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November 2014
Our vision is for you to have a dynamic relationship with God, to
share his relationship with other believers, and to invite others to join
us in making Jesus known
Trunk or Treating
Sunday, October 26th
Children will be dressed up and trick or treat
from the trunks of church members’ cars!
There is a pumpkin decorating contest, lots
of food, and a bake sale! For information or
to volunteer, please contact Lisa Jenks
([email protected]).
Are you interested in a
new evening Bible study
for women? Talk to
Anita Stoker
([email protected]
com; (818) 813-1775) or
Lana Norton
([email protected]).
Special Events in November!
Special Congregational Meeting
Sunday, November 9, 2014
@ 11:20 AM in the Fellowship Hall
Elect Call Committee, 2014 Endowment Fund Distribution
November 15 is HMF Walk for Health
The Lutheran Health Ministries of the Foothill’s (HMF) annual Walk for Health
is Saturday, November 15th at the Rose Bowl at 8 AM. This popular event raises
funds for the HMF Parish Nurse who serves our church, neighboring Lutheran
churches and the community. Walk/bike/hike as far as you choose over
relatively flat terrain (up to about 1.5 miles). Family friendly! Children/pets
LCIF at a
Special Events in December! Glance
WWJHMD? What would Jesus have me do?
Lutheran Church in the Foothills
Growing Faith in
Individuals, Families
and the Community!
Evening Bible
Christmas Sharing!
We are again collecting Target gift
cards ($15) as well as gifts for Haven House this year. Haven House
is an emergency shelter for abused
women and their children in Pasadena. Bring UNWRAPPED,
NEW gifts for women and children. My Friend’s House is our
mission partner in LA. Through
the “New City Parish” the Target
gift cards ($15) go to inner-city
Lutheran congregations. It may be
the only gift a child receives or it
may allow kids to buy a gift which
is a very special surprise and fun
time for them and their families.
Sunday Worship
8 & 10 AM
Holy Communion is celebrated at both services;
“family-style” at 8 AM
Christian Education for
adults and youth at 9 AM
Is Coming
Children’s Church
Make your plans now to during the 10 AM service
join us at 6 PM on
Wednesday Evenings Hour: after the 10 AM
December 3, 10, and 17 service
The reign of God
is like a party
Church Office Hours:
9 AM - 2 PM
Monday - Friday
Ministry Exploration Team (MET)
& Call Committee
To get our next pastor, LCIF needs to form a Ministry
Exploration Team (MET) and a Call Committee.
The MET is 5-7 people chosen by the Council. They
will meet occasionally this fall and identify up to 3 new
ministry opportunities for LCIF. The MET will also
get input from the Synod and a neighboring ELCA
The Call Committee is 9 members elected by the
congregation (at a special meeting on Sunday,
November 9, at 11:20 AM). The Call Committee will
meet intensively until we have our next pastor (8-12
months). They will prepare our “profile,” review
candidates, interview potential pastors and
recommend an individual for Call. (The actual Call is
decided by the congregation at a special
congregational meeting.)
To be on the MET or Call Committee, please see
Renee Brandt at a Sunday service, through the church
office, or at home (818-249-1085;
[email protected]; 858-945-6331 cell/text).
Support LCIF with gifts
and bequests!
We deserve justice
We receive mercy
Consider your future legacy and your Kingdom
impact on families who will need LCIF in the future. There are many options to consider where
your passion to help can be realized far in to the
future. Please contact Renee or Pastor Jim.
Dear LCIF Family
A very, very big thank you for the great party on
Sunday night and potluck on Sunday morning
and to all who organized it and helped in any
way. I also want to thank you all for so graciously
allowing me to be the private person that I am.
You have been our support through a heart attack, family deaths and also the joy of births and
weddings, and for that this congregation will always hold a special place. I will continue to pray
for you as you begin an exciting new church life.
God will make it good! I will miss you all very
With much love, Gwen
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Between the Services
Here are opportunities at LCIF at 9 AM on Sunday (aka
“between the services”).
