Looking for Something Hoppy? Indeed Mosaic Fresh Hop

Looking for Something Hoppy?
Indeed Mosaic Fresh Hop (Minneapolis)
5.2%abv 16oz $7 As the name
implies, this American Pale Ale is brewed with fresh, wet Mosaic hops.
Intense aromas of tropical fruit and herbs.
Indeed Day Tripper Pale Ale (Minneapolis) 5.4%abv 16oz $6 Tropical
fruit, mild mellow hops.
Steel Toe Size 7 IPA (St. Louis Park.) 7%abv 16oz $6 We have never had
to ask a brewery if we could sell their beer. Ever. We begged these guys.
Amager/Surly Todd The Axe Man (Brooklyn Center) 6.5%abv 16oz $7
So apparently a brewery in Denmark decided Todd from Surly was the most
Rock n’ Roll fella in the US Craft beer scene. So now we have this potent IPA
with fresh American hops and Surly’s signature malt. Rock on!
Surly Furious (Brooklyn Center) 6.2%abv 16oz $6 Local hop legend
Summit Extra Pale Ale (Saint Paul) 5.3%abv 16oz $6 The one that started
it all . . .round these parts anyway.
Bent Paddle Bent Hop
(Duluth) 6.2%abv 16oz $6 This Golden IPA is
fresh, zesty, spicy and citrusy. Represent Duluth.
Fulton Sweet Child O’ Vine (Minneapolis) 6.4%abv 16oz $6 Full of hops
and malty goodness.
Steel Toe Rainmaker (St. Louis Park) 6.5%abv 16oz $7 A hopped-up
amber ale that just shows that this brewery can make any beer fantastic.
Bang Neat Pale Ale (St. Paul) 4.9%abv 16oz. $5 This American pale ale
is amber colored with a nice earthy hop bite.
Lake Monster Empty Rowboat IPA
Summit Unchained #16: Herkulean Woods (St. Paul) 8.2%abv 10oz
$6 Brewed with maple syrup from Lutsen, MN and spruce tips from IA, this
beer has some wonderful piney, earthy, and spicy notes.
Stone Sproketbier (CA) 5.4%abv 10oz $7 Part of the spotlight series, this
black rye Kolsch has a mild roast flavor with some floral yeast notes.
Deschutes Zarabanda (OR) 6.3% abv 10oz $7 Chef José Andres helped
create a Spanish take on the farmhouse-style saison. The addition of lemon
verbena, pink peppercorn, sumac, and dried lime infuse add distinctive flavors
into the brew.
Looking for Something Double Hoppy?
Founders Dark Penance (MI) 8.9%abv 10oz $8 Imperial Black IPA with
huge bitterness, balanced by malt sweetness and alcohol burn. Hop presence
ranges from citrus to floral to pine thanks to a delicious blend of hand-selected
Chinook and Centennial hops.
MKE Hop Freak (WI) 8.7%abv 10oz $6 This double IPA is made even more
aromatic and delightful by the addition of Organic Jasmine tea.
Boulder Mojo Risin’ Double IPA (CO) 10%abv 10oz $7 Full sensory
explosion. Pungent, fruity hops will definitely get your mojo rising.
Great Divide Hercules Double IPA (CO) 10%abv 10oz. $8 Huge
amount of piney, floral, and citrusy hop aroma and flavor from start to finish.
(Minneapolis) 6.5%abv 16oz $6
Newest brewery in town. This is their citrusy IPA with a little malt back
3rd Street Bitter Neighbor Black IPA (Cold Spring) 6.5%abv 16oz $6
If Data from The Goonies and Short Round from Indiana Jones and the
Temple of Doom got into a brawl who would win and why?
Boulder Mojo on Nitro (CO) 7.2%abv 16oz $5 Their benchmark IPA
put on a nitro tap to cream it out and smooth the edges.
Bell’s Two Hearted (MI) 6%abv 16 oz $6 A floral IPA with a crisp finish
Deschutes Fresh Squeezed (OR) 6%abv 16oz $6 The intense citrus in
this IPA comes strictly from the Citra and Mosaic hop.
Big Sky Olde Bluehair (MT) 10.5%abv 10oz $8 This American barleywine
tastes of plum and bitterness. 75 ibu is no joke
Sierra Nevada Flipside Red IPA (CA) 6.2%abv 16oz $6 Brewed for
transitioning season, this IPA features tropical citrusy hops, but also with a
warm, bready malt. UP NEXT -> Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Boulder Fryed (CO) 7.2%abv 16oz $5 A fresh hopped rye ale. Chinook
hops and toasted rye. Floral and nutty.
Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale (CO) 6.5%abv 16oz $7 A typical American
pale ale with amber appearance with a strong citrus flavor.
