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Newsletter of the Philadelphia Chapter of the American Sewing Guild—serving the Greater Philadelphia area.
ASG Philadelphia, PA
ASG National
Vol. 26, No. 4
October/November/December 2014
Inside this issue:
Phila CAB members
General ASG information
Phila Chapter NGs & SIGs
Phila Chapter
Annual Meeting & Luncheon
5 & 6 2014 Proxy Ballot
Scenes—A Day with Susan Khalje
Finder’s Keeper’s—Recycling Fabrics
Renee’s Recycled Creations
At Phila Art Museum—Patrick Kelly
Pottstown’s Sew & Sews NG
Sew-ciety NG
Reading’s Fashion Sewing & Chat SIG
“Threads” Published Glenda’s Tip!
Pins ‘n Needles NG Happenings
Couture Sewing SIG
New ASG Contest
Sewing “Reach to Recovery” Bags
Angel Bears Photo
Upcoming CAB Meetings Schedule
Scissors—We’ve Come a Long Way
Advertising Rates & Deadlines
“How-To” Videos on ASG Website
“The Needle Works” Archives
Welcome, New Members!
Thank You, Renewing Members!
ASG Membership Application
Changes in Your Personal Information
Sewing-Related Retailers in Our Area
Address Page
Yearly deadlines for
newsletter submissions:
March 15, June 15,
September 15, & December 15
Earlier is always appreciated.
Philadelphia Chapter President’s Message
Greetings to one and all,
It is hard to believe that summer is behind us and fall is just about
here. The almanac says we are in for a rough winter again. If so, I
guess a lot of us will get some of those UFO’s completed.
We just had a fantastic educational event with Susan Khalje. Sixty
people attended and had a great time. Susan did a terrific program in
the morning and a hands-on workshop in the afternoon. The handson portion consisted of putting in a prick zipper and appliquéing a
lace motif onto silk.
We warmly welcome Flora Spector to our Chapter Advisory Board.
Flo is now our Neighborhood/Special-Interest Groups Coordinator.
The next major event will be our Annual Meeting on Sunday,
November 2, 2014, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in King of Prussia. You
should have received a separate (paper) mailing with all of the
information. There have also been email reminders from Glenda. As
mentioned before, the meeting will be somewhat different than in the
past. We have a neat speaker and many very nice raffle and door prize
items. We always look forward to seeing the displays set up by the
Neighborhood Groups and Special Interest Groups. I know it always
gives me ideas for future projects when I see your excellent creations.
The entire Chapter Advisory Board (CAB) has been working very hard
to plan this activity and sincerely hope to see many of you at this
This is your organization and we need all of our members to
participate. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact any
CAB member listed on page 2 of this newsletter.
I wish you all a Fantastic Fall.
Happy Sewing!
Janet Azzara, President
General ASG Information
Philadelphia Chapter
Advisory Board (CAB)
Janet Azzara
<[email protected]>
First Vice President &
Community Service
Janice Bennett
<[email protected]>
Sue Carney
<[email protected]>
Patricia Lewis
<[email protected]>
Email & Website Manager:
Glenda DeLillo
<[email protected]>
<[email protected]>
Member at Large:
Tracy Guy
<[email protected]>
Membership Coordinator:
Martha Leefson
<[email protected]>
Neighborhood Groups (NG) &
Special-Interest Groups (SIG)
Flora Spector
<[email protected]>
The Philadelphia Chapter of the American Sewing Guild
is a local chapter of a national nonprofit organization.
All chapter officers and leaders are volunteers.
Chapter Advisory (CAB) meetings are open to all chapter members.
For meeting dates and times, contact the President.
The minutes of CAB meetings are available to any chapter member
by contacting the Chapter Secretary.
ASG National Headquarters:
American Sewing Guild, 9660 Hillcroft, Suite 510;
Houston, TX 77096
ASG Headquarters Contact:
Barbara Cortez 951-689-1073 <[email protected]>
Mission Statement of the American Sewing Guild:
Advancing Sewing as an Art and Life Skill
Membership in the American Sewing Guild
is open to everyone who is interested in sewing.
For a membership application, see page 16.
