THINKING SPACES: a new academic arena ENVISION Student Partnership 2015

ENVISION Student Partnership 2015
a new academic arena
ENVISION Student Partnership
Thinking Spaces: a new academic arena
ENVISION is an annual partnership with some of the most
creative young minds in the design industry. This unique intern
program encourages students to investigate collaboratively
and provides an opportunity to experiment through an interplay
of research and design. The program also provides students
with into the architectural design and documentation
process, to help form an appreciation for graduate
responsibilities within the office environment.
The higher education community consists of an array of
stakeholders with complex - sometimes conflicting - desires
and needs. Trends in commercial workplace design have long
been moving towards open plan, non-territorial spaces that
primarily encourage collaborative, group-working modes.
The Academic emphases on privacy, security and the individual’s
work product come into conflict with these design models.
A studio project is completed over the duration of the
program, involving intensive research followed by
design experimentation, culminating in the production &
presentation of a formal publication. Students have the
opportunity to engage with user groups and key members of
industries throughout the program to inform their designs.
So what would future workspaces that support the generation
of increasingly innovative ideas look like?
The challenge for this year’s ENVISION architecture project
is to explore the future of academic workspaces, finding
productive solutions that could best support the academic
community in advancing the global body of knowledge.
Program Duration
1 December 2014 - 13 February 2015 (Holiday break: 22 December - 2 January)
Who should apply?
We will be accepting applications from students completing the final year of their architecture bachelors qualification (or
equivalent) in 2014. The program is run from our Sydney office, located in Milsons Point and is only open to students who are
locally situated. Candidates must be prepared to participate for the full 11 week period.
How to apply
To apply complete the form at by 22 October 2014 2 November 2014.
Successful Candidates
Initial selection for the program will be based on completion of the online application form. The students appointed to the
program (up to 3) will each be offered a stipend for the duration of the program.
Level 3, 4 Glen Street, Milsons Point NSW 2060 Australia
T: 61 2 9922 2344 F: 61 2 9922 1308 E: [email protected] W:
DIRECTORS Graham Thorburn NSW reg. 5706 + Robert Staas + Geoffrey Deane NSW reg. 3766 + Garry Hoddinett NSW reg. 5286 + Andrew Duffin NSW reg. 5602
ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR James Ward SENIOR ASSOCIATES John Baker + Barry Flack + Andrew Leuchars
ASSOCIATES Trevor Eveleigh + Jon West + Hung-Ying Gill + Andrew Tripet + Brett Sherson
NBRS & PARTNERS PTY LTD ABN 16 002 247 565