Youth discussion time
Adult Bible Discussion (Rayne leads a study on Acts)
Adult Choir in the sanctuary
*NEW! Gardening group meet at the terraces above the
sand yard (BYOG - Bring Your Own Gloves)
*NEW! Elementary kids play in the sand yard, Nursery
(infants to 3 yrs)
*If there is enough interest
God’s Short
List for a
Faithful Life
1. Do
2. Love
3. Walk
Dear LCIF Family,
I wish to express a deep and sincere “Thank You” for
the amazing party and the special “Brunch” you provided
for Gwen and I in celebration of my / our retirement. It
was so filled with stories, remembering, and opportunities to share joys. I was touched in my heart for your
response to me at the worship on Sunday – spent 38
years at this “job” and never received a “standing O.”
As we journey together (you and us) in serving our Lord
Jesus, I hope our times will be filled with opportunities
to share our faith, use our unique gifts and abilities, and
be present for others as God’s people of love and peace.
You so blessed us and we will forever be thankful – yes –
my words have been used up (well, I may have some to
share in the future – depends on what God has in mind
I encourage you to pray for your new Pastor. Some person is faithfully somewhere serving a congregation as
their pastor, and the Spirit of God will touch his or her
heart, and they will receive and accept your call to serve
here at LCIF. That person has no idea today, and they
will express to you some day their joy for your prayers to
be with you to serve.
Peace and Joy, Pastor Bruce
11/22 Jane McMahon & Glen Gustafson 39 yrs
11/26 Anne & Rick Reinhard
15 yrs
Janet Cassidy
Glen Gustafson
Anne Reinhard
Shelley Beck
Hans Ludwig
Rianna Reinhard
Lana Norton
Betty Milius
David Haxton
Lori Moody
Carole Brown
Ben Campos
Thank You!
A belated (but heartfelt)
thank you to the Intern
Support Committee! Pat
Hartney (Chair), Marcy
Anzelon, Linnea Norton,
Tina Hartney, Renee
Quilts for
God’s love was
shared through
Lutheran World
Relief via quilts.
These quilts were
made by the
Quilting Group
at Lutheran
Church in the
Foothills. Quilts
are sent all over
the world to give
“God’s Love”.
The materials
were donated by
Strategic Parners
in Burbank.
Make sure to buy a ticket to the youth
group’s (Un)Dinner! This amazing event will
take place on Tueswednesday, November
32nd at 27 o’clock -- only $10! Help get our
youth to Detroit for the Youth Gathering!
LCIF Financial Summary
Income in September Expenses in September
2014 Income
2014 Expenses
Current “deficit” is $48.019.63
LCIF has used savings from prior years to
cover the deficit.
In Memoriam
Roger Dahl died October 3 in his
home surrounded by his family. Roger is now with the Saints at the place
Jesus prepared for him. We thank
God for the Spirit and faith of Roger. Hold Roger’s family, including his
son Steve, in your prayers.
Roger was a “salesman for Jesus”
and LCIF. He was a life-long learner
and developed, supported or propelled many LCIF programs, such as
Children’s Church. Nearly everyone
who attended a worship service was
greeted by Roger who embodied
evangelism. Roger was a dedicated
servant and friend.
In lieu of flowers, the family requests
donations to LCIF Children’s
Church in Roger’s memory.
From Edvard Grieg
Sons of Norway Lodge
About a “concert” that the group had
in the Fellowship Hall in September,
the lodge president says the accompanist “soloed on the piano. I was impressed...and I must say I was impressed by that little piano. He made
it sound like a grand … well almost. I
commend the church for keeping it
tuned and treated well.”
Har de bra. Jo
Council Summary
August 19
 Welcomed Pastor Jim Bullock as our Interim Pastor!
 Set Special Congregation Meeting (to Elect Call Committee,
and Confirm allocation from Endowment Fund for 2014 for
Intern Expenses) for Sunday, November 9 at 11:20 AM
 Approved fundraising program for youth group for Detroit
(July 2015), holiday gift gathering for Haven House and My
Friend’s House, and facility use request.
 Received financial reports
 Had reports from staff, committees
Next meeting: Tuesday, November 18 @ 7 PM.
ALL are welcome!
