Services
Perform basic support functions including installing personal computers, laptops,
smart phones, printers, copiers and peripherals; diagnosing and correcting desktop
application problems, configuring laptops and desktops for standard applications
and identifying and correcting end user hardware problems, and performing
advanced troubleshooting. Maintain an up-to-date inventory of all City computerrelated hardware and make available to City personnel upon request. Assist
designated City personnel with software and hardware purchases and the annual
budget process. Create and maintain system images for deployment. Assist City
staff with third-party desktop and server software issues when direct user contact
with the vendor has not been successful.
Request for Proposals – Information Technology Services
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City of La Puente
Network Security
Maintenance of virus detection programs on City servers, email, and all other
computers and laptops including antivirus/antispyware software. Maintain remote
access in a secure environment and provide remote access administration as
requested by designated City personnel. Additional tasks related to network security
include maintaining the following: spam and virus firewall, secure and reliable internet
access, internet content filtering and reporting, and file backup and disaster recovery.
To effectively monitor the status of the proposed services, management level status
reports must be prepared and monthly meetings with the City will be held to review
work performed, network availability, help desk ticket summary, security issues and
concerns, and planning. In addition, review meetings may be held to discuss
service delivery and planning to ensure the IT needs of the City are being met.
Strategic Planning
Engineering, planning, and design services for system enhancements, including
installations and upgrades of new or existing systems. Examples include major
server upgrades, storage system upgrades, design of backup systems, etc. Provide
technical leadership for server technology issues. Make recommendations for future
purchasing and technology needs.
IT Management
Provide IT management services to prioritize the work effort, ensure project
completion, and assist in short- and long-term planning. The designated IT
Manager would possess the most overall understanding and knowledge of the City's
network and would maintain a regular on-site presence.
Provide fully qualified personnel that can perform the required work under the agreement
resulting from this RFP and assign IT personnel to be onsite at City Hall at least one full
work day per week. Individuals shall be trained on the latest versions and releases of
any produce required to perform their services before they perform work for the City.
Personnel shall be available during normal business hours: Monday – Thursday, 7:30 –
5:30 and Friday, 7:30 – 4:30 with a guarantee of no more than a 2- hour response time
for instances that may occur outside of the normal business hours for emergency
Service Levels
The City expects the winning IT Outsourcing firm have an IT personnel onsite at least
once a week and to meet the following service levels for help desk ticket resolution:
Urgent (Multiple staff
members unable to
High Priority (Single
system down or critical
function unavailable)
Response Time
2 hours
Resolution Time
90% resolved in less than
4 hours
4 business hours
90% resolved in less than
8 hours
Request for Proposals – Information Technology Services
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City of La Puente
Medium Priority (Issue
reduces productivity)
Low Priority (Issue
reduces productivity, but
work around exists)
16 business hours
16 business hours
75% resolved in less than
16 business hours
75% resolved in less than
1 week
Contractor Responsibilities
Immediately following the Effective Date of the agreement with the City,
Contractor shall commence the initial discovery, setup, and tasks outlined
Contractor shall implement any monitoring, service, or customer interaction
tools as part of this Agreement within ten business days of the Effective
Contractor shall fully document the systems covered herein.
Contractor shall perform the following:
Contractor’s Call Center training to City staff on service definition and
Specific setup and contract initiation tasks based upon the services to
be performed under this Agreement.
Testing of all connectivity required to support the services under this
agreement as identified in the specific service descriptions in the
attached exhibits.
Deployment of Managed Service software agents and configuration
of Monitoring Platform at the Contractor’s location.
The Contractor shall implement the following service request procedure:
Contractor’s Service Administrator shall receive incoming requests via
email, web portal, or telephone from City, and log them into the
Contractor’s services management system.
The Contractor’s service administrator shall identify the type of call,
location of the trouble; provide that call with an authorized Contractor
Managed Services Incident Number and document the problem to
ensure that the applicable service level is identified and that the call is
processed accordingly.
The Contractor’s service administrator will then manage the categorized
request to completion.
A log of all City service calls will be added to the Contractor’s
service database along with accompanying call request tickets through
the service desk located at the Contractor’s service center.
Once the Contractor’s engineer, representative and/or a vendor
resource has completely addressed the request for resolution of a
problem or performance of a service, the service administrator will
document the closure of the call.
