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From The School Leadership Team
The old saying that it takes a village to help raise a child lies
at the heart of the relationship between schools and families in
helping young people develop into caring, compassionate and
active global citizens. Helping young people develop enhancing
attitudes, behaviours and values that are needed to live a healthy
and fulfilling life is a key element of this relationship. To support
this approach we were very fortunate to welcome Paul Dillon to
Hillbrook last week.
Paul is a widely respected and engaging speaker regarding the
different issues confronting our young people, particularly in
terms of the harms that drug use can cause. Paul spoke with our
Year 10, 11 and 12 students and by all reports his message was
well received. His presentations are a valuable addition to our
Health and PSD programs in Years 8-12.
His message to our students was clear and concise and can be
summarised as follows:
• Know when to call for help
• Know how to call for help
• Know how to tell if someone is drunk or poisoned by their
use of a drug
• Know what the recovery position is and how to action it
Paul also addressed how brain science has informed our
understanding of adolescent behaviour. A tendency for
impulsiveness and risky behaviour once blamed on raging hormones
and puberty can be now identified with underdeveloped areas of
the adolescent brain. It is not as if young people are willing go out
to harm themselves or do crazy things, it’s just the implications
and dangers aren’t as obvious to them.
Put simply, young people weigh ‘risk verses reward’ quite
differently, especially when with their friends. Add alcohol and
its effects on the brain into this mix and it becomes obvious
what a lethal combination it can be for young people. Hence the
recommendation that young people and alcohol are best kept
apart for as long as possible.
Hopefully, this has encouraged considerable discussion at home.
Paul’s presentations would not have been possible without the
generous support and sponsorship from our P&F Association.
Our Year 11 students were also involved with the car crash ‘docudrama’ experience last week. This is a significant experience for
our students as it brings to life how our choices can have such
profound consequences. Thank you to Steve Cambridge for his
work in bringing this unique experience to our school as part of
our PSD program.
Finally, we would like to offer our sincere congratulations to
the team of parents lead very ably by Karen Kennelly, Katrina
Coomber and Alice Clarke for all their time and efforts organising
‘Hillbrook Under the Stars’. It was a wonderful evening with
great food, great company and great entertainment.
Geoff Newton, Stephanie Munday-Lake, Craig Merritt & David
Year 11 Docu-Drama
On Thursday 16 October, the Year 11 students were involved in
a Docu-Drama car crash scenario performed by RACQ, Qld Police
and Ambulance services, Metropolitan Funerals and Hillbrook Year
11 students. The scenario was fake but with the performances
being so realistic, it was hard to forget what happened.
Everyone pulled together in the scenario, acting ever so seriously
that it could have turned anyone pale. What the students learnt
that day will be remembered for a life time; what not to do and
what to do, if such an accident happens.
With the majority of the Year 11 cohort already in possession of
their Learners permit, it comes as a great warning to heed the
law and never put your own life at risk for peer pressure.
It has been a busy year in so many respects for Parents.Connect.
Everyone’s input helps so much in creating that wonderful
Hillbrook community we all enjoy. Thank you! It would be great
to see you at the ‘Volunteers Thank You’ drinks on Wednesday 12
November at 6.30pm (see invite below).
However the year is not over, and we are preparing for an extraordinary year in 2015! To let you know of a few things:
World Teachers Day 2014 – Friday 31 October. I will arrange for
flowers and a card on behalf of the parent community to be
presented to the incredible teachers we have at Hillbrook. If you
wanted to send an email or card, I’m sure it would be very much
Family Day - Sunday 2 November 2014 – Year 7 families will
be welcomed in the morning and Year 8 in the afternoon.
It’s going to be huge day. We will need PARENT HELPERS to
assist with either morning or afternoon tea and be there as ‘Ask
Me’ helpers to answer any questions from incoming parents. It
would only be for about an hour.
2015 start of school – Year 7 starts Tuesday 27 January and Year 8
has their first day on Wednesday 28 January. PARENT HELPERS will
also be needed to welcome parents at the ‘Cuppa and Coffee’ in
the morning.
If you might be able to help at either of these, please email me
at [email protected]
Rosie Grant - Parents.Connect Leader
P&F Volunteers Thank You Party
The P&F appreciate all the hours of hard work that are
given willingly by the volunteers, and invite you to a thank you
party on Wednesday 12 November near the Tuckshop starting at
Please RSVP Rosie Grant: [email protected] by
Friday 7 November so we have an idea of numbers.
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Buying & Selling Second Hand Uniforms Helpful Tips!
