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Dear Parents and Guardians,
I look forward to meeting many of you tonight at the PTA Quiz night which I am sure will be a lot
of fun. A special thanks to the PTA for organizing this event which helps us raise vital funds for
improving the Kennedy School library.
Year 6 Camp
Our Year 6s returned this afternoon after an action filled four days at camp. I can’t over
emphasize the importance of our Year 4 – 6 camping programme, teaching our students real life
skills particularly in the areas of collaboration, empathy, diplomacy and challenging one self to
improve. It’s hard to learn this in the classroom.
Can I also thank the Year 6 teachers and Mr Pedersen for their efforts this
week. From sore tummies at 3am, to lost shoes, giving medicine, treating
mosquito bites, helping those with homesickness and aids on scratched knees,
special chats at special times, hair brushing when needed and generally being
with your children on call for the past 96 hours, the staff have been amazing.
Please feel free to tell your child’s teacher how appreciative you are!
Some photos from Year 6 camp can be found on our Facebook page.
3N Assembly
Thank you to 3N for sharing with us their assembly on the importance of national celebrations
especially Chinese National Day. It is important for our children to learn about the different
cultural events that influence our lives, particularly those of Hong Kong and China.
It is fabulous to see our parents and guardians supporting our assemblies and you will see in
today’s newsletter that we are now inviting you to some our newly introduced Chinese
International Celebrations – ‘Eid ul-Adha’
Last Sunday, October 5th our Kennedy School Muslim
families celebrated Eid-ul-Adha ('festival of Sacrifice'), also
known as the Greater Eid, which is the second most
important festival in the Muslim calendar. The festival
remembers the trials of the Prophet Ibrahim.
I believe it is important for us as an International School to recognize and celebrate the rich
cultural and religious diversity of all of our students so please let me know if your family have a
special cultural or religious celebration that you would like us to recognize and celebrate
John Brewster
Year 6 camp at Sai King West Country Park has been full of
activities such as rafting building, rock climbing, kayaking and
snorkelling. The students have also helped prepare dinner,
made their own lunches and looked after their tents. They
have been very well behaved - especially at bedtime! The
camp leaders and teachers have enjoyed the company of all
Kennedy School children. They have left the camp site clean
and tidy. It was a great experience.
A big thanks to everyone.
Bryce Pedersen
Vice Principal
More photos from Year 6 camp can be found on our Facebook
Wednesday 29 October, 6.00 – 7.00pm, Hall
The Individual Needs team at Kennedy would like to invite you to an information session to find
out more about what we provide at Kennedy to support children with a wide range of needs.
Sign-up here.
We look forward to seeing you there.
Emma Navin, Karen Ormerod and Noreen Stone
IN Team
Supporting Reading and Writing @ Home Workshops
I wanted to pass on many thanks from myself and the Year 1 and 2 teachers for the huge turn
out for the parent and helper workshops that were held this week. We had over 150 parents and
helpers in attendance. The biggest take-away I think is that we now have a shared understanding
that reading and writing are developmental and the best thing you can do to support your child is
to help build their confidence and encourage them.
As promised, for those in attendance and those who couldn't make it, a video of the presentation
and a support packet will be posted on the VLE early next week. I will send an email informing all
Year 1 and 2 parents when it's available and ready to go.
Thank you again for your continued support.
If you have any questions or want to chat further, just let me know.
Josh Blue
Vice Principal/PYPC
Recently we had our first Chinese assembly where Year 5 students shared examples of their
successful learning practices happening in Chinese. A video about the assembly has been
uploaded to Chinese VLE page for your information.
To provide children with more opportunities to share their interests and talents
with their peers from different pathway groups, and to encourage students to
pursue activities outside of the classroom, we are planning to run Chinese
assemblies for Year 3 – Year 6 once per term. We would like to invite parents
and guardians to attend their child’s Chinese assembly. Below is our schedule
for Term one.
