Please Exercise Your Right to Vote

Please Exercise Your Right to Vote
As usual, we as fire fighters have many important choices to make. The
PFFA does not make recommendations based on party affiliation. Our
recommendations to you are based on either an incumbents past history
in regards to their support of fire fighter issues or in the case of candidates
who are running for the first time, the indication of support for your issues.
We have looked at each office and determined on a scale which candidates
have a realistic chance to actually win a particular race. Then we rate
amongst those individuals who will stand with us all of the time, some
of the time or never. Many times it is much better for our members if we
support the candidate who will only support us twenty-five percent of the
time and can get elected vs. someone who will be with us one hundred
percent and stands no chance of being elected.
These are hard decisions that we weigh out very carefully. When you hear
the saying that every vote counts, it’s true. Your vote is very important.
Please plan on voting -- we all need you. You do not pay dues to this
organization to make recommendations based on a candidate’s stance
on guns, abortion, gay marriage or other pressing social issues. We all
have our personal opinions on those beliefs, and those are your personal
choices. The IAFF, PFFA and your local leadership recommend candidates
to you with fire fighter issues in mind. These interests are to make our
work place safer, see to it that our sick and injured are properly cared
for, that you receive equitable pay and benefits and that your pension and
rights are protected.
During these tough economic and political times we need each other more
than ever. At the PFFA, we would ask you to give our endorsements serious
consideration. The political arena is the best avenue we have available to
us in order to take care of one another. All of us as Americans have this
great privilege to vote and decide our own futures. During this election
season please exercise that right and use it to the benefit of our state, our
families and our jobs.
Please note that voters receive ballots based on party
identification. Independents may vote by selecting a party’s
ballot. Thus, endorsed candidates may not appear on your
Message From PFFA
President Jeffries
PFFA voter guide you will find our
recommendations for the upcoming
general election. Your PFFA team
works diligently to determine which
officials will stand by us for our best
workplace safety and funding for our fire departments.
We hope that you will give strong consideration to these candidates
when you place your votes. As always, should you have any questions,
please give us a call at (602) 277-1500 and ask to speak to a member
of your PFFA team.
All the very best to you and yours,
Bryan Jeffries
President, PFFA
U.S. House of Representatives
CD 1 Ann Kirkpatrick - D CD 2 Ron Barber - D CD 3 Raul Grijalva - D CD 4 No Endorsement CD 5 Matt Salmon - R CD 6 No Endorsement CD 7 Ruben Gallego - D CD 8 No Endorsement CD 9 Kyrsten Sinema - D Governor No Endorsement
Secretary of State No Endorsement Attorney General Felicia Rotellini - D Supt. of Public Instruction David Garcia - D
District 1
Senate Steve Pierce - R
House Karen Fann - R
Noel Campbell - R
District 2
Senate Andrea Dalessandro - D
House Demion Clinco - D
Rosanna Gabaldon - D
District 3
Senate Olivia Cajero Bedford - D
House Sally Ann Gonzales - D
Macario Saldate - D
District 4
Senate Lynne Pancrazi - D
House Charlene Fernandez - D
Lisa Otondo - D
District 5
Senate No Endorsement
House Sonny Borrelli - R
District 6 Senate No Endorsement
House No Endorsement
District 7
Senate Carlyle W. Begay - D
House Jennifer Benally - D
Albert Hale - D
District 8
Senate Barbara McGuire - D
House Frank Pratt - R
Thomas Shope - R
District 9
Senate House Steve Farley - D
Victoria Steele - D
Ethan Orr - R
District 10
Senate David Bradley - D
House Stefanie Mach - D
Bruce Wheeler - D
District 11
Senate No Endorsement
House No Endorsement
District 12
Senate Andy Biggs - R
House No Endorsement
District 13
Senate No Endorsement
House No Endorsement
District 14
Senate No Endorsement
House David Gowan - R
David Stevens - R
District 15
Senate No Endorsement
House Heather Carter - R
District 16
Senate No Endorsement
House Doug Coleman - R
Regina Cobb - R
District 17
Senate Steve Yarbrough - R
House J.D. Mesnard - R
Jeff Weninger - R
District 18
Senate House District 19
Senate House District 20
Senate House District 21
Senate House Jeff Dial - R
Bob Robson - R
Lupe Chavira Contreras - D
Mark Cardenas - D
Diego Espinoza - D
No Endorsement
Paul Boyer - R
Debbie Lesko - R
Rick Gray - R
District 22
Senate No Endorsement
House Phil Lovas - R
District 23
Senate John Kavanagh - R
House Jay Lawrence - R
District 24
Senate House District 25
Senate House District 26
Senate House District 27
Senate House District 28
Senate House District 29
Senate House District 30
Senate House No Endorsement
Lela Alston - D
Ken Clark - D
Tempe City Council
Robin Arredondo-Savage
Fire Board Districts
Buckey Valley Fire District
Chad Lancaster
Nanci Harris
Roger Wallace
Chino Valley Fire District
Cindy Ducote
David Dobbs
Bob Worsley - R
Russell Bowers - R
Corona De Tucson Fire District:
Steven Lunde
Nathan Weber
Ed Ableser - D
Juan Jose Mendez - D
Andrew Sherwood - D
Fry Fire District:
James Barnett
Robert McMurtrie
Catherine Miranda - D
Reginald Bolding - D
Rebecca Rios - D
Adam Driggs - R
Eric Meyer - D
Kate Brophy McGee - R
Martin J. Quezada - D
Richard Andrade - D
Ceci Velasquez - D
Robert Meza - D
Jonathan Larkin - D
Debbie McCune Davis - D
City of Florence
City Council John Anderson
Lyle Gilbertson
Art Buckley
City of Glendale
Cholla District - Lauren Tolmachoff
Barrel District - Bart Turner
City of Peoria Mesquite Council District - Bridget Binsbacher
Palo Verde Council District - Michael Finn
Mayer Fire Board
Paul Coe
Russ Dodge
Heber-Overgaard Fire District
Mike Brewer
John Monize
George Corsi
Statewide Propositions
Prop 122 NO
Prop 303
Prop 304
Maricopa County
Prop 480
Question 1
Question 2
Question 3
Question 4
Question 5
Home Rule
YES Phoenix
Prop 487
Bullhead City
Prop 2014-5
Town of Chino Valley
Prop 431 YES