“The Needle Works” is the official newsletter of
the Philadelphia Chapter of the American Sewing Guild.
Chapter members are encouraged to submit (for publication)
sewing-related stories, articles, reports, book and video reviews,
news, photos, and the like. If you have a story idea, hint, suggestion,
or correction, please send them to the newsletter editor. Anything
sewing-related that would be interesting to your fellow chapter
members is welcome.
Submissions may be edited for grammar, length, and content.
Yearly deadlines for newsletter submissions:
March 15, June 15, September 15, and December 15.
Earlier is always appreciated.
Newsletter Ad Manager
& Retail Liaison:
Newsletter Editor:
Phyllis Patukas
<[email protected]>
The Needle Works
October/November/December 2014
Philadelphia Chapter Neighborhood Groups (NG) & Special-Interest Groups (SIG)
Please get in touch with the group leader/contact person listed below to confirm meeting place and time.
Non-members may attend two meetings; thereafter, ASG membership is required.
ASG members are welcome to attend any and all group meetings and functions in any ASG Chapter.
Please send additions and corrections to the Newsletter Editor.
C-fS Custom-Fit Software
call or email
for information
at the home of a member
call or email for information
Marj Jensen, 610-341-0704
<[email protected]>
Couture Sewing
3rd Fridays
Harcum College
750 Montgomery Ave.
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
subject to change, so
call or email for information
Patricia Lewis, 610-293-8060
<[email protected]>
Fashion Sewing & Chat
1st Wednesdays
1050 Wyomissing Boulevard
Wyomissing, PA 19610
Glenda DeLillo, 610-334-1192
<[email protected]>
Mary Vallere, 610-779-2676
<[email protected]>
Material Girls
3rd Mondays
Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts
Marple Crossroads Shopping Center
400 S. State Rd.
Springfield (Del. Co.)
PA 19064
Martha Leefson, 610-238-0989
<[email protected]>
Philly Fabriholics
3rd Saturdays
Pinn Gardens Senior Apartments
900 Belmont Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Tracy Guy, 215-877-2989
<[email protected]>
Pins & Needles
1st Tuesdays
Steve’s Sewing, Vacuum, & Quilting
DeKalb Plaza Shopping Center
268 W. DeKalb Pike (Rt. 202)
King of Prussia, PA 19406
Janet Azzara, 610-666-7630
<[email protected]>
Janice Bennett, 215-643-1841
<[email protected]>
Sew and Sews
3rd Tuesdays
St. James Lutheran Church
1101 East High Street
Pottstown, PA 19464
Marilou Nagy, 610-369-0178
<[email protected]>
Sue Carney, 484-524-8170
<[email protected]>
3rd Tuesdays
call or email for information
Carol Ragin, 215-885-3780
<[email protected]>
Stephanie Garrett, 215-842-0568
<[email protected]>
It is most likely that scissors were invented around 1500 BC in ancient Egypt.—Wikipedia
The Needle Works
October/November/December 2014
Philadelphia Chapter Annual Meeting 2014
Luncheon, Guest Speaker, Members’ Exhibits, and Chapter Elections
On Sunday, November 2, 2014
At the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 260 Mall Boulevard, King of Prussia, PA 19406
Doors will open at 12:30 p.m., and the event will begin at 1 p.m.
ASG Members $30
Non-members $35
Children 10 and under $20.00
Luncheon entree choices:
Kennett Square Chicken Breast: stuffed with roasted garlic & mushrooms, served with a thyme reduction
Sesame-crusted North Atlantic Salmon Filet: encrusted with a duet of sesame seeds, served with ginger-orange sauce.
Vegetable Wellington: served with a tomato couli sauce (a vegetarian dish).
Child’s platter (age 10 and under): Chicken tenders, French fries, Sundae.
All adult entrees include a salad and dessert.
Guest Speaker: Robert Cannell from Steve’s Sew & Vac in King of Prussia.
Robert started sewing at age 5 when he made clothes for his stuffed panda bear. He has a BA in Industrial Arts,
and most of his career has been spent in the printing industry. He also taught high school, and later taught quilting
to various church groups. He’s been actively engaged in the sewing industry since 2006, repairing sewing
machines and teaching all kinds of sewing classes at Steve’s.
