7:30-8:15 Breakfast 8:15-8:20 Opening Remarks

Opening Remarks
Session I: Disease and Regeneration
8:20 Kim Babos • Justin Ichida’s lab
“A role for replication in neuronal reprogramming”
8:40 Joanna Salva • Amy Merrill’s lab
“A noncanonical role for Fibroblast Growth Factor signaling in skeletogenesis”
9:00 Marissa Srour • Francesca Mariani’s lab
“Natural large-scale regeneration of rib cartilage in a mouse model”
9:20 Hu Zhao • Yang Chai’s lab
“The suture provides a niche for mesenchymal stem cells of craniofacial bones”
9:40 Michael Bonaguidi (new faculty)
Coffee Break
Session II: Development and Signaling
10:20 Amjad Askary • Gage Crump’s lab
“The Iroquois transcription factor Irx7 promotes the zebrafish hyoid joint by arresting
chondrocytes at an early state of maturation”
10:40 Susana Cavallero • Henry Sucov’s lab
“CXCL12 signaling is essential for maturation of the ventricular coronary endothelial plexus and
establishment of functional coronary circulation”
11:00 Wen-Hsuan Chang • Wange Lu’s lab
“Smek1/2 regulate neurogenesis through the translocation of the cleaved Wnt receptor, Ryk”
11:20 Jingyuan Li • Yang Chai's lab
“BMP-SHH signaling network controls epithelial stem cell fate via regulation of its niche in the
developing tooth”
11:40 Chong Pyo Choe • Gage Crump’s lab
“Pak2a integrates Eph-ephrin and Wnt signaling to terminate epithelial branching during
pharyngeal pouch formation”
12:00 Hua Shen • Henry Sucov’s lab
“Phases of IGF2 control of heart growth and regeneration”
1:20- 3:00
Lunch (set up posters)
Session III: Technology
1:20 Keynote Speaker: Dr. Scott Fraser
2:20 Junfeng Jiang • Qilong Ying's lab
“Induction of site-specific chromosome translocations in ESCs by CRISPR/Cas9”
2:40 Ben Steventon • Scott Fraser’s lab
“Investigating the function and regulation of gene expression heterogeneity in the maintenance
and differention of stem cells in vivo”
Coffee Break
Session IV: Genetics and Epigenetic Regulation
3:20 Lori O'Brien • Andrew McMahon’s lab
“Phf19 maintains the nephron progenitor program through repression of genes involved in
nephron development”
3:40 Xiaoying Zhao • Gregor Adams’ lab
“Identification of Genetic Modifiers of Leukemogenesis”
4:00 Erin Moran • Ruchi Bajpai’s lab
“Controlled activation of neural crest specific enhancers through epigenetic antagonism”
4:20 Zlatka Stojanova • Neil Segil’s lab
“Epigenetic regulation of Atoh1 expression during development of the mouse Organ of Corti”
4:40 Xinjun He • Andrew McMahon’s lab
“Identifying Sox9 regulatory programs in mammalian skeletogenesis”
Poster session and social