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Anita Stoker
4555 Encinas Dr
La Canada CA 91011-2218
(818) 813-1775
[email protected]
Matilda Coleman
Jermain, Samantha, Christian
712 Granada
Glendale, CA 91205-2320
(818) 913-8161
New Members
Anita Stoker with Jim
Matilda and Christian Coleman
Anita Stoker was born baptized & grew up at 1st Lutheran in
Morris MN. She attended the University of Minnesota Morris
then Minnesota State University Moorhead. After graduation, she
joined & volunteered at Bethlehem Lutheran in St. Cloud. She
has served as the Ministry Worker at 1st Lutheran in Morris MN,
Director of Youth & Family Ministries at King of Glory Lutheran
in Fountain Valley CA, part-time at several Sylvan Learning Centers, Interim Administrative Officer of Lutheran Schools of
Southern CA & Hawaii, and currently serves as Middle School
Administrative Coordinator & teacher at First Lutheran School in
Glendale. In July 2013, Anita married Jim. Jim has 3 girls. Anita
has 3 boys. Anita likes to crochet, read, watch movies, play the
flute/recorder/piccolo and was in a Celtic band.
Coleman Family
Matilda has 5 brothers and 3 sisters. She made crafts to sell at
swap meets and then became a care-giver (most recently for Elsie
Roberts). Matilda married Otis in 1989 and they have 3 children.
She likes to garden, is a great cook and loves to quilt along with
spending time with her children.
Jermaine is 24 years old, works for UPS and will begin at Cal
State LA next quarter to study mechanical engineering. He likes
bike riding, camping and hiking.
Samantha is 19 years old and a nursing student at PCC. Her
dream is to be a pediatrician. She loves to vacation (especially the
beach), hike and study!
Christian is 9 and in the 5th grade at Horace Mann Elementary
(GUSD). He loves to play sports (football and baseball), ride
bikes or scooters and play Legos or X-Box. Christian likes Bible
stories and was baptized at LCIF at the end of September.
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Remember new members from
January? Here’s their info!
Melanie Onnen grew up in Santa Clarita. She
studied at Sonoma State and has worked as a life
-guard. She hopes to be an ELCA Young
Adults in Mission Program member.
Melissa Chaddick grew up in Omaha, graduated from Concordia Univ (Irvine) and CSUN.
Melissa likes to bake or read and loves all things
Kachkeran Family
Ara played soccer as a youth and currently likes
indoor cycling. He was a diamond setter in Syria
and now designs, creates and sells jewelry. Alina
grew up in Iran. She studied at GCC and CSUN.
Alina currently works at Blue Shield of California. She loves to travel and read. Christian is in
4th grade. He loves music, chess, karate and
computers! Sophia is a 3rd grader who likes to
be active and does karate. She likes singing!
Wendy Maceri is a native Californian having
grown up in North Hollywood and studied at
Cal State Long Beach. She has 3 children and is
an office technician at an elementary school.
Wendy likes adventure and travel, plus roller
blading and bowling!
Jim Olson grew up between Minneapolis and
Hudson, Wisconsin and attended Univ of Wisconsin (River Falls) and St. Cloud State Univ.
He came to California in 2000 to marry Dee.
Jim worked at Fuji Photo and is now a money
manager helping people with 401 K’s and IRA’s.
Jim is fond of biking, fishing and skiing.
Carrie Ann Matyac, Anna & Augie Ho
Carrie Ann is a healthcare provider. She has a
nursing degree from Univ of Washington and
currently works at a medical clinic for the homeless in Pacoima. She teaches nursing students at
Azusa Pacific University. She is married to Joe, a
neurosurgeon. Carrie Ann likes hiking, cooking,
being outside and singing. Twins Anna and Augie are lively, bright and enthusiastic.
Tim Thorstenson & Gail Gentling
Tim & Gail came to California from Minnesota. They have two daughters. Gail recently retired from a career in health services. Tim is a
hospital chaplain (at UCLA Medical Center) and
guides seminary students in Clinical Pastoral
Education (CPE). They love to travel and play
Consider This
LCIF Book Club
Relationships with current and future pastors are very
positive when these are considered by all:
We will commit to the Gospel by faithful participation in worship, learning, and fellowship activities.
We will support the ministry of LCIF through service
and gifts.