Members’ Exhibits: As usual, please bring your sewn creations to place on the display tables.
Attach a brief written description to each of your items, giving details that other sewing friends would want to know.
Elections will be held for the Chapter Advisory Board (CAB) Positions of
President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
Attendee’s Name
Circle Luncheon
Children’s platter
Children’s platter
Children’s platter
Deadline for registration and payment is October 24, 2014.
No refunds after October 24.
Make checks payable to ASG Philadelphia Chapter and mail with the Registration Form to:
Patricia Lewis, treasurer; 200 Garden Place; Radnor, PA 19087
Pat’s phone is 610-293-8060 and her email is <[email protected]>
The Needle Works
October/November/December 2014
Philadelphia, PA Chapter of the American Sewing Guild, Inc.
2014 Proxy Ballot
Annual Election of Chapter Advisory Board (CAB) Positions
on Sunday, November 2, 2014
at The Crowne Plaza Hotel, 260 Mall Boulevard, King of Prussia, PA 19406
during the Annual Meeting of the Philadelphia Chapter, beginning at 1 p.m.
Please check the box next to the name of the candidate for each office that you believe will do the best job for the
Chapter. The term of office for these candidates runs from January 1, 2015 until December 31, 2015.
[ ] Janet Azzara
[ ] Susan Carney
[ ] Patricia Lewis
The Nominating Committee Chair, Martha Leefson, is the proxy holder until the time of the election.
All valid proxy ballots will be voted as submitted by the member.
Please return your proxy ballot to:
Martha Leefson, Nominating Committee Chair
3 Tyson Terrace
Lafayette Hill, PA 19444
All proxy ballots must be received by the Nominating Committee Chair by Monday, October 27, 2014.
Your proxy ballot is not valid without your signature to assign your votes to the Nominating Committee Chair.
If it is not signed, your votes will not be counted.
Member name (please print): _______________________________________________________
Member signature: ______________________________________________________________
ASG member number: ____________________________________________________________
If you will not be attending the Annual Meeting, please return your proxy ballot to the Nominating Committee Chair.
If you will be attending the Annual Meeting, you will vote in person and will not need to return the proxy ballot.
Even though candidates are running unopposed,
ASG Chapters need a certain minimum number of members voting
in order to be in compliance with the rules of ASG National.
The Needle Works
October/November/December 2014
Martha Leefson, Nominating Committee Chair
3 Tyson Terrace
Lafayette Hill, PA 19444
The Needle Works
October/November/December 2014
Scenes from “A Day with Susan Khajle”
Saturday, September 13—Philadelphia Chapter Event
The Needle Works
October/November/December 2014
Finder’s Keeper’s – Shop for Fabric in Unexpected Places!
By Renee Devine, Philadelphia Chapter Member
Sewers, by nature, are thrifty
people. We buy fabric, patterns and
notions to make our own clothing,
draperies and home decorating
accessories, often as a way to save
money. We desire high quality
garments that fit perfectly or
pillows that coordinate with
furniture we already own, which
motivates us to sew.
sweater along the seam lines after
it’s felted. And remember – men’s
sweaters generally yield more
fabric! Wool slipper-socks are on
my ‘to-do’ list for Christmas gifts.
My friend Sherrie keeps her eyes
out for cashmere sweaters at the
thrift store, hoping to collect
enough to make a soft, cuddly
patchwork throw.
But, with a heightened awareness
of the sustainability of our planet
and a desire to cut back on the
amount of trash we produce, many
sewers are turning to sources other
than a fabric store to buy the raw
materials of our hobby.
Sometimes you can find re-usable
fabrics in the home goods section of
a thrift store. Bed and table linens,
curtains and yard goods can be
found at very reasonable prices.
Use them as intended, or cut them
up for other things – I’ve made
valances and café curtains from
full-length drapes picked up at a
flea market.
Lately, I’ve been ‘thrifting.’ My
niece got me started last fall when
she said she wanted to make
leather luggage tags as gifts and
wondered if the local Goodwill
Store would have something she
could cut up and re-use. We
brought home a half-dozen items –
leather skirts, pants, jackets and a
few handbags – giving us more
than enough leather to make
luggage tags and a whole lot more.
