Sikkim Brahma Kumaris host stress management programme

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Wednesday October 22, 2014
Sikkim Brahma Kumaris host
stress management programme
GANGTOK, OCT 21 /--/
The Br ahma Kumaris
Rajyoga Meditation Centre
Sikkim on Tuesday organised a programme on the
true essence of education,
health, mind and stress management as well as a de-addiction workshop in several
schools in East Sikkim.
Some of them included
Rhenock Senior Secondary
School, Government College Rhenock, Khamdong
Manipur Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh garlanding newly-elected Elangbam Dwijamani Singh, Congress (I)
candidate in the Hiyanglam Assembly byelections, during the reception Ceremony at Congress Bhavan, B T Road in
Imphal on Tuesday.
Jharkhand woman missing for 16 years found in Malda
MALDA, OCT 21 /- -/ A
middle aged woman from
Manirampur village in
Jharkhand was today found
in the Makdampur area of
Malda. The mentally challenged lady, identified as
Maskura Bibi (55), was
handed over to her brother
Naimuddin Sheikh by the
English Bazaar police.
Maskura had been missing
from her paternal home since
the last 16 years.
Naimuddin, his sister had
married a man from a neighbouring village at the tender
age of 18. After three years of
the marriage, Maskura left
her husband following an argument with him and his
family and started to live
with her father. “She was
okay for a few years, but
gradually started getting
mentally ill and she suddenly disappeared one day.
She had been lost since the
last 16 years. We searched
for her everywhere, but in
vain,” said Naimuddin. The
family also performed
Maskura’s last rites assuming her to be no more, while
her parents are no more.
A few days ago, a man
from Manirampur village
was in Malda with his wife
for some medical treatment.
He spotted Maskura walking in the streets of
Makdampur in a dismal
state and immediately informed her brother back
home. Following this,
Naimuddin along with some
neighbours arrived in
Malda and the English Bazaar police helped them rescue Maskura. Maskura owns
about 30 bighas of land back
home and has several relatives.
In Makdampur, she had
made for herself a small
shack on the roadside used
to survive on food and clothing offered by the locals.
BJP aims big in Mamata's Bengal
KOLKATA / Oct 21 /--/ Even as the CBI and Enforcement
Directorate tighten its noose day by day around the necks of
TMC bigwigs for their alleged unsavoury links in the
Saradha scam and consequently the state government’s propoor image gets increasingly battered, the BJP’s hopes for
emerging a formidable force in Bengal politics if not for grabbing power in near future keep soaring.
BJP’s shrill propaganda across the state for not only laying bare the TMC’s multiplying acts of omission and commission but also for peddling its pernicious Hindutwa concoction including ‘push back’ of Muslim infiltrators with the
help of RSS’ fanatic pracharaks are surely proof enough of
the party’s primary objectives in Bengal. It must also be said
to the credit of the BJP that the party has despite the ground
reality of Bengal’s characteristic secular fabric has seldom
sought to cloak its agenda of majoritarian politics. If RSS
shakhas (branches) are mushrooming with their brawny
hawking and often cocky muscle-flexing against Muslims,
BJP’s eager cadres alongside feisty pracharaks are parroting
what Mohan Bhagwat (repeated at Nagpur on October 3) has
been hollering for long with regard to Bangladeshi Muslims
infiltration into Bengal.
Let it be recalled that while Narendra Modi made ‘push
back’ of infiltrators one of the focal points (along with
Saradha scam) of his high-pitched Lok Sabha polls campaigning in Bengal, BJP’s hand-picked strategists in Bengal
(including Siddharth Nath Singh, M.A. Naqvi, RSS henchman, Prashant Bhatt and Mennakshi Lekhi) have been busy
taking turns to spur swelling ranks of party cadres into
bolder actions. Apart from grass-root political persecution
victims, the recent onrush of opportunist/ disgruntled Left
activists,aspirants from the tinsel world and surprise entry
of the wife of Kolkata Police Commissioner would testify
the sweep of BJP mission in Bengal. However, BJP is likely
to trip in its Bengal mission badly unless it tempers its bid
for power with a concrete programme for steady economic
and industrial development of the state with resultant ameliorating effects on the worsening plight of farmers, marginal
labourers and other downtrodden sections (dominated by
the minority community and backward castes, adivasis).
