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Dear families
Road Safety
You may have guessed that it was one of our students featured in news reports yesterday as having been injured in a
collision when riding to school. Sensibly, the student was wearing a helmet, or the result may have been tragic
instead of painful.
Please remind your children to walk or ride carefully to school. I have been told of children walking onto the road
without looking, riding or skating across instead of dismounting and dashing across Limestone Avenue instead of
walking to the lights. It is worth being a nag about this when you think of the potential consequences.
Parents as partners
I’ve never met parents who didn’t want their child to do well at school. All parents want their children to succeed, to
have choices in their future, to be happy and healthy and comfortable. Parents and teachers are important
ingredients in their success; as students are dependent on us to do our jobs well.
The research tells us how important it is to have parents involved in the education of their children. They do better
when they have all of us digging around in the fertile ground of their brains, adding fertilizer and planting seeds of
Our literacy information evening earlier in the year, the coming Reading with your child workshop, Monday’s rather
chilly Maths trail along with our provision of Mathletics, Reading Eggs and Reading Express for families have been
part of this journey but we are interested in learning what you would find helpful to support your child’s learning.
What information would you find useful and how would you like to receive that – workshops, literacy and numeracy
open nights, guest speakers? Send me your ideas: [email protected] .
The vegetable gardens and the Taj Mahal of chook sheds are built and occupied. Now we want to turn our attention
to the playing area. We have lots of ideas, sensory walks, seating platforms, a pump track, a rage cage
( and equipment to inspire creative play. Let me know if you want to be involved in
this discussion.
Still on the playground, I’ve been thinking that I’d like to expose our students to a natural resource in our school
grounds by letting them climb the Irish Strawberry trees on either side of the main building, which are perfect for the
job. I would ensure adequate depth of softfall, establish limits on heights and the number of students per tree and
make sure trees were not damaged. I’d like to know if you would support this idea or have questions or concerns
about it. Please let me know.
Construction on the lift is beginning next Monday. Once again we will be operating with fencing and restrictions on
where we can go. The area affected is the western quadrangle of the main building, the executive offices and men’s
toilet, the workroom opposite the library and the upstairs toilets. The lift, which will go from ground level in the
western quad, should be delivered in March and we hope construction will be finished by the end of term 1 2015. It
will be worth it!
Walk for a Cure – Sunday 26 October, Rond Terrace, 10.30am
With four of our students living with Type 1 Diabetes, we are especially keen to support this event for the second
year. This weekend is full of other events so if you can’t join us but want to help the cause, you can make a donation
through the following website. I can’t figure out how you can donate to a team but you can search for my name,
Kate Chapman, or Melissa Randall and all funds we raise will go to the cause.
There is still time to register, including on the day. Team members, look for the Ainslie School shelter and our flag as
a meeting place.
Warm regards
2014 Dates to Remember
27 Oct – 7 Nov
27 October
28 October
29 October
30 October
30 October
31 October
31 October
1 November
3 – 7 November
3 & 4 November
5 November
5 November
Swim and Survive Program Yrs 1 and 2
Preschool visit KB and KS
Road Safety Day presentations and picnic
Yr 4 Assembly @ 12.30
Inner North Spectacular rehearsal
Reid preschool visit KB
Musica Viva “The Song Company” K – 6 performance
Inner North Spectacular rehearsal
Ainslie School Fete
Preschool 2015 information pack pick up
Inner North Spectacular 6pm
Yr 5 Combined band rehearsal @ Campbell Primary
NAPLAN information session 5.30 to 6.30pm
~REMINDER - Volunteers need to sign in at the front office.
Notes sent home are now available on the school’s website, extra notes are also available at the front office
From the Deputy
Dear Parents and Carers,
Currently, our new Kindergarten students for 2015 have been completing activities in the wider school setting.
Starting Kindergarten is a life transition for children and their families. It’s a time of change that can be both
challenging and thrilling, in which children and families adjust to new roles, new identities, new schedules and
expectations, new conversations, new connections and new relationships.
Children start Kindergarten with different early childhood experiences and a range of strengths and needs. Most
importantly, we know that a successful start to school is linked to future positive school outcomes. At Ainslie School,
we have been developing quality relationships with our future Kindergarten students from the first day of preschool.