Green Flash Citra Session (CA) 4.5%abv 16oz $7 Notes of lemon,
orange and grapefruit. Flavor is dominated by the Citra hops introduced
throughout the boil and again in the dry hop for maximum aroma intensity.
Ballast Point Sculpin IPA (CA) 7%abv 16oz $7 Some claim this to be
one of the best IPAs in the world. Tropically mango, apricot and pink
grapefruit on the nose, leading to leading to a zesty, piney hop flavor.
Looking for Something Sour?
Duchesse De Bourgogne
Looking for Something Unique?
(Belgium) 6.0%abv 10oz $10 Belgian top-
fermented reddish-brown ale, a blend of 8 and 18 months old beers following
the careful maturation in oak casks. Not to mention delicious.
B.O.M. Triporteur Wild and Funky (Belgium) 5.5%abv 10oz $10 A sour
made from a porter with wild Brett yeast, champagne yeast and apple pear syrup.
Looking for Something Belgiany?
Boom Island Wet Thoprock
(Minneapolis) 8%abv 16oz $7 A delicious
Belgian style IPA with a citrus profile from wet hopped west coast hops.
Sierra Nevada Ovila Abbey Tripel (CA) 8.8%abv 10oz. $8 This
Tripels golden color and mild appearance conceal a wealth of flavors.
Chouffe Houblon (Belgium) 9%abv 10oz $10 A Belgian Tripel-English
American Double IPA. Seriously.
Lucky Bucket Certified Evil (NE) 9.6%abv 10oz $7 A Belgian strong
dark ale. Aged in Cabernet barrels.
La Trappe Quad (NED) 10%abv 10oz $10 Lots of banana and hints of
caramel, with just a slight touch of bitterness to finish it off.
Tripel Karmeliet (Belgium) 8.4%abv 10oz $9 Floral, malty, spicy, and
yeasty. A brilliant and beautiful brew.
Looking for Something Fruity?
Sociable Cider Werks Freewheeler (Minneapolis) 5.8%abv 16oz $7 A
brand new cidery from Minneapolis! This one is a tart, dry blend of the best
apples the Midwest has to offer, with a kick of hop at the end for some
Milk & Honey Cider (Cold Spring) 6.9%abv 10oz $8 This semi dry,
wonderfully balanced cider produced in the great state of Minnesota uses 83
different varieties of heirloom apples.
Sonoma Cider The Anvil (CA) 6.0%abv 16oz $7 Made from organic
apples, with a smoky bourbon flavor.
Julian Harvest Apple Cider (CA) 6.99%abv 10oz $6 A crisp, slightly tart,
dry cider, brewed naturally without additives.
Furthermore Fallen Apple (WI) 5.5%abv 16oz $7 Think cream ale meets
hard apple cider. Super delish.
Lindeman’s Framboise
(Belgium) 10oz $8 Raspberry Lambic with
magnificent aroma, delicate palate of raspberries with undertones of fruity
acidity; elegant, sparkling clean natural taste. Snoot, snoot, snoot….
Looking for Something with Depth?
Indeed Rum King (Minneapolis) 10.5% abv 10oz $8 An Imperial Stout aged
Drink Craft
in Jamaican Rum Barrels. Sure to un-shiver your timbers.
Featuring 77 craft drafts
Surly Coffee Bender (Brooklyn Center) 5.1%abv 16oz $7 Bender with the
addition of cold-pressed coffee. The envy of every coffeehouse in town.
Steel Toe Dissent (St. Louis Park) 7%abv 16oz $7 Roasty and toasty with
bittersweet espresso and hints of cocoa.
Brau Brothers Moo Joos (Marshall) 5.8%abv 16oz $6 Combines the full
body of a milk stout with the silky smoothness of an oatmeal stout.
Saugatuck Neopolitan Milk Stout (MI) 6.3%abv 16oz $6 We were
skeptical of a beer based on the chocolate/strawberry/vanilla ice cream of our
youth, and then we tried it. And then we had three more. Shockingly
Clown Shoes Itasca Loonidragon (MA) 14.1%abv 8oz $9 A Russian
Imperial Stout brewed with intense American hops and aged in bourbon
barrels. Clown Shoes brewed this just for Minnesota. Thanks guys!
Central Waters Mud Puppy Porter (WI) 7%abv 16oz $6 Rich and
roasty, strung out on nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide.
Goose Island Muddy (IL) 9%abv 10oz $8 This imperial stout is rich and
dark and satisfying. The 9% abv gives a nice kick too.
Founders Oatmeal Stout on Nitro (MI) 4.5%abv 16oz $6 As if this
delightful oatmeal stout could be made any more silky and smooth, they went
and put it on Nitro. Good thinking, Founders. Good thinking.