I’ve been incorporating leather into
the jewelry I make and I have a
stash of various colors. With a little
fusible interfacing, it’s sturdy
enough for a clutch handbag or soft
Another trend is using wool felt for
a myriad of projects. A great source
of colorful felt can be found at local
thrift stores in the form of 100%
wool sweaters. It doesn’t take much
to turn a moth-eaten sweater into
thick felt. Wash the item in the
washing machine (top loaders work
best) in hot water, using soap like
Ivory Snow (no detergent). Then
throw it into the dryer on high and
let it tumble. Once in a while, I
have to wash and dry a sweater a
second time, just to be sure it is
completely felted. Cut apart the
The Needle Works
One of my recycled denim projects
was featured in a blog that was
devoted to re-using denim
The blogger re-posts projects made
from old jeans by people around
the world. I’ve done my share of
denim recycling, but my favorite is
a denim quilt that my son sleeps
under every night. You can find old
jeans at just about any thrift store
or flea market.
Aside from the obvious places to
find fabric to recycle – Goodwill
stores, hospital thrift stores, flea
markets and yard sales, there is one
place in the Fishtown section of
Philadelphia I would recommend.
It’s called The Resource Exchange,
located at 1701 North 2nd Street
(open Wednesday through
Saturday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., Sunday
noon to 4 p.m.) It was started as a
way to keep movie and theater sets,
props and supplies from ending up
in landfills. This shop, housed in an
old industrial building, has a fairly
extensive supply of fabric. I’ve
picked up velvet for a display I was
making, yarn for crochet projects,
100% cotton sateen for bedroom
draperies, and colorful polyester
screening for tote bags. They have
notions and trims, too, as well as a
lot of other interesting stuff.
Another place to try, if you’re in the
mood for an adventure, is the
Goodwill Outlet Center at 330
Benigno Blvd, in Bellmawr, New
Jersey (open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Monday through Friday).
Everything at the outlet is sold for
99 cents a pound. At the Goodwill
Outlet in St. Louis, I found a denim
skirt, a denim jacket, a men’s
leather jacket, a set of double bed
sheets, a flannel-backed table cloth
and two yards of polar fleece for
about $6.00. It’s a scramble,
though – the workers bring out
merchandise in large bins and you
have to dig through it all to find
interesting stuff. You may want to
bring along latex gloves…it can get
a little dirty digging through all of
the piles.
Don’t forget Salvation Army stores.
The one near me (729 Long Lane,
Upper Darby) has “half-price
Wednesday,” when nearly
everything in the store is half-off
the marked price. I found many
Phillies t-shirts for a quilt that I
made for only 99 cents each! It’s
also the best day to buy leather
Pinterest is a great source of
inspiration for hand-crafted goods
using thrifted fabrics. When I was
given a huge bag of zippers (over
300!), I simply typed “zipper crafts”
into the search field and found
plenty of ways to use my stash. And
don’t forget to page through sewing
books and magazines for
inspiration…there are many ways
to use newly-found recycled
October/November/December 2014
Some of Renee’s Creations from Her Thrift-Store Acquisitions
Phillies t-shirt quilt
Denim organizer
Felted wool purse
Totes made from recycled mesh fabric
White leather with three strands of beads
Currently at the Philadelphia Museum of Art
Designer Patrick Kelly: Runway of Love
Until December 7, 2014
From the Museum website
<>: “I want my clothes to
make you smile”—that was the goal of late African
American designer Patrick Kelly in creating his bold,
bright, and joyful creations.....featuring some eighty
ensembles that were recently presented to the Museum as
a promised gift.....
You can read more at <>
The Needle Works
October/November/December 2014
“Sew and Sews” Neighborhood Group meets in Pottstown
By Marilou Nagy and Sue Carney, Group Leaders
Our June meeting was our social for our last meeting of this year. We had a salad/dessert social at the home of our
co-leader. Our meetings for the 2013-2014 year featured foot-of-the-month demonstrations by members, techniques,
fitting issues, sew-ins of walker bags, onesies for the Hope of Life Home in Guatemala, and fleece hats and blankets
for a homeless shelter.
