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The Mira 900 Family of Ultrafast Ti:sapphire Lasers
Unmatched simplicity and performance for ultrafast applications.
T h e M i r a 9 0 0 Fa m i l y o f U l t r a f a s t Ti : s a p p h i r e L a s e r s .
You are looking for clues to the dynamics of
matter. Or, perhaps, for the very constituents
of life itself. You are looking at processes so
complex, phenomena so ephemeral, that
observation is all but impossible.
But now there’s a way to make the invisible,
visible; the unknowable, knowable. Now,
you virtually see it unfold before your eyes.
And best of all, you don’t have to become
an expert in laser technology to do it.
Look closely. Welcome to Mira.®
Performance you can use.
The Mira 900 family of modelocked
pump laser, as well as the introduction of
titanium:sapphire (Ti:S) lasers is a series of
X-Wave™ broadband optics, Mira lasers feature
versatile, easy-to-use laser systems designed
even higher performance, and are significantly
specifically for the varying demands of ultra-
easier to use. Indeed, with Ti:S technology at its
fast applications in scientific research. From
core, the all-solid-state Mira 900 has become
time-resolved photoluminescence to pump-
the premier widely-tunable, modelocked laser
probe spectroscopy, from non-linear optics to
available for both femtosecond and picosecond
multiphoton microscopy, the Mira 900 offers
scientific research.
unprecedented opportunity for rich, scientific
observation and discovery.
And now, thanks to recent advances in the
technology of our industry-leading Verdi ®
Simplicity, versatility, and reliability. Add the
Coherent reputation for innovation and quality,
and you’ve got the preferred ultrafast laser in
use today.
Non-linear Optics
Cell Imaging
Opening the
for Ultrafast Applications.
The use of high-speed, short-pulse lasers over
Superior pump lasers.
the last decade has enabled an ever-growing
At the core of the Mira system is the Verdi CW
understanding of fundamental processes in
diode-pumped laser. This 532 nm green laser
chemistry, physics and biology. Today, the study
offers several compelling advantages: stable,
of such ultrafast phenomena is enhanced by
high-power operation; a compact, completely
the performance properties of the Mira family
sealed package; adjustment-free operation; and
of modelocked lasers.
the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.
Reliable ultrafast pulses.
versions, Verdi is the pump laser of choice for
The Mira laser operates on the Kerr Lens
the majority of ultrafast scientific applications.
Modelocking (KLM) technique. In the KLM
Should you require the very highest powers
process, the optical cavity is specifically
possible, the Mira system can also be pumped
designed to optimize modelocking by utilizing
by our high-power, multiline Innova® argon ion
changes in the spatial profile of the beam. These
lasers. Either way, you get the highest perform-
changes are produced by the self-focusing that
ance available for your particular application.
Available in 5-watt, 8-watt or 10-watt
results from the optical Kerr effect in the Ti:S
crystal. The process itself is initiated by a simple,
optical design that varies the cavity length to
Modelocked Beam Cross Section
CW Beam Cross Section
create transient short-pulse fluctuations.
Kerr Lens Modelocking
KLM is a highly reliable, all-solid-state
utilizes self-induced
changes in the spatial
modelocking technique that requires no
profile of the beam.
unnecessary, additional cavity elements such
The cavity is optimized
for modelocking by
as an acousto-optic modulator, and is analo-
simple adjustment of
gous to a fast saturable absorber. The result
a variable aperture.
is the efficient generation of short pulses in
either the femtosecond or picosecond regime.
Slit open—
No loss for either
modelocking or CW
Slit adjusted for
More loss for CW
Ultrafast Spectroscopy
Broadband, X-Wave optics.
Unparalleled stability and low noise.