Bengal’s teeming millions of unemployed youthswould
not be entirely swayed by either hyperboles, or rabid/garbled hindutwaagenda and propaganda. Job-hungry youths
would have to be provided gainful employment instead of
the BJP-RSS staple of divisive politics, tinged with religious
overtones. For, such an overdose may well stifle a laugh from
all the deprived and oppressed ones. It would also queer the
pitch for the zealots on either side of the communal divide,
thus prompting a backlash from saner elements of different
political hues. BJP’s dream-run towards its cherished goal
of being a viable alternative force (following its impressive
show in the Lok Sabha polls (16.80 per cent votes) coupled
with the TMC government’s crass failure in fulfilling peoples’ sky-high hopes and near decimation of both Left and
Congress) may suffer rude jolts in case the Central government does little to reopen hundreds of closed factories, mills
and for revival of Bengal’s traditional jute, engineering and
tea industries.
Pitiable conditions of retrenched workers, their starving
families and millions of marginalised population continuously living in abject poverty and squalor would only spawn
nightmares and utter cynicism at parties like BJP that spare
no efforts to appear as new avatar and messiah for poor.
Empty stomachs of jobless and landless farmers cannot bear
up pangs of hunger indefinitely merely on mealy mouthed
assurances of acche din aane wallah. All the media-hype
about Bengal’s impressive gross domestic product growth
and progress in small-medium industries sector also may not
be enough to brush aside the stark reality of a virtual famine in big ticket industrial investment here.
BJP must also be wary of the fact that the TMC has somehow been able to make up more of its perceived political reverses (due to Saradha scam, lawlessness and inter necine
squabbles by ‘syndicates’) through a continuous exodus to
it from the Congress and the Left. While Bengal’s minority
population comprising nearly 30 per cent of state voters
have zealously safeguarded their self-interest so far, sharply
antagonistic contradictions between the four major contending forces – TMC, BJP, Left and Congress –may still save the
day for the ruling party, at least until 2016 Assembly polls.
Documentary onbirds adjudged
as best scinece programme
Nagaland turning into 'Falcon
capital' for conservation
BERHAMPUR, OCT 21 /--/ A musical science documentary produced by All India Radio (AIR), Berhampur was adjudged as the best science programme in national level and
to get Akashavani annual award-2013."The documentary titled "Pakshi" (the bird) was chosen as AIR has introduced the
science category award to popularise science broadcast in
the country. We are trying to introduce the evaluation,
growth, migrating pattern of birds along with some of the extinct species in the documentary, which is presented through
folk music," said Hrusihesh Panigrahi, assistant programme
officer of AIR, Berhampur. Besides being the producer of the
document, Panigrahi has also penned the musical programme.
The documentary shows the chadheiya (the birdman),
one of the popular characters of the famous folkdance
Danda Nata, narrating the story of the birds in folk-music
style. The documentary also highlights the success story of
conservation of the house sparrow by the house-lovers at
Purunabandh, a remote village, near river Rushikuya mouth
in Ganjam district.
The method of house sparrow conservation started by
Rabindra Kumar Sahu in the village was now adopted by different agencies in the state, sources said. Kedar Panigrahi,
a folk singer has rendered his voice as chadheiya, while the
folk and instrumental music to original tune is provided by
his associate M.Madhab Patra and troupe.
KOLKATA, OCT 21 /--/ With the hunters of mig ratory
Amur Falcon birds turning into protectors, Nagaland has
become the "Falcon capital" of the world, officials said today.
"Against the general perception of Naga people being
compulsive hunters, the success of Amur Falcon conservation has put Nagaland on the global map; and the sheer
number of the Amur Falcon population here has made it the
'Falcon Capital' of the world," Nagaland's divisional forest
officer (Doyang) Zuthunglo Patton said in a statement. While
migrating to African sub-continent every winter to escape
the extreme cold of Siberia, thousands of Amur Falcon
birds roost in Nagaland for over a month. Till two years ago,
the raptors were slaughtered in large numbers by locals and
eaten as food. The forest official said focused and relentless
awareness in the last one year had brought about the success.
"The communities of Pangti and adjoining villages in Wokha
District have turned the spectacular migration of these magnificent birds into a lifetime opportunity for tourists whose
jaws drop in utter amazement over the unforgettable sight,"
Patton said. Last week, the first batch of Amur falcons arrived in the Doyang Reservoir, after which the villagers of
Ashaa, Pangti and Sungro once again reaffirmed their last
year's commitment and dedication to protect the falcons
with the support of Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) and the
Nagaland forest department.
2 cane bombs found
from Maoist hideout
MUNGER, OCT 21 /--/ Security forces today recovered two
powerful cane bombs and fuse wire from a Maoist hideout in
the Bhimbandh forest in Munger district. Carrying out a
search operation against the Maoists in the Bhimbandh forest, the security forces, comprising CRPF and police, recovered two cane bombs, weighting 20 kg each, and a 100 meter
fuse wire from Patthadiha locality, Superintendent of Police
Varun Kumar Sinha said. The search operation against the
ultras is on, he said.