This year we distributed cotton fabric to each member for a “challenge.” The finished projects were due at this
meeting. We had many great ideas: hat, totes, pillow cases, car organizers, several children’s dresses, nightie, quilt,
picnic blanket, and shoe organizer. Great job, Ladies! We have scheduled another fabric challenge for next year.
Our schedule for the 2014-2015 meeting year was planned along with some field trips. We have scheduled three sewin charity events, a trip to Winterthur to see the Downton Abby display and Chester County’s Historical Society’s
exhibit of 1800 clothing, and a trip to the fashion district in New York City. Our November society will involve a potholder exchange. We are looking forward to another great year of sewing with friends.
“Sew-ciety” Neighborhood Group Meets Throughout the Summer
By Carol Ragin & Stephanie Garrett, Group co-leaders
We had a great summer! Instead of taking the summer off, we had a Fabric Crawl to Fabric Row in Philadelphia in
July. It was lightly attended, but two members who came out had never visited 4th Street before. A good time was had
by all, with the newbies vowing to make a return trip.
August we were chilling at Handcraft Workshop experimenting with copying ready to wear
with Glad Press-N-Seal. We had two members come who had never before attended an ASG
meeting. In September we hope to see some finished garments from the patterns that were
September sees us again at the Handcraft Workshop. This month we will celebrate National
Sewing Month with community service. The shop planned to host an afternoon of pillowcase
sewing for ConKerr Cancer on Sunday, September 21.
Please call or e-mail for more info—see our contact info on page 3 under “Neighborhood Groups.”
The Needle Works
October/November/December 2014
Fashion Sewing & Chat Group Meets in Wyomissing near Reading
By Mary Vallere and Glenda DeLillo, Group Leaders
The Fashion Sewing & Chat SIG meets the first Wednesday of each month throughout the year. We are
dedicated to furthering our knowledge of garment sewing and focus on this exclusively.
In August, we delivered 20 shawls to Berks Heim County Home which serves the elderly. This will be
our ongoing community service project and our goal is to donate at least 20 per year.
Our group projects have been a Chanel-type jacket and a shirt; some members are sewing with a plan
(SWAP) for the fall season which involves coordinating colors and new styles with an existing wardrobe.
Each meeting brings new challenges as we do a lot of discussion regarding fit, color, pattern alterations,
and fabric selection. In the future we will learn the process of duplicating a simple RTW garment using
Glad Press & Seal.
We’ve been very lucky in having active members who are willing to share their knowledge, and everyone participates.
If you love garment sewing and don’t mind the drive, please join us.
Glenda’s Tip Is Published in “Threads” Magazine
Glenda DeLillo recently had a “tip” published in “Threads” Magazine. Her tip is in Issue #175
(October/November 2014) on page 14, and is entitled “Stitch Belt Loops Easily.”
Glenda’s name probably sounds familiar to you. She is our Philadelphia Chapter Email and Website Manager. You
have received email messages sent to you from the Chapter via Glenda (<[email protected]>). We are
fortunate to have Glenda willing to serve our Chapter in this way. This newsletter is published four times a year, and
Glenda is able to keep us informed about chapter news in a more immediate way, in between times.
Glenda is also co-leader of our “Fashion Sewing & Chat” Special-Interest Group (see above), and she participates in
our “Couture Sewing” Special-Interest Group (see next page).
Congratulations, Glenda! And many thanks for all of the volunteer work you do that helps this chapter in so many
Pins ‘n Needles Happenings
By Janice Bennett, Group Co-coordinator
Over the summer, we had a July picnic at Betty Collins’ lovely home. We
enjoyed all kinds of scrumptious salads and desserts that everyone had brought,
and many ladies shared their sewing projects during show-and-tell.
September started off our new year on a very inspiring note! Sheila Dusinberre
gave an awesome demo about various ways to embellish fabrics with paint
products on the market, and showed some of her finished clothing and home
dec items. Photo: One of Sheila’s embellished bags.
At the October 7th meeting, Pat Lewis will present a demo about HEMMING
At the November 4th meeting, Christy Obenour will be presenting a demo about QUILTED FABRIC BASKETS.
