PO BOX 179, 9508 ARTZ ROAD
October/ November 2014
Volume 48, Issue 2
Leueen Smithling
Dear Parents and Community Members:
We’ve had a wonderful fall at Beaver River. Our
Homecoming activities were fabulous with the beautiful fall colors and wonderful new facilities to enjoy.
We had spectacular crowds in attendance at the boys
and girls soccer games, modified football, cross country invitational and varsity football games. Thank you
for coming to support our student athletes. It’s been a
joy to see the bleachers filled to capacity and hear the
crowds cheering our teams on to victory.
During October we recognize Board of Education
members for service to our schools. Board members
volunteer their time with countless hours for meetings
and attend many of the school events. Our Board has
spent a great deal of time working on a capital project
that has resulted in a beautiful renovation of athletic
fields and soon to be a remodeled primary east wing.
We are very grateful to our seven Board members for
their generous donation of time and dedication to the
youth and staff of our school district. Thank you for a
job well done.
Front Row: Christine Lashbrooks and Marian Opela. Back
Row: Bobby Cobb, David Meyer, Brian LaChausse, Gary
Herzig, Todd Lighthall
Academic Recognition From Business First
On October 17, 2014 Business First named Beaver
River as the 3rd best school in Northern New York out
of 33 public schools. We were rated 2nd best in 2011
– 2013. The rating is based on analyzing graduation
rates (10%), high school Regents exams (50%) and
elementary and middle school grades 3-8 test scores
(40%) over a four year period.
Business First gathers a composite of the 429 upstate
NYS schools. In the table below you can see how we
have ranked for the last 4 years.
433 Upstate NYS Schools
Core Subject
Social Studies
Out of the 432 upstate schools in NYS, we ranked 79
overall. In addition, we were recognized for the following indicators:
 Have the highest percentage of children living with
married parents in Lewis County 78.33%
(LaFargeville is the highest in our BOCES at
 90.21% of the adults in our district have a high
school diploma; 12.15% have a bachelor’s degree; 3.3% have a graduate degree
 277 out of 433 for teacher salaries
 Rank 53 for teacher experience; up from #69 last
 Came in last for student access to AP courses
and online courses
 Rank 83 for administrative efficiency
 Rank 221 most affluent school out of 432 schools
in upstate NYS
 Youth poverty rate is 12.93% and our combined
wealth ratio is 0.543%
Highest numbers of pupils/administrators, service,
teachers & aides of all schools in Lewis County:
 200.9 pupil/administrator
 285.2 pupil/service
 15.5/teacher
 67.0 pupil/aide
Aspirational Measures: 54.29% for females;
45.10% for males
College Readiness is 48.8%; Dropout rate is 3.5%
Advanced Diploma Rates is 35.14%; 97.3%
We always see ourselves as a work in progress and
set our benchmarks very high as we want to continue
to improve. Did you know that our Beaver River graduates have to earn 24 credits to graduate compared
to the SED requirement of 22 credits. This Board
adopted requirement has been in place for more than
10 years. Most of our students have no problem
meeting this requirement. We often find our seniors
have 28 – 30 credits in June. The students who make
a habit of not passing courses are the ones who encounter difficulty. We are grateful for all of the support
from parents, community members, teachers and everyone who help to make Beaver River the kind and
caring place it is. Your support of our students is what
it takes to help our students be successful!
School will be closed on Tuesday, November 11 for
the Veterans Day holiday. We appreciate the members of the Armed Forces who serve and have served
in the military to protect our freedom.
In observance of the Thanksgiving holiday, school will
be closed on November 26, 27 and 28, 2014. We
hope that you have time to spend the Thanksgiving
holiday with friends and family. School will resume on
Monday, December 1, 2014.
When we return to school after the Thanksgiving holiday, the winter holiday concert season begins. Find
your warm clothes and prepare to come to school at
7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, December 9th for the high
school concert and on Thursday, December 11th for
the Elementary and Middle School concert. The annual Advent Concert will be held at St. Stephen’s
Church on Wednesday, December 17th. Our last day
of school before the Christmas holiday will be Tuesday, December 23rd.
On behalf of the Board of Education and Staff, happy
holidays to you.
Leueen Smithling
Superintendent of Schools
Elementary Principal
Mrs. Kimberly Lyman-Wright
Dear Parents and Guardians,
Thank you for your support of the K-12 school spirit
week as we celebrated Homecoming. Students were
very excited to be able to participate in the Paint the
Town Pink contest and show their school spirit. October was Breast Cancer Awareness month and I think
almost everyone knows someone whose life has been
touched by this cancer. My own paternal grandmother was a breast cancer survivor and I remember it being a scary experience for our family to go through.
Staff and students did a wonderful job as they decorated the hallways pink to raise awareness for breast
cancer. Students also enjoyed all of the athletic
events and activities that coincided with Homecoming,
On October 14th, staff and students participated in the
PARP kick off. This year’s theme is Once Upon a
Book and we linked it to the high school musical Once
Upon a Mattress. Thank you for your support at home
and encouraging your child to read.
Home and School will sponsor the Fall Festival Parade on October 31, 2014 at 1:45 p.m. Please follow
the safety guidelines that were sent home to all students. Each classroom teacher will also send information home about their classroom plans for that
school day. Home and School will host a Scholastic
Book Fair in November that coincides with parent
teacher conferences. More information will be sent
home with students.
We will have parent-teacher conference days on November 19, 20, and 24, 2014. Information will come
home with students from their classroom teachers.
Please note that the three conference days are 1/2
days for students in grades K-5. Pre-Kindergarten will
not be in session on the parent teacher conference
I wanted to share some tips and resources for you I
have learned about Common Core math. I have two
unique roles as both a principal and a parent. Another parent pointed out to me I have an insider view of
the math curriculum. I observe all of our teachers
teach math and I review math homework with my first
grade daughter. The math I was taught is now being
demonstrated with new terms to our children. For example, when doing math homework with my daughter
and she asks for help, I ask do you need help with
your number bonds or your math story problem? The
translation is do you need help with addition or your
word problem?
Other terms I have learned are composition = addition, decomposition = subtraction, and number bonds
= fact families. What hasn’t changed is ones, tens,
hundreds, thousands, number line etc. I hope that
you found some of this information helpful. If you are
still confused with the new language, I have found a
great website written for parents.
It is http://
commoncore.org/parents by Eureka Math. The website demonstrates how to help your child with the new
math. One important fact to keep in mind is that the
NYS Math 3-8 scoring guides will give students credit
for showing their work and thinking in the answer
space. So whether its new math or old math, if the
work is correct but the answer is incorrect, students
are still awarded partial credit. Homework is an opportunity to practice skills learned in class. If you are
unsure how to help your child, please send your
child’s teacher a note or email. Homework is a way
for teachers to gauge who has learned the lesson
taught in class. If your child is struggling, they will
benefit from having the lesson retaught.
Kimberly Lyman-Wright
Pre-Kindergarten News
Our year is off to a great start! In October and November we have a lot of exciting things happening. We
made some fall themed pink decorations in support of
breast cancer awareness. We used them to decorate
the hall and our doorway, so if you come by school be
sure to check them out! In October we learned about
families, communities, and community helpers. We
also collected pennies and read lots of books for
PARP. In November we will learn about Veteran's
Day and Thanksgiving. We will also continue to work
on the alphabet and our numbers. By the end of November we will have learned the alphabet up to the
letter K!
