WELCOME! Jewelry (before Premier, I NEVER wore jewelry!) .

Give everyone:
 GUEST SURVEY/PEN (explain how to fill out top part)
 Tickets for drawing
I have 2 goals at MY shows.
1. Learn some things about accessorizing with
Jewelry (before Premier, I NEVER wore
2. Have FUN!
I: Introductions
Thank the Hostess for doing the show (give her hostesses gift if you
are offering one)
Go around room and ask everyone to tell:
 Your name
 how you know the hostess (or another ice-breaker game)
 what you would do with an EXTRA $1000 EACH MONTH
(EX: pay off debt, car payment, house payment, bills, savings,
private school, college bills, shopping, vacation, etc.)
 INTRODUCE MYSELF- and tell why you are doing Premier
(other option instead of having everyone introduce themselves – do
an icebreaker game).
J: Jewelry
Before I show you some great jewelry, I want to talk with you briefly
about “Wardrobe Dysfunction”.
The definition of wardrobe dysfunction is having a closet full of clothes
but nothing to wear.
How many of you feel like you suffer from it?
Well, wardrobe consultants suggest that 70% of our wardrobe or
clothing budget should be spent on accessories (jewelry, belts, shoes,
scarves). Because it is our ACCESSORIES that bring our clothes to life
and help us create pulled together looks without spending lots of money!
In the next few minutes, I am going to show you how you can bring your
wardrobe to life with a few of this season’s must haves. I will be
focusing on the necklace tonight, because that is the piece of jewelry that
makes the most impact on our wardrobe.
Gold is the new “must have” in your jewelry wardrobe.
Gold Ritz
Wild at Heart
How many of you have that much yellow gold in your jewelry
Gold has come back in style and Premier has so many options to choose
Our new Ritz Necklace can give you a multitude of looks with one piece of
jewelry. (show it long, one short strand with enhancer, pearl strand alone)
* I am happy to give you this flyer that shows you other ways to wear it
Our Wild At Heart necklace is antiqued matte brass plated. Refer to the Style
Guide and Pantone’s Fashion Color Report for Fall 2012. This necklace is a
combination of these colors and will be the perfect compliment to your Fall
wardrobe. Show it also doubled with the Clip-It and Rope It earrings
A Black cord can provide tremendous versatility
to your jewelry collection
Easy Living
How many of you have a lot of black in your wardrobe? Well, a black
cord is a great way to add an instant pulled-together look when you are
wearing black.
Show Easy Living with several different pendants to create different
looks (Flip Side Pendant for fun and color;
Artistic or Romance for dressier look)
Tribal looks great with tunic tops; long necklaces create a slimming effect
by creating a vertical line. Tribal is also adjustable.
Turquoise is “year round” fashion
I always have ladies at my shows who LOVE the look of
turquoise, but are afraid to wear it because they aren’t sure
what to put it with, or they feel that turquoise is a seasonal
Turquoise is actually in style year round and can be a great
compliment to many colors; tan, brown, orange, green, red,
A colorful statement necklace can add the
finishing touch
A “statement necklace” does just what its name suggests.
It makes a statement to others that you are a woman with style
and it will be the piece that pulls your basic outfit together.
Poppy is a “must have” for Fall because of its rich mix of colors,
shapes and texture. Featuring Pantone’s color of the year,
“Tangerine Tango”, Poppy will be an eye-catching piece against the
neutrals we will be wearing this Fall.
Long Necklaces provide the most versatility
Costa Rica
(show this doubled with a clip-it, opened and criss-crossed)
Costa Rica is a great piece to wear with a denim jacket, white blouse.
It’s one of the most versatile pieces in our line! An interesting thing
about Costa Rica - is its name. Premier names some of the jewelry
pieces after countries in which they support Missions. Costa Rica is
one of those countries.
 Customers model their jewelry!
End Fashion Segment by taking off my jewelry and passing it.
Show how different my outfit looks without jewelry! Explain
customer purchase special (i.e. buy 2, get 3rd 50% off)
F: FREE Jewelry
Let’s say we were here for four more hours and I showed you
every piece on my table. How many of you think you could find at
least 12 pieces that you would like to have?
It’s a really smart choice to have your own JEWELRY SHOW
with me, because I give away SO much FREE JEWELRY!
(An average of $250 per Hostess!)
 Explain the Posters with Jewelry Boxes
 Deal or No Deal
D: Dreams
What are your DREAMS
debt free
secure savings nice vacation each year cash
Christmas give more to others in need pay off student
loans pay cash for college etc.
I'm going to share with you my FIVE
FAVORITE things about Premier and how
Premier just might be what you have been
looking for to make your dreams come true!
YOU have
YOU decide when YOU work,
because YOU have NO QUOTAS!
Our Hostess Plan!
Our Hostesses get
an average of $250
Golden Guarantee
For Manufacturing Defects
 Within 60 days ~ FREE
 After 60 days ~ $5 (plus tax)
We profit 50%
of everything
we sell.
So... an
average show
of $500 would
profit you
You will earn a 10%
commission of the
wholesale amount
(profit) sold of
everyone in the first
three levels of your
Premier family.
Last Letter: S
S: Survey Sheet
Walk customer thru the survey sheet and
remind of the Customer special
Tonight's CUSTOMER special is:
Do drawing!