The Needle Works
October/November/December 2014
The Couture Sewing Special-Interest Group
Left: Betty Collins marks the hem of Patricia Lewis’s first couture dress.
Pat wrote, “I love it, and it makes me feel so good with so many loving hands that helped me along the way.
Right: Marilou Nagy models a lovely jacket she made in the Couture Group.
From National’s website:
You are to produce a video using the theme, “What does ASG
mean to me?” You may use any video camera, smart phone, Flip
Video, etc. It can be any length; it can be funny, serious,
featuring a group or one individual.
You are to post your video to YouTube no earlier than January
15, 2015 at 2 p.m. CST.
The video with the most views at the end of the viewing period
on June 1, 2015 at 2 p.m. CDT wins, and their Chapter wins, too.
See complete rules on National ASG’s website.
The Needle Works
October/November/December 2014
Community Service Sewing at “The Round Bobbin” on October 9
“Reach to Recovery” Bags
By Janice Bennett, Philadelphia Chapter Community Service Coordinator
On Thursday, October 9th, there will be a community-service event held at The Round Bobbin quilt shop
from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Quilted totebags and pillows will be made for the American Cancer Society’s Reach
to Recovery program. It is a support program for women with breast cancer. Bags are also now being made
to give to the ACS Free Wig program.
You only need sewing skills—kits are all cut and ready to sew. A sewing machine and basic supplies need to
be brought with you. Volunteers are also needed to stuff pillows, hand-sew pillows, and do pressing.
If you would like to come help out, please contact the coordinator, Linda Pickett at
<[email protected]> to let her know you are coming and for how long.
The Round Bobbin is located at 1126-B Horsham Road, Ambler PA 19002. The store’s phone number is
Angel Bears Sewn for
Einstein-Montgomery Hospital
Upcoming Philadelphia Chapter
Advisory Board (CAB) Meetings
are scheduled to be held on:
Sunday, October 12
Sunday, November 9
December’s meeting is “to be announced”
All chapter members are welcome to attend CAB
meetings. Meetings are usually held at 1 p.m. at Steve’s
Sewing, Vacuum, and Quilting in King of Prussia.
However, if you plan to attend a meeting, you should
confirm the meeting date, time, and place with our
Chapter President, Janet Azzara. Janet’s contact
information is on page 2 of this newsletter.
Scissors—We’ve Come a Long Way
Here are some examples of early scissors. Today we enjoy using a variety of scissors in our sewing; among them,
shears, snippers, pinking shears, duck bill scissors, knife-edge, serrated, curved-blade, stork scissors, and even
electric scissors.
You do remember to hide your good sewing scissors from your family, don’t you?
The Needle Works
October/November/December 2014
From Philadelphia Chapter member Renee Devine:
For Sale: Woven, ribbon style sew-in size tags, 25 tags per envelope, $2.00 includes postage. Please indicate size: S,
M, L, or XL. Or, order ten of each size (total of 40 pieces) for $3.00, includes postage. To order, contact me via email:
[email protected]
From Philadelphia Chapter member Susan Gaffney:
The Stitchcraft Studio is looking to hire experienced sewists to teach children (aged 8) to adults how to sew. We work
with beginners through intermediates. Presently, we teach mostly garment sewing and have a couple of quilting
classes. We want to expand our curriculum to include all genres as well as needing additional back-up for our current
teachers. Please visit our website at <> to see what and how we operate. If you are seriously
interested, please contact us at <[email protected]>. We are located in Downingtown, Chester County
Advertising in This Newsletter
“The Needle Works” accepts commercial sewing-related, paid advertisements.
Ads must be “camera-ready,” black & white or color.
We prefer receiving ads via email.
Payment must be made before ads are published.