During my time with the preschool children at Reid on Tuesday of this week, to the question “what did you like best
at big school today?” one young preschooler replied “the up, up, up, up and uppity up, high, high up!” After thinking
carefully and trying to make that picture in my mind I responded with “The stairs to the library?” I asked, “Was that
the best bit?”… “No, the up and up and up and bookroom” she said - I stand corrected!
Warmest regards, Catherine
Kinder and K/1G News
Welcome back to term 4! What a fantastic year it has been. With the warmer weather it is important that students
are bringing hats to school to protect them from the sun and drink bottles to keep them hydrated.
Keep an eye out for an excursion note as we will be going to the Canberra Museum and Gallery’s ‘Ned Kelly’s in
Town’ exhibition. We will be having a close look at Sydney Nolan’s fascination with the famous bushranger Ned Kelly.
Also the year One assembly has been joined to the Kindergarten assembly to accommodate the Swim and Survive
program and a combined assembly will be held in week 7. Reading groups will be running again and we will be
having a focus on literacy this whole term with our Unit of work on creating books.
Year 1 News
Things are blooming marvellous in Year 1! Our inquiry into how living things grow and change has begun with us
sowing a range of herb and flower seeds in the classroom. We look forward to observing some changes in these
throughout our term. In mathematics we will continue to focus on lots of addition and subtraction as well as
numbers to 100 and the place-value that numbers hold. For example in the number 46 there are 4 tens and 6 ones.
Lots of practise with this at home as well as school will support strong number understanding.
Year 2 News
Year 2 are working hard after a well-deserved break! This term we are looking at persuasive writing, and creating
expositions. Our integrated unit is on water management, ‘Are we going down the gurgler?’ and an excursion to the
Australian Botanic Gardens on November 25 2014 has been booked (notes to go home later). We are still sending
spelling words home each week for the students to work on and any help supervising or assisting would be
appreciated. There are still a few portfolios missing, and these need to be back so we can keep filling them up with
quality work! REMINDER: Year 2 are off to the pool every day in weeks 3 and 4! Please remember swimmers, a towel
and goggles. Don’t forget hats, sunblock and drink bottles.
Warm regards, Jo Francis, Kavita Davies and Cathy Dee
Year 3 News
Linking with our Science unit, students in 3S and 3M will be participating in a walking excursion every Friday to the
base of Mount Ainslie. During this time they will have the opportunity to meet with a different scientist each week.
In addition to this, students will be out in the school gardens and vegetable patches every Tuesday and Thursday for
half an hour before lunch, where they will participate in a variety of gardening activities.
Karen and Anne (for Anney)
Year 4 and 4/3T News
In maths this term we have been practising reading maps and giving directions. Why don’t you have fun following
each other’s directions? Let us know whether you reached a mystery destination or a place you wanted to be! You
will be happy to know that we are also seeing excellent growth for each individual student in the data provided by
the Maths Pathways program. In English students have really enjoyed working with homophones. Ask them what a
homophone is and to give you some examples. They will also be learning about scriptwriting to prepare them for
their stop motion animation.
Angela, Suzannah, Julie and Greg
Year 5 News
Welcome to term 4. We have an exciting term planned full of hands on and energetic activities. This term the year 5
students will be learning about humans’ impact on Australia, North America and Europe. Have you ever been
travelling around these countries? If so we would be very grateful is you could bring in some photos or souvenirs to
share with us about the places you saw and how similar or different it is to Australia. Students will be writing
information reports over the next few weeks. Please have a go at home together writing a report together focussing
on your paragraphs and punctuation. 5B has been making vertical garden beds out of soft drink bottles, could you
please bring in any 1.25L bottles to 5B to support this project. The term letter will be going out this week to let you
know what other interesting subjects areas we will be focussing on.
Year 6 News
Over the last fortnight the year 6s have been applying the understanding of decimals into multiplying and dividing by
powers of 10 and the similarities of completing money problems.
In English we have nearly completed reading about the adventures of Huntly and Smudger. Smudger has returned
from “re-education” and the boys are assisting others to overturn the Good For You Party. We have also been
discussing the differing views of the impact of this party on its citizens.
In inquiry, we have discovered that Asia covers a large area of the Earth. We have also been playing trivia to
recognise where these countries are situated. This inquiry is investigating the geographical features of Asian
counties and comparing them to those found in Australia.
