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that all present would now file out
of the room.
Mr. and Mrs. Jellico went out
first; then Lewis and Carver; then
Mrs, Barker, roused from her slumber; then Miss Walsh and Jeannette, followed by Gertie and Mr.
Standing outside the door beside
Mrs. Clark as that lady solemnly
pulled it shut, Jeannette glanced
back into the room once more. Her
mind was still on that cigarette
and her eyes went directly to the
There was an almost-fresh cigarette burning in exactly the same
place where the burned-out stub
had been! Mr. Quintal had switched
one of his Ramblers for the incriminating Capt. Mack.
(Continued tomorrow)
In the Locai
Among the officers on Bataan
Peninsula, presumed to be Japanese prisoners, is Brigadier General Maxon S. Lough of Forest
Hills. The War Department has
no word of his fate.
The Neighbors Defense Committee of Sector D, Zone 1 of the
Jamaica Precinct will conduct a
card party tomorrow night at the
Jamaica Jewish Center to raise
fundi to purchase equipment for
air raid wardens. Mrs. Theodore
Gross is in charge.
The Morris Park Knights of
Columbus and parishioners of St.
Mary's R. C. Church in Winfield
will hold a banquet for the Rev.
Peter W. Fox on May 16 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his
ordination. Father Fox is chaplain of the Morris Park Council
and pastor of St. Mary's.
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ffilvabtx at Jtttiratgftt
By Virginia Bowes
The story thus far: Jeannette odd that on the table alongside
Pringle, timid little secretary to Geoffrey Cavendish's body a cigaofficious Mrs. Clark, manager of rette still burnea . . .
Quintal had moved around bethe Sleepy Hollow Old People's
Home, had the discomfiting feel- hind Gertie and up close to the
lag all day that the guests at the table beside Cavendish's chair, on
home and even Mrs. Clark are un- which the cigarette rested. He
der some violent strain. Once reached out quickly, as if to snuff
during the afternoon she politely it out, but not quickly enough.
asks one of the old gentlemen,
"Oh no, no, Mr. Quintal, please!"
Mr. Cavendish, how he feels, and Mrs. Clark exclaimed. "We must
he turns on her Irritably, advis- not touch a thing."
ing her to mind her own business.
"It's going to fall off the ashtray
That night Jeannette is awakened and burn the table," Mr. Quintal
by a noise from the second floor said quietly.
at 12 o'clock, and running upstairs
"Let it!" Mrs, Clark snapped,
to investigate she finds Mr. Cav- halting his second attempt to reach
endish dead in his room. He is it. "It may be a clue. For all any
propped up in an armchair and of us know, it may be a very imher own gold letter-opener pro- portant clue."
trudes from his chest.
"That's right, Quintal," Mr. Carver said judiciously. "Quite right."
Mr. Quintal let his hand fall to
side, and everybody watched
When Jeannette came to she was
with morbid silence as the cigarette
huddled in a weak little heap at the up-til ted on the edge of the tray,
feet of the dead man's body. Her balanced for a moment, then lost itseyes didn't focus quickly but she accumulated ash and fell with a
knew there were people gathered slow little roll onto the polished
around her. She self-conciously surface of the table.
tugged at the folds of her volum"That's a shame," Quintal said,
inous bathrobe, wanting to be de- watching the dull red circle of
cent. Then her ears picked up burned varnish spread out from
sound, and she recognized Mrs. around the glowing end of the
Clark's voice.
"No, no one must touch any- With Miss Walsh's help, Jeannette
thing,** her employer was saying. got unsteadily to her feet. She felt
She could see the authoritative weak and knew that her face must
gesture of Mrs. Clark's fat hand. be deathly pale. And she felt that
"If everything isn't left just as it everyone was waiting for her to
is now, just as we found it, we will say something; to explain why she
all be in trouble with the coroner." was in this room, why she had held
Jeannette felt someone bending that death weapon in her hands.
over her, hovering near her head. But somehow she couldn't bring
She concentrated and in the semi- herself to say a word.
darkness of the room she was able
More than that of anyone else,
to identify Mrs. Cartwright, the Mrs. Clark's silence seemed openly
rather scatter - brained, henna- hostile. She eyed Jeannette with
rinsed old lady who insisted on be- sharp, instantly clear suspicion.
ing called Gertie. There were also
"WeH, young lady," Mrs. Clark
fumes of smelling salts coming from said at last, "aren't you going to
somewhere, and she finally dis- offer a word of explanation?"
covered Miss Walsh on her other
Jeannette looked around from
side, holding a small green bottle one face to another, finding notha few inches from her face.
ing in any of them but a death"What—what happened?" Jean- like solemnity. Old faces, wrinkled
nette said, knowing even as the and set in the clamp-jawed expreswords came from her lips that the sionlessness of holding false teeth
question was inane.