We will do everything possible to uphold the mission
of the Church and the positive quality of life in this
We will recognize the need for time to adjust to the
new relationships, and will reach out in care and
compassion to one another.
We will honor the departure of the present pastor so duties may be relinquished; and will honor the arrival of the
new pastor by seeking her/his counsel and ministry.
We will accept the interim pastor, uphold him in prayer,
and accord him love, respect, and good will. We will expect the interim pastor to preside at baptisms, celebrations of Holy Communion, and other rites of the church.
We will agree that the interim pastor will not be considered for regular call to this congregation. We will compensate the interim pastor.
Always Being Made New: The
Campaign for the ELCA seeks to
raise $198 million over the next five
years to help sustain and grow the
ministries of this church. The additional resources will provide the
ELCA with opportunities to deepen
relationships and expand ministries
that serve communities in the US and
around the world.
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Monday, October 27, 4 PM
Smartest Kids in the World: And
How They Got that Way by
Amanda Ripley
Next meeting: Monday,
November 24
Attention music lovers
The Anthem Choral wants and needs new singers. If you would like to join our choir, please
talk to any of us. We'd be so grateful for you to
join us. Mark and Sun are wonderful to work
with. You will certainly enjoy the experience.
The more the merrier. Practice is Thursday
night from 7:30 to 9:00. Hope to see new faces! We're tired of just looking at each other.
Yvonne Baldwin, Worship and Music, (818) 248
Dear Friends in Christ:
Just a note to tell you how excited I am
to be your interim pastor, and how
grateful I am to the Lord for this opportunity to serve at LCIF. I'm writing
this on the day before my first day on
site (October 21st). My wife, Nancy and
I are looking forward to greeting you at
church on October 26th. We live in
Riverside, a bit of a commute but in no
way a burden. We have lived in the
same house for over 30 years and have served churches in Alaska,
Washington, southern California, as well as in Florida, Japan and Korea. I've been an interim pastor in the following congregation: Tustin,
Seoul, Korea, Satsuma, Florida, and West Los Angeles. I am retired
from the U. S. Navy Reserve, having served for 26 years all over the
world. Nancy and I have two grown children and three grandchildren. We've been "room-mates" for 46 years. I look forward to
help prepare LCIF for your next called pastor.
Yours in Christ,
Pastor Jim Bullock
Jeremy Serrano’s
To Our Wonderful Church Family at
Lutheran Church in the Foothills
Demonstrate your thankfulness this season
Each holiday season, Lutheran Church in the Foothills anticipates and relies on a seasonal increase in contributions. It is through the donations of every individual and family in the congregation that we are able to carry on our work now and throughout the year. If you need a convenient way to make recurring contributions or plan to make an additional gift before the end of the year, we encourage you to check out our electronic giving options. As the pace of life speeds up around the holidays, you may find electronic giving a most welcome way to make contributions. To set up a recurring giving schedule, visit us online at and locate the Online Giving button. Thank you for your generosity and support! New City Parish
Celebrating 22 years of
Ministry in the City
13th Annual Fall Event Dinner Silent Auction
Saturday, November 1, 2014
4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
First Lutheran Church, Torrance
2900 W. Carson Street
Torrance, CA 90503
$50 Per Ticket - $90 for 2
Please contact Denise VanZago
at 818-845-0149 for tickets.
Sponsored by: Thrivent Financial®.
Let's thrive®.
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Pie Contest sponsored by Youth Group
Contact Ryan at [email protected] to participate.
To participate, please contact Yvonne Baldwin at 818-248-0320
1700 Foothill Blvd, La Cañada Flintridge
in the Fellowship Hall
Sunday, November 9, 2014
at 7 PM
National Youth Gathering Meetings
and Information
Detroit here we come! We will
be meeting November 16 after
the second service to discuss
important details regarding
traveling, accommodations, and
fundraising campaigns.
We had a successful first round
of fundraising. LCIF has
responded beautifully to our invitation to invest in us.
Over $160 was raised by LCIF individuals becoming
Investment Club members. What a blessing! Let’s
make sure we look for ways we can be a blessing
back to those who help us.
November will allow us to continue earning our way to
Detroit. We will host a pie-contest at the Nov. 9 Talent
Show. And, at the end of the month we will sell the
infamous “unDinner” tickets. Be ready!