ER’sspecial arrangements for Kali Puja
KOLKATA, OCT 21 /--/ To cater to the rush of visitors to
Puja Pandals in the night of Kali Puja, Eastern Railway has
made special arrangements for running suburban trains over
Sealdah and Howrah divisions. Four pairs of Suburban Special trains will be run, one pair each between Sealdah &
Dankuni, Sealdah & Barasat, Sealdah and Ranagahat,
Sealdah (South) & Baruipur stations on the nights of October 23, 24 and 25. Sealdah-Dankuni Special Trains will leave
Sealdah at 11:30 pm and will leave Dankuni at 12:25 am.
Sealdah-Barasat Specials will leave Sealdah at 00:10 am and
Barasat at 1:10 am. Sealdah-Ranagahat Specials will leave
Sealdah at 12:40 am and Ranaghat at 11:45 pm. SealdahBaruipur Specials will leave Sealdah (South) station at 12:30
am and Baruipur station at 01:25 am on those nights.(EOIC)
Mulukay Junior High
School, Chujachen Senior
Secondary School and
Phadamchen Secondary
School. Brahma Kumari Sister Sonam Diki, Brothers
Rohit Sharma, Mohan
Kafley and others conducted
the classes to the students
and the public. They imparted practical training on
stress management and
highlighted its importance.
The speakers dwelt at length
on ways to manage stress,
which has become a common problem among people,
particularly the youths. The
management programmes
was appreciated by the
teachers, students and heads
of the institutions and the
people at large.
The organisers highlighted the high incidence
of suicide rates in Sikkim,
which is believed to be one
of the highest in India. Suicidal tendencies are actually generated by undue
stress and needless anxiety
and Rajyoga meditation
helps to calm down the agitated and confused mind,
they said.
The resource persons
also illustrated the procedure of Rajyoga meditation.
Students, teachers and villa ge residents have requested the Centre to hold
such programmes regularly
so that problems arising due
to stress can be managed
easily. (PR)
Youth arrested with counterfeit
currency worth Rs 2 lakh
shot at
MALDA, OCT 21 /-- / A labour contractor returning
home late on Monday night
was shot at by three people
near the Husainpur area of
Phursida GP under the
Harsihchadrapur police station in Malda. The police
have identified the victim as
Neherul Sheikh, a labour
contractor by profession and
currently working in Delhi.
Last night, he was returning
home from Delhi when he
was shot at by three miscreants. He was rushed to the
Malda Medical College and
Hospital and is currently
undergoing treatment.
Police sources said
Neherul has two wives,
Khushi Bibi and Anwara
Bibi, who live in Husainpur.
A few days ago, his first wife,
Khushi Bibi, eloped with a
man named Massud Alam.
Neherul was on his way after hearing the news when
he was intercepted by three
bike-bound men near
Husainpur and taken to an
isolated bamboo grove before being shot at. Although
grievously injured, Neherul
was saved by area residents
and rushed to hospital.
Harsihchadrapur police station
Banerjee said Neherul’s second wife Anwara Bibi has
filed an FIR against Khushi
Bibi and Massud Alam for
attempted murder. “Both are
absconding. We have started
a probe into the matter and
are on the lookout for the
two,” said Banerjee. (HS)
Chamling’s Diwali
greetings to people
of Sikkim
GANGTOK, OCT 21 /--/
Chief Minister Pawan
Chamling and his wife Tika
Maya Chamling have e xtended their Diwali greetings to the people of
Sikkim. The chief minister
has wished for happiness,
fulfillment and abundance
in the lives of the people. He
noted the festival of lights
carries a profound message
in that it celebrates the victory of light over darkness,
good over evil and knowledge
Chamling further said, “I
pray and wish the festival
showers prosperity and
brings out the goodness in
each and every one. Diwali
is a festival of celebration.
However, in doing so, let us
not forget our pledge to keep
our environment safe and
clean.” (IPR)
MALDA, OCT 21 /--/ The English Bazaar
police on Monday night arrested a youth
from the Mahananda Setu-II area of Sahapur
in Malda for possessing fake currency worth
Rs2 lakh. The youth has been identified as
Rabiul Islam (25) of Chari Ananata GP under the Kaliyachak police station. Police
sources said Rabiul was carrying four bundles of Rs500 denomination in his shirt and
trouser pockets.
English Bazaar police station in-charge
Dilip Karmakar said a patrol team on its routine rounds near the Mahananda Setu-II
area stopped Rabiul for questioning as he
w as loitering about suspiciously. “Upon
searching, him the patrol found counterfeit
money worth Rs2 lakh. As per preliminary
investigations, Rabiul had brought the
money from Kaliyachak. Further investigation on where the money was to be delivered
is being conducted, ” infor med Kar makar.