Chinese Assembly Schedule, Term 1
30th October
25th November
18th December
Please come
at 11:50
starts at
Please come
at 9:20
starts at
Please come
at 10:50
starts at
Denggao Zeng
Head of Chinese
[email protected]
Year 4
Year 6
Year 3
Congratulations and well done
to our Year 5 children who
raised $6,811 in their
Bake Sale!
There have been a number of cases of headlice reported
throughout the school. Please check your child's hair regularly for eggs or
lice and treat with medicated shampoo if necessary. Please also email either
myself or the child's teacher if needed.
No peanuts at Kennedy
Kennedy School have a number of children with severe nut allergies. Kennedy
School is now a Nut Free School.
Irene Wong
Health Care Professional
[email protected]
PMP Introduction and Demonstration
Please CLICK HERE to access the presentation from the talk given to Year 1 and Year 2 PMP
volunteers this morning to introduce the PMP programme. Many thanks to those parents who
attended this info talk.
Final week of swimming
Next week is the final week of swimming. Please check the schedule below for your child’s
swimming days during this week of make up sessions.
Inaugural Kennedy School Year 6 Swimming Gala
(17th Oct, 9am – 12.30pm)
On Friday 17th October from 9.00am to 12.30pm we will be running
our first ever Swimming Gala for Year 6 children. Please feel free
to come and watch in the viewing gallery above the pool (Stanley
Ho Sports Centre).
Please ensure that your child comes to school with a hat, towel and t-shirt and their usual
swim kit, to ensure they are warm and dry between events as well as protected from the sun.
Also please pack one portable snack (a piece of fruit, crackers or similar) for the day as
children will need to carry their snack and water bottle to the pool.
Games start next week
The Kennedy School Games Programme will commence from Monday 13th October.
Children in
Year 1 - 3
follow a skills programme as shown below.
Children need to wear P.E. Kit on their Games day, as well as on their P.E. day.
Year 1
Large ball
Throwing, catching
skills & games.
& aiming games.
Bat & Ball Skills &
games & Skipping.
Year 2
Throwing &
catching, inventing
individual games
& kicking
Group games
& inventing Dance
Year 3
Passing &
Creative Games
Net & Wall
Striking &
Year 4
Dragons Lions Phoenix
Year 5
Dragons Lions Phoenix Unicorns
Year 6
Dragons Lions Phoenix Unicorns
15-Oct-2014 No Games No Games
29-Oct-2014 Netball
12-Nov-2014 Netball
19-Nov-2014 Netball
No Games
No Games
Please ensure your child is wearing the correct kit for their Unit:
Hockey - in accordance with the HKHA regulations all Year 4-6 children participating in hockey
MUST wear shin pads and a mouth guard. Long socks to hold shin pads are also recommended.
All of these items are available from the PTA Office.
Rugby - although there is no mandate from the HKRFU we strongly recommend the use of
mouth guards when playing rugby.
Please ensure mouth guards are moulded in hot water to fit your child's mouth PRIOR to their
games lesson.
Jewellery in PE, Games and Swimming Lessons
In accordance with the Hong Kong Department of Education and the ESF Health and Safety policy
please ensure that all jewellery is removed prior to all PE and swimming lessons. Earrings should
be studs and not large or hooped as these are unsafe for physical activities. Jewellery should be
left in the classroom or at home as we cannot take any responsibility for any valuables left in the
gym. Religious bands must be covered with a sweat band and religious necklaces worn beneath
an undershirt to prevent the risk of them getting caught in apparatus.
Year 5 & 6 Kennedy School Valley Hockey Academy
Spaces remain in the Kennedy School Valley Hockey Academy for this term. The sessions are run
by former Black Stick (New Zealand International) Kelsey Dunn.
Please email [email protected] to register your child.
Kennedy School VLE Wall of Fame
The Kennedy School Sports Wall of Fame on our VLE is where you can
share your sporting achievements outside of school with the rest of the
Kennedy Community. Click on "add a new discussion topic" to start a
new thread about your event/sport. Then enter details of your event or
sporting achievement along with a photo of you in action, if you have
one. Don't forget to celebrate the successes of other children at Kennedy
by reading their threads and writing positive comments for them.