Youth Calendar
Nov 2 – Sunday
Nov 5 – Wed Nights
Nov 9 – Sunday
Nov 9 —Talent Show
Nov 12 – Wed Nights
Nov 16 – Sunday
Nov 16 – National Youth
Gathering Meeting
Nov 19 – Wed Nights
Nov 23 – Sunday
Nov 26 – No Wed
Nov 30 – No Sunday (for
Youth group)
Nov 5 – Reinhard
Nov 12 – Brandt
Nov 19 – Norton
Youth Director – Ryan Chaddick
Email – [email protected]
Wednesday Nights
Join us from 6:30-8:30 as we have some fun and
learn some Bible! During November we will finish
our “echo the story” Bible study and begin a
whole new exciting series regarding faith and
Sunday Mornings
We are meeting Sunday mornings from 9:00-9:45
Come, hang-out, chat, play games, enjoy donuts
or bagels.
“Thanksgivingmas” December 13
You don’t want to miss celebrating Thanksgiving
and Christmas (at the same time) as a youth
group at Ryan and Melissa’s
home. We will be eating
delicious holiday food, playing
MarioKart and other exciting
board games, and eating some
more delicious holiday food
(because you can never get
enough this time of the year).
Youth Band
Isn’t the youth band awesome? Did you hear
how they did a mash of “Here I am to Worship”
and “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” The youth
band will continue to meet most Thursday
evenings this month. For more information, see
Ryan or Linnea Norton.
30 Advent 8:00 AM Worship 9:00 AM Book Study Groups for Adults 9:00 AM Youth Group Hangout 10:00 AM Children's Choir Rehearsal 10:00 AM Worship/Children's Church 11:30 AM La Cañada Korean Church 23 8:00 AM Worship 9:00 AM Book Study Groups for Adults 9:00 AM Youth Group Hangout 10:00 AM Children's Choir Rehearsal 10:00 AM Worship/Children's Church 11:30 AM La Cañada Korean Church 2 Daylight‐Saving Time Ends 8:00 AM Worship 9:00 AM Book Study Groups for Adults 9:00 AM Youth Group Hangout 10:00 AM Children's Choir Rehearsal 10:00 AM Worship/Children's Church 11:25 AM Special Congregational Meeting 11:30 AM La Cañada Korean Church 9 8:00 AM Worship 9:00 AM Book Study Groups for Adults 9:00 AM Youth Group Hangout 10:00 AM Children's Choir Rehearsal 10:00 AM Worship/Children's Church 11:30 AM La Cañada Korean Church 7:00 PM Talent Show 16 8:00 AM Worship 9:00 AM Book Study Groups for Adults 9:00 AM Youth Group Hangout 10:00 AM Children's Choir Rehearsal 10:00 AM Worship/Children's Church 11:25 AM National Youth Gathering Meeting 11:30 AM La Cañada Korean Church Sunday 24 CCNS Closed 9:00 AM Piano Tuner 3:00 PM KAMA Choir Rehearsal 4:00 PM Book Club 7:00 PM COSA 7:30 PM ALANON 26
CCNS Closed 7:15 AM Kiwanis 8:30 AM Women's Breakfast 1:00 PM LCIF Knit Together 5:30 PM ALANON 6:30 PM Youth Group 19
7:15 AM Kiwanis 5:30 PM ALANON 6:30 PM Youth Group 12
7:15 AM Kiwanis 1:00 PM LCIF Knit Together 5:30 PM ALANON 6:30 PM Youth Group 5
7:15 AM Kiwanis 5:30 PM ALANON 6:30 PM Youth Group Wednesday
27 CCNS Closed Church Office Closed Thanksgiving Day 10:00 AM La Cañada Korean Church Ladies Bible Study 7:15 PM NO LCIF Youth Band Rehearsal 7:30 PM NO Anthem Chorale 7:30 PM RCA 20 10:00 AM La Cañada Korean Church Ladies Bible Study 7:15 PM LCIF Youth Band Rehearsal 7:30 PM Anthem Chorale 7:30 PM RCA 13 10:00 AM La Cañada Korean Church Ladies Bible Study 7:15 PM LCIF Youth Band Rehearsal 7:30 PM Anthem Chorale 7:30 PM RCA 6 10:00 AM La Cañada Korean Church Ladies Bible Study 7:15 PM LCIF Youth Band Rehearsal 7:30 PM Anthem Chorale 7:30 PM RCA Get the latest info at