Kindergarten News
We are off to a great start in Kindergarten. We have
been busy learning our letter sounds and sight words.
Our Orton Gillingham phonics program provides the
students with a solid foundation and allows for constant review of each letter and sight word. Please
take a few minutes and review the letters and sight
words at home as well. We also completed units on
fall, apples, farms and our community. We would like
to thank all the businesses in Croghan that allowed us
to visit.
As we look ahead to November and December, we
would like to remind parents that everyone will need
warm outdoor clothes for recess. Please write your
child’s name inside their winter gear.
First Grade News
Our year in first grade has started off really well. We
have learned about friends, family, ants and communities. In Phonics we have learned a couple new
spelling rules that we will use every day. At the end of
the school year, we hope that you will be amazed to
see the progress your child makes in spelling, reading
and writing. Our students are very eager to learn new
reading rules in order to become great readers and
writers. Over the next two months we will learn a few
new spelling rules along with working on breaking
words into syllables. To accomplish this, our students
will learn how to determine if a vowel makes a long or
short sound. From there they will learn how to label
vowels and consonants in a word in order to break a
word down into syllables. This will help them read
some of those bigger words they encounter in their
At the end of October we will take a field trip and celebrate the Fall Festival. We will travel to the one room
schoolhouse in Lowville and show our students about
how classrooms have changed from then to now.
That same day we will travel to the Mennonite Heritage Farm in Croghan to see how families lived long
ago. Our field trip will begin our long ago unit and
continue through the month of November. In December we will learn about owls, chocolate (delicious)
and winter holidays.
Finally, the First Grade Teachers hope you enjoyed a
great Fall as we all prepare for another holiday season.
Second Grade News
Thanks to all who were able to join us at Open House
on September 24. We enjoyed meeting you and we
look forward to working with you and your child this
We continue to discuss and spend time on the theme
of friendship. Second graders enjoyed reading The
Secret Garden and worked cooperatively to create
their own secret gardens. We hope that this will continue to build a foundation of kindness, tolerance, and
friendship that will last throughout their lives.
During the month of October, students learned about
communities, Native Americans, fairy tales and fire
prevention. Math topics in second grade have included basic addition facts, strategies to add and subtract
and measuring in inches, feet, yards, centimeters and
meters! Second graders are so excited about measuring.
The second graders were excited to hear from the
Beaver Falls Fire Department about fire safety. The
students also participated in a presentation on abduction prevention and staying safe by Mr. Bradish, from
the SUPER Ed program.
We were also lucky enough to have local beekeeper,
Patrick O’Brien, join us during our unit on bees. He
taught us a lot of new bee facts that we didn’t know!
In November we will move on to adding and subtracting two digit numbers. In social studies and science
we will move on to tall tales and habitats. It will still be
important for students to continue to practice their addition and subtraction facts at home.
As the days begin to get cooler, please have your
child dress for the weather. It is important for them to
wear sneakers and a sweatshirt or jacket onto the
playground for recess.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of our families and community members from the second grade teachers.
Third Grade News
Third graders have been very busy this fall, and with
the beginning of the year behind us, our learning is in
full swing! In ELA, we have learned about many different genres of literature, read many different poems,
discussed articles in our Time for Kids magazines,
comprehended various reading passages and have
learned all about the writing process. We have already learned so much about personal narratives in
writing. By the end of November we will be well on
our way to writing friendly letters. In math, we are diving right in to multiplication and division, as well as
some different problem solving activities, in which students need to use many of the skills taught in previous lessons to come up with a solution to some rather
complex mathematical problems. Students should also practice their math facts each night at home and
soon they will be master mathematicians!
Science and Social Studies have kept us active as
well! We will finish up our study of animals, animal
adaptations, and ecosystems in science; and, we will
move into our earth science unit by Thanksgiving. We
will also begin our study of North America and the
United States by the end of October. In November we
will discover Christmas traditions around the world
(which will continue into December), with some of our
Thanksgiving traditions weaved in.
We would like to thank our parents for their continued
support of our classes. We appreciate your help reading with your students each night so they can meet
our reading goal of 25 books by the end of the school
Fourth Grade News
Mr. McLane from the Beaver Falls Fire Department
discusses fire safety.
Fourth grade students traveled to Beaver Camp on
September 26, for a hands-on learning experience.
While at Beaver Camp, students gained an appreciation and knowledge of the diversity of plants, insects,
and animals found in the Beaver River habitat. Students also learned safe boating practices and experienced a short boat trip on Beaver Lake. This field trip
was made possible through a grant from the Beaver
River Advisory Council/Brookfield Power.
In social studies, the fourth grade curriculum deals
with New York State as our focus of study for the
year. Our first unit focused on geography and students learned the names of many lakes, rivers, mountains, and cities.
Mr. Patrick O’Brien, a local beekeeper discussed honey bees with the 2nd grade students.
In social studies we will discuss New York's early people coming to this area and how they changed their
way of life over time. The Algonquins and Iroquois,
ancestors of these first people, became the main focus of study. Students have been engaged in the
building of an Iroquois model longhouse to share with
their parents during conferences.
In closing, the teaching and the learning process is
truly a two-way street and it requires a great deal of
effort from everyone. As teachers, we cannot do it
alone! Parental support and open communication are
crucial to the success of each student! We appreciate
your help in making this a successful year for your
Fifth Grade News
The fifth graders have worked hard and adjusted
well to switching classes for Math, ELA, and Science/
Social Studies. We had a great time celebrating
PARP and we would like to thank all of the fifth grade
families for their support and enthusiasm with reading
at home.
In ELA with Mrs. Vigliotti, students have been reading
the novel Esperanza Rising. This historical fiction
novel takes place in Mexico and California in the
1930’s. It tells the tale of Esperanza, a young girl who
is facing many hardships and human rights challenges that she must rise above. We have focused on
reading the text closely, as well as using evidence
from the text to support our ideas and inferences
about the text. After students finish reading Esperanza Rising, they will continue to work with the book in
order to write their own Reader’s Theatre script for a
chosen scene from the novel.
In Science with Miss Tabolt, students studied how to
classify different types of organisms. They have also
learned how to use and create a dichotomous key.
In November, students will begin a new Social Studies
unit, in which they will study Canada and Mexico. In
this unit, we will compare and contrast Canada and
Mexico with the United States.
In Math with Mrs. Batuyong, students will work on
multiplying and dividing two and three digit whole
numbers and decimals. We will also continue to practice math facts, as well as place value in the millions
through the thousandths. Students should continue to
practice at home as well!
We have had a great first quarter in fifth grade, and
we look forward to seeing many families at Parent
Teacher Conferences.
News from BOCES Title 1/Resource Room
Parents as Reading Partners (PARP) is an important
event at BRCS each year to promote reading and
writing. The theme for PARP for the 2014-2015
school year is Once Upon a Book. This theme was
chosen in conjunction with the BRCS Musical Once
Upon a Mattress. Books, stories, quotes and characters from Fairy Tales, Folklore and Nursery Rhymes
will be emphasized. The kick-off assembly was October 14 with a Fairy Tale Jeopardy Game. The conclusion of PARP will occur on November 7, with a special
presentation of selected scenes from Once Upon a
Mattress for elementary students.