In place. Not unkindly. Not hostile
'Must be quiet, dear," Miss Walsh —except the younger, fuller face of
said calmly, in a thin whisper that Mrs. Clark. Simply quiet and philwas barely audible. And then osophical and patient. Knowing
Jeannette felt Miss Walsh's hand that sooner or later something
touching her own. She thought at would be said, something would be
first that the old spinster was explained. Not seeming to care
reaching for the pulse, but then whether the explanation came now
she felt a gentle pressure on her or a week from now, or maybe
fingers, on the knuckles—'lifting so never.
very gentry—prying them loose
Old Mrs. Barker, the most silent
from a grip she unconsciously held and
timid little guest of them all,
upon some strange object.
was actually dozing as she sat on
Recollection came suddenly. She the edge of Mr. Cavendish's bed
held the dagger, the letter-opener, against the far wall. When somein her hand. It was sticky as her body spoke, or moved making even
fingers were pulled away, and she the slightest noise, her pale blue
knew that the stickiness was blood. eyes opened for an instant, then she
She stifled a choking sound that nodded again, strands of her thin
rose in her throat, but the effort gray hair falling in a frail pattern
was great and brought on a dizzi- against the black of her knitted
ness all over again. She heard a shawl. And even she was fully
voice somewhere fade out In a dull dressed.
blur; she lost track of the pressure
"There's nothing to say," Jeanon her hand . . . "
began at last, "except that I
Gertie was chafing the wrist of came in
and found him sitting there
her left hand when Jeannette in his chair—dead."
opened her eyes the second time.
"That's not much more than the
Miss Walsh was still holding the
of us can say," Mrs. Clark said
smelling salts under her nose, but
she knew that the letter-opener sourly. "We all came in and found
was no longer in her right hand. him there—dead, as you say. ExThere was satisfaction in that, cept we found you here, too, lying
It didn't matter that at his feet in a faint and holding
everyone had seen that she held it; onto that little gold dagger of yours,
it was simply nice not to have that that you always said was a letterfeeling of sticky blood on her hand. opener. Letter-opener, indeed! StiMrs. Clark looked down at her letto's more like it, I say!"
impatiently, as if fainting for a
Mrs. Clark's remarks were given
second time had been an unneces- the undivided attention of everysary strain to impose upon every- one. And when she'd finished, all
Jeannette struggled to her eyes swung slowly»around to Jeanfeet at last and forced herself not nette. Miss Walsh and Gertie, still
to look at Mr. Cavendish, sitting standing beside her and each giving
there just as she had found him, her a kind of symbolic support by
and having a waxy pallor Jhat was keeping their fingers in touch with
so dreadfully much like the pallor the sleeves of her robe, were every
of most every other face in the bit as interested in what she was
going to do or say as were the
Lewis and Carver and Quintal, others.
Jeannette forced herself to look
they were all there. The first two
in wrinkled pajamas with smoking at Mr.*Cavendish's body. So far as
jackets over them; Quintal in a she could tell he was in exactly the
long, faded woolen bathrobe that same position as he had been when
apparently—judging from the bare she came in; and of course there
ankles—concealed an old-fashioned was no reason to think anyone
nightshirt. He saw Jeannette star- would have shunted him around.
ing at his outfit and-he winked at But it seemed ages ago—and there
he still sat, his huge gray head
It was odd that he'd wink at a hanging down against his right
time like this, she thought vaguely. shoulder and chest, his right hand
But then, everything else about the touching the pages of the book in
affair was odd, too. It was odd, his lap. The book was a ponderous
for instance, that Miss Walsh was tome by Blackstone, on the subfully dressed, and Mrs. Clark and ject of the English common law.
Gertie likewise. It was odd that Jeannette thought that she had not
Mr. and Mrs. Jellico stood off in seen Cavendish without that book
one corner of the room and talked more than a dozen times in the
to each other in whispers. It was five years she had been there.
"Everything I knew as a great
practicing lawyer?' Cavendish had
said more than once, "I owe to
Blackstone, the greatest legal mind
of us all." And it had never been
until his impressive figure had disappeared into the lounge or the
library that she had thought how
vain and boastful the words really
Sisterhood's Diary
And now he had died with his
To Be Published
idol, literally, in his arms.
The annual diary of the SisterStaring at the dead man and at hood of the Jamaica Jewish Center
his book, Jeannette's eyes wandered will be published in time for the
again to the cigarette that lay burn- May 27 luncheon, Mrs. Augusta
ing itself out on the table top. It Weill, editor, announced at yesterwas almost through but there was day's meeting.
enough of it left so that she could
Assisting Mrs. Weill are Mrs.
get a glimpse of the brand name Cell* Gogel, Mrs. Mathilda Greenprinted in thin black letters around baum, Mrs. Rose Marvin, Mrs. Ida
the end.