Register by 31 December on
to receive a complimentary Annual Subscription which enables
you to sell secondhand Hillbrook items free of charge for a year!
Hillbrook’s uniform list is loaded into the sytem to make the ad
listing process easy
Assistance is provided to accurately price items based on their
By listing your Wanted items, an Ad Matching service shows you:
* The items available to buy
* Who has the items you need
* The cheapest items
Peak trading times are expected to be the start and end of year,
and change of season. However, items do trade all year round so
be patient!
If you are looking to buy, telephone the seller as many people do
not regularly check their emails
Arrange to meet somewhere convenient to trade, rather than
making special trips
Delist your ads promptly when no longer required (e.g. if you sell
your items)
Hillbrook 2015 Perisher Ski Trip
We now have enough expressions of interest for this trip to
go ahead. For details of the trip see attached flyer. If you are
definitely interested in having your child attend this trip next
year, please contact Norelle Millhouse on [email protected] with your child’s name and preferred email contact
details. Deposits of $200 are now being accepted to secure your
child’s place on this trip.
Hillbrook Under The Stars
Last Saturday night, the library courtyard was transformed by
fairy lights and lanterns (and I did spot the odd star through the
clouds) and our Hillbrook adult community enjoyed a wonderful
evening. The weather was kind, the food delicious, we enjoyed
listening to Karen and John sing and we had a chance to catch
up with people we know and to meet others for the first time.
Thank you to all who attended, making this night so enjoyable
and successful. It was fantastic to see such a big turn out.
I will start by thanking the Hillbrook Chorale, under the leadership
of Kylie Los, for beginning our evening with your superb voices as
we arrived. Thank you to Maree Jones and her team for catering
(the food was delicious), past Hillbrook students for their help,
Lyn and Norelle in the office for coordinating payments, Beck and
Leisa, Robert for all his help with the tables and equipment we
needed, Peggy and Will for the music equipment and David Hobbs
for setting it all up, the fantastic band of helpers who came early
Saturday to set up and the wonderful helpers who came back
Sunday to clean up.
A huge thank you to Katrina Coomber for taking on the coordination
of bookings and tables and many, many other jobs, and to Alice
Clarke for her amazing decorations, including the trees on the
construction site walls! Please forgive me if I’ve missed anyone;
your assistance was greatly appreciated.
The profits from this event will go the Hillbrook Giving Tree,
which has been set up to assist those in need in our community.
I will report on the exact amount in the next newsletter. Once
again thank you to everyone for making the night such a success!
Karen Kennelly
Wanted: Sustainability Day 2015 Convenor
Our bi-annual Sustainability Day is on 30 May 2015 and we need a
Convenor to oversee the organisation of the event!
If you are interested in this role, please contact P&F President,
Grant Starkey, on 0417 716 744 or [email protected]
Invite to Year 10 Parents to Attend
‘Transitions’ Chapel
Hillbrook recognises the transition students are making into
senior school on their return from this camp. Each class group
has a chapel service to welcome them back into the school and to
acknowledge the journey they have been on.
The Year 10 Transitions Camp is the culmination of a unit of
work undertaken in Personal and Spiritual Development helping
students to understand the difference between simply growing
older, and growing up.
Parents are welcome to attend these services, hear stories from
the camps and honour the Year 10s as they move into the next
stage of their schooling. These services start at 9am in the chapel.
10 Green & 10 Red: Monday 27 October
10 Blue: Friday 31 October
10 White: Monday 3 November
Staff Update
Miriam Kroker will be joining us for 2015 and taking on the Leader
of E-Learning role. Miriam comes to Hillbrook from Sandgate
District State High School where she is currently the eLearning
and Multimedia Coordinator.
She has been instrumental in the implementation of a range of
whole-school initiatives designed to provide students with rich
learning opportunities using technology as an enabling tool.
Miriam has an extensive background in contemporary pedagogy
and is an unashamed champion of the contribution that technology
can make to improving learning outcomes across all subjects.
Still Standing by Basement Arts
Basement Arts is proud to present its final production of the year,
Still Standing by Margery Forde and Michael Forde. The play takes
us back to the days of Countdown, when records were the norm,
and music was generated purely by instruments. Oh, those were
the days! I remember when I was young, when the world had just
begun, and I was happy. Enough said!
Hillbrook teacher Ben Behan makes his acting debut for the
company alongside past students Jenn Keil and Ben Trigger. The
play also features a live band on stage starring current students
Mitch Starkey, Jed Stoll, Dom Machen and special guest Mike
Dunlop (Mrs Dunlop’s husband!)