On Monday the Peer Support leaders implemented their third session. They had great fun beforehand creating their
pass the parcel activity and making props with their group to help identify different occupations.
Year 7 transition visits have commenced and the year 6s have returned enthusiastic and excited about their
prospective high schools.
Ainslie ROAD SAFETY DAY Tuesday 28 October 2014 - Bring your helmet to school
On Tuesday 28 October 2014 we are holding a Science and Road Safety Day. The NRMA has kindly provided us with
three sessions in the hall for students to explore road safety along with some of the Science behind road safety. We
ask that on this day all students bring their helmet to school. Part of the session will involve fitting a helmet
Parents are invited to attend the first session which begins at 9.05am and lasts around 50 minutes. We would love to
see you there so that you can support your child to be safe on our roads.
Anne Westerman
Library Working Bee
Do you have an hour to cover books? We have new titles that children are very keen to borrow, just needing to be
covered at the moment and would like to have a working bee on Monday 27 October 2014 from 8.45 am – 9.45am.
Feel free to pop into the library when you arrive with your child in the morning.
Alternatively, perhaps you would be happy to do some covering at home for us. This would be a great help to our
school but also an opportunity to see the delightful purchases made recently. Please just send a message to me in
the library or pop by before (any morning except Tuesday) or after school.
Kind regards,
Janine Heaney, Teacher Librarian
Families are the biggest influence on a children’s mental health and play a very
important role in KidsMatter.
Schools that have adopted KidsMatter need the support and involvement of
families to make sure everyone is working towards the good mental health of
Bridging the gap between a child’s home life and their schooling … is what makes KidsMatter so successful.
The staff at Ainslie School would greatly appreciate parent feedback about the work that we do to improve the
mental health of our students. Parents, if you have a quick 2 minutes, please complete the survey found at the link
below. Survey results will inform our practice and guide us on our journey as a KidsMatter school.
With thanks,
Karen Simpson - Action Team Leader
Music Matters
Dates for the Calendar:
Friday 31 October
Inner North Spectacular, dress rehearsal
Saturday 1 November
Year 5 and 6 Bands performing at the Ainslie School Fete 10am
Monday 3 and 4 November
Inner North Spectacular ‘Shake it Up’ Lyneham Performing Arts Centre 6pm
Monday 18 November
Bandstravaganza Llewellyn Hall, ANU School of Music
Our Senior Voices students have been busy rehearsing an adaptation of their Limelight performance
‘Belonging…Being…Becoming.’ They will perform this item along with other schools in the upcoming Inner North
Spectacular ‘Shake it up’ on Monday 3 and Tuesday 4 November 2014. Tickets for this event are $20 each and are
now available from the following site as well as at the door.
We have recently purchased 10 new Djembes from African Drumming Australia. We now have 21 djembe drums for
our students to play. The students are having fun exploring new rhythmic patterns and are using fun phrases to help
them remember the rhythmic pattern. If you have a djembe at home have a try of following two rhythms.
‘1,2, 3 Apricot’ and ‘I, like vegemite… Yes, I like it’
Singing at Ainslie
Singing continues to be the key instrument for all students at Ainslie School. Our Junior Voices choir sang ‘We Are
the World’ at our recent Children’s Week assembly, with every student in K-6 joining them in the chorus. The Senior
Voices will sing four popular songs at this year’s Inner North Spectacular.
I have included an article by music educator Richard Gill, who believes that singing is the best way to teach children
Singing, the Key to Teaching School Children Music - Richard Gill
One of the designers of a new program to improve music education in Australian schools says “singing is the best
way to teach children music”
Mr Gill said singing, rather than learning a musical instrument, was the best way to introduce children to music.
"I think a lot of kids get sick of instruments because they're offered too early," Mr Gill told 774 ABC Melbourne's Red
He said children are often overwhelmed by having to learn to read music on top of learning the technique of a
musical instrument.
"If you give them a basis of singing from the beginning, and they learn their musical literacy through singing, then
going to the instrument is far less problematic," he said.
Mr Gill said children should learn to sing a wide variety of songs.
"I think kids should sing all sorts of songs, they should sing folk songs and pop songs and rock songs... there are
millions of songs out there," he said.
He said children can commit dozens of songs to memory without having to learn to read music.
"Once they know all of these fabulous songs, they can then learn to read the notation of these songs," he said.