7:00 AM Men's Prayer Breakfast 9:00 AM Women's Bible Study 10:00 AM Quilting Group 12:00 PM Quilt Group Bible Study 4:00 PM Lango 7:00 PM CEA 7:00 PM Church Council 25
CCNS Closed 10:00 AM Quilting Group 7:00 PM CEA 17 3:00 PM KAMA Choir Rehearsal 7:00 PM COSA 7:30 PM ALANON 10 3:00 PM KAMA Choir Rehearsal 7:00 PM Christian Education Committee 7:00 PM COSA 7:30 PM ALANON 4
7:00 AM Men's Prayer Breakfast 9:00 AM Women's Bible Study 10:00 AM Quilting Group 4:00 PM Lango 7:00 PM CEA 7:00 PM Sons of Norway Board Meeting 11
Veterans Day 10:00 AM Quilting Group 4:00 PM Finance Committee 4:00 PM Lango 7:00 PM CEA Tuesday
3 7:30 AM Kiwanis Board Meeting 3:00 PM KAMA Choir Rehearsal 7:00 PM COSA 7:30 PM ALANON Monday 28
CCNS Closed Church Office Closed 7:00 PM La Cañada Korean Church Bible Study 21
9:00 AM CCNS Thanksgiving Parties 7:00 PM La Cañada Korean Church Bible Study 14
7:00 PM La Cañada Korean Church Bible Study 7
7:00 PM La Cañada Korean Church Bible Study Friday
8:00 AM CEA 9:00 AM CEA 22
8:00 AM CEA 9:00 AM CEA 9:00 AM Sons of Norway 10:00 AM Lango 15
8:00 AM CEA 9:00 AM CEA 10:00 AM Lango Saturday
All Saints Day 8:00 AM CEA 9:00 AM CEA 10:00 AM Lango 8
8:00 AM CEA 9:00 AM CEA 10:00 AM Lango - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Cut or tear here to post on your fridge - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Brandt Family
Chris Craney
Linda Spengler
Brandt Family
Mary Schulke
Janet Cassidy
Janice Schettini
Paul Norton
Liz Craney
Brian Spengler
Jane McMahon
Don Volger
Phil Drange
Kathy Murphy
Jim Davies
Roger Schulke
Brandt Family
Linnea Norton
Frederic Brandt
Lucille Seeley
Pat Hartney
Kristen Guritz
Janet Cassidy
Don Hingst
Susan Fleming
Tom Fleming
Joe Johnson
Evan Hartney
Doris Samuelson
Tina Hartney
Carole Brown
Miles Haxton
Grant Haxton
10:00 AM
November 23
8:00 AM
Connie Guritz
Chris Craney
Liz Craney
Linda Spengler
Brian Spengler
Dale Zuelow
Renee Brandt
Yvonne Baldwin
Tessa Gropper
Christian Gropper
10:00 AM
November 16
8:00 AM
Lucille Seeley
Rick Reinhard
Anne Reinhard
Larry Anderson
Larry Anderson
Chris Craney
Liz Craney
Anne Reinhard
Dorothy Skiles
Janice Schettini
Rianna Reinhard
10:00 AM
November 30
8:00 AM
Please check your calendar NOW. If you are unable to serve on the date shown here, please find a replacement
AND let the office know (818-790-1951 or [email protected]). Thank you for your faithful service to the Lord.
Larry Anderson
Harley Drange
Olivia Brandt
10:00 AM
November 9
8:00 AM
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Cut or tear here to post on your fridge - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Coffee Fellowship
Janice Schettini
Communion Servers
Ellen Harrington
[email protected]
Yvonne Baldwin
Altar Guild
10:00 AM
November 2
8:00 AM
Lutheran Church in the Foothills
1700 Foothill Blvd, La Cañada Flintridge, CA 91011
You’ll go down in
Shop ELCA Good Gifts
50 different gifts to grow the
church, fight hunger and
transform lives.