Follow us on Twitter @kennedyschoolpe for regular updates.
Tim Luck
Head of PE and Swimming
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @kennedyschoolpe
Hong Kong Young Writers Awards 2015
Once again Kennedy School will be participating in the Hong Kong Young Writers Awards
Competition and aiming to continue its proud tradition of success in this, the 6th edition of the
event. All children who wish to take part may do so, with participation being purely voluntary.
The theme for this year is ‘New Tales of the Pearl River Delta’. Children may choose to write a
poem, a story or a non-fiction piece based on this theme. Full details can be found at the HKYWA
website: which gives writers’ workshop advice on the theme itself, as well as
detailed information about how written submissions should be prepared.
Children may also create a piece of artwork on the same theme. Again, details can found on the
All writing entered for the competition needs to be prepared in electronic form and forwarded to
Mr. Moore ([email protected]) by no later than December 19th (last day of term). NB the
competition website gives a later submission date than this - this is for schools’ reference only.
Children should ensure that their full
name and class are indicated in the
Good Luck!
Jeff Moore
4J Class Teacher
[email protected]
Family BBQ
Friday 31st October
This is a fun family event where there is food and activities for children. Mark the date in your
diaries. There will be more information about the night itself in future newsletters.
All of our teachers commit to help at our events, but the success of our BBQ does depend on
the help of all of our parents – we need help on the night to set up, man and then pack
away stalls at the end of the evening. Your class parents will be getting in touch with you to
enlist 40 minutes of your time on the evening. To make sure everything goes smoothly and
adds to the entertainment for all the children and adults – please do sign up to help.
Click here
to go to the sign-up sheet, choose a time slot/stall and fill in your name and
contact telephone number where it says **VOLUNTEER NEEDED**. [Please note that you can
edit this version!]
There are many stalls that need your support. Thank you for helping to make the evening an
enjoyable event for everyone!
Be a stall coordinator:
We are also looking for volunteers to coordinate the following activities – please let me know
if you would like to coordinate:
 BBQ – selling of food
 Curry Stall – selling
 Entertainer
 Spooky Stories
 Sweets stall
Birthday Book Programme
It's been great seeing the smiles and the excitement from the children who have received their
birthday book on their special day. If your child has a birthday in October or November
and you would like to participate, please send $100 in an envelope marked with your
child's name and class, how old they will be on their next birthday and who the book
will be from. You can leave the envelope at reception or give it to the class teacher. On the day
of your child's birthday they will receive an age-appropriate book for them to read and enjoy at
home. The book will be gift wrapped and hand delivered to your child in their classroom on their
special day and will have a label inside with a birthday message from the family. Once your child
has finished reading the book at home, we would appreciate if you would donate it back to the
library within a month for other children to read and enjoy. The label will remain in the book for
everyone to see. By participating you will be helping us to continue to add new books to our
Thank you
to Aman Hotwani (3C) and Haydn Ching (6P) for their book donations.
Thank you to all for your continued support.
Susan Mifsud and Nina Sehgal
Library Assistants
Join us for some family fun!!! And help raise awareness
for cancer research in Hong Kong.
Co-organized by the Canadian Consulate in Hong Kong, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, the
Canadian University Association (Hong Kong) and Renaissance College Hong Kong, the 2nd annual Terry
Fox Community Run held in Hong Kong, will happen on Saturday, Nov 8, 2014 from 12 – 4pm at
Renaissance College in Ma On Shan.
Come join us!
ESF students, family and friends are invited to join us at the 3, 5 or 10km noncompetitive, family-oriented run or walk and for some post-run celebration fun! There will be live
performances, music, face painting and hot dogs for sale by donation.
The event is free!
Space is limited! Register now
Who was Terry Fox?