During the four week time-frame of PARP, students
had the opportunity to earn prizes for reading with
partners at home, eat a special Royal Lunch, select a
free book, wear PJs, donate Pennies for PARP, dress
as characters from Fairy Tales, and bring in their beloved stuffed animals. Check out the BRCS web site
for pictures, slide shows and videos of PARP happenings.
Take time to enjoy reading with your child!
Multi-age Classrooms
(Mrs. Murphy & Mrs. Piche)
October was filled with many wonderful activities. The
students read about Christopher Columbus sailing the
ocean blue and had a great time demonstrating their
school spirit during homecoming week! Parents As
Reading Partners (PARP) was great fun as well. We
look forward to seeing our PARP winners participate
in a school performance of the musical Once Upon A
Mattress in November.
ant milestone. Instead, the child tends to use the right
hand on the right side of the body and the left hand on
the left side, disrupting the development of future
hand preference. Midline crossing, use of both hands
together, and hand dominance are important developmental milestones that pave the way for the development of more advanced motor skills.
Mrs. Beyer-Physical Therapist
Intramural Basketball News
Does your child W-sit?
October is National Physical Therapy (PT) Month, so
in order to celebrate the profession lets tackle a common question. What is wrong with W-sitting? This is a
somewhat common sitting position in which the child’s
bottom is planted firmly on the floor, with each foot
resting against the hip. Many children choose this position during play and whenever observed it should be
corrected immediately; here are the reasons why.
Orthopedic Concerns: In a W-sitting position, the hips
are placed in extreme rotation, predisposing the child
to future orthopedic problems. In this abnormal position, the risk of hip dislocation becomes a concern.
Pre-existing orthopedic conditions can worsen when
major muscle groups are placed in shortened positions and begin to tighten. These shortened muscles
are at risk to form a permanent shortening of the muscle.
Balance: W-sitting compromises balance development. Because W-sitting allows the child to balance
themselves in a straight position, the trunk muscles
are not challenged and balance reactions are not
needed. As a result, trunk control and balance are
slower to develop and delays due to nonuse are likely.
Midline crossing: Since trunk rotation does not occur
during W-sitting, midline hand use is avoided. Children naturally begin to bring their hands together at
midline to manipulate objects, but a child who regularly W-sits is discouraged from engaging in this import-
Beaver River Intramural Boys and Girls Basketball
program will conclude on Wednesday, Nov. 5th. The
final evening is open to all parents, relatives and community members with a start time of 6 pm in the High
School Gymnasium. Each team will play a short
game to showcase their skills that were practiced over
the course of the last 7 weeks. As with past years,
the players are encouraged to stay after school with
Coach Moser to finalize the evening activities and
have the final pizza party.
This year there was a total of 38 boys and 25 girls
from the grades of 3rd – 6th. Collin LaGree and
Justen Moser were student coaches/referees for the
program and their work effort is truly appreciated.
Silent Auction
Looking for donations... It's time once again for the
Annual Silent Auction sponsored by the BRCS Special Education Department. Every year during the
week of the musical, the Special Education Department hosts a silent auction. All of the proceeds benefit Relay For Life and our Beaver River families. If you
would like to donate an item or a themed basket
please contact Janet Andre at 346-1211 extension
513. All donations are needed by October
31st. Thank you in advance for your support!!
Middle School Principal
Mrs. Christine LaBare
Middle School Students of the Month
Dear Parents and Guardians,
The leaves have been so spectacular this fall. We
have had so much to celebrate in the Middle School.
At the end of September we were honored to host the
University of Albany as they studied our Middle
School program and interviewed teachers and support
staff. Beaver River Middle School is recognized as
high performing and was one of 18 Middle Schools
selected in NYS to participate. It was a wonderful,
rewarding experience. For me an experience full of
pride and honor.
A new tradition in the Middle School is the Beaver
River Middle School Students of the Month. Students
who we celebrated in the Month of October are Zoie
Lehman and Hunter Nagy. Zoie is in the seventh
grade and Hunter is in the sixth grade. Both of the
students were nominated by their Math teachers.
Congratulations to both of them.
The Middle School Students have had two game
nights in the month of October. The first one was during Homecoming Week and the second one was October 24. The students love to be together for a couple of hours to swim, dance, and play in the gym.
The Middle School Beaver River Junior Honor Society
have met and elected officers; President, Kaitlyn
Metzler, Vice President, Skylar Schmitt, Secretary,
Trent Meyer, Co-Treasurers, Julia Schwendy and
Megan Walseman.
The celebration of Veterans Day and Thanksgiving
are reminders of all the blessings we have. May
those blessings carry into family gatherings and celebrations of what we have cultivated in our families and
in our communities.
Christine LaBare, Middle School Principal
Hunter Nagy and Zoie Lehman
Sixth Grade News
In sixth grade math, we have spent the first few weeks
reviewing our math skills as multiplication facts up to
12 x 12 need to be mastered! We have started our
study of basic algebra and the students are doing a
fine job with this new endeavor.
In Social Studies, sixth graders continue to study the
ancient world. With Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Nubia
behind us, we look forward to India and China. Parents are reminded that the last day to turn in news
diary entries for the first quarter will be Monday, November 10th.
In ELA the students have finished their first novel King
of the Wind. In Reading, the students have completed their summer reading for the paper bag book talk
presentation and their poster. Students have started
to work on their book chats with the two books they
must read per quarter.
In Science, students have studied the scientific method and how scientists answer questions. We looked
at what makes an experiment reliable and how to
make conclusions based on the data collected in an
experiment. We also looked at the metric system of
measurement and learned to convert between the different measurement units for mass, length and volume. We also discussed the fact that there are some
non-standard systems of measurement such as the
smoot. Ask your child who Oliver Smoot was and
what he measured.
Parents, a big thank you for allowing your child to take
part in the Homecoming Game Night!!
Eighth Grade News
The eighth graders have gotten off to a great start this
year. In Social Studies we have explored the US during Industrialization. We looked at how Western Expansion was promoted by government investment and
the impact it had on Native Americans. The eighth
graders have also created games to help them understand and remember how our economic system
works. We have delved into immigration during the
early 1900s and how the rich diversity helped to spur
creativity and economic growth. We will move onto
the Progressive Era and how people dealt with the
seemingly overwhelming problems we faced as a nation during this time of growth.
Library News
Please visit the library’s website to see examples of
student work, search for books we have in the library,
and visit all of the fun activities found on the site:
We had a great start to the new school year in the library! Students in grades 1-3 have participated in
library centers. They have enjoyed sitting in beanbag
chairs to read out loud to a stuffed animal at the Book
Buddies, learned how to take care of (and listen to)
books-on-tape, created their own bookmarks, learned
the parts of a books, identified genres and fiction/
nonfiction, written book recommendations, wrote postcards to their class while they pretend to be their favorite character in a book, learned how to sign out
magazines and how to take care of them, and listened
to Mrs. Wright read a story so they can act it out in
Drama center. For PARP each class in grades 1-5 will
collaborate to write a fairy tale which will be read at
the final PARP assembly in November. We can’t wait
to see what they come up with.