New Holland Dragon’s Milk (MI) 9%abv 10oz $9 Aged in oak for over
120 days, hints of bourbon flavor perfectly compliment roasted malts.
Founders Breakfast Stout (MI) 8.3%abv 10oz $7 You’ve got to love
coffee to truly appreciate this phenomenal beer brewed with Kona and
Sumatra beans in addition to bitter and sweetened chocolate.
Looking for Something Lighter?
Surly Hell (Brooklyn Center) 5.1%abv 16oz $6 Helles lager showcasing Pils
malts and a nice bready/yeasty profile.
Bent Paddle Venture Pils
(Duluth) 5%abv 16oz $6 Brewed with water
from Lake Superior. Crisp with a mellow hop aromatic.
Lift Bridge Farm Girl Saison (Stillwater) 6%abv 16oz $6 Brewed in the
Belgian Farmhouse tradition: dry malt finish, spicy, smooth.
Steel Toe Provider Blond Ale (St. Louis Park) 5%abv 16oz $6 Do you
wish you were sitting on a warm patio right now? Then you have to order this
Tin Whiskers Wheatstone Bridge (St. Paul) 6.3%abv 16oz $6. Crisp
and refreshing American style wheat beer with distinct flavors of honey and
chamomile tea.
Lake Superior Kayak Kölsch (Duluth) 4.5%abv 16oz $6 Cold. Crisp.
Saugatuck Starburst Wheat (MI) 5.1%abv 16oz $6 A light bodied wheat
ale with a large amount of tropical and citrus hops. Dry hopped with Amarillo
hops to give it a tropical aroma and flavor, leaning toward the hoppier side
but still a light body.
Odell St. Easy Street (CO) 4.6%abv 16oz $6 This beer is classified as an
American Pale Wheat Ale. Hops provide a nice balance to this wheat beer
making it a great pounder.
Off Color Apex Predator
(IL) 6.5%abv 10oz $7 Farmhouse Saison with a
*all prices include tax
Looking for Something Malty/Sweet?
Bent Paddle Black Ale (Duluth) 6%abv 16oz $6 A smooth, chocolaty local
brew that effortlessly bridges the islands of porter and stout.
Rush River The Unforgiven Amber (WI) 5.8%abv 16oz $6 Simply a
good amber. Easy to enjoy a couple.
Tyranena Rocky’s Revenge (WI) 6%abv 16 oz.
In the deep waters of Rock Lake lurks an ancient serpent named Rocky. His
legend has inspired this brown ale, partially aged in bourbon casks.
Bell’s Double Cream Stout (MI) 7.5%abv 10oz $6 No actual cream
used in the making of this one, but you wouldn’t know it by the smooth,
creamy, silky texture.
Avery Old Jubilation (CO) 8.3%abv 10oz $7 A rich dark mahogany brew
with flavors of gingerbread and caramel.
Deschutes Black Butte Porter (OR) 5.2% abv16oz $6 Secretly known
to be the best porter around.
Founders Dirty Bastard (MI) 8.3%abv 10oz $6 A delicious scotch ale
brewed with ten varieties of imported malts making this bold and powerful
Tallgrass Zombie Monkey (KS) 6%abv 16oz $6 Robust porter with
chocolaty malts and a solid hop backbone.
Ommegang Scythe and Sickle (NY) 5.8%abv 10oz $7 This amber is a
nice fall brew without all that pumpkin business.
Deschutes NITRO Cinder Cone Red (OR) 5.4%abv 16oz $6 Cinder
Cone Red has a rich malt flavor and a reddish color derived from caramel
malt and roasted barley. Nitrogen gas gives the beer a creamy finish.
Two Brothers Domaine DuPage (IL) 5.9%abv 16oz $6 French-style
country ale with a toasty, sweet caramel start finishing with a hint of hops.
Lagunitas Imperial Red (CA) 7.8%abv 10oz $6 A revisit of the first ale ever
brewed by this funky West Coast brewery. A dank and roasty treat.
Local Option Morning Wood (IL) 7.3% 10 oz. $8 Oak aged coffee ale
out of Illinois. The morning is represented by the coffee, and the oak aging is
the wood. Or something.
Moylan’s Kilt Lifter (CA) 8%abv 10oz $6 A Scotch ale that you can drink
in summer. Malty and butterscotch-y, but not heavy. Although if you have
more than a few, that kilt will definitely be lifted by the end of the evening.
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touch of citrus in the nose.
Looking for Something Non-Alcoholic?
Lift Bridge Rootbeer
brewery? Absolutely.
(Stillwater) 0%abv 16oz $3
Rootbeer from a