Conference Program

Conference Program
2014 7th International Conference on
Information Management, Innovation Management
Industrial Engineering
ICIII 2014
Xi’an, China
25-26, October, 2014
2014 7th International Conference on Information Management, Innovation
Management and Industrial Engineering
Information Management, Innovation Management and Industrial Engineering are
becoming increasingly interesting to both the academic researchers and management
practitioners. It is essential to explore enterprise management system from the
theoretical viewpoint; it is also absolutely essential to the survival, growth and
prosperity of any company to have some means to manage innovation in the process of
Economic Globalization and under the Knowledge Economy environment. As China's
domestic economy are fast expanding, more and more enterprises and scholars in and
outside China are paying high attentions to management innovation.
The 2014 7th International Conference on Information Management, Innovation
Management and Industrial Engineering (ICIII2014) provides two days' focus on the
science and technology that are the basis for the management. The theme of the
plenary session is “Information Management, Innovation Management and Industrial
engineering” featuring invited speakers who will further explore this topic that is so
significant for management. Concurrent sessions and a poster session will cover a wide
range of topics and issues, including both contributed papers and special sessions
developed on specific themes, all with a central focus of management. Topics will range
from the management theories such as experimental management, to the management
practice methods and technology, such as logistics and supply chain management,
knowledge management, information management, innovation management, future
technology in Service of Regional Industry, etc.
This conference provides an idea-exchange and discussion platform for the world’s
managers and academia, where internationally recognized researches and practitioners
share cutting-edge information, address the hottest issue in management, explore new
technologies, exchange and build upon ideas. This year, ICIII 2014 has received an
overwhelming papers submitted to the Program Committee. All the submitted papers
have been peer reviewed by at least 2 reviewers drawn from the chairs of committees
depending on the subject matter of the paper. Reviewing and initial selection were
undertaken electronically. A joint committee meeting was held to resolve the final paper
selection and a draft program for the conference. The proceedings of ICIII 2014 were
published by IEEE. On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we appreciate, IEEE Xi’an
Section, Chang’an Univeristy, Yunnan Normal University and Xi’an University of
Technology. We wish to express our heart-felt appreciation to the keynote and panel
speakers. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the contributors to this volume and
contributions for the proceedings were sought from all participants and all papers
received were carefully refereed by peer referees.
Conference Program
24 October, 2014
Registration, the hall of hotel-1st floor,Xi’an Hotel
25 October, 2014
Registration, the hall of hotel-1st floor,Xi’an Hotel
By Bus,the hall of hotel-1st floor,Xi’an Hotel
9:00- 9:15
Open & Welcome, The conference hall
IEEE Xi’an Section, Chang’an University
Keynote speech-1
Prof. Chin-Chen Chang
10:15- 11:00
Keynote Speech-2
Prof. Klaus Reitze
Keynote Speech-3
Prof. Lakhmi Jian
Oral presentation, Meeting Room 1-2
Post Presentation, Meeting Room 3
26 October, 2014
Oral presentation, Meeting Room 1-2
Oral presentation, Meeting Room 1-2
Keynote speaker
Prof. Chin-Chen Chang
Chair Professor, IEEE and IET Fellows
Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science
Feng Chia University
Professor Chang’s specialties include, but not limited to, data engineering, database systems,
and computer cryptography and information security. A researcher of acclaimed and
distinguished services and contributions to his country and advancing human knowledge in
the field of information science, Professor Chang has won many research awards and
honorary positions by and in prestigious organizations both nationally and internationally. He
is currently a Fellow of IEEE and a Fellow of IET, UK. And since his early years of career
development, he consecutively won Outstanding Youth Award of the R. O. C., Outstanding
Talent in Information Sciences of the R. O. C., AceR Dragon Award of the Ten Most
Outstanding Talents, Outstanding Scholar Award of the R. O. C., Outstanding Engineering
Professor Award of the R. O. C., Chung-Shan Academic Publication Awards, Distinguished
Research Awards of National Science Council of the R. O. C., Outstanding Scholarly
Contribution Award of the International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research
and Cybernetics, Top Fifteen Scholars in Systems and Software Engineering of the Journal of
Systems and Software, and so on. On numerous occasions, he was invited to serve as Visiting
Professor, Chair Professor, Honorary Professor, Honorary Director, Honorary Chairman,
Distinguished Alumnus, Distinguished Researcher, Research Fellow by universities and
research institutes. He also published over 1000 papers in Information Sciences. In the
meantime, he participates actively in international academic organizations and performs
advisory work to government agencies and academic organizations.
Keynote speaker
Prof.Klaus Reitze
Following Studies of Law and Economy, Dr. Reitze majored in Law (2 state exams, OLG Koeln,
OLG Stuttgart); doctorate; lawyer/
He joined industry in 1967 as corporate counsel to the internal legal department of the
Special Insurer D.A.S. in Munich, where he, predominantly, dealt with contracts of the
company’s own large construction projects.
As from 1971 he was working with Siemens AG, firstly, regarding advisory and audit
assignments, later regarding diverse commercial/managerial positions, both in central
advisory and in sales departments.
As from 1980 he received an assignment as commercial head of a large-scale Project “Light
Metro”- in Tunis, North Africa. As from 1983, he was commercial in-charge for diverse largescale high-voltage projects in the Middle East (esp. Saudi Arabia).
Thereafter, he held managerial positions as commercial head in a Siemens division for
medium voltage transformers, in a subsidiary company for bushings in Cologne (commercial
head), in the subsidiary company in Pakistan (commercial head for Medium voltage and
power generation business), between 1994 and 1997 as GM of a JV between the company
and a Chinese partner in Baoji (China) for the production and sales of medium-voltage,
ceramic vacuum interrupters.
In addition to work as per respective assignments, he was conducting in-house trainings for
employees on management level throughout his active practical business life.
Keynote speaker
Prof. Lakhmi Jain
PhD, ME, BE (Hons), Fellow (Engineers Aust)
University of South Australia
Dr Jain serves as Adjunct Professor in the Division of Information Technology, Engineering
and the Environment at the University of South Australia, Australia and University of Canberra,
Dr Jain founded the KES International for providing a professional community the
opportunities for publications, knowledge exchange, cooperation and teaming. Involving
around 5000 researchers drawn from universities and companies world-wide, KES facilitates
international cooperation and generate synergy in teaching and research. KES regularly
provides networking opportunities for professional community through one of the largest
conferences of its kind in the area of KES.
( His interests focus on the artificial intelligence paradigms and
their applications in complex systems, security, e-education, e-healthcare, unmanned air
vehicles and intelligent agents.
Conference Venue and Hotel information
Xi’an Hotel (西安宾馆)
Address: 58#, North Chang'an Road, Xi’an, China (中国西安市长安路北段 58 号)
Tel: (86-029)87666666
Fax: (86-029)87666333
西安宾馆是陕西旅游集团公司所属的 4 星级涉外旅游宾馆,由陕西旅游饭店管理公司管
58 号,毗邻唐代荐福寺小雁塔园林区,南邻陕西历史博物馆、省图书馆、美术馆和陕西国际
展览中心,距城市中心商区仅 1 公里,火车站 4 公里,国际航空港 49 公里。城市二环干道横
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