Terry Fox was a Canadian activist who founded the Terry Fox Run to raise
money for cancer research. It is now in its 4th decade and has inspired people around the world. Funds
raised in Hong Kong will be used to support cancer research in Hong Kong. Recipients in the past have
included the Chinese University of Hong Kong's Department of Clinical Oncology.
Want more info? Check our Facebook page:!/HKTerryFoxRun or
visit: Questions or concerns? Email us at: [email protected]
ESF Sports Camps and Clinics
20-25 October 2014
Join us for our high-energy, fun-filled Autumn Sports Camps. Move your body, play games, make friends,
swim, laugh and have fun during our week-long and Saturday programmes. Our activities focus on
improving gross motor skills and enhancing fundamental abilities in sport.
Camps are available for children ages 3 - 11.
Swimming Clinics
ESF Swimming will be hosting swim clinics during the October break at Discovery College, Renaissance
College and South Island School from 1-4pm. All levels will be accommodated including Adult & Child
Basketball Clinics
Join ESF Basketball for fast-paced clinics from 1-4pm at Renaissance College, South Island School and
Kowloon Junior School. Whether new to the sport or as a veteran looking to build skills on the court, we
look forward to seeing you there. Ages 9-15.
Football Camp
ESF Football will run football camp from 9am-12pm at
the incredible KGV artificial pitch in Kowloon. Players will
take part in expert skills sessions, as well as mini games
and tournaments.
Tennis & Gymnastics clinics are also available. See our
website for more information and to
Click on the following links to view advertisements for after school activities provided by external agencies
and ESF Educational Services.
ESF Educational Services – Football, Basketball, Tennis, Gymnastics, Kung Fu
Beginners Critical Reasoning English and Putonghua
Fabric Art; Fabric Fun
Chess Lessons; Hoyinping Chess
Science Adventures, The Chess Academy; Active Kids
Writing and Publishing Workshop; Elephant Community Press
Art Lessons (Drawing, Painting etc); Cecilia Art Studio
Bricks 4 Kidz
Enrollment From
Read for Meaning at Glenealy School
Russian Ballet School (North Point, Sai Kung)
Disclaimer: Kennedy School and the English Schools Foundation do not recommend or endorse any external provider renting the school premises. There is no
contractual arrangement between KS/ESF and the club providers, any contractual arrangement that exists is between the parent and the club provider
13th October
14th October
15th October
16th October
17th October
20th – 24th October
28th October
30th October
31st October
3rd November
6th November
7th November
13th November
20th November
21st November
25th November
27th November
28th November
9 – 12 December
10 – 12 December
18th December
19th December
5th January
Games timetable starts this week
4C Assembly, 2.20pm, Hall
6D Food Technology Programme at Ark Eden
Year 1 Theatre Trip - ‘Stickman’
6T Food Technology Programme at Ark Eden
Year 2 Theatre Trip - ‘Stickman’
6R Food Technology Programme at Ark Eden
Year 6 Swimming Gala, 9am – 12.30pm
Half Term Holiday
6A Food Technology Programme at Ark Eden
Year 4 Chinese Assembly, 12noon, Hall
PTA Halloween BBQ
Meeting for Year 5 parents regarding Year 5 Camp, Hall,
4J, 4D Bake Sale
6P Food Technology Programme at Ark Eden
Year 2 Trip to Wetland Park
Parent Teacher Evening, 3.30 – 6.30pm
4S, 4M, 4C Bake Sale
Parent Teacher Evening, 3.30 – 6.30pm
Kennedy School CPD Day – No school for children
Year 6 Chinese Assembly, 9.30am, Hall
Year 6 Immunisation
Dress Casual Day
Year 6 Theatre Trip – ‘Oliver’
Year 5 Camp, Lady Maclehose Holiday Village
Year 4 Camp, Sai Kung Recreation Club
Year 3 Chinese Assembly, 11am, Hall
Term 1 ends at 12noon
Term 2 starts
Please visit our website to view a more detailed calendar.
Disclaimer Notice: Kennedy School does not endorse or represent the accuracy, truthfulness or reliability of these
advertisements placed by outside agencies