Designed and commercially pioneered by
The powerful combination of Verdi pumping
Coherent, X-Wave optics greatly enhance
and precision opto-mechanical design results
operational simplicity. They allow you to tune
in Mira’s unrivaled low noise level and long-
the Mira’s wavelength across the entire Ti:S
term stability. Further, the superior design of
range, from 700 nm to 1000 nm, without
the cavity—in which two intracavity prisms,
changing components—or sacrificing power.
required for femtosecond operation, are located
X-Wave optics are available for either femto-
at the rear—ensures optimum pointing stability
second or picosecond operation, for both Verdi
across the tuning range. This dual-prism design
and Innova ion laser pumping. What’s more,
eliminates the alignment problem found in the
operation at the very longest wavelengths in
more complex, four-prism method used in other
the Ti:S regime can be accessed using Mira’s
commercial systems.
Long-Wave optics set.
Add it all up and you’ll find that when it
comes to performance, Mira lasers open up
an entire new vista for ultrafast applications.
A system that lets you focus on your work.
Today’s ultrafast lasers must do more than
external adjustment of the intracavity slit. The
identify the nature of chemical reactions.
CW detector is also used to drive the automated
Or characterize the dynamics of solid-state
starting of the modelocking process.
materials. Or visualize the workings of a
Not only that, but by using a sensitive device
living cell. Today’s ultrafast lasers must also
for monitoring power, Mira can easily detect the
perform with ease.
relative laser output power or fluorescence from
That means an operational simplicity so
the Ti:S crystal. The result? A significantly simpler
comprehensive, you hardly focus on the equip-
alignment and optimization process when
ment at all. That means Mira. And its exclusive
peaking mirrors or re-configuring the cavity.
Optima™ system for diagnostics and control.
A spectrum of capabilities.
High-performance convenience.
For picosecond operation, the Optima system
Using a full suite of on-board detectors and
incorporates the unique ß-Lock™ system, which
a dedicated electronic control system, Optima
optimizes performance through continuous,
displays important lasing parameters in real
skip-free tuning of picosecond pulses.
time, and provides you with the tools you
Optima also includes a fast photodiode
need to quickly maximize the performance
output that can be used in a stand-alone mode
of your Mira laser. This ensures that you get
to display the modelocked pulse train; or in con-
the highest-quality results possible, with a
junction with other optional equipment such
superior level of productivity.
as our Pulse Picker™ or RegA™ ultrafast amplifier.
Through the Optima control panel, you
There’s even a humidity detector to indicate
receive a wide range of system information
the relative humidity inside the laser head,
on modelocking status, power level, and the
which allows for the easy adjustment of the
CW content of the beam. Control of CW
nitrogen flow required when operating at
content is simplified, compared to alternative
wavelengths absorbed by water vapor.
ultrafast designs, through a convenient,
Normal modelocked operation
Peaking laser power
CW breakthrough
story of productive work.
GVD prism P1
900-F high reflector M7
Beam translation
900-P fold mirror M-8
900-F fold mirror M6
GVD prism P2
GVD prism P2 external control
Pump focus lens
900-P Gires-Tournois
with ß-lock
Ti:S crystal mount
Cavity mirror M4
Birefringent filter
tuning element
The inside story of productive work.
Include ports that allow three different
Mira was expressly designed with the conven-
input directions for the pump-beam, providing
ience of users in mind. In addition to Optima,
flexibility in experimental layout. An auxiliary
the laser incorporates several features that
CW cavity, to facilitate cavity alignment. And
further simplify the operation, stability, and
femto/pico/CW cavity configuration changes,
long-term reliability of the system.
which are simplified by the layout.
Start with an elegant optical architecture
Want more? The Mira’s resonator has a
that provides convenient access to all compo-
thermally-compensated, output-coupler
nents, with the beam propagating solely in
mounting, ensuring cavity-length stability
the horizontal plane. Add integral pump-beam
during ambient temperature changes. And
steering mirrors, with external controls that
the laser head is sealed and purgeable, for
greatly simplify the setup and maintenance
low maintenance and continuing operation at
of pump-beam alignment.
water-absorbing wavelengths.
Add it all up and you’ve got a complete
system designed for the most demanding user.
CW cavity end mirror M9
900-P fold mirror M10
Cavity length thermal
compensation mechanism
CW detector
Humidity detector
CW detector galvo
Power/fluorescence detector
Fast photodiode sync
output detector
Detector block pick-off
Cavity mirror M5
Fold mirror M3
Starter mechanism
X, Y and length control of
output coupler mirror M1
Saturable absorber aperture with
width and translation controls
An extensive
of ultrafast systems.