Request for Proposals – Information Technology Services
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City of La Puente
Contractor shall provide the following specific routine on a daily, weekly,
monthly and quarterly basis:
Check for Alarms and follow up on any unresolved alarms /
Check “emergency”, “alert”, and “critical” messages in any
Syslog Server(s)
Report via e-mail if found
Check Security Logs in Critical Servers and Appliances
Report via e-mail if found
Check and update City incidents (P1 & P2 only)
Update Moves, Adds, and Change Incidents
Check for “Critical” / “Error” Alarms in Event Logs
Check messages in Syslog Server and Report any Critical
Findings to City
Check all Security Logs in all Servers and Appliances under
Check and update City incidents (P1 – P4)
Conduct Monthly “Snapshots” of VMs
Conduct IT Department Manager / Director Briefing & Update
Check for and apply “Critical“ level patches and service packs
Backup Infrastructure Equipment Configurations:
IP Telephony
Security Appliances
Wireless APs and Controllers
IP Telephony Adjuncts
Analyze any remaining open incidents and conduct monthly
management meeting with City contact and account team
Compile Device Availability statistics
Check for and update Critical Security Definitions for AV
Check Validity of Backups (Full Backups Only)
Compile and deliver device statistic report of trending data:
Disk Space
Conduct Roadmap Session with IT Staff
Conduct Site Walk and Cleanup of MDF, Racks, and IDFs
Backup and Log Configurations from Infrastructure Equipment
(Routers, Switches, etc.)
Request for Proposals – Information Technology Services
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City of La Puente
Contractor shall provide the following deliverables on a weekly, monthly and
quarterly basis:
Conduct IT Department Manager/Director Briefing & Update
Conduct Roadmap Session with IT Staff
Conduct site Walk and Cleanup of MDF, Racks, and IDFs
Backup and Log Configurations from Infrastructure Equipment
(Routers, Switches, etc.).
Contractor shall provide the following deliverables on a weekly, monthly and
quarterly basis:
Incident Report
Advanced Monitoring Report of observed statistics
Quarterly Uptime Report
Quarterly Monitoring Report of observed statistics
Quarterly Summary
City Responsibilities
City shall provide access to authorized Contractor personnel between the
hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday and between
7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., on Friday in order to perform the Services described
herein. Twenty-four (24) hour access to authorized Contractor personnel will
be provided when appropriate to Services being performed.
Any spare parts for equipment not covered by active warranties or other
maintenance agreements are the express responsibility of the City to keep on
hand and available to Contractor for enforcement of Services outlined in this
City will identify at least one person to work with Contractor throughout a
service request.
This person must be readily available to communicate with Contractor’s
personnel and to provide requested information on a timely basis.
For each service request, City is responsible for providing a caller who has
the knowledge to relate the technical aspects of the problem(s) or technical
assistant request(s) and receive and interpret any technical advice and
instructions given to City by Contractor.
City will provide a list of user names and passwords where applicable.
Request for Proposals – Information Technology Services
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City of La Puente
City is responsible for obtaining all permits, licenses and right of ways
necessary for the work provided under this RFP.
City to provide Contractor access to all equipment covered under this RFP. If
such access is not provided, Contractor will have limited capability to respond
and may not be able to perform the service requested by the City and defined
in this RFP. Contractor will notify City in writing if this requirement is not met.
City will provide any additional information requested by Contractor for the
purposes of administration, change management or restorative services on
an as-needed basis.
City to provide access to City’s key personnel. Key personnel shall be
defined as those individuals directly involved with the equipment referenced
in this RFP.
City to provide Contractor with a list of key personnel and contact numbers
(business and after hours, as applicable).
City to provide Contractor a list of all contract service agreements, contact
names, contact numbers and associated contract numbers for all vendor
service agreements to be managed by Contractor.
Contractor and City will jointly set up software for the provisioning of Virtual
Private Network (VPN) connections, point to point circuits or client based
agents. This will connect the City’s Monitored/Supported Network to the
Secure Contractor Service Center.
City shall provide Contractor access to any system covered under this RFP.
If coverage provides for after-hours on-site support, City will provide
Contractor the means to access the systems during off hours.
City will provide any needed physical security information or access control
media / devices. This includes but is not limited to access cards, key codes,
RSA and Multifactor Authentication keys.
Desktop support and level 0/1 helpdesk support for desktops and their users
is included in this RFP. Support incidents will be opened via phone, e-mail or
web portal and tracked with Contractor internal systems. City will have
access to “Open” incidents via the web.
Request for Proposals – Information Technology Services
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City of La Puente
Proposal Submission, Form and Content
The work to be done as described in the Scope of Services set forth in Section 2.0 of
this RFP consists of providing IT management and support services. Failure to adhere
to these specifications may be cause for rejection of proposal. All pages of the proposal
must be numbered consecutively. The proposal shall not exceed 25 pages in length.
Resumes and copies of licenses shall not count against this page limit. This proposal
must be organized in accordance with the list of the proposal contents.
Due Date
Sealed proposals will be received by the City Clerk no later than 4:00 p.m. on Thursday,
November 20, 2014, unless time is extended by written addendum issued by the City
before that date.
