We are looking for participants! Hotel Guest Room Acoustic Survey

We are looking for participants!
Hotel Guest Room Acoustic Survey
The first of its kind!
JCK Acoustics Group is a multi-disciplinary boutique consulting
firm specializing in architectural acoustics, building systems
noise and environmental noise providing a practical approach
to a vast range of acoustic issues, resolving them with either
prevention or cure.
We are based in Seattle and have a secondary office location
in Shanghai. Our worked has focused on hospitality and mixed
-use projects across the U.S. and internationally. Through our
efforts, we have been involved with sustainability and raising
awareness of noise control needs and feasibility for hotels and
hospitality projects around the globe.
In the past, noise surveys have been conducted by organizations assessing the guest experience in hotels. One of which
is an annual survey conducted by J.D. Power and Associates. These surveys have been conducted by acquiring responses from guests. The data has consistently shown that
noise is the #1 complaint among guests and has also shown
little improvement over the 14 years the survey has been conducted.
In 2012, JCK Acoustics Group conducted a similar survey for
1 year in Shanghai, acquiring subjective guest surveys on 100
hotels around the city. Hotels ranged from budget level to
luxury level hotels. Results were surprisingly similar to those
of J.D. Power & Associates.
All of the existing surveys provide the subjective experience
from guests. But what do these results mean when compared
to what is designed? What do these results mean when compared to industry standard criterion?
Our goal is to conduct an objective survey, not by interviewing guests, but by acquiring “real” measured data. Data relating to actual acoustic performance. The performance
ratings will include background noise level from HVAC systems, noise from the outdoor environment, sound isolation
of wall assemblies and noise from corridors etc.
We are aiming at determining a relationship between previously conducted guest surveys & actual design performance
in existing hotels. This has never before been accomplished
before on a large scale across the globe.
Over the next 12 months we will be seeking participants who
would like to be involved in this survey.
We will visit participating hotels and conduct objective measurements of existing hotel facilities around the globe
For each participating hotel we aim to measure a representative sample of guest rooms (approx. 20 or more).
From the compiled data we wish to answer the following questions.
Are the source of complaints design related? If so, what are
the generally and specific design issues?
Are design standards being achieved? And are they appropriate for the brand?
Are guests expecting a higher level of performance?
Does guest behavior have a tendency to be more noisy when
away from home?
Interested in participating?
Here is what we will do….
helping improve the guest experience.
Upon completion of all measurements we will compile all acquired data and provide a written report to be delivered to the
participating hotel.
Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Sound Reduction
Index (Rw) of guest room partitions. We aim to have a
sample of at least 20 partitions tested. We foresee these
test occurring at approximately mid-day to avoid disturbances
Noise Criteria (NC) measurements which relates to background noise associated with A/C unis and other HVAC
systems. Measurements would include various settings
(Low, Med, High).
Environmental Noise measurements (LAeq). We will conduct continuous 24hr noise level measurements associated with exterior sources such as traffic noise. Measurement locations to be determined but should reflect room
locations potentially exposed to noise sources.
Inspect and note conditions of door assemblies and closures.
Inspect and note any other potential conditions that may
allow the transfer of noise between spaces. Examples
include mullions, PTAC units and room –to-room door
If interested, please contact:
John Keiffer, Principal Consultant
JCK Acoustics Group, LLC
[email protected]
The written report will document our methodology and a summary of measurement results. In addition, we will provide
individual data sheets for each measurement and also provide
an outline of potential areas that could benefit from improvement or further considerations for reducing noise, if necessary.
Each individual data set will provide complete measurement
results over the applicable frequency spectrum.
Results can potentially be used as marketing material indicating hotel has achieved or exceeded industry standards for
sound isolation between guest rooms, from the exterior and
from corridors.
We are volunteering our time, efforts and use of equipment. The tasks outlined above are at no cost. This is
for research purposes. only
All tested results will be treated and kept with completely confidentiality.
Data acquired will be compiled and used for statistical purposes only. At no time will we mention results of hotel operator or
With approval, we would like to only mention hotels participating in this survey.