For more information, contact the Newsletter Editor—contact information is on page 2.
business-card size $15.00
quarter page
half page
full page
March 15, June 15, September 15, and December 15
♥We are grateful to our advertisers for their support.♥
The Needle Works
October/November/December 2014
Many “How-To” Sewing Videos Are on National ASG’s Website
Videos are free to members, and range in length from about 10 minutes to an hour. A few of the topics are: Choosing
a Sewing Machine; Exploring “Must Have” Notions; Machine Needles & Threads; Read the Pattern, Choose Notions
& More; Binding Basics; Bound Buttonholes; Clothing Alteration Parts 1 & 2; Collars and Cuffs; Custom Necklines for
Knits; Lined Jacket Construction Parts 1, 2, 3, & 4; Seam Finishes Parts 1 & 2; Zippers; Pattern Drafting; Reading
Wrinkles Parts 1 & 2; Rotating Darts; Prom and Special Occasion Dresses; Getting the Most from Your ASG
Membership; Opening a Home Sewing Business; Interfacing; Reading Pattern Guide Sheets & Pattern Tissues;
French Curve; Metallic Thread; Specialty Needles; Computers and Machine Embroidery; Decorative Machine
Stitching; Serger Answers; Serger Specialty Feet; Copying Your Jeans; Quick Gifts.
Visit ASG National’s website, <>, and see what you’ve been missing!
“The Needle Works” Newsletter Archives
We are creating an archive of “The Needle Works”—something that our Philadelphia Chapter had not done before.
The earliest issue that we have is Volume 1, Number 2, labeled “Winter” 1989. Flo McLaughlin is listed as the editor,
and Dorothy Eckes was the Chairman (now entitled “Chapter President”).
From 1989 to 2000, we have very few other newsletters. If you have been a long-time Philadelphia Chapter member,
and you have saved these newsletters, please let us know. We would like to make copies of them for our archives.
Q. Why are scissors such good dancers?
A. Because of their sharp moves.
Q. Why aren’t scissors allowed to buy movie tickets?
A. Because they might cut in line.
Q. What did the pencil say to the scissors?
A. “You’re looking quite sharp today.”
I had to buy a new pair of scissors. The old ones just weren’t cutting it.
The Needle Works
October/November/December 2014
Welcome, New Members!
Ann Hermans, Wayne PA
Ann Jenkins, Philadelphia PA
Annamaria Beatty, Upland PA
Rosemary Burritt, Audubon PA (transferred)
Thank you, Renewing Members!
Barbara Townes, Philadelphia PA
Betty Collins, Paoli PA
Carol Ragin, Philadelphia PA
Charlotte Wiegand, Norristown PA
Cheryl Harrison, Upper Black Eddy PA
Christy Obenour, Eagleville PA
Diana Richardson, Philadelphia PA
Dr. Eva L. Weinreb, Haverford PA
Dr. Linda Leatherbury, Oxford PA
Geneva Black, Philadelphia PA
Glenda DeLillo, Mohnton PA
Jan Zwizanski, Spring City PA
Joan Woll, Blandon PA
Josephine Udo-Utun, Philadelphia PA
Joyce Stoeber, Valley Forge PA
Judith Kraines, Sinking Spring PA
Karen Helm, Berwyn PA
Karen Lesley, Airville PA
Lara Dushkewich, West Chester PA
Mae Ragland, Philadelphia PA
Marie Novak, Lower Gwynedd PA
Marilyn Iseminger, Malvern PA
Marjorie Jensen, St. Davids PA
Mary Ann Havas, Gilbertsville PA
Mary Gonzalez, Blue Bell PA
Pat Boyer, Philadelphia PA
Patricia Lenhart, Elverson PA
Phyllis Agnew, Philadelphia PA
Robin Rosecky, Berwyn PA
Rosemary Burritt, Audubon PA
Susan Irish, Philadelphia PA
Tegan Conner-Cole, East Norriton PA
Thelia Smith, Willingboro NJ
Tracy Guy, Philadelphia PA
Valaida Doyle-Smith, Atco NJ
As of mid-September, there were 150 members in our
Philadelphia Chapter
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The Needle Works
October/November/December 2014
Sewing-Related Retailers in the Greater Philadelphia Area, Sorted by ZIP Code
Just Make It Sew
Olde City Quilts
Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts
The Village Quilter
Needles & Pins Quilt & Fabric Shop
Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts
J & O Fabric Store
Stony Brook Sew & Vac
Stony Brook Sew & Vac
The Quilt Ledger
Hinkletown Sewing Machine Shop
Brubaker’s Sewing Center
PA Fabric Outlet
Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts
Nimble Thimble Fabric
Byrne Sewing Connection
Sew Smart Fabrics
Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts
Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts
The Round Bobbin
Lonni Rossi Fabrics
Modern Vac & Sew Center
Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts
Stitchers’ Dream
Granny’s Sewing Den
Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts
Cloth & Bobbin
Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts
Modern Vac & Sew Center
Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts
Handcraft Workshop
Jomar Whitaker Ave.