"Because they know the songs inside out... suddenly the notation makes sense."
music-education, melbourne-3000 Mon, 20 Oct 2014
Walk or Ride to School Program
Our school has signed up to the very exciting
Ride or Walk to School program for the next 3 years.
Take a look at this short video
about the program
Before we start implementing we need to survey
parents so we can understand what barriers our school
might have and give everyone a chance to have input
into the program.
Please take a few minutes to
complete this short survey:
Lost Property
Dear Parents/Carers
Here we are in Term 4 already. With the weather warming up again there has been an increase in the number of
jackets/jumpers being left on ovals after recess and lunch. Although it would be great if the children could
remember to pick these up, I realise they get caught up in the rush to get back to class. Please ensure that their
names are on any items that are likely to be left out as this makes returning clothing, lunch boxes and drink bottles
much easier.
Also please do come and have a look through the Lost Property baskets for any items you may be missing. All
unnamed items eventually go to charity if they are not collected. The baskets are located in the main building just to
the left of the front foyer.
Thank you for your assistance
Pauline Watson (LSA)
Dress for Success updateThanks to everyone that supported me in my Girl Guide Dress for Success
fundraiser by donating women's clothes and shoes. During the school
holidays I delivered the outfits to the organisation and as I was leaving 12
ladies were walking in for a styling and interview session. This experience
really made everyone’s donations come to life and show how much it
supports our country. Thanks to everyone once again.
Snr Guide Leader and Ainslie School Teacher Melissa Biddle
Wooden Spoons needed
Can you please donate large wooden spoons to be used in the school
garden as plant labels.
Please place them in 5B.
P&C Update:
How are we all? I always find Term 4 a fast paced experience! I thoroughly enjoyed the school holidays – a bit of
swimming, wondering around Floriade and organizing playdates (or “catch-ups” if you are in 5th grade!). But I now
find myself in the whirl wind that is “Term 4”. So here goes folks – hold onto your hats!
FETE – ONLY 2 weeks to go!!!! Saturday 1 November - 10am – 2pm
This is a great family day out as there really is something for everyone – the consumer of fine meats and cakes, great
coffee (essential), second hand toys, children’s clothes, Tombola – lucky dip, books, amazing art and craft, plants and
produce and I haven’t even mentioned what’s happening on the oval!
The success of this brilliant day comes down to our supportive school community. We only need an hour of your
time and this still leaves you 3 hours to eat, buy something fabulous, listen to some music and watch the kids
bouncing on the castle, riding a horse or laughing their way through the dress-up photo booth! All donations for
stalls are also welcome. Please leave children’s clothes, toys and books at the canteen.
It is our biggest fund raising event for the year but we can’t do it without you. Please sign up on the volunteer
sheets outside the canteen or talk to a stall holder and give them a break so they are able to enjoy the fete too!
For more information please contact:
Robyn James on 62572850 or 0419626715 [email protected] or
Libby Bailey on 62473402 or 0414854229 [email protected]
Art, Craft and food at the fete
I would like to take this opportunity to make special mention of three new stalls at our fete. The first will be the Art
and Craft stall that will be selling gorgeous cards and pottery made by the talented children who have been
attending the pottery and textiles programs funded and coordinated by the P&C and supported by parent volunteers
and Ainslie School Teachers. They are beautiful – come and check them out!
Also available this year will be a dress-up photo booth! This year kids and adults can come along, choose some dress
ups and have a great photo taken by photographer Mel McDonald.
We will also have new Ainslie School merchandise to sell – aprons and tea towels. Don’t forget to check out the
mixed card packets at the merchandise stall designed by kids who produced art for Crazy Camel.
Finally this year’s food options include a wood fired pizza oven pumping out great pizza and a gourmet salad stall.
We at Ainslie School love our food!
Have you sat in the Stressless Chair yet? It is extremely comfortable and currently located in the Ainslie staff room.
Tickets are available from the Canteen. One ticket for $2 or three for $5 and will be drawn at the fete on SATURDAY 1
NOVEMBER 2014 at 2pm. No need to be present for the draw.