NJP police arrest two
Bangladeshi immigrants
SILIGURI, OCT 21 /-- /
The NJP police today arrested two illegal Bangladeshi immigrants from
South Colony of Siliguri.
The two have been identified as Sanjay Mahat and
Amal Chandra Mandal.
Sanjay is from Sherpur in
Bagura district of Bangladesh, while Amal is from
Prashadpur in Naugaon District. Police sources said the
duo was staying in Michael
Madhusudan Colony and
worked as a cycle repairman
and fruit vendor respectively. The two were presented at the Jalpaiguri
court and sent to police remand. (HS)
Longest railway tunnel in N-E scooped out
HAFLONG, OCT 21 /--/ The longest railway tunnel in the North-East on the newly
constructed Lumding-Silchar broad gauge
line in Assam has been scooped out, said
Northeast Frontier Railway officials.
The tunnel is situated near New Haflong
station building and passes below Haflong
town and the underground excavation work
from both ends met each other on Sunday in
Dima Hasao district, said NF Railway senior
public relations officer (construction) Md M
M Y Alam. The 3,235 meter long tunnel connects the newly built New Haflong railway
station with Jatingalumpur railway station,
he said adding it is considered as one of the
most critical tunnel in the 210-km broad
gauge track.
It was scooped out with great difficulty
due to soil conditions of the area and geological issues. Adverse geological conditions
were encountered during underground excavation of the tunnel and its completion has
been seen as a major challenge for the construction engineers of NF Railway, he told
reporters yesterday. A high level team of the
construction organisation comprising its
chief executive administrative officer Ajit
Pandit, chief engineer R K Ginger and others inspected the tunnel on Monday. Terming it as a feat of the Railways in 2014-15,
Alam said Construction Organisation has in
a major breakthrough made the much
awaited and difficult tunnel gauge conversion project.
Though work on the tunnel had begun in
September 2005, it did not progress well initially due to several geological problems.
However, from 2012 onw ards the work r esumed and now the tunnel has been opened,
Alam said adding, the remaining work of
benching, lining and invert is scheduled to
be completed by January next year. There
will be a total of 17 long and short tunnels
and 79 major bridges in the entire alignment
of Lumding-Silchar gauge conversion
project of 11,168 meters for running broad
gauge trains between Lumding and Silchar
through Dima Hasao district, Alam said.
There will be 28 stations along the line
and the maximum permissible speed for
trains on it will be 70 kmph in the hill section
and 100 kmph in the plain areas. As proposed the other works like earth filling, construction of major and minor bridges, station
buildings, track linking are on, he said. With
a present overall work progress of 96 per
cent, NF Railway Construction is confident
of completing the gauge conversion by
March 31 next year at an approximate cost of
around Rs 233 crore, he added.
Bihar ministers to go hightech
PATNA, OCT 21 /--/ To
keep pace with technology,
Bihar ministers will undergo
one-day training in computer and tablet operation tomorrow to bring efficiency
in their work.
Chief minister Jitan
Ram Manjhi will inaugurate
a day-long workshop here tomorrow in which all 32 ministers would be provided
training in operation on computer and tablet, Information
Technology minister Shahid
Ali Khan said today. For the
purpose, the state IT department had tied up with the
Electronicc and Information
Technology (NIELIT) to improve efficiency in the departmental work of ministers, Khan said. Giving de-
tails of the course content of
the training programme, Director of NIELIT in Bihar,
Alok Tripathi said that the
ministers would be given basic knowledge about computer and tablet and their utility. Tripathi said earlier such
training had been provided
to ministers during the regime of Sheila Dikshit in
Delhi. PTI
Three arrested
with firearms
MALDA, OCT 21 /--/ The
English Bazaar police on
Monday night arrested three
youths with locally made
firearms from the Baghbari
area of Malda town. The trio
has been identified as Aajiul
Sabji (25) of Milki GP under
the English Bazaar police
station, and Sanjay Shah (22)
and Manu Das (29) of the
Puratul area of town. English Bazaar PS in-charge
Dilip Karmakar said the
three were arrested along
with a pipe gun, a round of
ammunition and a sickle.
“The youths had the intention of mugging people at
Baghbari Stand, but we arrested them before they
could do anything. Due to the
festive season, we have increased security across
town to deter incidents such
as this,” added Karmakar.
A woman shopper trying on ear rings as it is considered auspicious to buy jewellry on
the occasion of Dhanteras, in Patna on Tuesday.