This play is going to rock!
Two shows only on 7 and 8 November at 7pm. Tickets are $15
adults and $10 students/concession and can be purchased from
the drama department or reserved at http://www.trybooking.
Holly O’Sullivan Williams & Sue-Ellen Taylor - Directors
Year 12 Graduation Dinner Acceptance
Students, please return your Grad Dinner Acceptance forms to
the Admin Box advising your seating preferences and dietary
requirements or food allergies no later than Monday 3 November.
Thank you.
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Three Keen Trail Runners
Due to popular request (for more Oxfam chocolates) I am
planning on returning to Oxfam Trailwalker in 2015 for my third
event. I am looking for three others to help form a Hillbrook Team.
If you are keen (read mad) enough to join me, or you would like
more info, just let me know. Registrations will open soon, and if
we get in early we can take advantage of the early bird discount.
Simon Roberts
Qld Schools’ Cup Junior Volleyball
Why would you join me?
Great motivation to get out in the bush regularly and improve
your fitness
Great opportunity to raise money for a very worthy cause
Great escape from the daily stress of work and home
Great way to explore some of our natural areas
Awesome sense of achievement
Did I mention that next year I’d like to try running (read jog) the
55km option? Why!!?
Less time training on the trails
Greater level of fitness
A big congratulations to the two Hillbrook girls Volleyball teams
that competed in the Qld Schools’ Volleyball Cup last weekend.
We had a Year 9 team coached by 2013 Hillbrook graduates, Holly
Klein and Peter Dal Bon, and a Year 10 team coached by Jack
The girls competed against 20 other teams within their division.
It was great to see the skills that they had been practicing at
training come together at the competition. The Year 9 team
placed 10th and the Year 10 team placed 15th. See the photos on
the next page!
Spring Series Concert 1
Sunday 26 October
Performing Arts Centre
Spring Series Concert 2
Sunday 26 October
Performing Arts Centre
Year 12 Block Testing
10-17 November
G20 Public Holiday
Friday 14 November
Year 11 Block Testing
17-20 November
Class of 1994 - 20 Year Reunion
Saturday 1 November
The Fox Hotel
Family Day
Sunday 2 November
Celebration Evening
Thursday 6 November
City Hall
Year 12 Graduation Dinner
Thursday 20 November
7pm - 10.30pm
Royal International
Convention Centre
Year 12 Farewell Day
Friday 21 November
Year 8-11 Final Day 2014
Friday 28 November
Anita Hanlon
Lisa Gilmour
Anne Lewis
Bernadette Vincent
Renuka Russell
Maree Jones
Wendy Jackman
Melissa Cameron
Jo-Anne Kroll
Andrea Young
Anne Hertzog
Madonna Hensley
Tonia Andrews
Kate Cox
Susanna Derwin
Sue Poulos
Rosie Wiles
Jo McCreanor
Julie-Anne Brennan
Alison Hatchman
Donagh McKenzie
Maryanne Lucas
12pm - 2pm
8am - 10am
8am - 9am
Karin Rushin
Jo Wilson
Susanna Derwin
Melissa Curtis
Karyn Paterson
Ann Herriot
Jo-Anne Kroll
Helen Manias
Karyn Paterson
Lynn Dewhurst
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Photo Album
Qld Schools’ Cup Junior Volleyball Competition
Year 11 Docu-Drama
Qld Youth Shakespeare Festival
9 Green Fundraiser
Hillbrook Anglican School’s 2015 Ski Trip
We are offering a ski trip for our Junior students (Years 7 - 9). We now have enough expressions of interest for this trip
to go ahead
Please read on for a summary of the package on offer;
- Travelling Sat 27 Jun – Sat 4 July, overnight coach Hillbrook - Perisher
- Exclusive accommodation at Acacia Snowy Motel
- 5 nights multi share accommodation including dinners (x5) & breakfasts (x5)
- 5½ day all mountain lift pass
- 5 x 2hour group lessons
- 5½ day hire: helmet, skis & poles/snow board, boots, pants, parka
- Total Cost $1550.00 per person
If you are definitely interested in having your child attend this trip next year, please contact Norelle Millhouse
with your child’s name and preferred contact email address. Email [email protected]
A deposit of $200 will be required by Friday, 7th November 2014, to secure your child’s spot.
“Nothing beats seeing snow for the first time, it was awesome!”
“Perisher was massive, so many places to ski. I was a pro by the end of the week!”