1st PRIZE: Ergonomic (Uber-Comfy!) Stressless Chair valued at $3400.00
2nd PRIZE: $120 meal voucher at THIRST Restaurant, 20 West Row Canberra City
3rd PRIZE: 5-session voucher, valued at $90, from Align Yoga in Braddon
All funds raised from the raffle will go towards Ainslie School’s Outdoor Project and this includes the fabulouslygrowing (AOK) Garden complete with chook pen & chooks!
We will also be running our Kids Doin’ it Tough Raffle again. This year our talented wood shed workers have built a
beautiful wooden garden seat. Stay tuned for more on that Raffle – it will start at the fete and be drawn at our end
of year concert.
We are after more recipes – we still need another 50!!! We are particularly interested in collecting your fancy
dessert recipes at the moment. Please send any of your family favourites to our e-mail address
[email protected] Contact Nova or Justin for more information.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those generous families who cooked up a storm on the
weekend to help our Cookbook team produce the main course section of the cookbook. Special thanks to Nathan
Lanham, Justin Kavanagh, Mel McDonald, Gillian Cosgrove, Marita (Ciel’s mum) and Wendy Inkpen for their
invaluable help! Also thanks to those who dropped off props. Your plates, spoons and bowls really make the photos
look amazing.
Knife Sharpening Service
Darren from Butchers Edge is a dad at the school and he sharpens the knives for KIDZBAR each term. He will be at
the canteen on Tuesday 28 October at 9am. Prices are $6.00 for small knives and $12.00 for larger knives. Contact
him to discuss the prices of other tools you want sharpened. Ph: 0403 558 781
Please arrange for your knives etc to be dropped into KIDZBAR by an ADULT ONLY. CHILDREN ARE NOT TO BRING
OR COLLECT KNIVES. If it is more convenient, knives can be dropped off the week before or on the Monday. We will
lock them up prior to the sharpening day.
3 simple steps:
 Take your knives to the canteen on or before Tuesday 28 October 2014
 Wrap them in something, attach you name and contact details and,
 Attach payment for the knife sharpening service, $6 per small knives and $12 per large knife. Contact Darren if
you have any questions
Next P&C meeting
Our next P&C meeting is on Wednesday 29 October 2014 at 7:30pm.
Best wishes
Nova: [email protected] 0407 959 077
Science, Craft, Art and Design Activities
Pottery Classes – Friday lunchtimes – Years 5 & 6: ware boards of works
(Master Potter – Dimity Kidston, Teacher – Evan Gilson)
A lovely array of ceramic pieces are emerging from the kiln as we see the result of work from the Years 5 and 6
pottery class, with 26 students attending each week in the last weeks of Term 3 (after years 3&4 attended Term 2).
The process of design, making, understanding form, function and firing is evident as glazed animal form vases sit
alongside the colourful pinch pots and jugs as well as moulded bowls.
Bisque fired kiln
Ware board of egg cups, pots and bowls
Sgraffito etched slip decorations
Student Art & Design Stall at Ainslie Fête –
Ceramic egg cups, bowls, platters, jewellery and Christmas decorations for sale
The pottery and AFTRS students have been very enthusiastic in preparing works to sell at the fête. One kiln firing
produced a wonderful ware board of glazed egg cups, pinched jugs and sugar bowls. There will be hundreds of small
colourful etched ceramic Christmas decorations with ribbons to hang on trees. Shapes vary from bells, stars, love
hearts, clouds and angels as well as decorated hexagonal and circle shaped pieces. Some delicate love heart pieces
have been made into necklaces and there will also be fridge magnets for sale. In addition, there will be a variety of
slab platters and moulded bowls as part of the range of table ware on offer from the student workshops. Students
have learned how to wedge, roll and set the clay into the moulds as well as decorate the platters, with assistance
from the tutors.
Hand-printed lino cut Christmas cards from AFTERS and other students
On Thursday afternoons last term, in addition to pottery work, the AFTERS students designed and cut lino prints,
which were inked in a range of colours. The prints have been stuck onto lovely weighted cards, ready for sale.
AFTRS and other students have been excitedly printing out hundreds of cards, which Dimity has prepared and
presented for sale. The cards will be available individually or in packs of five and ten. See samples below. Get in
Jewellery and metal smithing classes to start Thursday lunchtimes Term 4
Parent and renowned metal smith Robert Foster will re-commence metal smithing classes as a lunchtime club for
students in Years 5 and 6 this year. Some of the aims of the program are for students to build dexterity, familiarise
themselves with the unique qualities of metal and metal types, and to learn to rotate, manipulate and hammer
metal. Each child will make a piece of their own work: body or flat wear, or sculptural.