On a side note, please make sure your child returns
his library books promptly. We have had a few students come in with books that have gotten ruined from
their snack or lunch drink leaking onto the book in
their backpacks. We ask that students make sure their
book is in a separate pocket of their backpack so that
it doesn’t get ruined. It would be appreciated if you
could check to see if they are doing this at home.
Thank you!
In addition to their library classes, students in grades
K-2 have began to attend computer classes for 20
minutes once a week with Mrs. Wright. All of the students have started to learn how to use a mouse, how
to identify the mouse, monitor, and keyboard, how to
log into the school’s computer system, and have be-
gun to find the letters on the keyboard. Many of the
keyboarding games and lessons are found on the library’s website under the title of Keyboarding.
In the Middle/High School library students have been
doing a great job of using the library as a place to
study or work quietly in small groups. Students who
have chosen to participate in the monthly student surveys get the opportunity to have their name drawn at
the end of the month for a candy bar prize. All responses are added to the survey bulletin board. Students also responded to our October Breast Cancer
Awareness display by posting the name of a loved
one who was diagnosed with cancer on a pink Post-It
note. These Post-It notes were added to our display. It
was quite sobering to see the number of Post-It notes
In Library 7 students have learned the ins and outs of
digital citizenship. They have learned how to protect
their identity and personal information online, how to
identify a scam or phishing email, and how to handle
cyberbullying situations. Students have also learned
about copyright law, plagiarism, Creative Commons,
public domain, and Fair Use. Library 7 will complete a
research project and presentation upon an approved
topic of their choice.
Library 8 students have created Book Trailer videos of
their favorite books and a select few have been added
to the library’s webpage. Students have learned about
how media can use photo-editing to influence consumers and media users into believing false information. Students are being shown how the fashion
industry and media instill an unattainable image identity on our teenagers today by using photo-editing.
Students will create their own photo-edited image and
create a news cast or magazine article to go along
with the photo to sway their audience to believe
something that is untrue or exaggerated. They will
have to show us the before picture as well. It will be
interesting to see what they decide upon for a topic!
High School Principal
Mrs. Rebecca Dunckel - King
Dear Parents,
The beginning of the school year has been one of
great excitement. Students have entered ready to
learn and have settled in for another productive year.
This is the first year of full implementation of the Common Core Learning Standards in Geometry and English 10. The teachers of those classes have been
busy revamping their curriculum during the summer in
order to begin the school year with more rigorous expectations. Beaver River offers a multitude of resources for students who need additional help, including after school work sessions. If you would like more
information on these sessions, contact the high school
AP Biology and Forensics
Beaver River AP Biology and Forensics students recently had the opportunity to attend a fascinating lecture at Cornell University, entitled DNA: Fact, Fiction
and the Future. The renowned speaker, Dr. Hillis,
wove together CSI episodes, and his own experience
as an expert witness in court cases with an update on
cutting edge developments in Molecular Genetics.
He highlighted advances in gene sequencing while
connecting these to themes ranging from human
health initiatives to the preservation of endangered
species. In addition to attending a reception after the
Lecture at Cornell’s iconic A.D. White House, during
our late afternoon visit, students had the opportunity
to experience the vast campus, and catch a glimpse
of the diverse research and student activities taking
place there.
Science, Technology, Engineering
and Math (STEM)
During the month of September, two of our Beaver
River teachers attended training at Clarkson University on Robotics. Clarkson University has long supported robotics outreach since 1998. Clarkson offers a
FIRST Robotics Competition for high school students
and a FIRST LEGO League program for elementary
to middle school students. At Beaver River, we will
focus our energy on a FIRST Tech Challenge program for our high school students. If you are interested in this program, please contact Marcus Bush
[email protected],
[email protected] or Mrs. Dunckel-King [email protected] . You can also visit the Clarkson
Website to gain more information on this exciting initiative! http://www.clarkson.edu/highschool/
Students pictured include Sean Burke, Shawn Brown
and Leah Lapp.
Regents Chemistry
Mrs. Dunckel-King
Regents Chemistry students will spend the year looking at matter and the chemical reactions that occur
between different types of matter. Chemistry began
the year with the basics of matter such as the structure of the atom and how the current atomic model
was developed throughout history. We will look at the
development of the periodic table and how it helps us
understand the interactions between matter on a
chemical and atomic level. Other specific reactions
that will be discussed include Oxidation/Reduction
reactions, Acid/Base chemistry, Organic chemistry
and Nuclear chemistry.
Yearbook News
So far the year has been productive for the yearbook staff and we are excited to welcome a new Co-Advisor –
Mrs. Renee’ Moser. As the December deadline quickly approaches for the yearbooks first 40 pages, the staff
have been very active in taking pictures of events around the school and community. The staff has agreed
upon a color scheme, templates, fonts, cover design and theme.
Co-Advisor Mr. Don Moser, along with Melena Johnson, McKinzi Middleton, Riley Joslin and Ashley Hirsch
left Beaver River on September 26th at 5:30 am to attend an all-day yearbook workshop at Hobart WilliamSmith College in Geneva, NY. The workshop allowed students to hone their photography skills, meet with the
yearbook graphic design team to finalize details concerning the 2014-15 cover, engage in layout workshops
and most importantly, network with other yearbook staff and advisors.
Melena Johnson & McKinzi Middleton
Preparing a mock layout spread
Community, we need your help. If you have taken any photographs at sporting events, banquets, fundraisers, student oriented events, the yearbook staff would like to invite you to post them to our yearbook website.
All you do is, type in: www.eshare.com and use the code name: beavers and you can upload photos for the
yearbook staff to browse through and possibly use.
Also, if you are a business owner and would like to place an ad in the yearbook, contact Mr. Don Moser at:
[email protected] or 346-1211 ext. 208. Dog Breeders, Dairy Farms, Loggers, Maple Syrup Producers,
Landscapers, Tax Accountants, Fire Departments, Jewelry Designers….you are all invited.
Yearbooks are still on sale and can be purchased at $70.00 or by placing a down payment of $20.00 by Nov.
25th to be placed on a payment schedule.
Please contact:
Don Moser
346-1211 ext. 208
[email protected]
***A reminder to all who have purchased a yearbook and
are on the payment plan, payment dates are as follows:
2nd payment – before Nov. 25th
3rd payment – before Jan. 30th
4th & final payment – before March 13th.
The BRCS music department announces the following
schedule of concerts for the 2014 Christmas season.
All performances begin at 7:30 p.m. in the auditorium.
Mark your calendar and join us as we celebrate the
season in song!
Tuesday, Dec. 9
High School Concert
Thursday, Dec. 11
Elementary/Middle Concert
Wednesday, Dec. 17 Advent Concert
-St. Stephen’s Church, Croghan
Beaver River elementary and middle schools will present a combined Christmas Concert on Thursday, December 11, at 7:30 p.m.
The concert will begin with Fifth Grade Chorale singing Kling Glockchen, Bless Us All, and Dona Nobis
Pacem. Fifth Grade Band will present Magnificent
Five, Jing-A-Ling Bells and Gingerbread Men On Parade. Sixth Grade Chorus will sing Let’s Take A
Sleighride, All on a Silent Night and A Merry, Merry
Christmas. Sixth Grade Band will play Let It Snow, Let
It Snow, Let It Snow!, Christmas Tree Samba, and A
Christmas Proclamation. The Seventh and Eighth
Grade Chorus will perform A Festive Madrigal, Beautiful December, and The Bells of Christmas Medley.