3.2. Submission
The bidder shall submit one unbound original, five hard copies, and one electronic copy
of the bid in a sealed envelope, plainly marked in the upper, left-hand corner with the
name and address of the bidder and the words “RFP: Information Technology Services
Proposal.” Proposals may be filed in person or by mail.
City of La Puente
c/o City Clerk’s Office
15900 E. Main Street
La Puente, CA 91744
Late proposals will not be accepted. Any corrections or resubmission done by the bidder
will not extend the submittal date. The City is not responsible for proposals not properly
marked and delivered.
List of Proposal Contents
Proposers must include the following items in their proposals addressing the Scope of
Services in Section 2.0. All items must fall within the maximum page count. Proposals
and the cost schedule shall be valid and binding for ninety (90) days following the
proposal due date.
3.3.1. Letter of Transmittal
Include a cover letter signed by a duly authorized representative of the company.
The cover letter must include name, address, telephone number and email
address of the proposer submitting the proposal. In addition the name, title,
address, telephone number, fax number and email address of the person or
persons to contact who are authorized to represent the proposer and to whom
correspondence should be directed should also be included.
3.3.2. Table of Contents
Include a clear identification of the submitted materials by section and by page
3.3.3. Executive Summary
Request for Proposals – Information Technology Services
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City of La Puente
Introduce the proposal and summarize the key provisions of the proposal.
Provide a statement describing why the proposer is qualified to perform this
work, the name of the company who would provide transit services to the City,
and the proposed fees.
3.3.4. Conceptual Plan
Provide a conceptual plan for services to the City that you believe are
appropriate for the City.
Indicate features, skills and/or services which
distinguish your company and make your company the better choice for the City.
3.3.5. Statement of Understanding
Include a detailed statement of understanding of the City information technology
services to be provided. If there are services listed in this RFP that the proposer
will not be able to provide, describe those services in this section.
3.3.6. Approach to Information Technology Support Service
Provide a response to each of the following items:
Describe your view of the role of the information technology
support services provider.
Help desk description.
Describe any management or implementation strategies or
techniques that the firm intends to employ in carrying out the
scope of work.
Response time and goal for resolving problems.
Please describe the professional qualifications of the principals,
specialists or technicians who will be available to deliver the IT
support services required by this RFP; indicate number of staff
that are available to provide these services.
Describe how you intend to ensure that all personnel contributing
to the management of our information technology system are
properly trained and monitored to ensure that they are performing
their duties at proficient levels.
Explain how you plan to keep the desktop computers and servers
operating at optimal performance.
Describe how you will keep the City informed about the state of
our information technology service.
Provide an example of a written communication (not to exceed
five pages) to a city about an information technology issue.
Explain how your company would resolve the situation in which
one of our servers breaks down during service; be sure to include
time estimates as well.
A statement of the company regarding whether or not it conducts
a background check on all its IT personnel.
Any other information that the company will offer to support its
qualifications to provide IT support services.
Request for Proposals – Information Technology Services
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City of La Puente
Scope of services beyond the RFP that the firm provides which
may be of interest to the City.
3.3.7. Background and Capacity
o Describe your firm’s background and history; including the number
of years in business.
Describe your firm’s expertise in municipal information technology
Where is the location of your office(s) that would serve the City?
3.3.8. References
Provide contact information for five cities for which services have been provided
in the last ten years, so reference checks can be conducted. Please include the
contact person’s name, city name, phone, and email address.
3.3.9. Fee Schedule
The City is requesting that all bidders submit a fixed fee service contract for fice
(5) years with two renewal periods. Payment schedule should also be included.
Proposals shall include a breakdown of the vendor’s proposed staffing by job title
and corresponding hourly rate.
Request for Proposals – Information Technology Services
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City of La Puente
Evaluation / Selection Process
Evaluation Criteria
The following information will be taken into consideration during the evaluation process:
4.1.1. Price Proposal……………………………………………………………………. (40%)
Reasonableness of the total price and competitiveness of this
amount with other offers received
Adequacy of data in support of figures quoted
Reasonableness of unit price
Basis on which prices are quoted
4.1.2. Work Plan………….…………………… ……………………………………… (30%)
Depth of proposers understanding of the City’s requirements as
set forth in the Scope of Services and within this RFP
Overall quality of work plan
Logic, clarity and specificity of work plan
Appropriateness of labor distribution among the activities
Preventive maintenance program
Strength of response plan
Facility location and
Quality control and quality assurance programs
4.1.3. Past Performance……………….…………..…………………………………… (15%)
Demonstrated experience in performing work a similar nature
Experience working with public agencies
Strength and stability of the firm
References with demonstrated success in proving similar services
Assessment of city references and information provided
Demonstrated experience in initiating a new service and adapting
to changing service requirements
4.1.4. Staffing, Project Organization, and Management Plan…………………… (15%)
Qualifications and experience of project staff, particularly key
personnel and especially the General Manager
Request for Proposals – Information Technology Services
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City of La Puente
Key personnel’s level of involvement in performing related work
outlined in the proposer’s background and experience
Logic of project organization
Overall quality of the staffing plan
Labor relations record
Employee selection and retention record
Disciplinary program
Concurrence in the restricts on changes in key personnel
Request for Additional Information
By submitting a proposal, the proposer agrees to furnish such additional information as
the City may reasonably require. This includes information which indicates financial
resources as well as the ability to provide the services. To the extent there are any
revisions or additions to the information provided or requested in this RFP, an addendum
will be sent to all firms who received the RFP. The City reserves the right to make such
investigations of the qualifications of the proposer as it deems appropriate.
