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Almost on a daily basis, true Bible-believing
Christians are seeing their rights and liberties challenged and even threatened by detractors who apparently see their lot in life as destroying the
family, Christian values and moral strength and the
church as a whole.
A group of those Bible-believing Christians
gathered at the Quality Inn and Suites Thursday to
hear from Mike Griffin, field director for Georgia
Right to Life and former Georgia state representative, about issues of concern that Christians need
to be working to defeat.
Bill Mullis thanked everyone for attending and
noted that Christians today are engaged in a battle
for the sake of freedoms for all citizens and for the
future of this land. He noted that pastors in this
area are dedicated to fighting the forces of evil and
holding constant vigil to prevent the devil from
gaining more ground.
“One of our pastors even climbed down out of a
deer stand to be here,” said Mullis. “That takes a
lot of love for God.”
He then called on Keith Lloyd, the deer hunter,
to offer blessing for the food. Mullis also added
that every Wednesday the pastors here meet to
pray and support each other, meetings that are
open to all pastors.
Mullis introduced Griffin, the keynote speaker
for the meeting, and commended him for his
stance on Christian principles and for fighting for
the rights of the unborn, for the rights of Christians
to stick to their beliefs and for the rights of pastors
to preach the unadulterated word of God to their
“I would love to tell you jokes and make you
laugh — like Jeff Foxworthy — but we have some
serious things going on. A lot of people don’t believe they need to be involved. But it is very important that we get people involved,” said Griffin.
He spoke of the challenges to the Religious
Freedom Act, versions of which were introduced
as House Bill 77 by State Rep. Josh McKoon and
later as House Bill 1023 introduced by State Rep.
Sam Teasly.
He showed a comment made by a man who at
the time was holding a high office, that said, “…
government should be held to a high level of proof
before intervening” in attempts at creating legislation that would hinder Christian liberties. That
man? President Bill Clinton.
Griffin noted that some Christians “don’t want
to rock the boat too much” but added that a lot of
them have “been asleep in the devil’s crib.” He
called for all Christians to wake up and get on
board with fighting for their liberties before their
freedoms are completely dissolved.
(see RELIGIOUS, page 9)
Crossway Realty, 1701
Boulevard Square, is the
corporate co-sponsor of
Monday’s Red Cross blood
drive at the fairgrounds, and
Jake Strickland (standing,
right) Crossway Realty’s
broker-owner, is urging
everyone to chip in, donate
and strike a blow against a
chronic shortage in the
emergency blood supply.
Heather Strickland (standing) says, “Ditto!” She is coowner of Crossway Realty
with husband Jake. Also in
support of giving “The Gift
of Life” to save lives and enable surgeries are Crossway
associates Nadine Borelli
(sitting, left) and Cindy
Payne. Nikolaos Hutto, Red
Cross blood services donor
recruiter, is all for a big
turnout at Monday’s drive,
which starts at 9:30 a.m. and
winds up at 7:30 p.m. at the
Waycross Exchange Club
facility on Knight Avenue at
the fairgrounds. Jake Strickland, a loyal and faithful
Sunny, Clear Weekend
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NYC Doctor Is First
Ebola Case In The City
Waycross, Ga.
Friday, Oct. 24, 2014
Police officers stand outside, guarding the home of Dr.
Craig Spencer, the first New York City resident to test
positive for the ebola virus.
NEW YORK (AP) — A doctor who became New York City’s first Ebola patient
was praised for getting treatment immediately upon showing symptoms, and health
officials stressed that the nation’s most populous city need not fear his wide-ranging
travel in the days before his illness began.
Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew
Cuomo urged residents not to be alarmed
by the doctor’s diagnosis Thursday, even
as they described him riding the subway,
taking a cab and bowling since returning to
New York from Guinea a week ago. De
Blasio said all city officials followed “clear
and strong” protocols in their handling and
treatment of him.
“We want to state at the outset that New
Yorkers have no reason to be alarmed,” de
Blasio said. “New Yorkers who have not
been exposed are not at all at risk.”
The doctor, Craig Spencer, a member of
Doctors Without Borders, reported Thursday
morning coming down with a 103-degree
fever and diarrhea. He was being treated in
an isolation ward at Manhattan’s Bellevue
Hospital, a designated Ebola center.
The Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention, which will do a further test to
confirm the initial results, has dispatched
an Ebola response team to New York. President Barack Obama spoke to Cuomo and
de Blasio on Thursday night and offered
the federal government’s support. He
asked them to stay in close touch with Ron
Klain, his “Ebola czar,” and public health
officials in Washington.
Health officials have been tracing
Spencer’s contacts to identify anyone who
may be at risk. The city’s health commissioner, Mary Bassett, said Spencer’s fiancee and two friends had been
quarantined but showed no symptoms.
Health officials say the chances of the
CSX Exec Tells Exchange Of Company’s Growth
A high-ranking CSX executive told the members
of the Waycross Exchange Club Thursday that
America’s “economy is really coming back,” and
that CSX sees a “bright future” ahead for Waycross
and the rest of the nation.
“The prospects are very good. We will continue
to hire and invest,” declared Craig Camuso, who
serves as regional vice president of state relations
for the Jacksonville, Fla.-based company.
Appearing with A.A. “Gus” Karle, the retired superintendent of the Rice Yard at Waycross, Camuso
said CSX is a “capital intensive” business that is investing about $2.4 billion in capital equipment this
year, including the purchase of an unspecified number of new diesel locomotives.
He said the new locomotives are needed to pull
freight traffic into and out of the greater Chicago
area where rail traffic came to a standstill over this
past winter because of record snowfall.
Camuso said Chicago is the only U.S. city served
by all mainline railroads operating in the U.S. and
Canada. “All of them came to a halt over this past
winter,” he said, “and weather forecasters are predicting that the upcoming winter will be worse.”
Moreover, he said CSX is working to implement
a congressional mandate known as Positive Train
Control, which is supposed to be in effect next
He explained that Congress hurriedly passed a
bill in the aftermath of a train collision in California several years ago, in which several people were
blood donor, is the president-elect of the Exchange
Club, which is the permanent monthly sponsor of the
Salisbury House
The Reed Street house that
once belonged to Stella Salisbury (today’s masthead
photo) has been renovated
according to historic preservation regulations. It is one
of many bright spots in the
designated historic preservation district of Waycross.
(see CSX, page 9)
drives at the fairgrounds. He
believes in the cause
strongly enough to donate
$250 for blood donor door
(see EBOLA, page 8)
Vice President of CSX Craig Camuso (second from left) is welcomed by Waycross Police
Chief and Waycross Exchange Club President Tony Tanner (left). Camuso was introduced
by retired Rice Yard Superintendent A.A. “Gus” Karle (second from right). Standing at far
right is Program Chairman Steve Pope.
Chinese Experimental
Moon Orbiter Launched
prizes. At Monday’s drive,
one donor will be chosen to
win $100. Three others will
receive $50 each.
BEIJING (AP) — China
launched an experimental spacecraft today to fly around the
moon and back to Earth in preparation for the country’s first unmanned return trip to the lunar
The eight-day program is a test
run for a 2017 mission that aims
to have a Chinese spacecraft land
on the moon, retrieve samples
and return to Earth. That would
make burgeoning space power
China only the third country after
the United States and Russia to
have carried out such a mission.
The spacecraft lifted off from
the southwestern Xichang satellite launch center early in the
morning, separated from its carrier rocket and entered Earth orbit
shortly after, the State Administration of Science, Technology
and Industry for National Defense reported, according to the
official Xinhua News Agency.
China’s lunar exploration
program, named Chang’e after a
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mythical goddess, has already
launched a pair of orbiting lunar
probes and last year landed a
craft on the moon with a rover
onboard. None of those missions were programmed to return to Earth.
China has also hinted at a
possible crewed mission to the
moon at a future date if officials
decide to combine the human
spaceflight and lunar exploration programs.
Xinhua said the latest mission is to “obtain experimental
data and validate re-entry technologies such as guidance, navigation and control, heat shield
and trajectory design” for the
future moonlander christened
Chang’e 5.
It will return to Earth using a
Soviet-designed method in
which it will first bounce off
Earth’s atmosphere in order to
slow it down to allow it to enter
the atmosphere without burning
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