The Seventh and Eighth Grade Band will present A
Christmas Festival, Have A Holly Jolly Christmas and
Still, Still, Still.
Bi-County Music Festival
Two BRCS musicians were selected to participate in
the 2014 JLCMTA Bi-County Music Festival. Middle
school musicians who represented Beaver River Central School in the Junior High Band were: Natalie
Streeter, clarinet and Patrick Golden, tuba. The
band consisted of 80 seventh and eighth grade musicians.
The ensemble included student musicians from 17
school districts in Jefferson and Lewis counties. Students were chosen to participate in this Bi-County Music Festival based on past accomplishments in music,
including performances at NYSSMA Solo Festival and
BRCS Solo Festival.
The musicians learned four pieces in preparation for a
full day of rehearsals on Tuesday, October 28. They
rehearsed together again on the following Saturday,
and presented a concert at 2:00 p.m. on November 1
at Indian River High School.
This festival was the first of three annual music festivals sponsored by the Jefferson-Lewis County Music
Teachers’ Association. The second festival will be
held in January at Harrisville High School, and feature
an elementary band and high school chorus. The
third festival will be hosted by South Jefferson High
School in February, and will include a high school
band and junior high chorus, as well as a solo performance by this year’s winner of the senior soloist competition.
EL Bi-County Chorus
Four musicians were selected for the Elementary BiCounty Chorus held at Indian River in October. Selected students were Conrad Freed, Chelsea Greenwood, David Duell and Emma Roggie. Great job
The 2014-2015 Choraleers would be very happy to
perform at community functions this year. We are a
select chorus of 38 students in grades 9-12. If you
are interested in having us perform for your event,
please contact our director, Mrs. Kendra Virkler at
346-1211 ext. 572. Choraleer members are: Kiley
Ardison, Jack Bristow, Jordan Cornell, Connor
Demo, Karissa Gerdon, Zachary Gould, Dana Halladay, Zachary Irish, Melena Johnson, Riley
Joslin, Jacob Kennedy, Joel Kloster, Jessie Landis, Caitlin Lashbrooks, Emily Lighthall, Kerrigan
Mahoney, Anthony Metzler, Madeline Monnat, Sierra Nagy, Makenna Olmstead, Joshua Peters,
Mallory Petrie, Isaiah Pominville, Emma Puddington, Meghan Puddington, Andrew Purcell, Troy
Purcell, Andrew Rice, Michael Rice, Michaela Rice,
Lucas Schmitt, Cameron Smith, Reganne Smith,
Woolschlager, Brett Worden and Noah Zehr.
We are proud to announce the acceptance of senior
bass, Riley Joslin into the New York State Conference All-State Mixed Chorus! Riley is among 60
basses selected from across the state to be part of
this prestigious ensemble. He will spend 3 days in
Rochester honing his skills under the baton of Dr. Joe
Miller, director of choral activities at Westminster
Choir College of Rider University. The culmination of
the event is a performance at the beautiful Eastman
Theater. Congratulations Riley!
Area-All State
Beaver River was proudly represented by 19 musicians at the 2014 Area-All State Music Festival held at
the Crane School of Music, Potsdam on November 21
and 22. Jessie Landis was a member of the orchestra. Clare Woolschlager was a member of the band.
Members of the chorus were Kiley Ardison, Macey
Halko, Zachary Irish, Riley Joslin, Joel Kloster,
Kerrigan Mahoney, Anthony Metzler, Sierra Nagy,
Joshua Peters, Isaiah Pominville, Meghan Puddington, Andrew Purcell, Michaela Rice, Lucas
Schmitt, Reganne Smith, Brett Worden and Noah
This November we will have our annual musical performance. This year’s selection, Once Upon a Mattress, is based upon the fairy tale entitled The Princess and the Pea. We have a cast 35 students who
have practiced since the first day of school to put on a
spectacular and entertaining show. Our cast members
include Caitie Lashbrooks as Queen Aggravain,
Josh Peters as Prince Dauntless, Sierra Nagy as
Princess Winnifred the Woebegone, Taine Millward as
King Sextimus the Silent, Riley Joslin as Sir Harry,
Reganne Smith as Lady Larken, Josh Greenwood
as Jester, Aiden Millward as Wizard, Brett Worden
as Minstrel, Chrissy Coggiano-Chun as Princess
Number 12, Sean Burke as Sir Studley, and Skylar
Schmitt as the Nightengale of Samarkand. We also
have many Ladies-in-Waiting, knights, maids, wenches, and princesses. This year our show coincides with
PARP’s fairy tale theme of Once Upon a Book. A
sample of the musical performance will be shown to
the students as a part of the closing celebration for
PARP on November 7th. Please make the time to
come watch our cast as they put their heart and soul
into the performance of Once Upon a Mattress on November 6th and 7th at 7:30 pm, and the matinee performance on November 8th at 2:00 pm. We hope to see
you there!
Sierra Nagy, Caitie Lashbrooks, Kristen Van Horn,
Meghan Puddington, Makenna Olmstead, and
Kerrigan Mahoney prepare for the upcoming musical
Once Upon a Mattress.
National Honor Society
The La Verne A. Norton Chapter of the National Honor society will be holding its annual induction ceremony
for new members on Tuesday, November 25. Candidates from the junior and senior classes who demonstrate outstanding achievement in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character will be eligible
for induction.
To be considered for membership, a candidate must have a 90.0% cumulative average for all high school
courses. Scholarship alone is not grounds for selection into NHS—ignoring the qualities of leadership, service, and character is a violation of the NHS Constitution. In order to evaluate these criteria in prospective
inductees, the principal is responsible for annually forming a five-member faculty council. This council consists of five voting members of the BRCS faculty. Additionally, the chapter advisor serves as a non-voting,
sixth member of the faculty council.
The faculty council reviews each academically eligible candidate in regard to the categories of leadership,
service, and character. The student who exercises leadership is thoroughly dependable in any responsibility
accepted, exemplifies positive attitudes, and is a forerunner in the classroom, at work, and in school or community activities. The student who serves and works well with others, is willing to take on difficult or inconspicuous responsibilities, cheerfully and enthusiastically renders any requested service to the school, and
shows courtesy by assisting visitors, teachers, and students. The student of character consistently exemplifies desirable qualities of behavior, upholds principles of morality and ethics, actively helps rid the school of
bad influences or environment, and shows concern and respect for others.
In the process of evaluating potential inductees, each voting member of the faculty council will rate each candidate in the areas of leadership, service, and character using the following scale:
5 points..…the student always demonstrates outstanding qualities for the given category
4 points…..the student frequently demonstrates outstanding qualities for the given category
3 points…..the student sometimes demonstrates outstanding qualities for the given category
2 points…..the student rarely demonstrates outstanding qualities for the given category
1 point …...the student never demonstrates outstanding qualities for the given category
The points received by a candidate for each individual category will be added and averaged to the nearest
tenth of a point, giving that candidate separate averages for leadership, service, and character. The sum of
all three averages will then be taken. To be granted membership, a candidate must receive a total score of at
least 12.0 and receive scores of at least 3.0 in all three categories. A candidate will be denied membership if
he or she scores below 3.0 in one category but still manages a total score of 12.0 or above.