Proposal Binding
All proposals submitted shall be binding on proposers for ninety (90) calendar days
following opening of the proposals.
Incurred Expenses
The City is not responsible for any cost incurred by a firm in either responding to this
RFP, or in participating in oral presentation or meetings with the City.
Proprietary Information
In accordance with applicable Public Records Act and except as otherwise may be
provided by applicable State and Federal law, all proposers should be aware that the
RFP’s and responses thereto are a public record. Proposals received in response to this
RFP will become the property of the City and will not be returned to the proposers. In
the event of contract award, all documentation produced as part of the contract will
become the exclusive property of the City.
The City reserves the right to interview some, all, or none of the firms responding to the
RFP based solely on the City’s judgment as to the firm’s qualifications and capabilities.
Acceptance/Rejection/Modifications to Proposals
The City reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals, negotiate
modifications to proposals that it deems acceptable, to request and consider additional
information from any proposer and to waive minor irregularities and technical defects in
the proposal process. The City reserves the right to seek new proposals when it
determines that it is in the best interest to do so. The City also reserves the right not to
pursue any specific financing products discussed in the RFP.
Request for Proposals – Information Technology Services
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City of La Puente
Selection Process
Staff will evaluate the responses and recommend an unranked short-list of no more than
four firms to the review committee. The committee may schedule interviews and/or
presentations with short-listed proposers. Based on the outcome of the Review
Committee’s evaluation of proposals, a recommendation will be submitted to the City
Council for consideration of award. An award of contract occurs when the contract is
approved by the La Puente City Council. Selection of a proposer with whom the City
enters into contract negotiations with or a recommendation of an award by the
Committee or any other party does not constitute an award of contract. The City
expects, but does not guarantee, that the decision on selection of a firm will be made by
the La Puente City Council on the date indicated below.
Proposed Schedule
Proposals should be signed by an authorized individual to bind the firm and must be
valid for at least 90 days.
RFP Released
Proposals Due
Interviews (if necessary)
Award of Contract
October 24, 2014
November 20, 2014
Week of December 1. 2014
January 14, 2014
Cancellation of Procurement Process
The City may cancel the procurement process at any time. All proposals become the
property of the City. All information submitted in the proposal becomes “public record”
as defined by the State of California upon completion of the procurement process. If any
proprietary information is contained in or attached to the proposal, it must be clearly
identified by the vendor. However, the City reserves the right to release the entirety of
any RFP submitted, in accordance with State law.
The City reserves the right to amend or modify the project Scope of Services prior to the
award of contract, as necessity may dictate, and to reject any and all proposals
hereunder. This RFP does not commit the City to award a contract or to pay any costs
incurred in the preparation of a proposal in response to this request. The City reserves
the right to accept or reject any or all proposals received as a result of this request, to
negotiate with any qualified source or to cancel in part or in its entirety this RFP if it is in
the best interest of the City.
Request for Proposals – Information Technology Services
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City of La Puente
Insurance/Contract Development
All vendors shall submit evidence of all required insurance. An Accord cover page will
suffice and if awarded the contract the vendor has ten (10) calendar days to produce the
required insurances including a certified endorsement naming the City as an additional
insured. The vendor shall certify to the possession of any and all current required
licenses or certifications. Do not purchase additional insurance until this bid has been
awarded. Provide a copy of current business license or other applicable licenses.
Contract Development
If a proposal is accepted, the vendor is required to enter into a contractual agreement
with the City. A sample of the standard City contract to be used for this project is
attached as Attachment A. The City reserves the right to amend this contract based on
the information provided by the Vendor in its response to the RFP. The successful
vendor may also be required to enter into a facilities use agreement with the City.
The following contractual terms are non-negotiable and included in the standard City
All insurance terms
Ownership/Use of Contract Materials and Products
Governing Law
If an agreement cannot be reached, negotiations with an alternate vendor may
Request for Proposals – Information Technology Services
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