10.30am Philip Thomas will be speaking.

10.30am Philip Thomas will be speaking.
6.30pm Informal Communion in the Hall
The Christmas Craft morning is on Saturday 29th November and, as always, we are looking for volunteers to help on the day.
16 November: am
Baptism Service
23 November: pm
Bucks Forum Celebration, Princes
Risborough Baptist Church
Christmas in Chesham
Children’s Christmas Crafts
All Age Advent & Toy Service and Dedication
Brigades Coffee Morning & Christmas Lunches
Chrysalis Concert
Youth Alpha Pantomime : Fundraiser
Carol Service
28 November pm
29 November am
30 November am
6 December
7 December pm
12 December: pm
21 December pm
The sign-up list will be available at the back of the Church from next Sunday, 2nd November and for the following three weeks.
In order to make this a successful event we need plenty of help so please
do put your names down. If you have not helped before please consider
making this your first year—it is a fun event and every assistance is provided to make it as easy as possible.
Many thanks,
Sue Dix
Chesham Musical Theatre are putting on a “Songs from the Shows” concert to raise funds for the Foodbank as follows:
Saturday 22nd November at 7.30pm
St Mary’s Church, Chesham
Meeting on Thursday 6th November in the Church Hall. Speaker: Joyce Hall, Music and Monologues
You may recall that William Dodd died aged 4 after battling with cancer
for 2 years. His family run the charity to finance research into unknown
childhood cancers at the John Radcliffe Hospital. Childhood cancers do
not respond to treatment in the same way as Adult cancers hence the need
for specialist research.
The 2014 Christmas Card is now available. Please see the notice board at
the back of church, speak to Helen Evans or go to
www.williamsfund.co.uk. 96% of the cost of the cards goes directly to
research in Oxford, the rest is just printing and envelopes! Please keep
Christmas alive and help Williams Fund too. Small packs at reduced
prices are available through Helen. Thank you.
These are now available either from Helen in the office of from the Welcome Desk at the back of Church.
£10 per ticket in advance or £12 on the night : includes nibbles and a glass
of wine. See the noticeboard for details on how to obtain tickets.
Monday November 10th at Church 8.00pm
Following the fire risk assessment carried out (requested by our insurer)
we are going to hold a fire safety training session. This is targeted particularly at the following groups of people:
Employees of the Church
Church Stewards
Church Trustees (i.e. the deacons)
Premises Team Members
All those in these groups are particularly requested to attend if possible,
but the evening is also open to any who are interested. The aim of the
session is not to make everyone an expert in fire safety, but to raise the
general level of awareness of the issues around fire safety. This will be to
the benefit of us all should any such incident ever occur.
David Frith,
Health & Safety Officer
Angela Lehane and Joyce Taylor
Next week:
Judy Dwight and Lesley Roberts
At the Heart of Chesham for over 300 Years
Next week:
Sunday 26th October 2014
David Mason
Steve Dwight
Tea and coffee will be served after worship this morning by
Corinne McCulloch and Donna McGonigal
Next week: Julie Green and Helen Fairhurst
Welcome to Worship!
The Service will be led by members of the Worship Team
Jack Ramsbottom will be speaking
Ladies’ Group — Mandy Dunstall 07971 406952. Please contact Mandy
to confirm venue.
Ken Dwight 776310 Meeting at the Church at 1.30pm.
Nick Green 774223 Meeting at 83 Berkeley Avenue.
Peter Evans Contact Barry Picton 583911 to confirm venue.
Mirror, Mirror on the wall!
Bible Reading : James 1 : 17—25
Angela Lehane 772190 and Donna McGonigal 778786. Meeting
fortnightly. Phone to check arrangements.
Anne & Ken Dwight 776310. Meeting fortnightly at 11 Clay Acre.
Please call for arrangements.
Nick Evans 773771 Meeting at 42 Addison Road
All are welcome to join a Small Group. They are spread around the town on
different evenings. If anyone is interested in attending a small group please
speak to Philip Thomas. This would enable you to share with others at
church and enrich your Christian experience.
Boys’ Brigade (age 11+)
Boys’ Brigade Juniors and Anchors (5-11 yrs)
Girls’ Brigade(5-11yrs)
Youth Alpha (age 11+)
Each week’s sermon can be accessed by logging on to:
www.broadwaybaptist.org.uk go to “Sundays” and “downloads”. The
sermon can then be downloaded in MP3 format to your PC or MP3 player.
You will need a broadband connection as the files are quite large. On
special request a CD can also be made available. See Steve McGonigal.
Crèche available
SMKC for Primary School Children
Youth Alpha for Secondary Students
Prayer is available at the end of the Service
Worship at Chartridge.
The Hall is open from 10am to 12 noon on Tuesday,
Friday and Saturday. We look forward to seeing you!
The Hall is open on Tuesdays from 11.30am 1.30pm. An opportunity to chat and enjoy a light lunch together
PASTOR Revd. Philip Thomas Email: [email protected]
CHURCH OFFICE 772244 Email: [email protected]
YOUTH WORKER Marianne Holt 07792 714618 Email: [email protected]
Staff information:
Philip Thomas - Philip’s usual day off is Monday
Helen Evans: - Normally in the Office Tues, Weds & Friday 8.30 to 11.30
Marianne Holt - Normally in Church Tues, Weds & Thurs mornings
A popular meeting place for parents, carers and pre-school
children. 9.45 to 11.15 am in the Church Hall.
Please Note
Any items for insertion in the bulletin should reach Helen Evans
[email protected] before 8am on Wednesday