Student information forms are available to candidates who wish to provide the faculty council with information
that may influence the selection process. These forms are not to be considered applications (there are no
official applications to NHS), but they may be helpful in revealing aspects of a candidate that the faculty council may otherwise be unaware of.
During the course of the selection process, the faculty council should focus more on why a student should be
inducted into NHS and less on why a student should not be inducted. Candidates should not be selected
simply because they have sufficient grades and the faculty council has nothing bad to say about them (this is
not to suggest, however, that major shortcomings in any of the three categories be ignored). Rather, the faculty council should emphasize the positive characteristics of a potential member that demonstrate why that
candidate deserves to be selected. Induction into NHS is an honor that must be earned.
All decisions made by the faculty council are binding and cannot be appealed to higher levels of the National
Honor Society. Selection into NHS is strictly a local manner. It is the faculty council’s duty to carry out the
selection process as objectively as possible. No student has the right to be inducted into NHS—students only
have the right to be fairly considered for membership. Anyone with further questions about the selection process should direct them to Mrs. Rebecca Dunckel-King, High School Principal.
It is the time of year when seniors need to get serious about organizing their college applications. This is
especially so for those looking to apply for “early decision” consideration.
Ninth through eleventh grade students will have their normal opportunities for individual meetings with their
guidance counselors in a few months to receive career and educational counseling. Parents are always
welcome to participate in this planning process. Please call the Guidance Office to make an appointment.
Grades six through eight are busy with classes, sports, and the upcoming musical. Please have your child
stop in the Guidance Office for any assistance (schedules, AWS or bullying issues). Also, if families are in
need of the backpack program, please call Mrs. Joslin at 346-1211 (Ext. 525).
Seniors have begun the process of completing their college applications. This process can either be very
time consuming or relatively simple depending on the particular college. SUNY college application forms
can be quite basic and students may even use one form to apply to up to seven different colleges. Private
college applications often require more of the students such as essays and teacher recommendations.
The recommended application deadline for SUNY colleges is December 1. Although SUNY will accept applications after this date, adhering to this deadline can make a difference in acceptance to competitive programs. It also may make a difference in securing available housing on some campuses. The application
deadlines of private colleges vary (approximately December through late spring). It is each student's responsibility to contact the colleges he or she is considering to find out their deadlines.
College applications should be completed carefully and thoroughly, with the awareness that students are
giving admissions personnel the first impression of themselves. Attention to detail is exceptionally important. Most applications can be done on-line. Please see Mr. Barrett before applications are submitted.
Please be aware that some colleges do not have an application fee if you apply directly to the college. For
instance if you apply directly to Jefferson Community College there is no fee, but if you apply through the
SUNY Application Processing Center the fee is $50.
All applications that are not submitted online (and corresponding fees) are to be submitted to the Guidance
Office where they will be checked for accuracy and forwarded to the colleges with copies of their high
school transcript. Students who are applying to colleges online are also to notify the Guidance Office so
that copies of their transcript will be mailed to the appropriate schools. This information was explained by
Mr. Barrett to the seniors in their English classes. Students and parents are invited to contact Mr. Barrett if
they have questions about this process.
Students should be continuing to look through college catalogs and websites, meet with college
representatives in the Guidance Office, have on campus admission interviews and attend college
open houses!
Students should make sure they’ve taken all tests (SAT 1, ACT, SAT 2, etc.) that are required by the
colleges to which they are applying! They should also ensure that their scores are forwarded to each
Searching for scholarships is a lot like exploring colleges--the more you put into it, the more you’re
likely to get out of it! Application deadlines for various scholarships occur throughout the senior
year. How to search for scholarships will be explained to students in their English classes.
If you have questions about the college exploration process, please contact Mr. Barrett.
Any high school student interested in taking the ASVAB will have the opportunity on November 19th at Beaver River. The ASVAB consists of eight short tests which cover the areas of General Science, Arithmetic
Reasoning, Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, Auto and Shop Information, Mathematics
Knowledge, Mechanical Comprehension, and Electronics. As a result of taking these tests the students will
receive information on themselves (such as interests and abilities), information on the world of work, and
ideas relating to specific careers they may be well-suited for. This test is no longer just for military-bound students. The ASVAB does an excellent job matching a student’s academic strengths and general interests with
both civilian and military careers. All juniors will be encouraged to take this free assessment. See Mr. Barrett with
Attending a college open house/campus visitation day is an excellent way to gain firsthand information about
a college as well as to meet with other students who are interested in the same college. The college visit is
so important that some colleges require it before accepting a student. Students should check the websites of
the colleges they are considering to get information regarding these events. For a listing of SUNY open
house dates visit www.suny.edu and click on “programs” and then “visit us”.
Please visit the brcsd.org website for complete scholarship information. Click on the “High School Guidance”
link, then on “Scholarship Information”. Feel free to call the Guidance Office with questions.
If you are not registered with Selective Service, you must do so within 30 days of turning 18. You must register. This is not a school requirement, it’s the law. If you fail to register it will affect your ability to receive Federal college loans and grants, and student aid in most states. In addition, it will affect your ability to receive
job training or to gain citizenship if you are a male immigrant seeking U.S. citizenship. It will even curtail your
opportunities to get many good jobs in the future. Go on-line at www.sss.gov or fill out a registration card at
any US Post Office. See Mr. Barrett if you have any questions.
The Financial Aid Workshop for juniors and seniors will be held on January 22 at 6:30. Our speaker will be
Mariya Clemons, a Financial Aid Counselor from Jefferson Community College. She will speak at length
about the financial aid application process and the Free Application for Financial Aid. Juniors and seniors
and their parents are urged to attend this workshop. The FAFSA should be submitted as soon as possible
after January 1. Check in with the Guidance Office at 346-1211 (Ext. 522) or moric.myschoolpages.com/
schools/Beaver River/webpages/abarrett for updates.
A year from now most of you will be preparing application forms for college. With the multitude of colleges to
choose from, the process of exploring your options can be interesting and fun but also confusing and very
time consuming. This is why NOW--THE JUNIOR YEAR--is the time to seek out information and identify the
types of schools you’d be interested in. Mr. Barrett will be working with you throughout the year to provide a
variety of ways you can obtain the information you need. If you or your parents have questions about the college selection process, you are encouraged to see or call Mr. Barrett.
Sophomore and Junior students took the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test/National Merit Scholarship
Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) on Wednesday, October 15th. Students had the opportunity to sign up to participate and were provided with information prior to this exam which included sample questions and testtaking tips. The benefits of taking this assessment include the following:
1. It provides practice for taking the SAT I, a college entrance test which most juniors will take for the first
time in the spring.
2. Students can predict their SAT I scores from the PSAT/NMSQT scores. This information will be
helpful this year as students explore colleges and consider the admission requirements of
particular schools.
3. Students may choose to participate in a service that will forward their names to various colleges
that are
seeking students like them. They then will receive information from these colleges.
4. Students are automatically entered in scholarship competitions by taking the PSAT/NMSQT. Even if
they are not actual “winners,” being named a “finalist” or “semifinalist” will greatly help in the college
admission process.