Ecosystem excursions for Years 3 to Mount Ainslie to start 31 October
Students from 3M and 3S will have the benefit of five local internationally regarded scientists from ANU, CSIRO and
other agencies taking them on a learning journey about ecosystems on Mount Ainslie.
Kathryn Wells, P&C Science and Arts Co-ordinator
A message for Campbell, Reid and Braddon residents from TAMS
Important changes to your recycling collection
Kerbside recycling and rubbish will continue to be collected in Braddon, Reid and Campbell on Fridays, however the
recycling week in these suburbs is changing at the end of October.
Recycling will be collected this Friday 24 October 2014 on the current schedule and then again next Friday 31
October 2014 on the new schedule.
Advisory signage will be displayed around the suburbs this Friday. To find out more please go to
ACT Bilingual Education Alliance - Family Afternoon Tea
The ACT Bilingual Education Alliance invites families to an afternoon of free games and fun activities for children in a
range of languages during ACT Children’s Week.
When: Sunday 26 October 2014
Time: 2:00pm – 4:00pm
Venue: Function Room, Theo Notaras Multicultural Centre, Civic Square
For more details: contact [email protected], 0408 089 235 (Mandy) or
see ACT Bilingual Education Alliance website.
Liz Gregory Irish Dance Academy email: [email protected]
Ph: 0419225195
To coincide with Bring a Friend for Free Week!
LGA is offering a free trial
lesson to any child from the age of 4 years to 12 years
At one of the Beginner Grade 1 Classes
Tuesday 21 October and Thursday 23 October 4pm
(Aranda Scout Hall, Kubura Place, Aranda)
only by Email [email protected]
or phone/message Liz 0419225195
before 17 October 2014
From the 1st lesson children will learn
“Riverdance” style and Traditional and energetic Irish Dancing
Children are taught dance for public performances, competitions and local and international championships.
Normal enrolments will be accepted at any time during the Term!
For further enquiries please contact Liz T.C.R.G., A.D.C.R.G – 0419 225195
Summer Tennis
The summer of tennis is around the corner and Tennis Canberra is delivering after school and weekend tennis
programs for students aged 3 -16 at a tennis club in your community. We ask if your school could kindly place some
information about our tennis lesson in your schools newsletter.
Term 4 special: All new juniors that register before the end of week 2 receive a junior tennis racket.
Play for one of our proud Junior Tennis Clubs
Canberra City Wolves at Reid Tennis Club
- Wednesday (after school)
North Canberra Tigers at Majura Tennis Club (Dickson)
- Tuesday & Thursday (after school), Saturday (Morning)
South Canberra Bears at Barton Tennis Club
- Monday & Thursday (after school)
For more information and bookings visit or call Tennis Canberra on 0423 366
014 (Robbie)
The Children’s Book Council
of Australia ACT Branch
ABN 20 024 451 638
Favourite Reading Spot Entry Form
Please fill in your details below including your explanation why this is your
favourite spot to read plus the title of your favourite Australian book. Please
remember to upload your photo as a jpeg image.
1. Entrant’s Details
Please note that only the child’s first name their school will be used in the promotions of the competition
Child’s Name
School’s Name
Contact Name
Contact Email
2. Entry Category
Kindergarten to Year 2
Year 3 to Year 6
Year 7 to Year 9
Year 10 to Year 12
3. Name of your Favourite Reading Spot
4. In 50 words or less explain why this is your favourite reading spot.
5. Favourite Australian Book
Author’s Name
6. Please send your entry form and photograph that includes the CBCA Logo as a jpeg image,
preferably as a portrait orientation to : [email protected]
I give permission for the photo I am submitting to be used in promotions and on the CBCA ACT
Branch website (x)
I wish to receive regular emails and event updates but I can unsubscribe at any time (x)
The Children’s Book Council of Australia ACT Branch will judge each category according to the judging criteria. The photos and
explanations will be displayed on our website and the winning photos will be used in our promotional literature. If there any people
in the photo you must have permission for us to use their image. Only the child’s first name their school will be used in the
promotions of the competition winners. THE JUDGES DECISION WILL BE FINAL No correspondence will be entered into.