It is not whose
image is on the
but whose image
is on us
Courage to Think Differently
An Ecumenical Conference on
Climate Change
February 22-24, 2015
Santa Barbara, CA
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Thrivent at The Getty
On Saturday, November 22, 2014, join the Board of Directors of the Verdugo Hills Chapter of Thrivent Financial at
The Getty Villa in Malibu.
Arrangements for this event are as follows:
We have arranged for bus transportation to and from The
Getty Villa. The first stop for pickup is at Salem Lutheran
in Glendale, at 9 am. The second stop will be at American
Lutheran in Burbank, at 9:15 am. The final stop will be at
St. Paul's First Lutheran in North Hollywood, at 9:30
am. These are departure times from those locations. You
may drive if you wish, and there is a parking fee for individual vehicles. Upon your arrival at The Getty Villa at approximately 10:30 am, you will be given a voting ballot (if a
Thrivent member) for this year's Board of Directors election; and you and your guests--with a reservation--will receive a $15 coupon good for lunch at the museum. This is
our gift to you, and you may use it at your convenience at
any of several restaurants there. To participate you need to
RSVP to 323-718-8315, or [email protected],
BEFORE Nov. 7, 2014. When you RSVP please give me
names and contact information so I may confirm those
What You Will See at The Getty Villa
The Getty Villa is home to the J. Paul Getty Museum's antiquities collection. Here is art from the ancient Greek and
Roman world dating from 6,500 B.C. to A.D. 400. Over
1,200 antiquities are on view in 23 galleries at the Villa.
These include monumental sculptures as well as artifacts of
everyday life. The entire collection numbers approximately
44,000 antiquities. The galleries are arranged by theme and
include Gods and Goddesses, Dionysus and the Theater,
and stories of the Trojan War, among others.
There is a special exhibit on Glassmaking in Antiquity; plus
the gardens and architecture of the Villa itself.
Your Chapter Board Slate of Officers for 2015
President: Mark Uhlmann
Vice President: Bill Reardon
Financial Director: Kenny Callaghan
Records Director: Robert Nicol
Director of Congregational Advocates: Charlotte
This represents the current Board of Directors.
If you would like to be informed of our meeting dates,
please email your phone or email address to: Mark
Uhlmann, [email protected]
We are looking forward to seeing you at the Getty Villa!
Help for suicide prevention
and awareness
Mental Health Ministries at states that more
than 36,000 people in the United States die by suicide every year and that it is the country’s 10th
leading cause of death. Among youth aged 15-24,
suicide is the third leading cause of death. Older
men (60+) die by suicide at a rate that is more than
seven times higher than that of older women; the
rate for white males aged 85+ is over four times
higher than the nation’s overall rate of suicide.
While suicide may affect some age groups and racial/ethnic groups disproportionately, it is a devastating mental health issue that cuts across all ages,
socioeconomic statuses and cultures in every community. The tragedy and impact spreads beyond
the victim to their families, friends, school, surrounding communities and further. In addition to
the many resources that Mental Health Ministries
provides, Lutheran Suicide Prevention Ministry
directs people to resources at
that can help the church to lift up this important
ministry. Through the initiatives of this independent Lutheran organization, the hope is to help
ELCA congregations talk about suicide and mental
illness, create synod task forces that build awareness and reduce stigma, encourage and help establish seminary-based educational programs on mental illness and suicide prevention, develop sources
of help for rostered leaders, and provide documentation on suicide. Jerry and Elsie Weyrauch, members of Lutheran Church of the Resurrection in
Marietta, Ga., founded this ministry after losing
their daughter to suicide. Lutheran Suicide Prevention Ministry’s overall purpose is to call attention
to and take action on the goals of the ELCA messages “Suicide Prevention” and “The Body of
Christ and Mental Illness,” both available as free
downloads at They also encourage people to download and use the congregational study
guide for the ELCA message on mental illness.
This study guide helps leaders to move congregations into discussions on the messages and ultimately take action. “The most important thing the
church can do is to live out its call as the body of
Christ,” states the ELCA message on mental illness. That is what we do together as the church
when we lift up suicide prevention, talk openly
with one another and care for people at risk of
committing suicide or survivors of suicide victims.