G. Stenger, Mrs. Claire Lonschein,
It was a Captain Mack, the brand Mrs, Esther Greenbaum, Mrs. Florshe herself, and only she among all ence Metz, Mrs. Jean Blumenfeld
the guests in Sleepy Hollow ever and Mrs. Freya Rosenthal.
used! There were few people there
Members were urged to volunteer
that knew she smoked, of course, for Red Cross work and as blood
because she always did it in her donels by the center's Red Cross
room after working hours. But Mr. chairman, Mrs. Rosenthal. A donaQuintal did because he had asked tion was made to the boy scouts
her for one once when he was out and two members were welcomed
of his own brand. That explained by tfce president, Mrs. Sylvia Anhis winking at her! He had recog- sterdam.
nized that cigarette as one of hers.
Mrs. Rebecca Lear, current events
As she stood there beginning to chairman, spoke. Mrs. Frances
feel the falntness come over her Kera announced that "Keys of the
again, fearing to look at Mr. Quin- Kingdom," by A. J. Kronin would
tal, she saw him, reach into his be reviewed at the April 29 meetbathrobe pocket and take out a ing.
package of his special brand, RamMrs. Roslyn Haas, historian,
blers. He took one out of the pack, spoko
on "Shebuoth" of the "Feast
put It in his mouth, lit it. He still
stood there near the table.
No one seemed to pay any attention to the gesture. He smoked Sisterhood Luncheon
incessantly. It had probably struck
most of them earlier that it was odd Set for April 29
he wasn't smoking.
The annual luncheon of the Sis"Well," Mrs. Clark said, "if you've terhood of the
all looked around now and made a Hebrew Center will be held April
mental noto of everything you've 29 in the center.
seen, we may as well go downstairs
Plans for the luncheon were made
and summon the police. Unless," at a board of executives' meeting
and she looked at Jeannette again, yesterday in the home of Mrs.
her eyes narrowing, "unless, of Lipsky and Mrs. Minnie Worten
course, Miss Pringle has something are co-chairman for the luncheon.
to say."
A minstrel show is to be held
"I'm afraid I haven't, Mrs. May 24.
Clark," Jeannette said.
It was decided that the regular
Mrs. Clark went to the door. She meeting of the Sisterhood will be
held it open and stood like a sen- the third Wednesday of each month
tinel, lifting her hand in a signal' instead of the third Monday.
Jamaica Ave. at 162nd St.
tarnish proof
chest Included
Hollow Handle Knivet
with Stainless Steel
with tarnishproof chest
If you are looking for a set of Silverplate designed
with good taste and artistry, choose the "Memory"
pattern at Gertz tomorrow. Its delicate beading,
dainty bouquet motif and graceful lines are a
source of delight to the eye and the touch. This
Wm. Rogers A I plate is made by International
Silver Company of silver plate on an 18% nickel
silver base. All the knives have hollow handles with
stainless steel blades.
STOP gas thefts!
8 Hollow handle knives
4 Table spoons
8 Dinner forks
8 Putter spreaders
8 Salad forks
I Sugar shell
16 Tea spoons
I Butter knife
8 Soup spoons
I Tarnish-proof chest
Buy on Gertz easy payment plan
Gas thefts are on the rise so be wise and keep
your car tank under lock and key. This tank cap
has a five tumbler cylinder lock which opens
only to your key. Patented "Floating Gasket"
is the perfect ,gas seal—saves gasoline. Will
fit all cars. Phone orders taken.
STOP tire thefts!
The State Steuben Council has
reelected Theodore Coester of
Lynbrook as secretary. He formerly headed the Muensterberg
Steubens in his home village.
Gertz Optometry Service has been quietly
and efficiently giving scientific assistance to
Long Islanders for many years. It is fully
equipped to help you get the lenses you may
need and to suggest the right frame to
blend with your face and features.
•William C. Folsom, O. D., registered optometrist
Ful-Vus Numont
Meet the industrial consultant
of the newly-organized State Defense Council, Patrick S. Murphy
of 170-40 Cedarcroft road, Jamaica
Estates. He will cooperate with
manufacturers in turning -their
factories oyer for war production.
Ful-Vu« Frame
:E-Se ;
Set of
Tire Locks
If you've got good tires, watch out for tire
thieves! These special rust proof finish steel
tire locks are approved by police and insurance companies. Fits on all oars and trucks...
. %just slip it on the hub of your wheel, lock it and
your tires are safe. Thieves won't attempt to
Jamaica Ave. at 162 St.
steal tires when your wheels are locked.
Phone Orders Accepted—Call JAmaica 6-6800
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Thomas M. Tryniski
309 South 4th Street
Fulton New York
regularly 3.98
The time has come for all good housewives to store
their family's clothes to provide the utmost proteo
r tion against dirt, dust and moths. This E-Z-Do
closet has space for 20 garments because it is 30"
wide, 60" high and 22" deep. It's made of 3 ply;
Kraft board with wood grain finish, reinforced with,
wood and metal. Double front slides up and down
for extra convenience. Contains E-Z-Do Humidor,
Moth gas vaporizer
Moth gas refills
Moth gas sprays
I qt
Moth gas
21/2 lbs
l/2 gai
• » . . . . . • . . . . ( , , ID,
5 lbs