High School Newsletter 26 October, 2014

High School Newsletter
26th October, 2014
The new Head boy, Amr Hisham and Head girl, Salma Moussa have been elected by their peers and teachers.
Congratulations to both students! We know they will carry out their duties responsibly. Their first duty was to
represent the students of Nibras when Dr Abdullah Al Karam and his team from KHDA came to discuss the future
of education in the U.A.E. last Wednesday.
Paul Harrington
Assistant Principal High School
The Big Idea Quiz
Tuesday, 28th October
Students from Grades 7 – 11 will
be representing Nibras in the
biggest inter-school quiz in the
UAE. Our teams are as follows.
7A: Ryan Abdulhijah, Yezmin Reeves
7B: Nada Elwakil, Haya Mously
8A: Raneem Ammayreh, Adham Hossam Howaidy
8B: Mohammed Asbaita, Ahmed Albedwawi
9A: Ghassan Kabbaz, Anna Sokolva
9B: Hawra Abid, Anna Hrabkova
10Hr: Maya Abuhijleh, Nadine Dadoush
11Hr: Ferdi Dort, Aya Maklad
Thank you to Ms Renda and Ms Charmaine for
organizing this activity for the students.
Important Dates
The Big Idea Quiz
Gr 8 Field Trip – Dubai Mosque
Parent Teacher Conferences
Middle / High School Sports Day
UAE National Day Holidays
2 – 3.12.14
Last Day of Term 1
Winter Break
19.12.14 – 3.12.15
First Day of Term 2
Parent Teacher Conferences
Term 1 Reports Issued
Just a thought….
Food in School
All students are requested to eat their food in the
cafeteria, whether it is bought from the cafeteria or
brought from home.
No students are permitted to or in food from outside
companies, MacDonalds, KFC or any other fast food
establishments or restaurants.
Please discuss this with your children so that they
understand fully.
‘And in the end, it’s not the years in your life
that count.
It’s the life in your years.’
~ Abraham Lincoln