The Mira family has been designed to offer
System expansion for new applications.
increased versatility through a variety of
flexible configurations. These include:
At Coherent, we also offer a full range of
optional devices that can be used in combina-
Mira Optima 900-F.
tion with Mira to extend system performance.
The Mira Optima 900-F operates in femtosecond
From the optimization of tuning range, pulse
mode, with GVD (Group Velocity Dispersion) com-
energy, and repetition rate to synchronization,
pensation achieved via an elegant, double-pass,
pulsewidth, and more, these devices open up
two-prism sequence at the rear of the cavity.
an even wider vista of ultrafast applications.
Mira Optima 900-P.
Harmonic Generation 9300.
The Mira Optima 900-P offers reliable pico-
The Harmonic Generator 9300 converts the
second performance, utilizing a Gires-Tournois
output of Mira into the blue and ultraviolet
Interferometer (GTI) to provide the required
wavelength ranges. Systems for second, third,
additional level of negative dispersion.
and fourth harmonic generation are available
for both femtosecond and picosecond, or
Mira Optima 900-D.
dual, operation.
The Mira Optima 900-D incorporates both
femtosecond and picosecond cavities in a dual
Pulse Picker 9200.
configuration; changing from femto to pico, or
The Pulse Picker 9200 is a standalone acces-
vice-versa, is extremely straightforward.
sory that offers control of the pulse repetition
rate over a wide range. A dedicated controller
Mira 900-S.
allows repetition rates from 9.5 kHz to 4.75
The Mira 900-S is a standard femtosecond
MHz. Rates down to single-shot are possible
version of the Mira system, without the Optima
with external control.
control package.
Synchro-Lock 900.
OPA 9400/9800.
For applications requiring synchronization of
The microjoule energies and superior beam
one or two Mira systems, the Synchro-Lock™
quality from the RegA 9000 can be used to
900 option offers automatic cavity-length con-
pump one or more optical parametric ampli-
trol. Length actuators are used to lock the cavity
fiers (OPA 9400/9800), offering a simple
repetition rate to an internal crystal oscillator or
source of widely tunable ultrafast pulses.
to an external reference frequency. Computer
Wavelengths from the ultraviolet to infrared
control allows ‘one touch’ lock acquisition.
regions are readily accessible.
Mira OPO.
The Mira OPO, a synchronously-pumped
A full range of power meters, autocorrelators,
optical parametric oscillator that extends the
spectrometers, IR/UV viewers, and more are
tuning range of Mira, provides simple access
available from Coherent for use with Mira
to high-repetition rate, near-transform-limited
ultrafast laser systems.
femtosecond and picosecond pulses in the
visible and infrared spectral regions.
Industry-leading support.
Beyond the high-performance Mira lasers
RegA 9000.
themselves, Coherent offers the most extensive
The RegA 9000 is a regenerative amplifier for
support in the industry. In addition to full
ultrafast pulses that can be seeded by pulses
service and worldwide support response,
from Mira or the Vitesse™, our compact ultra-
product-user training classes are scheduled
fast oscillator. CW-pumping and acousto-optic
regularly. And, Coherent’s support organization
cavity dumping allow variable repetition rates
provides customers access to its applications
with exceptional beam quality and stability
labs for experimentation and demonstrations.
up to 250 kHz.
Coherent as your partner.
To compete and succeed in today’s fast-paced research and manufacturing environments, you need
a laser partner that understands your needs. A partner that can provide a wide range of technology
solutions, and the support that goes with them.
Since 1966, Coherent has been helping customers by providing complete, laser-based solutions
to a wide range of commercial, scientific, and medical applications.
With a heritage of innovation and an uncompromising position on quality, Coherent is the
most forward-thinking and diversified manufacturer of solid-state, gas, and semiconductor lasers
in the industry.
For more information, visit us on the web at www.cohr.com. Or call 800-527-3786.
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