5. Scores on the PSAT/NMSQT will indicate if students have the reading and math skills they need
for college.
The following student has been advised of his acceptance at college for the 2015-2016 school year:
Lane Zehr, son of Jason and Barbara Zehr, at the
Southeast Lineman Training Center in the Electrical Lineworker program.
Lewis County Amateur Hockey Association registration for Youth Hockey and other programs will be held
at Lewis County Fairgrounds Forest Park Pavilion.
Tuesday, November 04th 6-7:30 pm
Learn to Skate – All ages young & old
Initiation to Hockey (Mites) Program - Girls & Boys
ages 4-7
 Squirts Team – Girls & Boys ages 8-10
 PeeWee Team – Boys ages 11-12
Mountain View Prevention Services
Student Assistance Program
The Student Assistance Program (S.A.P.) will once
again be provided to the BRCS students during the 2014
-2015 school year. S.A.P. is a school based, prevention/intervention program designed to assist students in
grades 6-12, with a variety of personal problems including those related to alcohol and or drugs. The student
assistant works with students to develop coping skills,
making positive lifestyle choices, practicing healthy decision making and making alternatives to alcohol/drugs,
and encouraging students to focus on education. The
S.A.P. is not treatment, nor therapy. This not a discipline
program, students are not in trouble if they are referred
to the program. Referrals to the Student Assistance Program can be made by the following:
1. Parents/Community members may contact the Student Assistant at school or at 376-2321.
2. Teachers, students, staff who have concerns regarding a student can either fill out a referral form located in
the Administrative offices, the Guidance office or see the
Student Assistant to discuss the referral.
Self – referrals may be made by contacting the Student
Assistant, an administrator or the Guidance Office.
S.A.P. is both voluntary and confidential to all students
that choose to participate. All referrals are also confidential. Mrs. Kylie Simpson is available at school on
Mondays and Tuesdays at ext. 577 or can be reached at
Mountain View Prevention Services by calling 376-2321.
Season starts November - March. Practice is 2 nights
a week with games on Saturday & Sunday.
Cost to Register if $100.00. Equipment provided for
1st year players.
For more information go to
www.lewiscohockey.org or call at 376-0196.
Military and Family Life Counselor Program
Mrs. Susan Hoenninger, MS, LMHC, Children &
Youth Behavioral Military & Family Life Counselor
(CYB-MFLC, pronounced M-FLAC) will be available to
provide free short-term non-medical situational problem solving counseling to our Fort Drum active military children and their parents and families for issues
and stressors that impact them. These may include
deployments, reunions following deployments, relocation adjustments, behavioral issues and parenting,
anger management, sadness, grief and loss, separation, peer pressure, decision-making & coping skills.
A parental consent needs to be signed and returned
to the school in order for services to be provided and
for children to participate in individual counseling and
groups. A brochure with more detailed information
including a phone number to contact Mrs. Hoenninger
will be sent home with the children.
2014 FFA Fruit Sale
The FFA is holding our annual Citrus Fruit Sale starting on November 3rd -November 21st 2014. All of the
Lewis and Jefferson County FFA Chapters are ordering from Peejay`s Fresh Fruit because of high customer satisfaction and they make a contribution to the
New York FFA Foundation annually. Extra tangelo
and red grapefruit will be available but please contact
an FFA member to guarantee your order. The delivery date for the fruit will be December 8th. Fruit must
be picked up at the overhead door by the district office
before 8:00 p.m. on December 8th. Please contact a
FFA member or Tara Taylor at 346-1211 ext. 138 or
email [email protected] to place an order. All orders
must be handed in to Ms. Taylor by November 21st.
Thank you for supporting the agriculture program!
Florida Navel Oranges
Large box -$32.00
Small box -$22.00
Florida Red Grapefruit
Large box - $25.00
Small box - $17.00
Florida Orlando Tangelo
Large box - $25.00
Small box - $17.00
Navel/Grapefruit Mix Box
Navels/Grapefruit $25.00
Small box- $22.00
Citrus Mix Box
Navel Oranges, Tangelos
& Red Grapefruit- $22.00
Anjou Pears
Small box - $18.00
7” Plain Cheesecake
20 oz. - $10.00
8” Strawberry Cheesecake
32 oz. - $14.00
Golden Pineapples
Case of 3 - $16.00
8” Cookies & Cream
32 oz. - $14.00
The following chart lists income levels according to
household size and income received either yearly,
monthly or weekly. If your total household income is
the same or less than the amount on the chart below,
your children can get reduced price meals. You will
be notified if you are eligible for free meals based on
2x per
Every 2
+ 145
For each additional family member add:
+ 626
+ 313
If your income is at or below the scale shown above,
we urge you to apply for meal benefits. You may do
so by calling the school at 346-1211 and ask for Mrs.
Diane Farney, ext. 535. You may also complete an
application in person by coming to the school. If you
have any questions about income eligibility or would
like information regarding the breakfast or lunch programs, please call Mr. Thoma at 346-1211, ext. 532.
If you do not qualify now but expect a change in
income or family size, you may complete an application at anytime throughout the year.
NutriKids NEWS
Coming soon……parents will have the option to
make payments for school meal accounts on-line
through MySchoolBucks. Parents will enjoy 24/7/365
access to their student’s school meal account balance and purchase history. Also, parents will have
the ability to create low-balance reminders and configure automatic payments for meal purchases. Flyers explaining the optional process will be sent home
with students soon.
Adult Education
Adult Education at BRCS is designed to meet the academic and recreational needs of our community in an
adult’s only setting. If you have a special talent or skill you would like to share or a class you would like to
see offered, please call Nicole Kuhl at the school at 346-1211 ext.154, or e-mail at [email protected]
The following classes are being offered during the month of November to any interested community member.
Please call the appropriate instructor without delay as some classes have seating limits. Some classes may
be cancelled if insufficient interest is shown, at which time you will be notified if you have already signed-up.
Participation in each class requires a signed physical injury district release form, which the instructor will have
prepared for each student during registration. The classes will be offered as scheduled while school is in session. If school closes for a holiday or emergency, the adult education class will also be cancelled.
Family Swim
Certified Life
7:00 – 8:00 p.m.
$2.00 per session
Morning Lap
Certified Life
$2.00 per session
Evening Lap
Certified Life
Zumba Fitness
Janice Lehman
PiYO Fitness
Becky Lyndaker
Mondays, Wednesdays
and Fridays
7:00 – 8:00 a.m.
Tuesdays and Thursdays
7:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Mondays and Thursdays
7:00 – 8:00 p.m.
*subject to change - updates found on the Facebook page “Zumba with
Elementary Cafeteria
6:30 – 7:45 p.m.
Elementary Cafeteria
No registration necessary. Every
child must be accompanied by an
adult who stays while the child is
swimming and provides adult supervision in the locker room.
No registration necessary. Held only
when school is in session. If school is
delayed for any reason, morning lap
swim is cancelled for that day.
No registration necessary. Held only
when school is in session.
Katie Steele
and Cassi
November 20
6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
Room 154
$2.00 per session
$5.00 per session
$5.00 per session
binders will
also be
for sale that
Zumba is a mix of Latin dance and
cardio and incorporates hip hop and
other types of dance. It is an upbeat
and exciting way to get fit. No registration or dance experience necessary!
