“Building bridges” – With an editorial line like that, inspired...

“Building bridges” – With an editorial line like that, inspired by Montréalers’ expectations, we dream of out-ofthe-ordinary public transit, historic flights of imagination and fantastical journeys. We dream of networking, of
sharing, of pooling energy together to make this exciting project called the 375th anniversary festivities.
And we couldn’t imagine creating an event like this without the active contribution of Montréal’s most
extraordinary talents!
By soliciting you, we wanted to whip up a typical Montréal whirlwind of energy and ideas that will rejuvenate
our uniquely historic and cultural metropolis.
We invite you to team up talents and projects to come up with ideas that will make Montréal shine on the
international stage.
We want original ideas. Projects that create a buzz, that are slightly off-the-wall, that are generous and
stimulating, like Montréal’s dynamic and effervescent character, but exclusively designed for the 375th.
Bring the city alive the way you see it. Light it up. Splash it with colour. Make it sing, make it dance, throw it a
party! Feed it with your creativity! We want festivities that will spread out over the entire year of 2017 to have
your stamp on it: dynamic, colourful, multidisciplinary, daring and infused with fancy.
We encourage you to join forces, to stimulate up-and-coming talent, to forge ties between different
neighbourhoods and communities, to promote exchanges with other cities, even other countries! Encourage
interdisciplinary sharing, improbable marriages, unexpected associations. There are a thousand ways to see
it: everything is possible! Find a way to dazzle us!
Deadline to submit a project: December 19, 2014, 5 p.m.
Please note that in early 2015, a second call for projects will be issued that more specifically addresses the
community and targets local projects that showcase the distinctive character of Montréal’s many different
To submit a project, fill out the Web or PDF version of the form, making sure to include all required
documentation, and send to the Society for the 375th no later than December 19, 2014, 5 p.m.
To be eligible and be evaluated by the selection committee, the proposed project must meet the following
admissibility criteria:
The project must be designed exclusively for the 375th and for Montréal, and must not form part
of the usual programming of the organization submitting the project.
The project must be held within the schedule of Montréal’s 375th anniversary celebrations; that
is, between December 21, 2016, and December 31, 2017.
The project submission form and attached documents must be complete, and the Society must
receive the application no later than December 19, 2014, 5 p.m.
Conventions, infrastructure, renovation or urban planning projects as well as real estate projects are not
eligible for this call for projects.
Eligible projects will be reviewed by the selection committee, reporting to the Programming Team of the
Society for the 375th. The selection committee will conduct an initial review according to the established
selection criteria, then proceed to the financial and technical review of the proposal. It will present the result of
its review to the Programming Committee, which will then give its recommendations to the Board of Directors.
These decisions are definitive and final.
Projects will be reviewed according to an evaluation grid of the following criteria, in particular:
The project takes an original approach to the editorial line “Building bridges”.
The project forms a coherent part of the vision and programming of the 375th celebrations.
The project offers socioeconomic or tourism spin-offs and enhances Montréal’s visibility on the
national or international stage.
The project offers spin-offs beyond 2017 by leaving a tangible or intangible legacy.
The budget presented is realistic and includes recourse to other revenue sources.
The project is feasible and the bidder is able to complete it.
Even if the project meets the admissibility criteria, its selection and funding by the Society are not
guaranteed. Also, it is important to note that the Society’s contribution may translate into financial support
inferior to the amount requested or solely into promotional support.
Whether or not they are selected, bidders will receive notice within a maximum delay of 10 weeks following
the close of the call for projects. The persons responsible for the selected projects will also receive
information on the following steps at this time.
Expenses become eligible from the date on which an agreement is signed between the Society and the bidding
organization. Eligible expenses must be expenses that are reasonable and essential to achieving the project.
Eligible expenses include (non-exhaustive list):
Artist fees and payment of royalties
Accommodation and travel expenses for the artists or other participants in the project
Payment of fees for professionals providing specific expertise in the creation, production or
dissemination of the project: designers, technicians or other specialists
Travel expenses or work presentation costs
Logistics and room and equipment rental expenses directly related to the creation, production
and dissemination of the project.
Communication expenses directly related to the project (e.g. promotional and advertising
Pertinent insurance
Administrative fees required to complete the project (e.g. audit costs, production accountant, etc.)
Ineligible expenses include (non-exhaustive list):
The organization’s operational expenses
Sponsorship of services and exchange of services received by the organization
Expenses incurred before the signing of the agreement between the Society and the bidding
Infrastructure expenses
Legal fees
The organization’s deficit
To submit a project, fill out the Web or PDF version of the form. If you choose the PDF format, you must
return it, duly completed, signed and accompanied by the required documents by e-mail at [email protected]
or by regular mail to the following address:
Society for the Celebrations of Montréal’s 375th Anniversary
Selection Committee
800 De Maisonneuve Boulevard East, Suite 602
Montréal QC H2L 4L8
Applications must be sent no later than 5 p.m. on December 19, 2014, with the postage stamp or the
postmark as proof of submission. Only typed applications received by regular mail, e-mail or via the Society’s
Web site will be read and reviewed. No project may be delivered by hand to the Society’s address. All bidders
will receive a confirmation of receipt within 15 working days.
If you require help filling out your application, please contact us at [email protected] or 514-908-0375,
ext. 101.