Sunday, October 26 , 2014 T C

The Cherub Choir (JK—Gr. 4): 6:30—7pm
The Intermediate Choir (Gr. 5-8): 6:30-7pm
The Adult Choir: 7:30-8:30pm.
The First Christmas Story: 8:30-10:00pm.
For info please contact Kimberley at [email protected]
Musical Prelude: Students taking lessons on a
musical instrument are invited to play prelude at
Sunday morning services. Please talk to Kimberley.
Youth Group meets Mondays, 3:30-5:30pm. We will
gather in the church foyer.
For more
information, speak to Kenneth McAlpine. A
Halloween party is planned for Mon. Oct.
27th, at 5:30pm, in the Gym.
A Study/Discussion Series –
Tuesdays at 7pm
Sunday, October 26th, 2014
We’ve all had an “AHA moment” in our
lives, an insight that changes everything.
With everyday examples and trademark
testimonies, this series draws on Scripture to
reveal how three key elements —
awakening, honesty, and action — can
produce the same kind of “AHA!” in our
spiritual lives. Everyone Welcome!
Remembrance Tribute
If you have any photos of people who serve
or have served their country, please email
them to Kimberley at [email protected] or
bring them into the office for Marlene to scan. They
will be used as part of the slide shows at the tribute.
Thank You to Rob Newman for helping to lead
worship this morning; to the Grains of Sand: Kevin
Hackett (drums); John Marsden (bass); Ed Prichard
(electric); Tim Raeburn-Gibson (acoustic); Kimberley
Raeburn-Gibson (keys); Rob Newman, Emily
O’Halloran, Madyson Lewis and Rachel Savill (vocals);
and Kathryn Garbutt (soloist) for sharing their musical
talents and to the ushers, greeters and nursery care
volunteers. We appreciate you!
Unsung Heroes: Today we recognize our house
band Grains of Sand. Thank you for all your work.
Reception of New Members Today
We welcome Marly Brandon, Elaine Griffin, Pat
Williamson, Derek Thompson, Brad White, Jack and
Evelyn Tomlinson
Kennon Callahan Seminar
Monday, November 24
St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Orillia
Topic 1: “Welcoming & Integration Young Families in Your
Topic 2: “Enhancing Stewardship In Your Congregation”
Those interested in attending should contact
Carolyn Campbell-Sheen at [email protected]
Christmas Baskets:
If you are interested in
preparing a Christmas Basket for a less fortunate
family, contact Lorna Shackell 705-445-5272 or
[email protected]
200 Maple Street
Collingwood, ON L9Y 2R2
Sunday, October 26th, 2014
Events and Activities
Welcome and Announcements
Gathering Praise
"Open The Eyes Of My Heart Lord"
Call to Worship
led by Rob Newman
Prayer of Adoration & Confession & the Lord’s Prayer
"Bless The Lord O My Soul"
Children’s Time
Song of Praise
"Abba, Father"
Reception of New Members
Week of Oct.
TONIGHT—Outreach Singers present an evening of
Gospel Music at 7:00 p.m. in the Sanctuary
Tues. Oct. 28th—Ladies’ Bible Study—10:00am, Conf. Rm.
Tues. Oct. 28th—Community Dinner, 5:30pm Lower Hall
Tues. Oct. 28th—AHA Study/Discussion Series, 7:00pm
Wed. Oct. 29th—Bible Study—`Who Is Paul’, 1:30pm Conf.
Thurs. Oct. 30th—Meet ‘n Greet, 9:30am—11:30am, Lower
Thurs. Oct. 30th—Outreach Singers meet at Bay Haven at
1:30 p.m.
Mark 5:1-20 (p.1558)
Special Music
"Nothing Without You" (Norman);
Kathryn Garbutt, soloist
"When Healing Comes"
Sun. Nov. 2nd—Food Bank Sunday
Wed. Nov. 5th—Book-of-the-Month Book Club meets at
the home of Joan Vanderkooy, to discuss the book,
Annabel. Consider joining us whether you have read this
"Mighty To Save"
book or not; for further details, contact Joan at 293-5051.
Prayer of Dedication for the Offering
"Walk By Faith" (Getty);
Kathryn Garbutt, soloist
Prayer of Thanksgiving
Closing Hymn #
"The Love Of God Comes Close"
Benediction and Choral Amen
Closing Chorus
"Lean On Me"
Upcoming Events
Sun. Nov. 9th—Remembrance Tribute Service, 7pm
Sun. Nov. 23rd —Mission Awareness Sunday
From the Treasurer:
General Fund rec’d to Sept 30:
General Fund budget to Sept 30:
Presbyterians Sharing to Sept 30:
Presbyterians sharing budget:
It’s Budget Time: All Budget requests must be submitted
to the Treasurer by October 31st.
If you are new to our Church or a visitor, please fill out the
back portion of the Welcome Brochure and place it on the
offering plate.
Library Lines - Need hope and help for your
own turbulent times, for issues on finances,
relationships, &/or health? Max Lucado,
using the Bible story of Joseph, verifies hope
in You’ll Get Through This. - on display in
Church School Update - Welcome to First Pres Church
School! We are so glad you are able to join us today. We
have two priorities: first, to give
your children a biblical teaching
that will open for them a window
toward who God really is. And
second, to have some FUN! We
truly want them to associate God
with a good time and a positive
There are nursery and church school programs in place for
kids ages 3-13 that begin after the “children’s time” of the
service. If you’d like to meet the leader or to get a feel for
what your kids are doing, you are welcome to attend with
your kids at that time.
Grade 8 and Up
We would love to have you
join our team of operators and
assist in our worship
services to run the Easy Worship slides (projected on our
screens) and/or operate the video camera.
Please speak with Kenneth
McAlpine if you are interested.