Contact Jan at [email protected] with questions.
PiYO takes you through stretching,
strengthening, and body weight resistance-based exercise at a fast, flowing pace to sculpt and define every
muscle while you burn major calories
using nothing more than a yoga mat
and your own body weight! No registration necessary but bring your own
yoga mat.
Come and learn the basics of extreme
couponing including vocabulary, store
policies and regulations, budget planning as well as where to get coupons
and how to set up a coupon binder.
Also discussed will be couponing for
items other than groceries, couponing
for a cause, and how to get freebies.
Each participant will receive a copy of
store policies, a coupon handbook,
and tips. To register please e-mail
Nicole Kuhl at [email protected] or
call 346-1211 ext. 154 by November
November/December 2014 Sports Calendar
Nov. 1
V Cross Country @ VVS
10:00 AM
Dec. 16 V B Swimming vs. Carthage
4:30 PM
Nov. 8
V Cross Country @ Canton
10:00 AM
V Wrestling vs. Copenhagen
6:00 PM
Nov. 21
7th Grade Volleyball @ South Lewis
4:30 PM
JV B Basketball vs. Lyme
6:00 PM
8th Grade Volleyball vs. South Lewis
5:45 PM
V B Basketball vs. Lyme
7:30 PM
JV B Basketball vs. Adirondack
6:00 PM
V B Basketball vs. Adirondack
7:30 PM
JV Volleyball @ Lowville
6:00 PM
Mod B Swimming @ South Lewis
4:30 PM
V Volleyball @ Lowville
7:30 PM
V B Swimming @ South Lewis
4:30 PM
JV G Basketball vs. Sandy Creek
6:00 PM
JV G Basketball vs. LaFargeville
6:00 PM
V G Basketball vs. Sandy Creek
7:30 PM
V G Basketball vs. LaFargeville
7:30 PM
V Wrestling vs. Indian River
6:30 PM
JV Volleyball vs. Sandy Creek
6:00 PM
V Volleyball vs. Sandy Creek
7:30 PM
V B Basketball @ Sandy Creek
7:30 PM
JV B Basketball @ LaFargeville
6:00 PM
Dec. 23 JV G Basketball @ South Lewis
6:00 PM
V B Basketball @ LaFargeville
7:30 PM
V G Basketball @ South Lewis
7:30 PM
V B Swimming @ Lowville
4:30 PM
JV Volleyball vs. Carthage
6:00 PM
Mod B Swimming @ Lowville
4:30 PM
V Volleyball vs. Carthage
7:30 PM
JV G Basketball vs. Sackets Harbor
6:00 PM
JV B Basketball vs. South Lewis
6:00 PM
V G Basketball vs. Sackets Harbor
7:30 PM
V B Basketball vs. South Lewis
7:30 PM
JV Volleyball @ Thousand Islands
6:00 PM
Dec. 27 V Wrestling @ Lowville (Dual Meet)
V Volleyball @ Thousand Islands
7:00 PM
Jan. 3
V B Basketball vs. South Jefferson
2:30 PM
JV B Basketball @ Sackets Harbor
6:00 PM
Jan. 5
JV Volleyball @ Indian River
5:30 PM
V B Basketball @ Sackets Harbor
7:30 PM
V Volleyball @ Indian River
7:00 PM
10:00 AM
JV G Basketball @ Lowville
6:00 PM
V G Basketball @ Lowville
7:30 PM
JV B Basketball vs. Lowville
6:00 PM
Nov. 25
Dec. 2
Dec. 3
Dec. 4
Dec. 5
Dec. 18 V B Swimming @ Indian River
Dec. 19 JV B Basketball @ Sandy Creek
4:30 PM
6:00 PM
10:00 AM
Dec. 6
V Volleyball vs. Lowville
Dec. 8
JV G Basketball @ Alexandria Bay
6:00 PM
V G Basketball @ Alexandria Bay
7:30 PM
V Wrestling vs. South Jefferson
6:00 PM
V B Basketball vs. Lowville
7:30 PM
JV Volleyball @ South Lewis
6:00 PM
V B Swimming vs. Watertown
4:30 PM
V Volleyball @ South Lewis
7:30 PM
Jan. 7
V Wrestling @ Lowville
6:00 PM
Dec. 9
V B Swimming vs. Gouverneur
4:30 PM
Jan. 8
JV Volleyball vs. Watertown
6:00 PM
Dec. 10
JV B Basketball vs. Alexandria By
6:00 PM
V Volleyball vs. Watertown
7:30 PM
V B Basketball vs. Alexandria Bay
7:30 PM
V B Swimming @ South Jefferson
4:30 PM
JV Volleyball vs. Belleville Henderson
6:00 PM
V Volleyball vs. Belleville Henderson
7:30 PM
JV B Basketball @ Belleville Henderson
6:00 PM
V B Basketball @ Belleville Henderson
7:30 PM
Dec. 13
V Wrestling @ General Brown
8:00 AM
Dec. 15
Mod Wrestling @ S.L. - League Meet
5:30 PM
JV G Basketball @ Lyme
6:00 PM
V G Basketball @ Lyme
7:30 PM
JV Volleyball vs. South Jefferson
6:00 PM
V Volleyball vs. South Jefferson
7:30 PM
Dec. 12
Jan. 6
Please note that this schedule is subject to change. To
view the most up to date version of the Beaver River
sports schedule please go to the following website:
There will also be
game cancellations posted on the Beaver River website
at www.brcsd.org.
Beaver River Central School
PO Box 179
9508 Artz Road
Beaver Falls, NY 13305
Non Profit
U.S. Postage PAID
Car. Rte. Pre Sort
Beaver Falls, NY
Permit No. 3
Important Dates:
Friday, October 31
Fall Festival
1:45 p.m. Parade/Outside Front
Thursday, November 6
Once Upon A Mattress
7:30 p.m./Auditorium
Friday, November 7
Once Upon A Mattress
7:30 p.m./Auditorium
Saturday, November 8
Once Upon A Mattress
2:00 p.m./Auditorium
Monday, November 10
Board of Education Meeting
7:00 p.m./Library Conference Rm
Tuesday, November 11
Wednesday, November 12
Picture Re-Take Day
8:00 a.m./By appointment
Wednesday, November 19
1/2 Day for Elementary
Parent Teacher Conferences
12:45 p.m. Dismissal
Thursday, November 20
1/2 Day for Elementary
Parent Teacher Conferences
12:45 p.m. Dismissal
Monday, November 24
1/2 Day for Elementary
Parent Teacher Conferences
12:45 p.m. Dismissal
Monday, November 24
Board of Education Meeting
7:00 p.m./Library Conference Rm
Wednesday, November 26 Friday, November 28
Thanksgiving Vacation
Monday, December 8
Board of Education Meeting
7:00 p.m./Library Conference Rm
Tuesday, December 9
High School Christmas Concert
7:30 p.m./Auditorium
Thursday, December 11
Elementary /Middle School
Christmas Concert
7:30 p.m./Auditorium
Wednesday, December 17
Advent Concert
7:30 p.m./St. Stephens Church
Wednesday, December 24 Friday, January 2
Winter Vacation