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A place to witness and share
everyday living faith
At Living Lutheran, there’s something new for you
every day. Well, almost every day. How about something new posted five days a week, all year long?
Martin Luther said, “Our faith is a living, busy,
mighty, active thing.” Living Lutheran invites you to
share in the sense of purpose and call to action that
our faith brings to our lives. As an online publication
of the ELCA, Living Lutheran’s goal is to provide a
place for members and friends alike to find lively engagement in faith and life. At Living Lutheran you’ll
find the voices of ELCA members, as well as what’s
happening in communities, congregations, synods
and ELCA-related organizations across the country
and around the world. Something new is posted each
weekday: feature blogs, stories, photo blogs, an “Ask
a Pastor” column, videos or new Seeds resources and
programs for congregations. Living Lutheran offers a
place for ELCA members to share their diverse experiences of what it means to live Lutheran. Visit
Living Lutheran every day throughout the year at
Subscribe to the ELCA
World Hunger blog
Want to learn more about hunger, poverty and the
ELCA’s response? Subscribe to the ELCA World
Hunger blog at
Recent posts include:
• “Milwaukee Ministries” — a visit to Cross Lutheran Church and Alice’s Garden.
• “‘Tis the Season for Fresh Produce”—a reflection
on the importance of farmers markets and community gardens.
• “Myths and Realities about Water Shutoffs in Detroit”— an analysis of the water department’s decision to cut off water to more than 30,000 households.
You can also find book reviews, Bible reflections and
conversations about the
ways that our
Lutheran faith calls us to
respond to need in our communities. Sign up today!
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Public comments invited for
Violence Message
Are you concerned about the epidemic of
gender-based violence in the United States
and around the world? The ELCA churchwide organization
is seeking your input.
The draft of an ELCA Social Message on Gender-based
Violence, written in consultation with experts in the field, is
now posted at At the same address you will find an online survey form inviting your comment and response. Social messages are documents adopted
by the ELCA Church Council on behalf of the ELCA that
draw attention to particular pressing matters of social concern. Your participation in responding to the draft message
on gender-based violence is strongly encouraged and welcomed.
An online form is available on Sept. 15 – Nov.
15, 2014. This social message was requested by the ELCA
Task Force on Women and Justice: One in Christ and authorized by ELCA Church Council in October 2013. The
proposed message, revised in light of received public comments, will be submitted to the Church Council for their
approval in the spring of 2015. It is possible to share questions and concerns about this work at any time. Emails can
be addressed to [email protected] and regular mail
to “Gender-Based Violence Writing Team” c/o Office of
the Presiding Bishop, 8765 W. Higgins Road, Chicago, IL
60631. All communications will be kept, read and considered. Find more information online at
Disaster Preparedness Coordinator for
A “Congregational Disaster Preparedness Guidebook” is now
available and is designed to help
our congregation create a comprehensive plan in case of an
emergency or disaster. Created
by Lutheran Disaster Response,
this resource will help us take
basic and important steps to
serve members and the local
community. LCIF would benefit
by having a coordinator. Please
let the office know if you will
Prayer Vigil for
Peace in the
Middle East
Christ Lutheran Church,
6500 E. Stearns Street in
Long Beach, is holding a
prayer vigil for peace in the
Middle East on the 24th of
each month at 7pm. We join
nearly two dozen congregations and agencies in the
United States and three dozen from around the world to
pray for peace according to
the Evangelical Lutheran
Church in America (ELCA)
Peace Not Walls Campaign
1700 Foothill Bl, L a Canada F lintr idg e, CA 91011
(818) 790-1951 (818) 790-8351 fax [email protected]
Ministers - All People of LCIF
Jim Bullock, Interim Pastor
([email protected])
Ryan Chaddick, Interim Youth Director
([email protected])
Mark Anzelon, Music Minister
([email protected])
Sun Coe, Pianist/Organist
Lisa Jenks, Children’s Worship Coordinator
([email protected])
Astrid Hirsch, Nursery Attendant
Renee Brandt, Newsletter Editor
([email protected])
Sherry Michel, Secretary
([email protected])