Modern Vac & Sew Center
Gaffney Fabrics, Inc.
B. Wilk Fabrics
PA Fabric Outlet
Maxie’s Daughter Fabrics
Albert Zoll, Inc.
Fleishman Fabrics & Supplies
Jack B. Fabrics
Adler’s Fabrics
Jomar Swanson
Jomar Grant Ave.
Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts
The Quilt Block
Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts
Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts
Steve’s Sewing Vacuum & Quilting
Chester County Quilting
Pottstown Sewing
Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts
Fabric Mart
Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts
Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts
Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts
Stony Brook Sew & Vac
Hayes Sewing Machine Co.
306 High St.
339 High St.
515 Route 73 S # 12
10 Charles St.
1438 Kings Hwy.
875 Mantua Pike
9401 Rt. 130 South
191 Route 130N
3371 US Route 1 (Lawrenceville Mall)
326 North Bridge Street
232 Wanner Rd.
20 N. Roberts Ave.
2460 New Holland Pike
838 Plaza Blvd.
45 N. Market St.
422 E. Butler Ave.
30 W. Oakland Ave.
461 2nd Street Pike
599 Paul Valley Rd.
1126 Horsham Rd.
70 Rittenhouse Place
1650 Limekiln Pk. (Dreshertown Plaza)
320 Commerce Blvd.
221 S. Easton Rd.
243 N. Keswick Ave.
400 S. State Rd.
235 Haverford Ave.
153 E. Swedesford Rd.
1685 Grant Ave. (Grant 1 Plaza)
11000 Roosevelt Boulevard
7224 Germantown Avenue
5300 Whitaker Ave.
8500 Henry Ave. (Andorra ShopCntr)
5401 Germantown Ave.
618 & 714 S. 4th St.
747-758 S. 4th St.
724 S. 4th St.
744 S. 4th St.
703 S. 5th St.
743 S. 4th St. (temporary location)
742 S. 4th St.
22 E. Jackson St.
2590 Grant Ave.
933 E. Lancaster Ave.
95 E. Welsh Pool Rd.
600 Town Centre Dr.
45 W. Germantown Pike
268 W. Dekalb Pike (Rt. 202)
702 Village at Eland, Route 113
142 Shoemaker Rd.
635 Schuylkill Rd. (Coventry Square)
3911 Penn Ave.
1075 Woodland Road
341 W. Main St.
333 Naamans Rd Ste 40
2107 Concord Pike (Fairfax ShopCtr)
4425 Concord Pike
Burlington, NJ
Burlington, NJ
Marlton, NJ
Mount Holly, NJ
Swedesboro, NJ
Woodbury, NJ
Pennsauken, NJ
Bordentown, NJ
Lawrenceville, NJ
Christiana, PA
Ephrata, PA
New Holland, PA
Lancaster PA
Lancaster, PA
Lancaster, PA
New Britain, PA
Doylestown, PA
Southampton, PA
Warrington, PA
Ambler, PA
Ardmore, PA
Dresher, PA
Fairless Hills, PA
Glenside, PA
Glenside, PA
Springfield, PA
Narberth, PA
Wayne, PA
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA
Downingtown, PA
Exton, PA
Glen Mills, PA
Norristown, PA
King Of Prussia, PA
Phoenixville, PA
Pottstown, PA
Pottstown, PA
Sinking Spring, PA
Reading, PA
Christiana, DE
Claymont, DE
Wilmington, DE
Wilmington, DE
We depend on feedback from chapter members continuously to update this list.
Send additions and corrections to the Newsletter Editor.
The Needle Works
October/November/December 2014
The Philadelphia Chapter of the American Sewing Guild
c/o Janet Azzara, President
625 Mockingbird Lane
Audubon, PA 19403
Advancing Sewing
as an Art and Life Skill
The Needle Works
October/November/December 2014